These Are The Women From Two and a Half Men – But Where Are They Now?


Melanie Lynskey as Rose – Then

Throughout Two and a Half Men, Charlie had numerous one night stands and flings that were never seen again – but Rose was a little different. Although they only spent one night of passion together, Rose would return again and again (and again) to stalk the lothario and watch his every move. Although she’s oddly obsessed with the bachelor, it seems to work out as the two eventually get engaged. Unfortunately, Charlie passes away before they can get hitched.

Rose had a one night stand with Charlie before becoming obsessed

Melanie Lynskey – Now

This New Zealand superstar has definitely made a name for herself in the US. In fact, since her time on Two and a Half Men, Melanie Lynskey has managed to bag herself major roles in some pretty impressive TV shows and movies – including Sweet Home Alabama, Castle Rock, Sunshine, and Heavenly Creatures. She is still acting today and rocking it. Lynskey also rose to fame after she married Jimmi Simpson. Unfortunately, the couple filed for divorce in 2014.

Melanie Lynskey has appeared in numerous films and TV shows

Jennifer Taylor as Chelsea Melini – Then

It’s no secret that Charlie Harper struggles with his emotions (partly because we’re not sure he actually has any), but Chelsea Melini was one of the very few women who Charlie actually had feelings for – in fact, he told her he loved her! Sure, their relationship was all lovey dovey and filled with hearts and flowers for a while, but then things took a turn for the worse when she ran off with Alan’s lawyer. Awkward.

Chelsea Melini was the first woman that Charlie properly loved

Jennifer Taylor – Now

After she did the dirty and ran away from Charlie (something he never really got over), Jennifer appeared a few more times as Chelsea on the show. After breaking away from Two and a Half Men, Taylor appeared on major TV shows, including Shameless, Mom, and NCIS, and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Alongside her acting career, Jennifer also prides herself as a doting mother and wife to her husband and two children.

After leaving Two and a Half Men, Jennifer appeared in numerous TV shows

Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Gretchen Martin – Now

We’ve already seen how Alan’s off-and-on again relationship with Lyndsey ended, and she eventually tied the knot with Larry (aww, Larry and Lyndsey). Through these nuptials, we found a new character – Larry’s sister, Gretchen Martin. Gretchen is immediately taken by Alan, who is trying out a new alter-ego, so lies to Gretchen about his life. After a while, Gretchen discovers that Alan has been lying to her the whole time, and dumps him.

Gretchen Martin is the sister of Larry and starts dating Alan

Kimberly Williams-Paisley – Now

Before her time on Two and a Half Men, Kimberly had already made a pretty big name for herself in the world of Hollywood – but it’s no secret that her appearance on the show certainly helped her out. She is now best known for her time on the show, as well as her eight-year stint on According to Jim, and her appearance in Father of the Bride. Nowadays, she is still acting and has just finished filming a new project, The Christmas Train.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley is still acting today and has just finished filming a new project

Jenny McCarthy as Courtney Leopold – Then

When families get involved, you know it’s going to get messy, and that’s exactly what happened between Courtney and Charlie. The two meet after Courtney’s mom, and Charlie’s dad get engaged, and they ultimately start dating themselves (she’s blonde, what else do you expect?) After spending a ridiculous amount of money on his new bae, Charlie finds out that Courtney and her father are actually just con-artists, and that she was only seeing him for the money.

Courtney started dating Charlie, but he soon realized that she was a con-artist

Jenny McCarthy – Now

Before her time on Two and a Half Men, Jenny McCarthy had already built up a pretty impressive fan base – mostly because she was a Playboy Bunny, and nobody can resist a Playboy Bunny. In recent years, she has continued to act, but not on the same scale. Instead, she focuses on being a television host, author, and activist. She spends most of her time as an anti-vaccine activist, which has sparked major controversy over the past few years.

