Wife thinks husband is unkempt so he shaves his beard and cleans up quite nicely

Love is a complex thing they say and that is truer when you are in a stable relationship than at any other time. When you get into a relationship, you will find yourself getting somewhat comfortable with the way that you are. A lot of people tend to let themselves go when they are in a relationship and, who can blame them? They have found the love of their life and they probably ask, ‘what is the point of wearing makeup or doing anything? Comfort is good but it can cause problems in a relationship especially when your partner starts to get frustrated because you do not bother to look good for them. In this story, a wife grew tired of the husband looking disheveled. However, she decided that the best thing to do was to just smile and bear with the situation. She had no idea that the husband was about to treat her to something special.  The woman Connie, was especially tired of how Travis always looked like with his beard all long and disheveled. They had been together for so many years and in that time, he had not had a shave and that actually made her forget what he looked like. Travis must have seen that she was finding it difficult to be with him like that and so he decided that it was time to get a bear makeover. The change that he underwent was something that they could not have anticipated. It was also documented from beginning to end.

The Beard Needed To Go

The beard was something that was as big part of Travis’ style but Connie hated it so much. Connie is not that tall and anytime that they hugged, her face would literally be in his beard. This was not the kind of romance that she wanted in her life. She wanted it to go.

Connie Herman was longing to see this beard gone so she could see the full face of the husband once more. But the thing was that the husband had become attached to the beard and she was not going to have an easy time convincing him to let it go. After repeated pleas to the husband to get rid of it, she decided to be resigned to this fate because it did not seem that he was going to do it.

The Look Matches The Profession

Travis Herman comes from Atlanta Georgia and he is quite the brewer. Well, he is the brewing business. Connie and Travis live in the Capital of Georgia with their two sons. This is the city in which Travis is the co-founder of a company that brews ale. Travis is by no means an amateur brewer. He has the qualifications and experience that allows him to do this.

For that reason, he launched the Scofflaw Brewing Company in his hometown. Because of the time that he spent in the brewery, hidden away from people, he did not think that much about what he looked like. His very unkempt appearance was accepted and welcome there and he did not see any reason why he should change it.

Comfort, Not Style

Because of how much time he spent in the brewery, there was a need for him to be comfortable and casual. This facilitated the growth of his beard to a length that Connie would ultimately not be comfortable with. The beard slowly grew and ultimately, his face was colonized by it. He was as bearded as it gets. His appearance spoke of his profession as a brewmaster. The only thing that he ever did with his appearance as far as his face was concerned, was getting the hair trimmed when it got too long.

Styling wasn’t a big deal. Craft beer fans would pop in to visit the brewery and they liked his beard and had their own beards that they all shared in common. It was not an issue among them.

Connie Was Not a Fan

The customers may have loved this look but Connie was not okay with it. Travis was not blind to the hatred that Connie had for his beard. He knew that this facial hair was driving her crazy. He was not doing it to intentionally annoy her. It was just that she got comfortable with it and sort of kept her distaste to herself most of the time.

Travis was proud of his beard like anyone who has a beard is and he would comb it to make sure that it looked neat. He brushed it to make sure that it did not knot or anything. However, this brushing drove Connie Herman mad because she could see the hairs that he left behind in the sink whenever he brushed his beard.

Time To Change

Travis was becoming increasingly aware of the fact that he had let the hair get a bit too long and that he needed to do something. He needed to make sure that he could show his wife what she meant to him. So, he got in touch with the Rachael Ray Show, which is a daytime TV program which had a makeover department who were willing to help someone like Michael, renovate himself.

Kyan Douglas is a personal groomer and he was the one tasked with doing this makeover. His work was cut out for him and he knew that it was not going to be easy because he would have to do it very late in the night when Connie was asleep.

Who Is Kyan Douglas?

He is a grooming expert who is famous for being a great person when it comes to doing makeovers in the show ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’. He became famous because of the part he played in the makeover show.

He is usually the man to go to when the Rachael Ray show needs someone to work on a transformation. This would be the first time that they would be doing a transformation in the middle of the night.

Let The Transformation Begin

Douglas found himself traveling to the Herman household with a camera and sound crew at 4 am one September morning. The crew was tasked with recording all of the events that would unfold in the small hours of the morning, making sure they didn’t miss a moment of the secret makeover.

There were clips from this makeover that made their way to YouTube. The video had many people watching and sharing, everyone wanted to know how he was going to look and what his family would think. This was an unexpected turn of events.

