The Wives Behind the Wrestlers


Crystal Jacobs – Kane

People who have been fans of the wrestling games for many years will remember Kane’s crazy pyrotechnics, sure to drive an audience to their feet in a frenzy. But according to his wife Crystal Jacobs, he’s just a big softie underneath, with two daughters and a marriage which has lasted more than two decades together. They even have their own insurance business now, so we think his crazy days are probably pretty much behind him now!

crystal jacobs

Kristin Austin – Stone Cold Steve Austin

Most of us are pretty used to seeing Steve Austin in the media about his relationships, but it’s rarely been good news. After three marriages which ended in divorce, and his last marriage to Debra Marshall ended with police action and court charges. However, he is busy proving the doubters wrong, and he has been married to Kristin Feres since 2009. They live quietly on his ranch in Texas and we are happy to see that they appear to be very much in love.

Kristin Austin

Bess Katramados – Big Show

Anyone would look dainty next to one of the giants of wrestling, Big Show. He is actually the tallest guy in the wrestling world, coming in at 7 feet tall. He was married before, but he and Bess seem to be making it work, with 15 years of their relationship behind them already. They also have lovely kids together! We’ve heard on the street that Big Show won’t be working for too much longer, so the couple should get more time to spend with one another before too long.

Bess Katramados

Michelle McCool – The Undertaker

The Undertaker might be the most elusive character in wrestling, but since he married Michelle McCool in 2010, he’s certainly come out into the limelight a little more. His real name is Mark Calaway, and the pair had a daughter Caia Faith in 2012. Michelle is a semi retired professional wrestler, and she also practices Krav Maga, israeli martial arts, in her spare time. Talk about a powerful woman eh?

michelle mccool

Kimberley Kessler – Randy Orton

This loved up pair will have been married for two years in November, and had one of the cutest starts to a relationship that we can remember. Kim was a huge fan of Randy’s, and when she finally met her pin-up, the feeling was obviously pretty mutual! You can see loads of photos and stories about the couple on social media, where Orton has said that his new bride makes “every aspect of his life more enjoyable”. That’s what marriage should be all about!

Kim Kessler

AJ Lee – CM Punk

You probably know that AJ Lee held the Divas Championship title for a record breaking 406 days, but did you know that she has also written a book? Since she retired from wrestling in 2015, she wrote and published her memoir which covers a ton of interesting information about her background and her pro-wrestling career. Her and CM live between two homes in Chicago and Milwaukee, and seem quietly happy together.

AJ Lee

Rebecca Curci – Shawn Michaels

A real movie-worthy love story, the history of this couple deserves to be on the big screen! As one of the Nitro girls, Rebecca was seen by Shawn on television before the two had ever met. He was immediately struck by how gorgeous and sexy she was. Once they did meet in real life, it took just weeks for them to declare their love for one another, including stopping Rebecca at the airport and convincing her to elope, Vegas style.

Rebecca Curci

Samantha Rotunda – Bray Wyatt

In 2012, Samantha Rotunda married one of our favorite wrestlers, Bray Wyatt. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end too well. 5 years later, the media was filled with rumors about Bray supposedly cheating with a WWE ring announcer and former Total Diva star, Jojo Offerman.
The couple couldn’t withstand the drama, and they split up, with Samantha the one to file for divorce. The couple have two gorgeous kids from the marriage, one boy and one girl whose names are Kendyl and Caydn.

Sam Rotunda

Angie Gutierrez and Rey Mysterio

While you might know him as Rey Mysterio, (Spanish for King Mystery) his wife and kids know him as Oscar Gutierrez, and he’s quite the family man! People love his Lucha Libra wrestling style, which went a long way to launching the cruiser-weight wrestling of the 90’s in the US. The couple got married in 1996, and had their son Dominic just a year later. A daughter, Aaliyah followed in 2001. They are Roman Catholic, and Rey is known for being religious. Angie tends to stay out of the limelight.

angie and rey

Lauryn Laine McBride – Jerry “The King” Lawler

While Jerry Lawler is 66 years old, Lauren McBridge is just 27. While this might raise a few eyebrows, the couple have proven the test of time, and have been living together for more than 6 years. They are currently engaged, and we haven’t heard of a date for the big day yet. However, it isn’t all living together in bliss and harmony. In fact, Lawler has been suspended from the game after rumors and claims of domestic violence have been put on him. Yikes.

