What Happened to Angus T. Jones From Two and a Half Men?


We’ve all probably watched Two and A Half Men at some point or other, and realized that the original ‘half,’ Angus T. Jones, was one of the cutest child stars of all time. However, this child star has had a troubling life…

A talented actor

Angus T. Jones rose to fame as Jake Harper and spent over a decade of his younger life working alongside the eccentric Jon Cryer and the outrageous Charlie Sheen. He was a talented actor and won numerous awards.

Angus T. Jones spent most of his early life working alongside Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen

A change in direction

However, his child star status soon disintegrated, and Angus T. Jones reached a crossroads in his life. After the infamous downfall of Charlie Sheen, the actor had to decide whether he would continue to work on Two and a Half Men without his friend and mentor or follow a change of direction. As he contemplated his future, Angus knew what he wanted to do and knew his next step. But first, let’s take a step back in time and see where his life began…

As Charlie Sheen’s career was stunted, Angus T. Jones had to decide whether he would continue to work on the show

Early years

Before Angus took the world by storm with his adorable face and eccentric roommates on Two and a Half Men, he had a pretty normal childhood. He spent his early years in Austin, Texas, with his parents and his younger brother, Otto and lived like a normal kid. However, his life took a turn when his family moved to Los Angeles when he was four years old. He was soon discovered for his talent but had never really wanted to be an actor.

Angus moved to Los Angeles when he was four years old, but never wanted to be an actor

Pushed into acting

Although Angus’s mother knew he was not keen on becoming an actor, she knew her son had a talent that couldn’t be wasted. So, she pushed Angus into acting – but maintained that he would only take on a few roles, and put the money towards his college fund. After numerous unsuccessful auditions, Turner was eventually cast in small online videos and commercials. As his name made the rounds, he was eventually cast in his first movie; the 1999 hit, Simpatico.

Angus’s mother pushed him into acting to put the money towards his college fund His breakout role

His breakout role

After just two years in the City of Angels, Angus landed his breakout role. Working alongside David Arquette, the child star was one of the leading characters in the popular comedy movie, See Spot Run. This movie followed the life of a mailman who tries to release an FBI dog from the evil clutches of an infamous crime lord and saw Angus take on the role of James. This breakout role spiraled his career, and Angus was soon inundated with acting opportunities.

Angus landed his breakout role in See Spot Run and was soon inundated with acting opportunities

Making a name for himself

Between 2001 and 2003, Angus T. Jones had a pretty busy schedule. After the success of See Spot Run, the child star was offered the chance to star in the likes of George of the Jungle 2, The Rookie, and Bringing Down The House. However, it didn’t end there. Angus also had guest roles in TV shows such as Dinner with Friends and ER. Before too long, he was offered an opportunity that could many only dream of…

Between 2001 and 2003, Angus T. Jones appeared in numerous movies and TV shows

Angus and Chuck

It’s no secret that Chuck Lorre is one of the biggest names in TV, and has been the brains such shows as Dharma & Greg and The Big Bang Theory. In the early ‘00s, Lorre was in the early stages of creating a brand new show called Two and A Half Men – and he was in search of a child star to provide the ‘half.’ Lorre had seen Angus in The Rookie and asked him in for an audition – and Lorre was impressed.

Chuck Lorre asked Angus to audition for his new show, Two and A Half Men

Two and A Half Men

As soon as Angus finished his audition, he was immediately given the part – and in 2003, he became an official member of the Two and a Half Men cast. Lorre believed he was the perfect fit for his 10-year-old character, Jake Harper. In the show, Jake moves in with his recently divorced father (John Cryer) and his eccentric uncle and serial womanizer, Charlie (played by Charlie Sheen). The instantly connected and sparked an iconic relationship that would entertain millions.

In 2003, Angus was cast as the 10-year-old Jake Harper on Two and a Half Men

An instant success

As soon as the first episode of Two and a Half Men landed, fans were instantly taken with the hilarity of the show and the incredible actors Chuck Lorre had chosen for his characters. They loved Charlie’s outspoken ways, they laughed at Alan’s incredible awkwardness, and they couldn’t get enough of Jake and the adorable character that had been created. Although the critics slated the show, the 15 million viewers thought differently, and it soon became one of the most popular shows on TV.