Jenny McCarthy was a Playboy Bunny and has recently become an anti-vaccine activist

Marin Hinkle as Judith Harper-Melnick – Then[/post_page_title]

Judith Harper-Melnick was one of the more regular female actresses on Two and a Half Men – and for a good reason. She was the ex-wife of Alan, and mother to Jake, which meant she would often get involved in Alan’s (sometimes stupid) decisions. However, she wasn’t the most incredible mother herself, as she would often cash her alimony checks on expensive luxuries and plastic surgery. Although it was pretty sad to see Herb break her heart…

Judith Harper-Melnick was the ex-wife of Alan and Jake’s mother

Marin Hinkle – Now

Since her time on Two and a Half Men, Marin Hinkle has gone from strength to strength. Her acting career has continued to be hugely successful, both on television, in movies, and on the stage as she has starred in the likes of Madam Secretary, Homeland, and Speechless. The actress has also just finished putting her skills to the test on the new movie, Before/During/After. The actress is now 51-years-old and is married to the famous theater director, Randall Sommer.

Marin Hinkle has since appeared in numerous television shows, such as Speechless

Courtney Thorne-Smith as Lyndsey McElroy – Then

We all know the story of Ross and Rachel on Friends, but do you know the story of Alan and Lyndsey on Two and a Half Men. This off-and-on-again couple broke up too many times to remember, but we do know their story filled the show with drama and overrunning emotions (just how we like it). As a frequent drinker, Lyndsey would often get herself into trouble with men (who weren’t Alan) – mostly with Walden.

Lyndsey McElroy was Alan’s on and off again girlfriend who was a frequent drinker

Courtney Thorne-Smith – Now

Amazingly, Courtney Thorne-Smith appeared as Lyndsey on Two and a Half Men for five years, before she took a break from the show. Nowadays, Courtney is taking a much more leisurely route in life – but she is still acting. In fact, she has previously starred in shows such as Fresh Off the Boat and Robot Chicken, but she is largely taking time out to be a mother to Jacob, her son, and a wife to her husband, Roger Fishman.

Courtney Thorne-Smith is taking a leisurely route in life and being a mom to her son

Jeri Ryan as Sherri – Then

Charlie was the kind of man all women would want to avoid – but for some reason, they just couldn’t resist. Well, Sherri was the male equivalent of Charlie Harper. Yep, Sherri was the ultimate female lothario and knew all of the right tricks to get men in the palm of her hand. In some ways, it seemed like Sherri and Charlie were meant to be, but their similarities soon drew them apart, and their relationship ended.

Sherri was like the female version of Charlie Harper and seemed perfect for him

Jeri Ryan – Now

Jeri Ryan is a German actress who has made a major impact on the world of American television and movies. Since her time on Two and a Half Men, she has continued to act and has appeared on the likes of Helix, Major Crimes, and Body of Proof. Recently, she has appeared on a new Amazon show by the name of Bosch but is still mostly known for her epic role on Star Trek, as the almighty Borg.

Jeri Ryan is a German actress who has proved popular in American TV and movies

Heather Locklear as Laura – Then

It’s no secret that Charlie has intimate relations with women he shouldn’t – and that was no different with Laura. Laura was Alan and Judy’s divorce lawyer and was a vital character in finalizing their divorce. As she got closer to the Harpers, she got especially close to Charlie (if you catch out drift). However, Laura soon discovered that Charlie was not being faithful, and sparked revenge on Alan and Judy’s case. Let’s just say it didn’t end well.

Laura worked as Alan and Judy’s divorce lawyer, and she got a little too close to Charlie

Heather Locklear – Now

During her time on Two and a Half Men, Heather Locklear was established already as one of the biggest names in the world of Hollywood. She had previously appeared in the likes of Spin City and Melrose Place and was known for her very public private life. Since her time on the show, Heather has strived to make her personal endeavors even more private but has continued to act in numerous shows, including Franklin & Bash and Too Close to Home.

Heather Locklear is still acting today on shows such as Too Close to Home

Maggie Lawson as Ms.McMartin – Then

Ever since Walden came onto the scene, there’s been an even bigger battle between Alan and Walden to score the girl. In season 12, Alan and Walden decide to adopt a child to live in their beach house and enlist the house of Ms. McMartin to work as their social worker. As the pair get to know their new son, Alan gets to know Ms.McMartin even more and they start dating – that is until she dates Walden instead.