Lauryn Mcbride

Brie Bella – Daniel Bryan

The other half of the Bella sisters, Brie Bella is also a professional wrestler, and a model and actress too. A talented pair of sisters, we’re sure you agree. Apparently, Brie used to have a relationship going with a different kind of celebrity altogether, a musician who played guitar for Poison – Richie Kotzen. But ever since 2014, she has been married to Daniel Bryan, and they even had their first child together this year, a beautiful baby girl called Birdie Joy Danielson.

brie bella

Brandi Rhodes – Cody Rhodes

Better known in the wrestling world as Eden Stiles, Brandi Rhodes got married to Cody in 2013. The pair actually met during an interview, with Brandi eager to meet the cute wrestler. She may have never ended up with that assignment, if her career hadn’t taken her in that direction, with her start as a news reporter, and then an anchor, before becoming a WWE announcer. In fact, she may well have ended up a figure skater, as she practised professionally for 17 years!

Brandi Rhodes

Maryse Oullet – The Miz

Perhaps one of the most famous wrestling couples out there, these two can’t keep information about their relationship to themselves! Every other day there are more photos on Instagram, or more updates coming from Twitter. Maryse has had a number of jobs in her lifetime before her retirement, including businesswoman, wrestling manager and even glamor model. Life was almost certainly never boring! The couple got hitched in the Bahamas, and now live in Los Angeles.

Maryse Oullet

Marisa Mazzola – Shane McMahon

Marrisa was originally on LiveWire as a co-host, and then realized her aptitude was for the business world. She know has her own production company, what a woman! These two love birds have been married since 1996, and have known each other almost their entire lives. They both grew up in Connecticut. They don’t share a lot of about their lives together, but we do know they have three lovely sons, whose names are Declan, Kenyon and Rogan.

Marisa Mazzola

Maria Kanellis – Mike Bennett

Originally, Maria Kanellis was a Diva, working in the WWE herself, but she took a step out of the spotlight to try and support her husband Mike Bennett. She has been reported as saying that she spends a large amount of time helping him with his growing career, and all the signs point towards that being something to watch out for. Did you spot the pair on the 2017 Money in the Bank? With the help of his wife, we think this guy is definitely on the up and up.

Maria Kanellis

Catalina White- Jack Swagger

Originally, you might have known Catalina from her modelling past, and seen her in publications such as FHM and Maxim. She was even the Maxim HomeTown Hottie earlier this year! Perhaps one of the most beautiful WAGS on our list, there are a lot of men out there would love to swap places with Mr Jack Swagger. The pair got married in 2010, and they have two kids, their son Knox, and their daughter Presley Pearl.

Catalina White

Nattie Neidhart – Tyson Kidd

You probably know this incredible lady better as Natalya, one of the most famous female wrestlers in the world. She is third generation Hart family, which means she had all the training the Hart’s are used to, including the famous Hart family dungeon as her own. The couple have been together since 2001, and got married as part of the first ever season of Total Divas in 2013. It was a long time coming, as they actually met when Natalya was just 12 years old.


Beth Phoenix – Edge

Do you remember when Beth and Edge started dating in 2011? Who would have thought we would be watching their wedding in 2016? Both sides of this couple have a professional wrestling history, and they both wrestled in the WWE. However, it was only when Edge retired from the wrestling scene that the two started dating. Edge was married twice before, but he only has children from this current marriage. The pair have two daughters, Lyric and Ruby, who are 4 and 2 respectively. What a lovely family they make!

beth phoenix

Reby Sky – Matt Hardy

These guys love a good headline, and seem to attract their fair share of drama, as well as a few other people’s share as well! They’ve been together since 2011, and they tied the knot and made it official in 2013. Their son Maxel Hardy is often in the spotlight. The couple have had some rocky history, including separations and police involvement which had us worried from time to time. Currently they are back together, and we hope they can keep it that way!