As soon as the show aired, the audience were taken with the characters and the storylines

Completely oblivious

Two and a Half Men was a hugely popular show but was known for its racy humor and jokes that nearly crossed the line. As he was still so young, Angus. T Jones was completely oblivious to what the show was really presenting – and was simply reading his lines and getting on with his job. Throughout its run, Jon Cryer offered the child star and explanation of each episode, but Angus always turned them down. He preferred to stay oblivious.

Two and a Half Men is known for its racy humor, but Angus T. Jones wanted to remain oblivious to the jokes

A philanthropist

As Two and a Half Men grew in popularity, so did the demand for Angus T. Jones. He was soon overwhelmed with offers to promote brands and work for major companies – but turned many of them down. Instead, he turned his fame to philanthropic work. In 2008, he collaborated with the First Star Organization. Here, he worked alongside the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr., Dakota Fanning, and Val Kilmer to raise money and awareness for abused and neglected children.

In 2008, Angus worked with the First Star Organization, in aid of abused and neglected children

His free time

It’s hard to imagine that Angus T. Jones had a lot of free time during his time on Two and a Half Men, as well as being one of the most in-demand child stars of the ‘00s – but he always made time to be a normal kid for a few hours a day. When he had a free moment, Angus loved to play video games such as Call of Duty: World of War and Rock Band 2.

Although he was busy with the show, Angus used to play video games when he had free time

A large salary

As he was so popular, it’s no surprise that Angus T. Jones was well compensated for his time on Two and a Half Men. In fact, in 2010, he broke the record as the highest paid child TV actor in history! When he was just 17-years-old, Angus signed a $7.8 million contract for another two seasons of the show, which meant that he was receiving a whopping $300,000 per episode. However, he would soon receive a knock to his perfect life…

In 2010, Angus T. Jones broke the record as the highest paid child TV actor in history and received $300,000 per episode

Behind the scenes

Although Two and a Half Men was still topping the TV charts, Chuck Lorre and the crew were having a few problems behind the scenes. Charlie Sheen had always been known for his rebellious actions, but his recent stints in rehab and his run-ins with the police had left them concerned about his health and the future of the show. Sheen was a huge part of Two and A Half Men, but Lorre had to decide whether the risk was worth taking…

Chuck Lorre was questioning the future of Two and a Half Men after Charlie Sheen’s recent actions

Charlie was fired

After an argument with Chuck Lorre, Charlie Sheen was eventually fired from Two and a Half Men in 2011. This shock decision caused outrage amongst lifelong fans of the show, and put CBS and Warner Bros. under a lot of pressure. They decided to stop the production of season eight until they had found a suitable replacement for Sheen – and eventually decided to fill his empty position with Ashton Kutcher. But how did Angus fit into all of this?

In 2011, Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men and replaced by Ashton Kutcher

They keep in contact

Angus was arguably shocked by the decision to ax Charlie – as he had been his on-screen uncle for as long as he could remember, and the two had shared hundreds of hilarious and memorable moments together. Nevertheless, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the actor, as Angus confirms that he still talks to Sheen every now and then. The same cannot be said for Jon Cryer, though, who hasn’t spoken to Charlie Sheen since he left the show.

Angus still talks to Charlie Sheen every now and then, but Jon Cryer has not spoken to him since

A change in character

However, the changes didn’t stop with Charlie Sheen’s replacement. As he was now visibly older than the cute 10-year-old Jake, Angus was also given a change in character. Now a young adult, Jake was embroiled in mature storylines that often featured illegal substances and romantic scenes. He soon found himself filming intimate scenes – but Angus never really seemed comfortable with these actions or the role he was forced to play. Were these changes just covering something slightly darker?

