5 Must Have Make-Up Tools

Beauticians and make-up artists do require the right tools for performing their job just as mechanics and carpenters would. When applying makeup, you will require a good, clean brush to help you. The problem arises when one is told to choose the correct size and shape of the brush required for the function. That is why we sought advice from the experts and this is what they had to say:

First off, make sure a brush is very clean before you start using it. This is because brushes can carry bacteria that may lead to irritation in your body upon using them. In addition to this, your brushes will work very well when they are fresh, therefore, avoid caking them with makeup. Also note that clean brushes do work better and are long lasting when maintained in a clean state.
The makeup pros also recommend cleaning your brushes thoroughly at least once a week. You can use a natural soap or any other liquid detergent to cleanse them after which you will lay them on a clean dry towel for them to dry. These are the 5 brushes that one should have in order to stay cool and beautiful.

5 Must Have Make-Up Tools

Powder Brush

This should be a big fluffy rounded brush that would be able to easily reach the contours of the body in order to dust on setting powder or blush on your skin. It can harbor the powder very well and slowly release it on your skin once you swirl and glide it on your body. Besides, the powder brush won’t leave any marks on your body showing that you obviously used blush for the makeup.

Short-Angled Shadow Brush

The amazing brush comes in handy to help the women who treat their eyes like a queen. The brush is shaped in a way to enable it fit in the corners of the eyes while depositing the highlighting powder on the brow bone making you look more beautiful than ever. Its short angled bristles blend in with the contours of your eyes allowing successful deposition of pigment to add depth in the creases of your eyelids.

Liquid Foundation Brush

This is another must-have as the experts say. When shopping for one, choose the one that is flatter with tapering ends. Just avoid the one that is fluffy because it won’t help you much when applying the liquid foundation. The brush will allow you to control the amount that will be deposited on your skin far much better than when using your own fingers.

Concealer Brush

It is also known as a pencil brush because it has a pointed end that is very good at covering blemishes and spots on your skin. You can also use it to apply gel, pencil eyeliner or cake and wait for the magic to happen.

5 Must Have Make-Up Tools

Dome-Shaped Eye-Shadow Brush

The brush performs the blending step once you have applied shadow. It smoothens harsh edges creating a soft, seamless effect for a daytime look. Just remember that all these brushes will be really helpful when they are clean and dry.