The Most WTF Moments On The Web


Could You Just Hold For One Minute?

Lovely. Whilst on a phone call, possibly to a customer, this Walmart employee is dealing with a serious case of wedgie. Without even turning around to check nobody is behind him, this guy did the deed. Lucky for him, there was people surrounding him and managed to have a phone camera open for the exact moment to happen.

One Eyed Boss

Now here is a guy that we kind of want to be friends with. If high school was still an option, that is. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Will has given us a new will to live with this hilarious pirate quote. We are not sure, but it seems like he is the class clown and owns it. Either that or he is the creepy dude that hangs out in the corner on his own lifting his eye patch and trying to scare people.

Highway to Heaven?

This is probably no laughing matter, but we have never been able to control ourselves as the best of times, so why start now? Obviously, the person in the casket is in no hurry, but apparently the diver of the vehicle does not feel the same. Sudden breaking would have sent the casket right through the rear window which is apparently what happened here. We hope they both made their appointments on time. There’s nothing worse than being late.

A double whammy

If you were lucky enough to witness this epic advertising fail, you were lucky enough to experience the double whammy. Yep, as you were driving towards the sign, you were able to experience the craving for a good ol’ fashioned barbecue and a beer (which is exactly how they wanted you to feel, mwah ha ha), but if you happened to look behind you as you passed this sign, you would have been greeted with something much more…interesting.

A huge sausage on a fork adorns a beer advertisement and produces a phallic image from the back

Just Say No To Crack

Using public transportation is not for the faint-hearted. From breathing in other people’s bodily odors to having the stuffing squeezed out of you on the subway, there are a plethora of unpleasant challenges awaiting those who turned down the gift of a car from their parents. It may be a beaten up old banger but at least it protects you from certain sights that promise to stay with you and haunt your dreams for eternity. There’s no looking back now.

Stay in School Kids

There are campaigns against drugs, alcohol and many other issues affecting today’s youth, but we are pretty sure this fail should not be shared with children, ever. Packaging is one thing but placing this ad on a school bus definitely did not get the desired result. Hopefully it did not alter the attendance of students that week. Smoking might not be the future but staying in school definitely is. On a lighter note this guy looks like he really does not want to go to class.

Herpes Included

Well there is nothing more that we love than a nice bowl of rice with herpes. No, seriously, can you imagine walking up to this restaurant and placing your order? We are not even sure as to what herpes might represent because the picture only shows a bowl of plain rice. We wonder if they are serving some syphilis curry too? If that was pretty impressive we think you should hang around for some more great pics like these.

Hairway to Heaven

They say that Las Vegas is what people imagine heaven to look like and it appears that this handsome fellow agrees. Never having visited the City of Neon lights, he decided to go all out for his very first time. We don’t have any cutting remarks for this work of art, we can on stare in both disbelief and admiration of this enormous mohawk. Hats off to him for standing out from the crowd. Impressed? Keep reading for more treats like this.

Off-Road Adventure

Something tells us that this car wasn’t designed to be taken off the road and that this car definitely wasn’t designed to be driven directly into this muddy hell. How these girls thought they could get away with this we don’t know. Luckily, they were well prepared and dressed appropriately in thong sandals and hot pants; the best most sensible clothing for outdoor pursuits such as this. This is one day these girls will never forget and that’s for sure.

Crappy Day

Well, we cannot sue them for false advertising at least! This is really refreshing because usually, companies tend to attempt to pull the wool over their customer’s eyes when it comes to their less than perfect products. Not the case here, friends. If you want a nice tub of crap, this is the crap you want to have in your home. Being that it is situated right next to the tub of herring we believe it might be carp, but we like think crap has a better ring to it.

Fuel Efficiency Gone Wrong

Well we know that Red Bull stands by its theory that their drink gives you wings, but is this really necessary? Enhancing your car’s performance by adding certain oils to the fuel is one thing, but we are pretty sure that is not what is happening here. The Red Bull advocate needs to go back to the training course, so she can learn exactly who the target audience for this energy drink is. Complete and utter fail.