As he got older, the character of Jake changed to include mature themes and storylines

Still a child

As Two and a Half Men continued into its ninth season, viewers watched Jake graduate from high school and take the next step in his career, and he joined the army. However, Angus T. Jones was not happy with the way his character was being portrayed. Although he was 18-years-old, he did not feel old or mature enough to deal with these new ‘adult’ expectations required of him, especially when it came to intimate scenes. But there was more to this apprehensive nature…

Angus soon grew uncomfortable with the adult expectations required of him

A new lease of life

Chuck Lorre could tell that Angus’s heart was no longer in Two and a Half Men, but didn’t know why this was. All was revealed in 2012 when the actor reported that he had a new lease of life, as he had found God and religion. He took no time in getting baptized and truly dedicating himself to a faith, and realized his faith contradicted with everything Two and a Half Men was about. So, he decided to quit the show.

In 2012, Angus was baptized and committed himself to a newfound faith. He then left Two and a Half Men

The show was ‘filth’

As he made the world aware of his newfound faith, Angus T. Jones wasted no time in calling the show ‘filth,’ and confirmed that the mature themes and the racy jokes went against his beliefs. However, he didn’t stop there. After brandishing the show with negative comments, he also used his platform to warn others about watching Two and a Half Men and advised them to stop watching completely. Many fans of Angus and the show were incredibly upset with these comments.

Angus wasted no time in calling Two and a Half Men ‘filth’ and advised fans to stop watching the show

Social media

To show their frustration with the former child star, many Two and a Half Men fans took to social media to air their grievances and begged him to return to the show. However, there were others who used social media to show their support for the actor and his religious beliefs. He then used this support to push his own social media presence and has appeared on numerous Christian channels to promote religious messages and confirm his own thoughts on religion and faith.

Fans took to social media to show their frustration and support for the actor and his beliefs

Moving on

As Two and a Half Men had already replaced one main character, they were put in a sticky situation as Angus continued to distance himself from the show and had handed in his resignation. As Jones had signed on to the show for two years, he was required to ride out the rest of his contract and continue his role through season 11. However, Jones did not appear in any of these episodes and was ultimately replaced by Amber Tamblyn.

Angus was required to ride out his contract but was ultimately replaced by Amber Tamblyn

Charlie’s support

The cast of Two and a Half Men and avid fans were still annoyed with Angus T. Jones’ decision to leave the show, but Angus did receive unexpected support from his former co-star, Charlie Sheen. Charlie, who had already left the show himself, understood Angus’s decision to leave and understood that his personal beliefs got in the way of his role. He admitted that Angus has always been a strong and independent kid, who was maybe ‘going through a phase.’

Angus’s decision was met with criticism, but he received support from his former co-star, Charlie Sheen

A college career

After years in the limelight, Angus was finally free to do whatever he wanted. After missing out on normal education and a normal life, Angus took himself to college to take a break from work. He attended the University of Colorado and initially studied Environmental Studies, before changing his major to Jewish Studies. By this point, religion was becoming an increasingly important aspect of his life, and he wanted to explore his faith and his beliefs even more.

After leaving the limelight, Angus went on to study Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado

The beginning of the end

As he continued his studies and furthered his beliefs as a Seventh-day Adventist, Angus was officially dismissed from Two and a Half Men contract on March 18, 2014. Although Angus made various guest appearances throughout its run – including a cameo in the finale – the once popular show had lost two of the three members that made it so popular in the first place. It was the beginning of the end, and the show aired its last episode on February 19, 2015.

Angus officially left Two and a Half Men on March 18, 2014, and it aired its last episode on February 19, 2015

Taking a break

Despite his desire to complete his college career, Angus is taking a break from higher education and is now focusing on a new career path. In 2016, the former actor took on a managerial position with Tonite – Justin Combs’ multimedia production and events company. As the son of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, Justin Combs has connections with some of the biggest names in music and film, so Angus is still running in the same circles as some of his former co-stars.

Since 2016, Angus has been working with Tonite - a multimedia production and events company

Things have changed

However, his career path is not the only part of Angus’s life that has changed. In a recent interview, Angus T. Jones confirmed that he has now left his faith behind and has officially denounced himself from organized religion. He wanted to step away from an organization that puts a stamp on his morals and his behavior, and decide for himself what he wants in life, how he will get there, and how he wants to think.

