This Woman Was Reunited With Her Biological Mother After 43 Years


Becky Skousen’s adoptive parents made it no secret that she was adopted, and she was glad they told her. Although she hoped her birth mother was happy and healthy, she never had a desire to be close to her or find out who she was. But fate seemed to have other ideas…

Puppy love

Like many other 14-year-olds, Robin Adair Passey had a high school boyfriend. However, their puppy love fell short when Robin fell pregnant, and the boyfriend left her. Leaving her alone.

Robin Passey fell pregnant aged 14 with her then-high school boyfriend

Leaving town

In a recent interview with ABC News, Robin broke down. When her boyfriend left her, she felt rejected, alone and hurt – because she truly believed he was ‘the one’ and they would one day get married. Instead, he left her and their baby, with just Robin’s mother for guidance and support. To remove themselves from the situation, Robin and Robin’s mother left town and moved to Hawaii where she could see out the rest of her pregnancy in peace, away from bad memories.

Her boyfriend left her while she was still pregnant, so Robin and her mother moved to Hawaii to get away from it all

A baby girl

Robin and her mother lived in Hawaii for five to six months, waiting for her baby’s due date to come. To them, there was no father or male figure around. All they needed was each other. Finally, Robin gave birth and brought a beautiful and healthy baby girl into the world. However, Robin was still a child herself, and didn’t know whether she could take care of her baby or not, so she had to make a heartbreaking decision.

Robin gave birth to a healthy baby girl with her mom by her side

That was how it was

Robin was a huge part of the decision to give the baby up for adoption – because that was just how it was. Robin knew many other young girls her age who had done the same thing. They got pregnant, they went away for a little while and gave birth to their babies, and they returned to their old lives without them. So, at 14-years-old, Robin made the decision to put her baby girl up for adoption.

Robin made the tough decision to put her baby up for adoption as she was just a child herself

There was no rush

Although Robin had made the tough decision, there was no rush in letting go of her daughter. Instead, Robin had the chance to interact with her, and get to know her a little. Robin unwrapped her from her baby blanket and was able to count all of her toes and fingers. But this made the whole process harder, as soon enough, her baby was taken away from her. She said that it was ‘kind of like death.’

Robin bonded with her baby during the little time she got to spend with her, which made saying goodbye even harder

So many questions

As time when on, there was not a day that passed that Robin Adair Passey didn’t think of her baby girl. She had so many questions. What was her name? Where had she gone? Was she being taken cared of? What does she look like? Robin didn’t know the answer to any of these questions. Instead, her own daughter was like a stranger to her. Thankfully, Becky was living in Utah with a loving and generous family.

Robin thought of her daughter every day and had so many questions about her

Year after year, after year

Decades passed, and Robin was no closer to answering all of her questions. She believed any hopes of a reunion with her long-lost daughter to be a dream that would never materialize into real life. She was lost forever. But Robin didn’t know that her daughter was thinking of her, too. Becky didn’t hate Robin for giving her up. She didn’t hold anything against her. In fact, she just wanted to know she was happy.

Little did Robin know that Becky also was thinking about her birth mother, hoping she was happy

A loving mother

From an early age, Becky Skousen’s adoptive parents had always been truthful about the adoption and explained that her birth mother had given her up to have a better life with a new mother and father who would be able to love and care for her better than she would have. Although she knew it would be unlikely she’d meet her birth mother in her lifetime, she always assumed that she would be able to meet and thank her in another life.

Becky grew up with the knowledge that she had been adopted, and knew it had been in her best interests

There was no desire

Although most adopted children are often curious about their birth parents, very few go to seek them out. Becky was the same. Part of her wondered what her birth mother was like, and what she looked like and whether she was happy. Even so, there was another part of her that knew she already had parents, and she already had a life, so she did not want to go and upset the lives of either herself or her biological mother.

Even though Becky sometimes wondered about her biological mother, she never sought her out

Living a happy life

Despite not knowing her birth mother, Becky was happy – and had set up and lived her own life that wasn’t dependent on figuring out an unanswerable question. Becky had a job, she had a loving family, and she even had a fiancé. She didn’t feel like she was missing out on anything major, because she strongly believed in fate, and that whatever happens happens for a reason. Her story was that she was adopted, and that was how it was.

Becky was happy with her life as it was, and believed fate had a way of making things happen if they were meant to be

A desperate plea

Meanwhile, Becky’s mother Robin was living in Arizona. She spent most of her waking hours thinking about her daughter, and how much she wanted to see and speak to her – or even just to know her name! In one desperate plea, she decided to sign up to a site called MyHeritage. As an online genealogy site, MyHeritage allows users to trace back their family tree and their ancestors to see where their names and DNA come from.

Robin went onto an online genealogy website called MyHeritage to trace her family tree

Worth a shot

To get the most accurate reading, users of MyHeritage are advised to send them a DNA sample so they can trace back their genealogy efficiently and successfully. By sending in a sample of saliva, users may also be able to find long-lost relatives – as long as they are also signed up to the platform. Because she didn’t have anything to lose, Robin decided to send in her DNA sample to see the results she’d get, if any.

Robin sent a sample of her DNA off to give her the best chance of getting a result

A result she wasn’t expecting…

Robin didn’t expect her results to come to anything and thought of it more as a fun social experiment. So when she saw that her DNA had a match, she was completely taken aback. The genealogy site had found through her DNA one of Robin’s relatives on the site, but it wasn’t a long-distance relative. Instead, the results showed there was a 49.1% DNA match, and next to the percentage was one singular word in bold lettering. Daughter.