Please slide

We’re not sure whether we really like this T-Shirt, or really, really hate it – but we can definitely admit that this is a pretty unique design. While we appreciate that this woman probably gets countless comments and questions about this slogan tee, that’s the whole reason we wouldn’t want to wear it personally… because eugh, people. We hope this isn’t the kind of shirt that unlocks from the slide alone. There should at least be a passcode lock involved, as well.

A girl is wearing a white slogan T-shirt that says, ‘Slide to unlock’ on it, like an iPhone

Hazardous Hills

The thing about these European countries is that they have crazy little winding roads that are awesome to drive around. You can hire a car pretty cheap and jet around the narrow roads like a rock star. That’s until you hit a little something in the road and end up taking the car on a flying lesson which lands on the roof of a home. For this car to have landed like that it must have seriously flown across a hill.

The Hotel for the Elderly

Well now this is just too much! We are pretty sure it is completely inappropriate to laugh at this coincidence, but honestly, we’re in fits of laughter right now. Not only does the elderly community have a sign letting people know that this is where they will be crossing, but it also gives them an inkling of where they are headed in the not so distant future. Shocked and appalled, but also a little bit gleeful? Wait until you see what’s coming next!

Electrician Flash

When the local electrician was called to fix something in Walmart, no-one knew it would be such a show. Stereo-typically, to be an electrician, a little slip of the crack is likely to happen. But we do wonder why this guy even bothers to wear a belt, when it clearly does not hold his pants in place, even in the slightest way.

Unexpected Visit from the Law

911 what’s your emergency? Well this is awkward but one of your officers seems to have driven straight across our lawn into the living room and is now parked at the table ready to eat a TV dinner with my wife. This is terrifying! Seriously though just take a moment to think about how fast this guy must have been driving in the snow to go straight through the wall like that. Total. Driving. Fail.

You have been warned

This guy is looking at the camera like: “Yeah, and what? I warned you I do dumb things, mom. Just let me and my dumb broken hand sit here in peace. Gawd, you’re so annoying.” Anyone else get that vibe? Just us…? Cool. Anyway, we’re not sure whether this guy wore this T-Shirt to the hospital to answer everyone’s questions or whether he was wearing it when he broke his hand, but it’s fair to say that the warning was there.

 A young boy is in hospital with a broken hand, wearing a T-Shirt that says, ‘Warning, I do dumb things’


Free tacos

There’s nothing more exciting than rocking up to the drive-thru, to see that they are advertising discounted food. Yet, things get even better when they advertise FREE food – because really, who is going to turn down free food? However, it seems this Taco Bell didn’t read their emails in time to offer their customers free tacos that day, so advertised the deal the next day instead… when they weren’t offering free tacos. We bet that was an emotional rollercoaster for drive-thru customers.

A sign outside Taco Bell offers customers the chance to have ‘Free Tacos Yesterday’

Seen This Before

Seems the driver of this car has been watching too many 90s movies because this could be a scene straight out of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! Seriously though, we couldn’t help but laugh at this photo. Someone has had way too much fun driving around the field in that red Porsche and the swimming pool seems to have won this battle. The owners are looking suspiciously chilled too. Like dude can you not see that your flash car is in the pool!

If it ain’t broke

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ but for some unknown reason, this drinks company decided to ‘change the game’ and change the whole phrase while they were at it (as you can tell, we don’t approve). Unfortunately, we now live in a world where we take advertisements and commercials as gospel, and we let them dictate our lives – so this bus shelter was just asking for it really, wasn’t it? It was the advert’s fault.

An advertisement in a shattered bus shelter reads, ‘If it ain’t broke, break it’

Twinning is not winning

Keeping on with the twin theme, it seems as if the Hill twins aren’t the only ones being separated. Trying to stay original and on-trend when you’re basically the exact same as another person at high school must be hard – which is why Allison and Lauren Rowell decided to distance themselves from each other with a whole load of sisterly hatred. Maybe twinning is not winning after all. We have to admit; it did make us laugh though…

One twin has said, ‘I’m only 3 ½ minutes younger’ while the other said, ‘ 3 ½ minutes of my life’

You Have Been Warned

Well really, this driver is just being disrespectful.  Not only are the signs on the tram forewarning other drivers and people using their transport system, but this person is just not having a bar of it. It might be that they are that type that just does the opposite of what they are told or maybe they have problems with authority? Whatever the case, we think that the bill they will be fronting for this disaster will serve as a lesson for future reference.