Reby Sky

Naomi – Jimmy Uso

Naomi is another one of our WAGS who found fame on reality TV show Total Divas, after becoming a professional wrestler herself. Her claims to fame include life as a dancer, a singer, a music producer as well as many more careers under her belt. One of our favorite facts, is that she was once the backup dancer for Flo Rida! Her and Jimmy have been married since 2014, and are forever saying adorable things about one another, with Naomi recently telling the press that Jimmy is her best friend.

Naomi Uso

Laurel Van Ness – Zack Ryder

Laurel has made a name for herself as an Impact wrestling star, and now for her relationship with Zack Ryder. You might only just be hearing the news about his split with Emma, but he seems to be pretty much over the heartbreak, and onto the next great thing in his life! He and Laurel shared pictures on social media recently of their birthday adventures to celebrate Laurel’s big day, and we’re pleased to say they make pretty much the wrestling world’s cutest couple.

laurel van ness

Lana – Rusev

Lana’s actual name is Catherine Perry, but she became famous under the WWE name Lana. She is known as a musical talent, as she has a history in both singing and dancing. She has worked as a backup dancer for some pretty famous faces, amongst them Pink and Usher! Her relationship with Rusev started out professional, when she was his manager, but the pair got married in 2016, and she has more recently decided to get involved in the ring herself.


Sarah Backman – Bo Dallas

Let’s turn our attention to a different kind of wrestler for a moment, an arm wrestler! Sarah Backman actually holds eight World Arm Wrestling Championship titles. She also has a fun fact in her portfolio, she appeared on Swedish Gladiators as Spitit! Coming from a family which is known for it’s strength, her father is Mike Rotunda himself. She married Bo Dallas in 2014, and also has a history in real estate brokering. What a talented lady! Isn’t this photo of the two of them just gorgeous?

Sarah Backman

Meredith Whitney – John Layfield

It’s true that a lot of wrestlers end up with other wrestlers, but not that many end up with someone in the financial analytics business! Whitney and Layfield met each other in 1998, when they both worked for Fox. Whitney got her fifteen minutes of fame around the financial crisis of 2007, when she forecast some of the unforeseen and terrible outcomes of the difficult period. They have been married for 18 years, and live in Bermuda.

merideth whitney

Karen Jarrett – Jeff Jarrett

Remember when Karen was married to Kurt Angle? We certainly remember the Olympic medallist’s public split in 2008. Just two years later in 2010, Karen remarried, and again within the wrestling community, to Jeff Jarrett this time. She took with her two kids from her first marriage, whose names are Kyra and Kody. She is now signed with Global Force Wrestling, working as a consultant, but did you know that she once worked as an exotic dancer?

karen jarrett

Renee Young – Dean Ambrose

If you’re not following Renee on social media, you might not even have heard that these two lovebirds got hitches. While we’ve seen them together as a very cute couple, journalist Renee Young only announced their wedding with a simple tweet of “marriage is nice” earlier this year. They have been together three years, and met when Renee interviewed Dean for an article. Ambrose is currently the longest running WWE champion in the US. The two have made a home in Nevada.

renee young

Jennifer Hudson – David Otunga

Jennifer Hudson had her beginnings on reality TV show American idol. While she didn’t win the show, she did get chosen for theatre sensation, Dreamgirls, and the rest is history. She is now a famous singer in her own right, and she was a coach for a reality TV show herself- The Voice, in many ways coming full circle. Jennifer has been engaged to David Otunga for many years. They have an eight year old son called Daniel.

jennifer hudson

Audrey Marie – Tyler Breeze

We wish we knew more about the newlywed Mr and Mrs Clement, otherwise known as Tyler Breeze and Audrey Marie. Ashley and Mattias (as their birth certificates say) got married only a year ago in 2016, and have wrestling in common, with Ashley a wrestler and a model, and Mattias signed under the SmackDown brand. This photo of their wedding day was given to fans after the day was finished, and they couldn’t look happier with one another.

