You’ll Love These Creative Egg Hacks

Eggs are considered as one of the most versatile foods out there. They can be eaten by themselves or as part of an omelet or another dish. They’re easy to prepare and healthy for you, to boot. Here are some of the best egg hacks that will change your life.

Runny Poached Eggs

For poached eggs with a runny inside, put a half cup of water into a microwave-safe bowl, cracking an egg inside. Cover and heat for 60 seconds.

Runny poached egg

How to Poach Better

Poach your eggs simply by putting your egg in a poaching bag and simmering. Voila! Poached eggs did the easy way.

How to poach eggs

A Perfect Circle

Want an egg that will fit just right on your sandwich? Fry one inside of a large onion slice!

Fried egg in an onion

No Time to Peel

Peeling hard-boiled eggs can take a while. Save time by cutting through the middle of the egg with a knife, allowing you to take the shell off in a couple of seconds.

Hard boiled egg cut in half

Hard Boiling Done Right

Hard-boiling eggs is great unless you want to do a bunch at once. Put a dozen or more in a muffin tin and hard-boil them in the oven instead!

Hard boil eggs in an oven

Nice and Creamy

Using a muffin tin in the oven will not only make your job faster and easier but leave you with a creamier egg, too!

Eggs in muffin tin

Golden Eggs

Instead of traditional hard-boiling, wrap your egg in a towel or t-shirt and whip it around for a minute or two. The inside will be one golden color.

Golden hard-boiled egg

Finish Your Golden Egg

When you’re done whipping your egg around, simply boil it as usual. You’ll end up with a scrambled boiled egg!

Golden hard boiled egg on plate

Waffle Your Omelette

You’ve got your mixture all made up, but don’t want to use a frying pan? Make your omelet in a waffle maker for one of the best egg hacks around!

Waffle maker with eggs

Keep ‘Em Separated

Tired of separating egg whites the hard way? Crack them and suck the yolks into a water bottle to separate the yolk quickly and easily!

Egg yolk separation

Simple Ramekin Breakfast

If you have a ramekin, you’re just an egg and a microwave away from a simple baked egg breakfast.

Baked egg in ramekin

One-Minute Egg

To microwave your egg in a ramekin, just put it in and set it for sixty seconds. Egg hacks don’t come much easier!

Egg in a ramekin

Home Egg Muffins

Want your favorite egg muffin sandwich but don’t want to pay restaurant prices? If you’ve got a muffin tin, we’ve got you covered.

Home egg muffin

Make Your Muffins

Put your muffins in the toaster and put as many eggs as you need in a muffin tin, then bake them.


Egg Baking Tips

To bake your eggs, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and place the eggs in for 10 to 15 minutes. A visual check works nicely to see if they’re done to your liking.

Eggs in muffin pan

One Key Step to Remember

If you don’t use a little butter or some non-stick spray in your muffin tin before baking, you won’t be able to get your eggs out easily!

Muffin pan spray

Complete the Muffin

Don’t forget to add some cheese, and perhaps a sausage patty, to make your home muffins even better!

Home egg muffin with ham

Make Many Omelettes

Want to prepare omelettes for a lot of people? Just get some zip bags and your ingredients and we’ll get started.

Eggs in steam bags

Steam Bags Needed

Like with all egg hacks, it’s all in the details. Make sure your zipper bags are made to be steamed or heated up, or it won’t work.

Steam bag eggs

Set Up the Omelettes

Now, you’ll need to put crack two eggs in each bag. Make sure no shells get in!

Eggs in steam bags

Customize the Ingredients

The best part comes now. Everyone gets to pick their ingredients! Put a spoonful or two of each desired ingredient in the bag.

Ingredients for an omelette

Boil Your Water

Boil a pot of water (larger pot for more omelettes) while you squish the bags together (after zipping them, of course!

Boiling water

Ready to Eat

Finally, put the bags in the boiling water with a lid on it. For two-egg omelets, 13 minutes is a good time. For more eggs, add an extra couple of minutes for each.

Making omelette in boiling water

Simple and Delicious

Take the bags out when they’re done and slide each onto a plate. Easy breakfast for a group of people!

Finished omelette in a bag

Healthy Egg Cups

Some of the best egg hacks use muffin tins. For this one, put your eggs in your muffin tin and preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Egg cups

Customize Your Egg Cups

The best part is when you customize your egg cups. Add a little salt, pepper, spinach, or any other items, cooking if needed.

Breakfast egg cups

Whisk and Bake

Whisk your eggs with the ingredients you want, pour into a greased muffin pan and bake for about 15 minutes. Tasty!

Finished egg cups

Breakfast All Week Long

Since your muffin pan probably has 12 cups, you can save your extras, which can be refrigerated for four days for an easy breakfast!

Breakfast egg cups

Egg Hacks for Hair

Did you know that egg yolks are actually a really great hair conditioner?

Woman with clean hair

Egg White Facial Mask

Whisk some egg whites together, add a little lemon juice and spread the mixture on your face. This facial mask will tighten your skin, lessening wrinkles.

Egg white facial mask

Shine Up Your Shoes

Egg whites can be scrubbed onto any color of leather and wiped off with a damp cloth to remove stains!

Clean leather shoes

Fast Sunny Side Up Eggs

Egg hacks can be useful when you’re in a time crunch. For fast sunny side up eggs, heat up a plate in the microwave for two minutes, coat with a little butter, and crack an egg onto it. Gently poke the yolk in the center and put the plate back in for 45 seconds.

Sunny side up egg


Delicious Scrambled Eggs

Heat up a pan over high heat with a tablespoon of butter and then add three eggs whisked with a quarter cup of milk. When curds form, switch to low heat and continue flipping until no liquid remains. Take the pan off the heat for one minute and then serve.

Scrambled egg mix

Are Your Eggs Good?

Fill a bowl with water and drop the eggs in gently. If they lay on their side, they’re very fresh!

Egg in water

Try a Poaching Bag

Poaching bags are not only affordable, but they’re disposable and quite easy to use, also.

Poaching bags