Ms. McMartin is assigned as Alan and Walden’s social worker and dates both of them

Maggie Lawson – Now

Despite her memorable appearance on Two and a Half Men, Maggie Lawson has had a pretty successful television career outside of the beach house. Since her time as Ms. McMartin, Maggie has starred in major TV series such as Angel From Hell, The Great Indoors, and Psych. In fact, she has currently finished filming the movie version of Psych, which looks to be an epic box-office hit. It seems Maggie is fully integrated into the acting world, alongside her hubby, Ben Koldyke.

Maggie Lawson has just finished filming the movie version of Psych



Kelly Stables as Melissa – Then

Once again, we learn that three really is a crowd. We first met Melissa in season 6, while she was working as Alan’s reception. However, she soon becomes embroiled in a turbulent love affair between Charlie and Alan. First, she dated Charlie but left him for Alan (which obviously didn’t go down well). As you can imagine, it gets pretty darn messy, so Alan decided to break up with her via text. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Melissa was Alan’s receptionist and dated both Alan and Charlie

Kelly Stables – Now

Since her time on Two and a Half Men, Kelly Stables has managed to keep up a pretty stable acting career. She has lent her voice to the animated cartoon W.I.T.C.H and has even appeared in major motion pictures, such as Horrible Bosses 2. Most recently, she has appeared as Kate Marshall in the popular TV series, Malibu Dan the Family Man. Nowadays, the actress splits her time between acting and raising her son with her husband, Kurt Patino.

Kelly Stables has recently starred in Malibu Dan the Family Man

Gail O’Grady as Mandi – Then

We love it when a mother and daughter duo come on any show – but Kandi and Mandi were really something special. They looked exactly the same, they behaved in similar manners, and they were pretty much the same person (even the names were weirdly similar). Mandi just happened to stumble upon the beach house one day looking for her daughter, and just happened to catch the attention of Charlie. Of course, how could he resist a beautiful woman?

Mandi was the mother of Kandi, who caught the attention of Charlie at the beach house

Gail O’Grady – Now

Although she definitely made an impression on Two and a Half Men, Gail O’Grady was famous in her own right before appearing on the show. In fact, she had made a name for herself on the popular television show, American Dreams. Since then, she has had a magnificent acting career – but most people now know her for her magnificent personal life. This beautiful actress has been married a whopping six times! She is currently divorced and in a relationship with Chris Beyers.

Gail O’Grady made a name for herself on American Dreams

Paula Marshall as Paula – Then

It’s no secret that Alan has had a bit of a tough time with the ladies – but his relationship with Paula was the toughest blow yet. After hitting it off in a nightclub, the two start dating. However, Paula then tells Alan that she used to be a man by the name of Paul. Then, Alan meets her ex-wife. Before too long, Alan, Paula, and her ex-wife are in an open relationship… until they both leave him for each other.

Paula used to be a man named Paul and embarks on an open relationship with Alan

Paula Marshall – Now

Two and a Half Men was one of Paula Marshall’s first acting roles, and what a role it was! This appearance opened many doors for the actress, who then went on to work on major television shows, such as Law & Order, The Mentalist, House, and Switched At Birth. In more recent years, she has starred in the popular movie We Love You, Sally Carmichael. When she’s not acting, Paula spends her time with her husband and their daughter.

Paula Marshall has since appeared on major television shows such as House

Kimberly Quinn as Donna – Then

Nobody likes it when they’re dumped – but Donna REALLY didn’t like it. When Charlie met Linda Harris, Alan met Donna, and the pair hit it off instantly, Of course, they started dating, and it all seemed to be going so well until Alan decided he was bored of the blonde beauty. However, he was scared of breaking up with her, so took Charlie’s advice on how to tenderly end things. Needless to say, Charlie’s advice didn’t work.

Alan dated Donna but soon became bored of her, and tried to end things

Kimberly Quinn – Now

Before her time on Two and a Half Men, Kimberly Quinn had managed to score herself minor roles on TV shows such as Without a Trace, Cold Case, I’m With Her, and House. However, after her stint on Two and a Half Men, she began to appear in larger roles – and movies. Since then, she has appeared in movies such as Hidden Figures, A Little Game, End Game and St. Vincent – which was directed by her husband, Theodore Melfi.

