5 Tips For New Runners

Scrolling down pretty much any feed on any social network nowadays and you will see loads of “friends” doing some exercising or hitting up the gym at 6 am. Running has been classified as one of the most complete exercises and that anybody is able to start. However, while most people are willing to try they usually have no idea about what it is important to know beforehand. Here are some tips for new runners try to follow.

Don’t push the body too hard

You are so over excited that once you start you believe you can do it all at once. Spending then the first day running over 5 to 7 miles. Wrong thought! Running is all about pace, and the best way to start is mixing running and fast-speed walking. Then, the person should gradually increase the running minutes until eventually, there is not the fast-speed walking anymore. It’s the natural process and doing this you aren’t pushing your body to work extremely hard since the beginning.

Keep a schedule

The human body works as a clock, so to keep a schedule for physical activities is a great way to get your body ready for exercises. For instance, if somebody starts running on a Monday and then you only goes running again after a week, the body will suffer and it won’t register as a typical activity, making it hard to feel comfortable while exercising. Run often and with consistency so that, the body will adjust by itself gradually.

Food and Running

Plan! Start a new activity is all about planning, and not only the work schedule or the house chores but also what to eat before and after exercising. The wronger someone eats the worse the body works and in this case, less resistance the body will have to endure the running, especially for beginners.

Prepare a meal plan, rich in fruits, vegetable but also seeds and carbohydrates. Balancing the meals and having a time set for eating help the body to consume the right energy during physical activities, which eventually also helps to lose some weight.

Clothing and Shoes

People should wear light clothes and the right type of shoes in order to avoid overheat, sweating and feet injuries. When in a sports store, the person should check the quality of the materials, the sizes, and pay attention to the prices. Nowadays, there is so much variety of brands and styles that it is advisable the newbie buys the equipment talking to somebody who understands the running world.

Choosing the right location

Now, the location. People tend to not care about how flat, busy with traffic or isolated a place is. It is essential to visit the location for the exercise during different hours of the day, to check how the place is, who goes there and in case of emergency how people around can help.

All in all, running had become a very popular sport and it is that because it requires less investment and it can be done anywhere. It doesn’t matter how much time someone has, it is possible to practice some efficient and pleasant activity for even less than 30 minutes. Following these tips above can keep new runners away from mishappenings and accidents and more than that, they will enjoy and have fun since the day one of their practice.