audrey marie

Natalie Satterley – Adrian Neville

A British couple, these two have been loved up for many years while living in the town of Newcastle. Neville must have worked pretty hard, as he comes in shorter than most other professional wrestlers, at just five feet eight inches tall. Despite this, he has made it to the professional roster, and Natalie came straight with him, leaving England to join him on his quest for fame and power. The couple got married only two years ago, and Neville is King of the Cruiserweights.

natalie neville

Jessica Seanoa – Samoa Joe

Here are another couple who we can’t find out too much information about. Jessica in particular likes to keep her private life private, and with celebrity media attention in this generation-we don’t blame her! We do know that the pair married in 2007, which means they recently celebrated their tenth anniversary, and that Samoa Joe is now with the Raw brand, after his time with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

jessica samoa

Stephanie Hart – Bret Hart

One of the coolest and best wrestlers in Canadian-American history, it’s hard to forget Bret The Hitman Hart, even years after his retirement from the game. Stephanie is not his first wife, in fact he was married twice before he married her in 2010, and he has children and even grandchildren from previous relationships. There is quite an age gap between the couple, but Stephanie appears to be in it for the love, standing by her man through health issues and other family drama.

stephanie hart

Tamara Nash – Kevin Nash

Tamara and Kevin have been married since 1998, making them one of the longest standing relationships on our list, with nearly 30 years of wedded bliss under their belts. They have a son, Tristan who has been catching some attention in the media for difficult behavior, but the family seem to live happily in Daytona Beach, Florida. Tamara Nash is not in the wrestling world, in fact she is a licensed Realtor! We think the couple like their privacy from the public eye.

tamara nash

Becky Lynch – Luke Sanders

Becky Lynch is well entrenched in the world of WWE, and Luke Sanders is employed by Ultimate Fighting Championship, making this couple of of the strongest relationships we can think of! Following their social media accounts you can see when the pair started interacting, making plans and then meeting up for waffles, turning into dating soon after! It’s been more than a year, and the couple seem pretty happy to us.

becky lynch

Amy Schumer and Dolph Ziggler

This is hardly a current story, but we still think it’s fun to remember when Amy Schumer was dating wrestling name Dolph Ziggler. While they have more in common on the comedy side of things than the wrestling one, we would have loved to have seen Dolph’s face when Amy announced that their sex life was “too athletic” for her, live on the Howard Stern Show! I suppose there are worse things to say about someone in bed!

amy schumer

Jan Ross – Jim Ross

Jim Ross is arguably the most recognisable and memorable WWE commentators of all time. He met his wife Jan on a plane, as she was a flight attendant at the time, and the pair were married for close to 25 years, tying the knot in 1993. Tragically, Jan died this year at age 55, in a Vespa accident with another car. We can’t imagine how difficult it must be for Jim, and our thoughts are with him and anyone who was close to her.

jan ross

Wendy Jones – AJ Styles

Can you say, high school sweethearts? That’s what you’re looking at here, with AJ and Wendy beginning their relationship in their senior year of school, on Valentines day 1996. They got married just 4 years later in the year 2000, and the family are religious and proud, with AJ announcing that he puts God first in his life. He only became a professional wrestler when they could afford it, our of concern for his family. Aw, what a lovely guy.

wendy styles

Sasha Banks – Sarath Ton

In the wrestling world, Sarath Tom is known as Kid Makazi, or sometimes just Makazi. The couple have some fun hobbies, including rap battles, which we can imagine end more often in laughter than any kind of victory! Sasha and Sarath got married in secret last summer, and told the world in March 2017, after being found out by some people online. Sarath is not just a wrestler but also costume designer for other wrestlers, and Sasha could not be more proud!

sasha banks

Charlotte Flair – Bram

Unfortunately, not all wrestling fairytales can be happily ever after, and this one definitely ended in tears. Charlotte Flair is Ric Flair’s daughter, and she is a WWE wrestler who works under SmackDown live. The pair got married in 2013, and the couple both told the press how happy they both were. Their happiness was to be short-lived however, with the couple opting for a divorce just two years later in 2015. The only drama we can enjoy from Charlotte is her public arguments with Naomi!

