5 Foods You Should Avoid For Your Health

The foods that we eat nowadays might be sweet but their sweetness comes along with health risks. Here are some of the foods that we should strive to avoid.

Processed meat

Meat that is preserved by curing, salting, smoking, canning or drying in order to improve its taste while improving its shelf life is known as processed meat. Examples of processed meat are hot dogs, sausages, corned beef, ham, cured bacon etc. Too much intake of processed is really harmful to your health and research reveals that it brings along colon and heart cancer. Besides, their nutrient content is lower than the content in fresh meat. Furthermore, they contain too much salt that accumulates sodium in your body. Studies also show that processed meat increases the risks of many chronic diseases including hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

5 Foods You Should Avoid For Your Health

Fizzy drinks

In as much as coca-cola and other soda moguls fiercely advertise the sweetness of soda, it doesn’t mean that it is not harmful to your health. First off, soda is a carbonated drink that contains a lot of sugar therefore its accumulation in your body can easily make you fat consequently increasing the chances of obesity. The large amounts of sugar in your body will also be converted to fat in your liver. Therefore the more you take in one of those fizzy drinks, the more you overload your liver with fats. With time, your liver will not be able to dispose all the fats and you this can contribute to nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases. Furthermore, soda contains no nutrients, it only contains sugar which can increase your chances of getting diabetes.

Foods that have been frozen

Starch is the main component used in order to process and preserve frozen foods. However, it should be very clear that in as much as it adds texture and test to the food, it is also a polymer. The glucose in starch is quickly converted into sugar to enable digestion in the body. The excess sugar does not only increase the chances of diabetes but also tends to destroy your inner body tissues. The fats in these frozen food also stimulate your chances of contracting heart disease.

French fries and potato chips

The duo is prepared through frying and in the process they get packed with a lot of fats. Once you consume the chips, it means you will accumulate the fats in your body and in turn increase your weight. The salt in the chips and french-fries also increases the sodium content in your body which may lead to high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

5 Foods You Should Avoid For Your Health

Bread margarine

Margarine is made up from a vegetable oil base that has lots of omega 6 fat. These harmful fats are linked to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and arthritis. In addition to that, they lack the essential nutrients that are present in butter such as vitamin a and K. It might be very hard for most people to quit taking these foods but avoiding them is necessary for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.