Sneaking In

You may not have seen how big a TV crew can get but, it is not easy to sneak one into a house at night. There were also stylists in addition to the crew. It was not easy but Travis managed to get them all into the house without waking up Connie. Travis was waiting for Douglas to get to the house.

When they arrived, he embraced the stylist excitedly and welcomed them into the home.

Let’s Start Cutting

The family was sleeping one floor above as the stylists planned out how to make sure that they did the job as perfectly as possible. The first thing that they decided to go for was obviously the facial hair because it was the most obvious thing about him that stood out.

Douglas brought a woman named Patricia to help out with the fuzz. They came up with some ideas that they then pitched to Travis to consider.

About The Beard

Douglas being the expert that he takes one look at the hair on Travis’ face and guessed correctly that the man used a regular buzzer to cut off his hair. Then, they addressed the problem that they had come to solve. Douglas wanted to make the whole beard disappear so that Travis could start over.

Travis was very eager to see what would come out of this exercise and he said, ‘Let’s do it!’

A Little More

The beard alone was going to be a big change, but the stylists saw no reason to stop there and for that reason, decided to explore more. They decided that the transformation should also be applied to his hair in the form of a fade cut. The fade was intended to add a structural look to Travis’ face.

They were then planning to add some product into his hair to make sure that he would look smoother.

A New Face For Travis

The time was here when the beard was going off and the surprise that came next was what he intended for Connie. The face of Travis was being revealed after a long hiatus. Patricia was careful to make sure that the bear removal went smoothly and that Travis could feel the difference.

He joked about the process as they went on. He was being very accommodating throughout this delicate process.


As the beard came off, the smile of Travis came on. His face was becoming more and more revealed. As they got closer and closer to the skin, even Travis could not help but admit that he was looking much better. The effect was that he looked younger and his smiling face refused to take any other expression other than a happy beaming one.

And who could blame him, he was looking so much better.

The Hair Looked Great

After the hair had been removed, Travis could now enjoy the clean look that he was wearing. He would be the envy of a lot of men. He was neat now and this was the stage where they would have to find some new digs for him to finish what he had started.

Douglas had done all that he could to make sure that he could find something that would pair well with the new look that Travis now had.

The Clothes

Douglas explained to Travis why he chose the clothes that he did. He thought that all the good pairs of jeans that are dark go with almost everything. The smart appearance is what he was going for. There was a pair of dark boots to go with jeans.

With all this darkness, a denim shirt would complete the tone that they had decided to adopt. It is also known that dark is slimming.

Transformation is a Success

After the transformation was done, Travis was waiting for his wife to come down and see the present that he was about to give to her. All they had to do now was wait for her to show up.

However, it seemed like she wanted to sleep in that day and it was left to Travis to send her a text to prompt her to come down and see the new him.

The Priceless Expression

They had finished setting up everything and could hardly contain how excited they were to see Connie. When she appeared at the top of the stairs with the son in tow, she exclaimed ‘Oh my Gosh!” She went over to the new husband that she now had and embraced him saying that she assumed he had been at a poker game all night.

She could hardly contain herself as her excitement knew no bounds.

Happiness Everywhere

Connie was happier than she had been in quite a while. She was trying to hide how happy she was with little success. She would later explain that the way Travis looked that morning in exactly what he looked like when she met him. She was happy that she could see his face again.

It was clear that she did love this new look and that it was exactly what she wanted all along.

On Rachael Ray

After this transformation was done, the couple was invited to be on the Rachael Ray Show. When Connie was asked how she felt about this transformation, she said that she liked it so much, she felt like crying. She claimed that she had missed seeing his face so much.

After riffing some jokes about how young they were back then that he probably didn’t have a beard, the show came to an end.

Connie’s Hope

Travis was asked if he liked what he looked like now and he said that he was happy with the new look. He also said that he was feeling like the new look was a bit much when it came to maintenance.

Connie was looking for a bit more enthusiasm but that would do. The couple was happy with the new him and Connie hoped that he would keep the look for as long as she wished he would.

What Happened To Travis?

So, what happened to Travis eventually? That is the question you would like an answer to. It is normal to be curious. Did he keep the look for as long as Connie hoped he would? Well, after a year, there was a photo that appeared on social media that showed Travis, with his signature beard.

Well, we can only hope that Connie did not get too used to the smooth face of Travis.