charlotte flair

Rochelle Roman – Baron Corbin

Thomas Pestock was a former NFL player who was both a Cardinal and a Colt at different times, but then became a wrestler. He’s now better known as Baron Corbin, and he and Rochelle Roman make a really gorgeous couple. Corbin is 6 feet eight inches, and the couple like to share stories on social media, including letting the world coo over their giant Great Dane, Xander! As it stands the two are just dating, but you never know what might grow in the future.

rochelle roman

Sarah Jade – Dave Bautista

Anyone who has seen the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise will recognise Drax the Destroyer. But pre-Drax, this guy was simple Dave Bautista, and he was a damn good wrestler! Sarah Jade graduated magna cum laude with a sociology degree but decided to put her energies into pole dancing, and the couple got married in 2015. We love how Sarah is a style icon for tons of ladies out there, with her chic haircut and great clothes.

sarah jade

Paige – Alberto Del Rio

Remember when ALberto and his last wife, Angela Velkei split up? Adultery allegations, media spotlight, and a whole lot of anger, it sure wasn’t pretty. Paige and Del Rio got engaged in 2016, but it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be happily ever after for these two either, with some serious rumors of domestic violence clouding the news around their recent split. If that’s true, we hope both partners find the help they need to achieve happiness in the future.


Wanda Ferraton – Bill Goldberg

Wanda’s background is in the movies, as a stunt double! She did that work for about five years, but stopped around 2005, right around the time that she started her marriage to Bill Goldberg! They met on the set of the fun horror movie Santa’s Slay, and it was such an initial attraction that both of them broke up with their current partners to start something together. It took only three months for them to get engaged after they first met, and they’re still together now!


Giovanna Yannotti – Kurt Angle

We already saw Karen Jarrett, who was Kurt Angle’s first wife. Now meet his second, and hopefully his last! Kurt met his bride-to-be on the set of End Game in 2009, where Giovanna was working as an actress, and Kurt had a role too. Giovanna Yannotti and Kurt got married in 2012 in a beautiful ceremony, and have already managed to have three kids! They have three beautiful little girls.

giovanna yannotti

Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman – Booker T

Self-proclaimed wrestling royalty, you’re currently looking at King Booker and Queen Sharmell! Bur a lot has changed for this wrestling duo since they got married and gave up their wrestling lifestyle. In fact, along with Booker’s son Brandon from his previous marriage, they also have adorable twin girls! The two don’t make much of a splash in public life anymore, but appear to be delighted with their new quiet lifestyle.

Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman

Kori Campfield – Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston is an incredibly famous Ghanian wrestler, and he married Kori Campfield in 2010. The couple have recently had their 7th wedding anniversary, and are often seen out and about and at WWE events, looking every inch the honeymooners still. They have two children together, but tend to keep them hidden, and don’t show photos of them on social media or take them out where the media might spot them.

kori campfield

Leighla Schultz – Seth Rollins

We wonder if the world will ever find out what happened to Leighla Schultz and Seth Rollins? The couple got engaged in 2014, and seemed to all intents and purposes as loved up as any other wrestling love story. In 2015, nude photos of Seth appears on Leighla’s Twitter account, and Seth made a statement that they were uploaded without his consent. Was she hacked? Or was it intentional? The couple split soon after, so the mystery continues.

leighla schultz

Nia Jax – Josh Woods

Nia Jax needs no introduction, as part of the Anoa’i family which includes The Rock and Roman Reigns, amongst other household wrestling names. But did you know that she has a boyfriend? Josh Woods is also a wrestler, employed by Evolve, and is a former NXT superstar to boot. Check out their social media accounts for photos and updates about what they are up to. We think these two might take the wrestling world by a storm.

nia jax

Beth Britt – Jeff Hardy

We all know Jeff as one half of the real-brothers tag team which is Matt and Jeff, also known as The Hardy Boyz. You might not guess that he has quite a sensitive side, also being a musician and an artist. He met Beth in 1999, so the couple have been together for close to two decades, and the pair tied the knot in 2011. They have two daughters together, Ruby Claire who was born in October 2010, and Nera Quinn, who followed in December 2015.