This Really Sucks

There are so many things about his hilarious photo that just make our heart feel warm and fuzzy inside – even though there’s a guy getting arrested (sorry about that, pal). The part that makes us happiest is the actual joke on this guys slogan T-Shirt. Do you get it? This sucks? A vacuum cleaner? It’s the best joke we’ve heard all year. However, it’s a little ironic that this guy just happened to wear this on the day that he got arrested. We bet that does suck.

A man who is getting arrested is wearing a slogan T-Shirt that says, ‘This really sucks’


Celebrity Meet and Greet

Don’t you hate it when you meet one of the most famous actors of our time and cannot remember because you were that drunk? No? That’s probably because that hasn’t happened to you, like many of us. This poor guy must have been kicking himself the next day when his friends showed him the photos of himself and this two-time Oscar winner. Would you even tell anyone if you were in his shoes? A great story for his grandchildren if nothing else.

Vacation deals

The scary thing about the internet nowadays is that it stores all of your information, and works out your likes and dislikes based on the websites and videos you watch. Yuh-huh, it’s super creepy. However, it seems computers aren’t always the smartest when it comes to the time and place – because we’re pretty sure the person watching a video about a sinking cruise ship would want to be inundated with 75% off cruise deals. Although that is a good deal.

Somebody is watching a YouTube video of a sinking ship, with an advert for cruises

Henderson Twins

Hey! It’s the Henderson twins, everyone’s favorite party animals and all round great pals throughout the high school experience. Ever wondered what their deal is? Like did Mom and Dad get a huge surprise at the first sonogram appointment, or maybe they had to use IVF cause they had fertility issues so they expected multiples. Maybe twins run in the family, we’ve always wanted to know. We felt a bit awkward asking directly, so cheer Henderson’s, for making it part of your yearbook photos.

Henderson Twins

Thank you!

Wherever you go in the world, you will always be greeted with warning signs about the effects of smoking. Whether you are buying cigarettes from the store, looking at the packaging, or attempting to smoke in a public area. Yet, it’s very uncommon to thank people for smoking. Y’know, unless you work for a funeral home and cemetery and work is pretty quiet over the summer months. We don’t blame them for advertising their business, but maybe this is a little too obvious.

A cigarette lighter thanks people for smoking, while advertising a funeral home and cemetery

Hitching a Ride

We are not sure as to what is going on here at all, but it seems to us that this young man has made off with his favorite barn animal and taken it for a spin. It seems to be very much alive, but he has either tied the poor animal’s legs together to keep it secure or this creature has a very tight grip. We just want to know whatever happened to its helmet. Try explaining that to the police when they pull you over.

Picking Up A Prisoner

If you’re a thrill seeker who likes living on the edge, you may want to pay a visit to this junction. With signs like the one below, we’re sure this correctional facility has some pretty interesting stores to share! Picking up hitchhikers is a dangerous choice but it’s one that’s taken at your own risk. Here, it’s strictly forbidden, as the only people trying to catch a ride around here are fugitives. We advise paying attention to the signage on this occasion!

Gone fishin’

Okay, we would be lying if this one didn’t tickle us a little. Of course, we really hope these guys managed to get back to land before the crocodiles came out in full force – but we can’t help but realize how perfect this photograph really is. While it may have seemed like a good idea to take their boat out for a spin, it seems this guy has summed it up perfectly: it only SEEMED like a good idea. Thank goodness he was wearing swimming shorts, ey?

A man is standing in the water next to a boat that is stuck, with a T-Shirt that says, ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’

Escape The Zombies

With TV shows like The Walking Dead and Doomsday documentaries on almost every screen in the USA, why wouldn’t a business use this current hype to their advantage? This board not only communicates to skeptics who find the idea of zombies ridiculous (and the sign hilarious!), but also to believers, who may actually take the sign seriously and fill their cars up with petrol, just in case a zombie attack does happen. It’s a win-win situation!


