5 Reasons To Keep A Fitness Journal

It sounds weird and you would not say there is any connection between having the desired body, the perfect or toned forms, and keeping an exercise book. You would think it is not important to write down the day you went to the gym, the exercises you did or how you performed. Well, it’s not like that and I will tell you about the importance of a fitness journal.

You record every training session before going to the gym

Once you get into the gym, you do not waste your time defiantly disoriented, but you can get the training you need to do on that day. Besides knowing what you need to do, you shorten the time spent in the room. You always know what exercise is going on and you can see if your device or bench is free so you can use it. After a while, you can make a balance of all your workouts from a certain period (quarter, semester, year). So if you have no results, you will not know if you have to take any action. Then you can look back and combine your workouts with exercises that you like or want to progress or replace exercises that you cannot do with more accessible ones, and more.

You record every exercise in the journal with the number of series and repetitions or time

Besides the benefit of knowing from time to time what exercises you will do on that day. Or you can write down your time and series on a Tabata or an adjustable bench.

You write down the difficulty with which you did a certain exercise

It may be one of the most important benefits of a diary. If you score in an exercise that you have managed to make 8 reps with a weight of X kg, the next time you do it, you will already know where to start and you can easily estimate what weight to add to progress to that exercise. Weighting is also a very good motivating factor: you’ll be more motivated to self-deny yourself and get new personal records.

You write down important remarks that will use you in the future

You can write, for example, that the last series of an exercise you have hardly managed to do it and next time you will exercise yourself better or you will do it with a lower weight. Or the fact that next time you will have to take care of your body posture and any other information that may help you improve your performance in the gym.

You record your workouts that you only have access to

The journal in which you record your workouts is something personal to which only you have access and who is sitting in your gym bag along with the sports equipment. You will not be like the other people who take their training sheet from a literate shelf and then leave it in the same place when they leave the room. You will be different and special.