beth britt

Thea Trinidad – Austin Aries

Born Daniel Solwold Jr, we know him as pro US wrestler Austin Aries. And he’s been keeping his engagement to Thea Trinidad petty quiet. She is also a professional wrestler, known under quite a few aliases, including Rosita and Zelena Vega. Her father died in the 9/11 attacks, and she often speaks out about his memory. It was because of her father that she decided to go into wrestling in the first place. The couple are engaged, and we can’t wait to see those wedding photos!

thea trinidad

Amy Polinsky – Corey Graves

Amy might well be super woman in disguise, as she wears more hats than your average wife and mother! Her and Corey have been married since 2009, and they have three small children, a boy and two girls. While Corey is on the road, Amy keeps herself extremely busy, she is the COO of a company called Stay Down INC. The company specializes in fitness classes, personal training and fitness clothing. As well as being a wrestler, did you know that Corey is a professional piercer and used to work in a tattoo parlour!

amy polinsky

Shaul Guerrero and Aiden English

Shaul is the daughter of wrestling legend Eddie Guerrero, and is a retired wrestler herself, under the name Raquel Diaz. Her and Aiden married in 2016, so they’re still newlyweds! We’re yet to see any wedding photos being released to the media. According to some sources, Shaul was released from WWE when she admitted she was suffering from an eating disorder. We hope she is getting the help and support she needs now. Aiden performs under the SmackDown brand, as had been welcomed into the Guerrero family.

shaul guerrera

Stephanie Houck – Heath Slater

Heath is one of those professional wrestlers who is really just a great guy underneath it all. He and his wife Stephanie are known to be great philanthropists, giving back to their community wherever and however they can. In fact, following the West Virginia floods of last year, Heath travelled down to Clay County to help, while the family set up a gofundme page for the victims. The gorgeous couple have two daughters, Rozalyn and Remmedy. Stephanie has been quoted as saying Heath is “a better man than most”.

stephanie slater

Candice LeRae – Johnny Gargano

While Johnny might not be a big name in wrestling quite yet, he has made a name for himself amongst the cruiser weights. Candice is a professional wrestler herself, mainly working on the independent circuits. The couple got engaged in January 2016, and were married by the same September. Candice produces a YouTube show with her tag team partner Joey Ryan. The broadcast is called the Candice and Joey show and is a must-watch if you want to learn more about this cute couple.

candice lerae

Lizzie Karcher – Brian Myers

We all know Brian Myers better under his ring name, Curt Hawkins, and he has some solid titles under his belt, including being a two time World Tag Team Champion. Unfortunately, more recently he has come under some ridicule for losing his last 100 games straight. Ouch! At least his personal life seems happy, and he married Elizabeth Karcher in 2015. The pair already have a child together, a new born baby girl. The couple had been together for many years before they got around to tying the knot.

lizzie karcher

Wendy Barlow- Ric Flair

Ric Flair, the retired professional wrestler who was signed to WWE and is globally regarded as the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Ric has been married four times and is now engaged to Wendy Barlow. The couple got engaged in July 2016. The two were working together for over a year in the World Championship Wrestling, but have actually known each other for many years and have pictures together that date back to the 1990s.

April Elizabeth -Jason Jordan

Did you know that Jason Jordan might have ended up being a dentist? He was enrolled in dental school when he decided to take just a slightly different career path! Imagine how different his life could have been? Luckily, he was already also an athlete, with a history of Baseball in High school, and he turned to pro-wrestling in college. April Elizabeth is his new wife, and clearly his biggest fan. You only have to watch her retweeting his every mention on social media!

april elizabeth

Lisa Riddle – Matt Riddle

As well as a professional wrestler, Matthew is also a mixed martial artist. He is starting to make a name for himself in the wrestling world, with an award in 2016 naming him Rookie of the Year in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He also has an Ultimate Fighting Championship background. He and his wife Lisa have twin daughters, and a son together and they have been together for eight years. Lisa is a two time All American Gymnast and a wrestler herself..