Angus has now left the world of organized religion behind him and wants to make his own choices in life

A return to acting?

With his newfound belief system and a new job under his belt, things seem to have certainly turned around for the former child star. But this new lease of life seems to have sparked a few memories. When he stepped into the Two and a Half Men house for the finale, Angus realized how much he missed the show and how much he loved acting and the world of Hollywood. Could Angus T. Jones be making a return to acting?

Angus realized how much he missed acting and working on the set of Two and a Half Men

Slow transition

For many child stars, the pull of fame, stardom, money, and acting proves too much – and many return to the world of acting after taking a break. Could the same be said for Angus? When he’s asked this question, Angus has always kept things aloof. He maintains that the door is still open for him to return, but he would want to make a slow transition. It seems this transition is already underway, as he has just starred in his friend’s short film.

Making his own decisions

Although Angus is open to a new acting career, he is currently enjoying his life as a free spirit. From a young age, the child star was thrust into the world of acting, and his life was constantly managed by a team of agents and managers. Now, Angus is free to make his own decisions and do whatever he wants. He has always loved traveling and is now taking the opportunity to see what the world has to offer.

Angus Speaks Out

But what was it that really made Angus T Jones turn against the show which had made him a millionaire and a star. Could it really be that bad for his religious self, after all-it’s just a TV show! Angus feels differently. “People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television in your brain and I promise you, you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to … what you watch on television. It’s bad news.”

Angus with Older Women

You can see that as the show progressed, and Jake changed from a cute and chubby kid into a young adult, the show writers had to decide what to do with the character. And the way that they chose to make him act out, getting involved with older women and pushing the boundaries might be seen as ungodly or unsavory by some people. But most people could see it for what it was, just a kid sowing his wild oats or exploring being an adult.

jake dating older women

Angus and Miley

Even Miley Cyrus, who guest starred as Missy opposite Jake, was surprised when she realized how much little Jake had grown up. Back in 2012, her and Angus shared an on screen kiss, and she told Jay Leno, “I pictured [Jones] being a little 8-year-old,” she said. “But he was coming back from the military in the episode and he was … putting on a suit, had a shaved head — he looked good!” Jake himself didn’t seem to have a problem with it either.


A love interest with Miley

For all of his protesting about not wanting to play those kinds of roles, when he spoke to E! Online, he wasn’t complaining. They asked him what he thought about a future entanglement with the Hannah Montana star. “if [playing her onscreen love interest] is what’s going to happen it will be cool. I’ve met her a few times before and it would be fun to work with her.” Angus was also in an episode of Hannah Montana at one point.


Angus and Ariel

But what about off-screen? Jake has grown up in the spotlight so much, that even an appearance with any woman at all leads to the paparazzi snapping photos and the media printing false rumors. Photos like this totally plutonic one with Ariel Winter made people wonder if there was something going on here. But the truth is, for many years there has only been one woman in Angus T Jones’s life, and he has eyes for no other.

angus and ariel winter

Angus Dating Offscreen

Before he announced that he was happily seeing the love of his life, (a pretty short life, but still) we just saw the odd snap of Jake with his family and girls. Here he is with his mom and girlfriend at a public event, clearly comfortable and happy. This was also before he found religion, so perhaps he wasn’t thinking too deeply at this point about his soul, or the effect that the show was having on him. But his real relationship was found at church.

angus and mom and girlfriend

Stalker Sarah!

That’s right, Angus and Stalker Sarah, also known as Sarah M have been seeing each other for many years now, after meeting at Church and realizing how much they have in common. Even though Angus is no longer involved in organized religion, the relationship has stayed strong, and the pair are often seen together out and about, and declaring their love online, too. If you don’t know much about Stalker Sarah… keep reading.

Stalker Sarah the Super Fan

Stalker Sarah is exactly what she sounds like! A super fan who loves nothing more than to get photos with her favorite celebrities. She goes all around the country, snapping selfies and getting pics with the A list celebs we would all love to meet, from Angelina and Brad, to the boys from One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ben Affleck, and more. But the celeb who stole her heart is none other than our boy Angus T Jones. Aw!