So, you hire a company to come and fill a hole with concrete. You found them online, you checked out all the reviews and they seem legit. You paid a good price to get your road fixed. In fact, you got a bargain. So, it’s not surprise really when the truck driver backed his vehicle into the hole that needed filling. The irony is that the truck was only really doing his job and did exactly what you asked for.

There’s No ‘P’ In Ool

When we were little, we were all told to use the bathroom when we needed it, instead of peeing in the pool. To make sure we did this, our parents warned us that the water would turn red if someone urinated in it due to a substance contained in the water. However, instead of using this age-old threat, this pool decided to pass on a different message – “welcome to our ool, notice there is no ‘p’ in it – let’s keep it that way.”

Bargain Bizarre

A combo is usually a combination of different foods collected together, which is more probable in this instance than it being a small jazz band. Admittedly, it sounds tempting and is certainly on the affordable side, but it does seem a little prohibitive to declare that it’s only available in exchange for a penis. Surely there are rules against that type of gender discrimination? It would certainly put a new slant on the concept of buying your girlfriend dinner – and may well be the last time you ever do!

Bright Future

“My computer screen is brighter than my future.” Ouch. Either this girl has a serious case of self esteem issues, or she is trying to be funny here. But she sort of misses the mark, so we’re not sure she’s gonna look back this one and be glad of her choice! Oh Katia, we’re sure you have a seriously bright future ahead. Maybe selling sunglasses or something. We know, that’s pretty bad. But at least it didn’t go in a yearbook.

Bright Future


One Does Not Simply Avoid an STD in Vegas

It is often said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but apparently not everything is included in that. We know that sexually transmitted diseases are nothing to laugh at, but we cannot help but spit out our coffee at this one. This huge billboard for some is a gentle reminder to stay safe, whilst for others it is like a sign from the gods to keep their wild thoughts contained for the oncoming party weekend.


It’s no secret that there are people in the world that struggle to lose, maintain and even put on weight – and it seems like this guy is one of those people. Yet, instead of wallowing in his own self-pity, this legend decided to make a joke of the whole situation, and we can safely say that he is our hero. Everything from the cool color to the hat and his adorable smile is perfect. We’re not surprised people stop to take selfies with him!

A man who is quite obviously overweight is wearing a bright T-Shirt that says, ‘I beat Anorexia’

Brewtal Spelling

Now this is a spelling mistake of choc-king proportions, but we don’t think there are any grounds for sacking your employer, especially something like this. Poor Courtney went to her favorite coffee shop hoping to get over her hangover from last night, but her barista made an error when writing her name. The manager in charge was unimpressed and soon things got quite heated and came to a bitter end. We think there may have been trouble brewing before.

Law And Order

In case the signs weren’t successful at putting people at ease, police officers can be found here making sure law and order is being maintained. Knowing that the police are present to serve and protect, can make people feel a lot safer and more relaxed about leaving their cars. The top sign lets people know that this parking lot is under police surveillance, however, once they read the lower sign, they may quickly lose this sense of ease!

Open Wide

Even the most conscientious of animal dentists probably wouldn’t want to get this close to a shark’s teeth, unless he was heavily sedated. It’s hard to believe this shot is even real but, if it is, you can’t help but pity the poor guy on the ladder. His life is undoubtedly flashing before his eyes as those pearly whites get far too close for comfort. I just hope the helicopter pilot has got his wits about him – and his colleagues best interests at heart.

Don’t Feed The Animals

Below you’ll find a great example of taking a rule and making the announcement of it lighter by using humor. When visiting places where animals are kept, such as zoos, it’s usually forbidden to feed them – unless you’re instructed otherwise. This sign makes sense when it’s stripped of the on-top joke, because animals that haven’t been domesticated, have strict diet plans that must be followed for them to maintain optimal health. This sign is excellent because it’s clear whilst also being pleasant.

Be happy

If you ever need a little pick-me-up, you can almost guarantee that your local clothing store will be selling slogan T-Shirts that feature motivational phrases and quotes. What could be better, ey? Well, there is something that could be better. Either the person who designed this T-Shirt was suffering from a severe case of anxiety that day, or they just didn’t check their formatting before going to print. We’re not sure whether to be happy or to worry.

A slogan T-Shirt with strange formatting looks as if it says, ‘Don’t be happy, worry’