lisa riddle

Angelina Love – Davey Richards

American wrestler Davey Richards was once married to Christie Summers, another professional wrestler and bodybuilder. They separated in 2010, and Richards began dating Angelina Love in 2015. The pair both worked for TNA. It must have been love at first sight, as by April of the same year, the pair were engaged, and by June they were married. Their son David was born less than a year later. What a whirlwind romance! Angelina is originally from Canada.

angelina love

Trisa Hayes – Tommy Dreamer

You might recognize Trisa better by her ring name, Beulah McGillicutty. She is a retired wrestling valet from America, and is best known for her time with Extreme Championship Wrestling. You might not know that she also wrote a children’s book with illustrator Jill Thomspon! She married wrestler and actor Tommy Dreamer in 2002, and the pair have two daughters, twin girls called Brianna and Kimberley. Already following in their fathers footsteps, the girls featured in an episode of popular TV show, the Sopranos!

trisa hayes

Kristin Eubanks – Ryan Parmeter

Ryan Parmeter plays under the name Konnor, and sometimes Conor O’Brian. He is signed by WWE on the Smackdown brand. His wife is better known under her own ring name, Krissy Vaine, as she is also a retired professional wrestler, as well as being a model. She has a good following on her podcast, the Krissy Vaine Project, later renamed to Krissy and friends. She has recently announced that her and Konnor are expecting their first child after being married for 4 years. The baby is due in September 2017.

krissy vaine

Mickie James – Magnus

While their friends know them as the Aldis, both sides of this couple are better known by their ring names, Magnus and Mickie James. Magnus has appeared on several TV shows in the UK, including being one of the UK Gladiators known as Oblivion, and hosting Britain’s Strongest Man competition. Mickie is also a talented lady, not just a wrestler, but also a country music star, a model and an actress. The couple have a son together, who’s name is Donovan Patrick Aldis, and they got married in 2015.

mickie james

Katie Forbes – Rob Van Dam

Up until fairly recently, Rob Van Dam was one of the long term monogamous couples we can only dream of becoming. He had a 17 year marriage under his belt. But in 2016, his wife Sonia filed for divorce, and since then, he has wasted no time in finding a new girlfriend! Katie Forbes is also a professional wrestler, and apparently the two met at adjoining signing booths at a convention! Any rumors that Rob’s marriage was not over when he met Katie have been denied, and the couple seem really happy.

katie forbes

Stephanie McMahon – Triple H

If you haven’t heard of wrestling royalty the McMahon’s, do you even know what the WWE is? CEO Vince is protective of his little girl, but chose to introduce her to Triple H anyway, so he must approve of the pair! They got engaged and married pretty quickly, with an engagement announcement on Valentines, and a wedding day in October. This was in 2003, and now, 15 years later, they have three beautiful daughters.

stephanie mcmahon

Lauren Hashian – The Rock

As well as a Hollywood star, The Rock is one of the most famous wrestling faces in the world, and one of the biggest pin-ups too! He and Lauren Hashian seem to be almost sickeningly happy, with their daughter Jasmine who came along in 2015, they are one of the most beautiful families imaginable! Check out their social media accounts for a few insights into their day to day life.

lauren hashian

Galina Becker – Roman Reigns

Not quite high school sweethearts, Roman Reigns and Galina Becker have still been together for longer than most couples on our list. The wrestler met his wife when they were in college together at Georgia Institute of Technology. The couple are famously monogamous, and had their daughter Jojo in 2008. A few years later, we all celebrated their engagement with them in 2012. Who could fail to smile at their beautiful wedding pictures taken on a private island, with their daughter as bridesmaid in 2014?

galina becker

Jackie Gayda-Haas – Charlie Haas

An entrepreneurial couple, this loved-up duo have done more with their wrestling career than many others. Now that they are married and have had four children together, they decided to go all in on a family business. Their nutrition store is based in Texas and called Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothies. Just take one look at the pair, and you can see why anyone would want to take advice and ideas from them on how to keep in shape, even after kids come into the picture.