Kimberly Quinn has since appeared in movies such as St. Vincent and End Game


Judy Greer as Bridget Schmidt – Then

When Walden, Ashton Kutcher’s character, first came onto the scene, we didn’t really know what to make of him – but that’s when we first met Bridget Schmidt. Bridget had been married to Walden, but their marriage had struggled as she couldn’t deal with her husband’s maturity levels. So, she had filed for divorce. However, after she realizes that Walden has moved on, she conveniently wants him back. By this point, it’s too late. Walden was over her.

Bridget Schmidt is Walden's ex-wife, who wants him back after hearing that he was dating someone else

Judy Greer – Now

Judy Greer is one of the most versatile actresses in the world of Hollywood, and her time on Two and a Half Men is just a speck compared to what she has got up to during the rest of her career. She has acted in numerous films and TV shows, and even lends her voice to various animated characters for Archer and Storybots. However, she has also tried her hand at casting and recently worked as the casting director for Entourage.

Judy Greer is a versatile actor, voice actor and casting director


Emmanuelle Vaugier as Mia – Then

Emmanuelle Vaugier appeared on Two and a Half Men as Mia – a beautiful dance teacher who seems to have little interest in the popular lothario. Nevertheless, when Mia discovers that Jake is interested in dancing, she insists that she will only go out for a romantic meal with Charlie if he agrees to give up all of the bad things in his life (that he absolutely loves). Of course, he pretends to do as she pleases, and they even get engaged!

Mia was a dance teacher who asked Charlie to give up his vices

Emmanuelle Vaugier – Now

Before her time on Two and a Half Men, Emmanuelle Vaugier was relatively unknown and pretty new to the Hollywood scene. Thankfully, the show proved to be a turning point in her life and opened up numerous doors for the actress, who soon appeared on programmes such as Mistresses and Lost Girl, and movies like Washed Away and Destruction Los Angeles. Nowadays, Emmanuelle is still acting and is even starring in an upcoming movie called Masks Don’t Lie.

After her time on Two and a Half Men, Emmanuelle was offered numerous opportunities



Allison Janney as Beverly – Then

It’s no secret that Alan has had a rough time with the ladies – and that’s exactly what happened with Beverly. This character first turned up at the beach house with the intention of meeting Alan, who she had already been speaking to through an online dating website. However, we soon realize that Beverly is not the woman she says she is, as she ties Alan up. Luckily, his brother Charlie was there to save him.

Beverly first spoke to Alan on a dating website and then proceeded to tie him up

Allison Janney – Now

Allison Janney is one of the most notable faces in the world of TV and movies and has always brought an incredible smile and comedic timing to our favorite shows. She has made appearances in the likes of The West Wing, Hairspray, The Girl on the Train and Juno over the course of her career. More recently, she has been one of the starring actresses on Mom, the hit CBS show. In fact, this recent role has only gone and earned her an Emmy Award!

Allison Janney is a notable face in the world of acting and currently stars in Mom

Brooke Shields as Danielle Stewart – Then

Let’s be honest, Alan and Charlie have come to blows about women more times than we’ve had hot dinners – and it was no different when it came to Danielle Stewart. To start with, Charlie tried to set Danielle up with Alan, in the hope that he would move out of the beach house. However, as Charlie got closer to Danielle, he soon realized that he wanted to date her instead. So, who won her heart in the end?

Charlie originally set Danielle up with Alan but realized he wanted to be with her

Brooke Shields – Now

Although she didn’t exactly need a bigger fan base as one of the most popular models and actresses on the planet, her role on Two and a Half Men definitely helped to increase the number of Brooke Shields fans in the world. Even though she is now in her 50s, Shields is looking as fabulous as ever, and still acting today. Nowadays, she divides her time between Law & Order and looking after her husband and two children.

Brooke Shields now divides her time between Law & Order and looking after her kids


Sophie Winkleman as Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce – Then

What a name, ey? After struggling to get over his ex-wife, Walden finds solace in Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce. The two embark on a pretty serious relationship for two seasons before Walden pops the question. Unfortunately, this Brit rejects his advances, and Walden wants to know why. He soon discovers that she has been seeing someone else behind his back. Naturally, he then tries to get revenge on her and her family with a vicious dog. As you do.

