5 Signs Of A Slow Metabolism And Hacks To Fix It

The core determinant of your health is the rate of your body’s metabolism, which can be regulated for most of its part by your own self. Hence, make a decision today and take the matter to your hands. Spark up your health by fixing issues with your metabolism.

How do I know if I have a slow metabolism?

Having a slow metabolism means that your gut is digesting food at a pace slower than the standard. There are some very obvious signs that will help you identify the problem.

You are constipated mostly:

It is the commonest of all the clues that relate to a sluggish metabolism. When your gut is not working at the desired rate, your bowels won’t empty the waste products frequently, the result of which shall be constipation.

You are cold mostly:

Under normal temperatures, if you tend to feel cold all the time when people around you don’t, then it is probably your body hinting you about your metabolic rate. When cells work, they release energy and heat. Now imagine an inertly working gut whose cells labor at a slow pace. When cellular mechanisms are slowed down, heat is not released frequently, making your body temperature drop eventually.

You are tired mostly:

With a dull digestive system, nutrients from the food are not absorbed in the correct rate which results in several kinds of nutritional deficiencies. When your body cannot get the desired nutrients at the right time, you feel tired.

You have unusual hair fall and nail texture:

A lack in the essential nutrients will affect everything in your system, of which hair fall and brittle nails are the signs on a lighter note. People may also notice dry skin, dry scalp, unusual hair consistency, increased dandruff, nail cracks, etc.

You have gained weight:

Despite of unchanged eating habits and activities, if you find that you keep on putting weight, then it is maybe because your body is not processing and expending the calories accurately. People with slow metabolic rates are generally overweight. They may also find it hard to shed pounds.

What can I do to fix my metabolism?

Snail-paced metabolism needs to be fixed to avoid health complications. In case you have the above-mentioned symptoms for quite a while, make an appointment with a health-care professional and get your thyroid examined, for this gland is responsible for determining the rate at which most of the body mechanisms work. Such signs hint about down-regulation of thyroid, a condition termed as ‘hypothyroidism.’

At times there is nothing wrong with your body organs, but the problem resides with your habits.

Here is what how you can correct your pattern to kick in your metabolism:

  • Drink plenty of water daily
  • Start your day early
  • Get enough rest
  • Exercise at least five days a week (cardio exercises will make better options)
  • Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables
  • Have a nourishing breakfast. Don’t skip it
  • Don’t try to lose weight too quickly or excessively