Jackie Gayda

Karina Steen – Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens loves nothing more than telling the world how lucky he is to be married to Karina Steen. Just check out his social media accounts, for regular updates about their loved up escapades! He doesn’t just write about it online though. He also has quite a bit of ink which testifies to his strong feelings for his wife of ten years. The pair have matching Beauty and the Beast tattoos, as well as Kevin marking his right hand with Karina’s name. The adorable couple have two kids, a son and a daughter, too.

Karina Steen

Sable – Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been with older lady Sable for more than ten years now, and the couple made it official in 2006. Some sources said that there was a rocky engagement period, and the whole thing was even called off more than once before they made it down the aisle. Whatever happened before they became man and wife, they certainly seem happy and settled now, and despite Sable being ten years his senior, they are a really beautiful couple.


Denise Hartmann – Christian Cage

This is the best story to give a holiday romance some hope for longevity that we’ve ever heard, so listen up! Denise was on holiday in England from her home country of Germany. Christian was touring for work in England too, when the couple met. Denise didn’t even know who Christian was! But she soon started paying attention, and the couple became man and wife in 2001. They now live happily in Florida together, with their daughter Isla. You just have to take one look at them to know that their meeting was fate.

denise hartmann

Jessica Lockhart – Chris Jericho

You only have to take one look at Jessica Lockhart and Chris Jericho to know that this is a match made to last. And not that they needed to, but the couple have been proving us right ever since they tied the knot 17 years ago. They have three kids, two identical twin girls and a boy, and have been together since they were in school. We love Chris’s cool wedding ring tattoo, which is Jessica’s name printed around that all important fourth finger.

Jessica Lockhart

Nikki Bella – John Cena

One of the Bella sisters, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is better known as Nikki Bella. She is an actress and a model as well as being a professional wrestler, and she has won the WWE Divas Championship not just once, but twice. She recently got engaged to superstar John Cena making her one half of a wrestling power couple to be impressed by! They are a pretty public couple, and competed together at Wrestlemania 33, right before they announced their engagement.

Nikki Bella

Jennifer McDaniel- Hulk Hogan

Hulk was first married to Linda Claridge, whom he had two children with. Linda filed for divorce due to Hulks adulterous ways and the Hulk only retained around 30% of the couple’s liquid assets totaling around $10 million in the divorce settlement. The couple divorced in 2007, and both started dating partners that were over 20 years younger. Hulk married Jennifer McDaniel in December 2010, after two years of dating.

Zahra Schreiber – Seth Rollins

WWE fans will never be able to forget the time Seth Rollins accidentally posted private (cough) pictures of Zahra Schreiber on his social media – with many suspecting that it was his then-girlfriend Leighla Schultz who decided to get her revenge on his infidelity. The pair then got into a controversial relationship in 2015, but it wasn’t to last… Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber split up quietly in January 2016, before it was reported by ProWrestlingSheet a month later.

Seth Rollins dated Zahra Schreiber for a short while in 2015-2016 after much controversy

Stacy ‘The Kat’ Carter – Sinn Bodhi

Old-school wrestling fans will certainly remember The Kat, and that whole flashing incident during the 1999 Armageddon pay-per-view. There are videos somewhere, if you’re interested. Stacy Carter became the third wife of Jerry “The King” Lawler back in 2000, but the pair separated around 10 months later. Luckily, Miss Kitty found her happily ever after with Sinn Bodhi and the pair married in 2010 with wrestling legend, Edge, as one of the best men.

Stacy Carter originally married Jerry Lawler but found true love with Sinn Bodhi

Kelly Kelly – Sheldon Souray

When we heard that WWE babe, Kelly Kelly, was marrying Sheldon Souray we were super happy for her! The WWE Diva had sadly lost her previous love, former wrestler Andrew Martin (AKA Test) after an accidental overdose in 2009. She was engaged to Sheldon Souray, a former ice hockey player in 2014, and the pair married in 2016. Unfortunately, Kelly Kelly and Sheldon Souray decided to call it quits in October 2017. We hope she finds another Prince Charming soon.

Kelly Kelly and Sheldon Souray were married in 2016 but split up in October 2017