Walden dated Zoey before discovering that she was dating someone else

Sophie Winkleman – Now

Although she may sound super posh in real life, it seems that the actress who plays Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce is actually related to the British monarchy! Yep, Sophie Winkleman is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, who is Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Sophie also manages to keep up with a pretty busy filming schedule, on the likes of Milo Murphy’s Law and Trust – where she appears alongside Hilary Swank and Donald Sutherland.

Sophie Winkleman is married to a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II


Ming-Na Wen as Linda Harris – Then

There’s nothing we love more than a double date – especially if we’re introduced to a new character. During this double date, Alan introduced Charlie to Linda Harris, but Charlie wasn’t taken by her straight away. Although he thought she was beautiful, he thought she was very rude. However, Charlie soon discovers that Linda is his judge for his DUI case, and the whole thing becomes one huge pile of shambles. It’s fair to say they don’t end up together.

Linda Harris is Charlie’s date during a double date

Ming-Na Wen – Now

Although you might not have seen her face very often, you’ll definitely know Ming-Na Wen’s voice. One of her most prestigious claims to fame is that this actress provided the epic voice for Disney’s lead character in Mulan. Alongside this, she has also bagged herself major roles in TV programmes such as SGU Stargate Universe, ER and Eureka. Currently, this actress can be found on the set of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ming-Na Wen provided the voice of Mulan and currently works on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Tammy Lauren as Shannon – Then

Let’s be honest, Two and a Half Men can get pretty confusing, and you can almost guarantee there will be a romantic connection between AT LEAST three other characters. Alan soon found this out when he met Shannon at his ex-wife’s wedding. He soon discovered that Shannon had previously dated the groom, and knew he could use her to make his ex-wife jealous (although she totally wasn’t). Of course, they just HAD to get it on in the cloakroom…

Shannon met Alan at his ex-wife’s wedding, and they got in on in the cloakroom

Tammy Lauren – Now

Like many of the actresses on this list, Tammy Lauren was already pretty famous before she stepped foot on the set of Two and a Half Men. In fact, she had scored herself a major role on The Young and the Restless, as the popular detective, Maggie Sullivan. However, these two roles have still been the most prominent roles of her career, as her calendar has got subsequently less busy. Nowadays, she spends most of her time with her husband, Guri Weinberg.

Tammy Lauren used to be on The Young and the Restless, but is no longer acting


Holland Taylor as Evelyn Harper – Then

Although many of the actresses on Two and a Half Men were Charlie and Alan’s romantic interests – this woman definitely wasn’t. In fact, she was their mother. Nevertheless, it was easy to see where Charlie got his wily ways, as Evelyn Harper was just as into her men (largely rich and old ones) as Charlie was into his women. Although Alan and Charlie didn’t really get on with their mother, their relationships proved to be comedy gold.

Evelyn Harper was the mother of Charlie and Alan Harper

Holland Taylor – Now

Although Holland Taylor may now be in her 70s, she’s not letting her age hold her back. With a 40-year-old girlfriend, Holland is living her life to the fullest and ensuring she still makes an impact on the world of Hollywood. After her time on Two and a Half Men, Holland appeared in TV shows such as Hollywood Mon, The Orville, and Mr. Mercedes. We’re actually kinda jealous of her life. We hope we’re that cool when we’re 70.

Holland Taylor is currently living her life to the fullest and still acting today


April Bowlby as Kandi – Then

If you’re a fond lover of Two and a Half Men (which is everyone, right?), you probably remember Kandi – the beautiful woman who wasn’t exactly very bright. Although she was very ditzy, she caught the attention of Alan (and Charlie, and Alan’s lawyer) and they eventually got hitched in a quirky Vegas wedding. However, the pair soon part ways (well, Kandi dumps him) after Kandi realizes her husband has hair in his ears and up his nose…

Kandi was a ditzy woman who ends up marrying Alan in a quirky Vegas wedding

April Bowlby – Now

Kandi was played by April Bowlby, who is most definitely not a ditzy blonde. Instead, this actress is an intelligent individual who has managed to bag herself major roles in some of the biggest TV shows since her time on Two and a Half Men. She has had acting parts on How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and scored herself a leading role in Drop Dead Diva. She is still acting today and is filming a new movie as we speak.

April Bowlby has since appeared in major TV shows, including The Big Bang Theory