Robin wasn't expecting anything to come back, so when they said they had found a close relative of hers she was shocked

Like mother, like daughter

Just like Robin Adair Passey, Becky Skousen had also signed up the MyHeritage – although Becky had different intentions. Rather than trying to find her birth mother or any other biological family members, Becky just wanted to answer the one question that had been plaguing her for years. Where was she from? So Becky sent off her DNA to try and find her geological history. Much like many other people around the world. Just like Robin and Becky, they wanted answers.

Becky had also sent her DNA off to the site to find out where in the world she was from, and it was this that enabled Robin to find a match with her daughter

Family matters

Just like Becky, Erica Cowie from Newcastle, Ontario knew that she was different. With her dark skin and curly hair, she didn’t look anything like her father or her siblings – so she knew something was amiss. After struggling to get answers from her father, Erica decided to take a DNA test. The results were astounding. Erica soon found out that she had Portuguese heritage and a whole family in Portugal who knew nothing of her existence. Of course, she had to find them.

Erica Cowie always knew she was different to her father and siblings. She used a similar website to find her Portuguese family

Searching for a father

There are many adoptive children out there who want nothing more than to find out where they came from, and to meet the people who gave them life – and Shelly Foster was one of them. Adopted from a young age, she never knew her father, until she learned of new information and took a DNA test. The results were clear. She finally knew who her father was, but there was something else. She had a brother!

Shelly Foster not only found her biological father in her quest to find out where she came from, but also her brother

The modern age

With the technological advancements of today, it’s so easy to find your genealogy and your own personal history. Through simple DNA tests we can find out where we come from, we can learn of long-lost ancestors, we can find our parents or siblings, and we can reunite long-lost families like these ones. But something stands out in Becky and Robin’s extraordinary story. Their fate brought them together, and the DNA testing solidified their bond. And what happens next is even more beautiful…

Becky and Robin's journey hadn't finished yet, even though they had finally found each other online

Getting in contact

After staring at the computer screen for hours, Robin couldn’t believe that she now had the name of her baby girl right in front of her eyes. Finally, she had an answer! Soon after she got her results, Robin sought out her daughter on Facebook, and the two started talking. After 43 years without each other, they finally reconnected and agreed to meet up. In 2017, the pair met in Arizona and Robin was reunited at last with her daughter.

Robin found Becky on Facebook, and in 2017 they agreed to meet up in Arizona

Families reunited

Robin took her husband and family along to the meeting at the Mesa Temple Grounds in Arizona, near to where she lived – and it was Robin’s youngest child Mikella, that first spotted Becky. Her sister. Becky was standing by the flagpole waiting for them when Mikella ran up and started speaking to her before anyone else had the chance. She was so excited. The youngest daughter was finally meeting the eldest, and their family was reunited at last.

Robin's youngest child was the first one that spotted Becky, her eldest sister, and she couldn't stop talking

Tears of joy

As the mother and daughter got reacquainted, Becky took her birth mother to meet her adoptive mother, Caralyn Skousen – who couldn’t be any happier for Becky. As an adoptive parent, you always know that your child has biological parents somewhere out there in the world, and your child has another mother. Caralyn was grateful for Robin, for giving her Becky and bringing her into the world. She couldn’t help but shed tears of joy at the situation.

Becky took Robin to meet her birth mother, Caralyn. Caralyn was overjoyed to see Becky reunited with the woman who brought her into this world

An emotional affair

The whole meeting between the two parties was an emotional affair, with tears of joy, sadness and pure shock running between them all. But alongside Caralyn, Robin Passey was also grateful – for Caralyn had looked after Becky for all of her life. Caralyn did everything for Becky that Robin couldn’t at that time of her life, and she will forever be grateful for bringing up her beautiful daughter and making her the incredible woman she is today.

Robin was grateful to Caralyn for looking after Becky, and giving her everything she wasn't able to do

An extraordinary event

Now, Robin, Becky and all of their families are continuing on with their lives, with a few extra members added to the group. Despite everything, a twist of fate brought the two back together, and in June 2017, Robin did something she thought would never, ever happen. She was there for when her daughter become a beautiful bride, and watched her walk down the aisle. For Robin, it really was an extraordinary event and a complete dream come true for her.

Robin was able to watch Becky walk down the aisle on her wedding day

The icing on the cake

Before finding her mother, Becky had already been planning to uproot her life and move to Arizona – and now, she has even more reason to move. It truly is the icing on the cake. Once they are in the same state, Becky and Robin will be able to really take it back to basics, learn everything about each other and get to know each other from scratch. After all, they have 43 lost years to make up for!

Becky is planning on moving to Arizona so her and Robin can really get to know each other

Til death do us part

Thankfully, Becky is happier than ever. Alongside her adoptive family, she’s now got a birth mother and even brand new siblings she knew nothing about, to share her life with. What could be a better wedding present than a whole new family? Of course, the DNA results would never change the relationship Becky has with her adoptive parents. In fact, their bond is even stronger. But now, with her brand new husband, she really knows who she is.

Becky is enjoying getting to know her new family, but she has not forgotten the people who brought her up. And now she has has a new husband to add to the throng

A remarkable story

The story of Becky and Robin is truly a remarkable story – and we’re so glad that Robin finally found her beloved daughter who she missed so much. Their story has since gone on to wow viewers across the world, with news stations and websites picking up the incredible story and to wonder over the extraordinary events leading up to their reunion. Despite what people say, technology really can bring people together, and we hope it continues to do so!

Robin and Becky's story shows how the combination of fate and technology can bring people together in such a heartwarming way