5 Steps To Start Your Fitness Journey

One cannot overemphasize the importance of exercise to human health. It can reduce the risk of having chronic diseases; it could help you lose weight, and could improve your overall balance and coordination. One of the best ways to go about your exercise is by drawing up a fitness program for yourself and also sticking by it. Ever wondered, how to get through with drawing up your fitness program? Never to worry, as we would give you 5 steps to guide you in getting started with your fitness program.

1.Know your fitness Level

This is the very first and very important step to take in starting a fitness program. You might have ideas concerning how to fit you are, but assessing and recording baseline scores can always give you a guide on which area to focus on. In order to do this perfectly, you must consider, assess and record your aerobics, muscular fitness and body composition. Some guidelines: record
Pulse rate before walking and immediately after walking a mile, which is approximately 1.6kilometers
The time it takes to walk a mile and time it takes to run a mile
How many standard pushups, situps and modified pushups you can do at a time.
How far you can reach forward while seated on the floor.
Waist circumference just above the hipbones
Body mass index

2. Design your own fitness program

This is the point where you have to get a realistic plan, not a vague plan like “I will exercise every day”. Get a plan.
Here are some things to keep in mind while drawing up a plan.
Always put into consideration your fitness goals: simply put, why am I doing this? Is it to lose weight? Or is it in preparation for a sporting activity? Whatever it is, have a clear goal so you can be able to measure your progress at every point in your program.
Create a balanced routine: whatever your routine for exercise is, always try to make it balanced and consistent. For example, you keep with a routine of 30 minutes every day. Stick with it no matter what.
Start slow and progress slowly, don’t be in a hurry to get it done once.
Always try to add different activities to spice up your exercise.
Allow time for recovery and finally
Put everything on paper; your plan must be on paper

3. Get all the necessary equipment

First equipment that comes to mind is your athletic shoes. Always get one that is comfortable for you and it’s the required one for the given exercise.
You can as well visit a fitness center first and know what exactly you need. Also, try getting a fitness app to help you track your progress.

4. Take action; get started

No more time to waste, get on with the exercise. Here are some pointers
Start slowly and build up gradually
Break things up. Don’t get a whole chunk
Be very creative at it
Watch your body, if you feel pain or nausea, take a break
Try to be flexible. If you need a day or two off, please do.

5. Monitor your progress

This might be the most important step in your fitness program. Try to have an assessment for the first 6 weeks of your fitness program. And after that, have a monthly assessment.
If in case you lose motivation, try setting new goals. But never forget, Monitor your progress.