5 Simple Foods For Your Eyesight

Are you looking for simple foods that can help improve your eyesight and change your life forever? Then you are in the right place. Healthy eyes are easy to have and this can all begin from the food you eat daily. This is the easiest way to ensure that your eyes are in good condition for them to function properly.

Carrots are very famous for their eye improvement properties. However, as much as beta-carotene (a carotenoid in carrots) is important there are other nutrients like Vitamin C, Omega-3s, Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Vitamin E that are there to improve our eyesight. It is to your advantage that the foods for good eyesight are readily available. This are among the foods you should not dare miss in your diet if you want good eyesight;

Fruits and Vegetables.

There are many fruits and vegetables that are available for our eyesight. Carotenoids are the compounds that give fruits their orange or red color and the compounds are well known for their improvement on eyesight. Vitamin A and C are also important for eye vision and improvement of eye and prevention of eye defects like cataracts. The examples of fruits and vegetables that you should prioritize include; Carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, lemons, oranges, berries and bell pepper.

Leafy greens.

Leafy greens are very easy to find. The likes of spinach, kales and broccoli are good for healthy eyes. They prevent many eye conditions like cataracts. The presence of zeaxanthin and Lutein in some greens helps in improvement of eyesight and the maintenance of the retina. It is so important to eat a lot of the leafy greens in order to gain enough vitamins for good eyesight.


Fish is also food that is very amazing for eye health. The Omega-3 present in fish helps prevent cataracts and other eye problems like macular degeneration. The omega-3 is also good for the retina and this leads to developed vision. The different fish including tuna, mackerel and salmon are the best for your eyes.


Eggs should also be added in your goals to good eyes. In Eggs there is lutein, Vitamin A, Zeaxanthin and other antioxidants that are very friendly to the eyes. The nutrients protect the eyes from ultra violet rays, night blindness and other conditions like macular degeneration. This improves the eye health and also eyes function better.

Seeds and Nuts.

These are one of the seeds that makes functioning of the eyes better. The almonds contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant. They improve the eyes and prevent cataracts and macular degeneration making your eyes heathier. Taking almonds daily is a great way to make your vision better. There are other eye nourishing seeds like those of sunflower that also make your vision clear.

Eyes are very important to our lives and keeping them healthy is very important for us. Foods for eye maintenance are many and most of them are common to everyone. There is also a variety to choose from that contain the same nutrients for making the eyes function better. Combination of the foods makes the effects more visible as the vitamins required are many and it will be easier to acquire the amount.

Eating healthy foods also helps avoid dangerous diseases like type 2 diabetes. This condition has side effects that lead to blindness in people affected. Substituting fancy meals with a healthy diet is a great step that you have to take to make your vision clearer. When you try these foods, you will surely love the amazing results of your newly nourished eyes.