The Beginning of the Romance

Truthfully, it’s unclear how they met, and the internet has a lot of conflicting reports about the beginning of the romance. Some say they met at church, sharing the same faith back in the day. Others say that her dad introduced them, as he worked on the Two and a Half Men set, or maybe he’s actually the ‘pool cleaner to the stars’ of the Hollywood world! We don’t know how it began, but it’s going strong!

stalker sarah

Close from the Start

However they met, it got serious fast, with Sarah documenting their relationship online from the start. “Went out to celebrate my birthday tonight with Angus and our friend Jakob 🙂 Had such a wonderful night. So thankful to have them in my life! Going to be a busy week for both of us, went to a meeting with another media company this morning, Angus came along with me and gave his approval. With all his experience in the media, his approval really meant the world to me 🙂 This year is going to be the best yet :)”

angus and sarah hanging out pizza

Standing by her Man

Sarah even took to YouTube to stand up for Angus when he spoke out against the show, and people were calling him a hypocrite. “He didn’t mean for it to come across for all people not to watch the show. He was just talking to the younger fans who are studying the Bible and that they shouldn’t be watching a half hour of dirty jokes if they’re starting they’re walk with God. He loves the show, he loves everyone and has a lot of fun. And he has a lot of fun talking to them about the Church and the Bible.”

Angus and Sarah milkshake

Going Strong

But the relationship has outlived many of the other celeb couplings we’ve seen, with Sarah tweeting this time last year for their 5 year anniversary. “Today marks 5 years since I met this incredible boy (man?! We’re old) I love you so much. Can’t put it into words, but you know.” Photos fly up of the couple the whole time, even though Sarah hasn’t given up on her stalking habit either! It looks like they are a pair made for one another.

angus and stalker sarah selfie

Angus and Chelsea

Just because Angus isn’t acting any more, doesn’t mean he isn’t in the public eye from time to time. Here he is with Chelsea Clinton, being given first time voter advice back in the last election campaigns. Does this mean that Angus is a Democrat? We can’t say for sure, but he certainly looks happy to be meeting Chelsea! A great role model for other young adults who need to be reminded of how important it is to vote.

angus and chelsea

Standing up for the Kids

He has also been known to stand up for some charity organizations. One great example is how in 2008, he joined a bunch of other Hollywood celebs, supporting the First Star Organization which helps neglected and abused children. Other celebrities who joined him were Dakota Fanning, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Val Kilmer. This shows how much Angus truly cares, even at such a young age about making a difference.

angus stand up for

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

Later on that year, Angus got the opportunity to participate in another cool charity event. The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. This allows people to play in a band with their favourite celebrities. Other celebs who joined in with him were Madeline Zima, Thom Barry and Brandon Barash. It must have been a once in a lifetime opportunity, and looks super cool as well as a really worthy cause for all involved.

rock and roll fantasy camp

Power of Youth 2011

That year, and then again just a few years later, Angus was back supporting the kids again, this time at the 2008 and the 2011 Power of Youth events. This was a benefit for the St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Other stars who joined him were Miranda Cosgrove, Ray Liotta, Selena Gomez, and Meaghen Martin. Angus was making a name for himself as someone who really cared about others, in keeping with his religious beliefs.

power of youth 2011

Anti Bullying

Unsurprisingly, Angus has also worked hard to support the anti bullying alliance, which is known as Be a Star. It’s founded by the Creative Coalition, and WWE. It’s no wonder that in 2009, he was given the Rising Star at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Gala. For the past few years, we haven’t seen Angus spending much time on his philanthropy, but maybe this is something that he will come back to in the future. We hope so!

Be a star anti bullying

Moving forward

For now, Angus is happy basking in the memories of his childhood, but also living a free life under his own rule. Although he misses the spotlight, he does not wish to rush back into the world of acting and stunt his growth as a person. He will continue to live a life outside of the world of Hollywood, before deciding whether he wants to return to fame. In his words, ‘there’s only moving forward,’ and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Angus does not want to rush back into the spotlight but will continue to move forward in his life