5 Workout Mistakes To Avoid

Due to the weather outside, outdoor sports will become more and more difficult, the solution to prevent the effect of holidays on routine is sticking to a coherent exercise program at  them gym. So if you are going to sign up or join a fitness program or if you already have one, pay close attention to these small mistakes that can be extremely damaging to your  fitness efforts.

Excess cardio workout
Extremely long, body-intensive training favors the body’s release of cortisol, the main enemy of the fight against kilograms. Cortisol is also called the stress hormone, being secreted by adrenal glands as a result of a stimulus that affects the body as an excessive aerobic exercise. His presence is acting as a kind of “brake” in order to reduce the damage that could occur as a result of a training long-term solicitor. Studies have shown that cortisol levels in the body begin to increase after 20 minutes of physical activity and continue to grow throughout the work. Cardiovascular training should last about 20-40 minutes, and its intensity should not be very high. Heart rate values ​​should be around 70/80% of the maximum heart rate (ie during the effort we can have a conversation).

Just cardio
Yes, cardio exercises are perfect for burning fat, but they are not enough. A diet low in saturated fats, refined products, fried foods etc. is essential for the movement to deliver the hoped-for results. Try to consume less 300 calories a day, or less 2,100 calories a week. Along with 300 calories burned daily with cardio exercises, 5 days a week, you will “save” 3,600 kcal. And this will be seen on the scale!

Same exercises at the gym
For example, if you go to the gym and forget to get off the stationary bike, you will not do well , first because your body will not respond as efficiently and secondly because you may gain more muscle in certain areas than you do not want to .Therefore, varies the foot training with aerobic exercises, treadmills, or dance sessions .

Jump over exercises
When choosing to do exercise at the gym, we want to achieve as much as possible in less time. And yet, eliminating the 5-10 minutes for exercise is a serious mistake, as they are necessary for the body to improve circulation, stimulate the nervous system and for more efficient use of energy and oxygen. The risk of injury increases considerably when we do not exercise from the beginning.

Exaggerated with your abdomen
After learning how to perform the abdomen correctly, you should know that it is not good to make more than 3 sets of 15 abdomens a day because you will do it for nothing. These exercises specifically target the long abdominal muscle, and in order to have a toned abdomen, we must include in our workout exercises that work the oblique muscles and the trans versus muscle.
Are there other activities that can help us burning calories?

For many people, fitness at the gym becomes the only physical activity throughout the day. We have to mention the large number of calories that you burn through small daily activities, either climbing 2 floors on the stairs, or getting up several times from the office to fill your glass of water.