What is Vanilla Jasmine Tea?


Vanilla jasmine tea is a uniquely delicious and fragrant tea that has greatly grown in popularity over the years. This special tea combines the flavors of vanilla and jasmine blossom extract and is truly a very tasty beverage. The vanilla and jasmine combination can be added to any kind of common tea such as oolong, green, black, or white to make it an even better, and more flavorful version of that tea. Because of unique taste and a wide range of varieties, vanilla jasmine tea is one of the most popular flavored teas in the world.

Vanilla jasmine tea is a wonderful tea for any season. It is very light, refreshing beverage when iced. It makes a great iced tea to drink during the hot summer days. Vanilla jasmine tea is also wonderful as a hot beverage. The smell of the vanilla and jasmine combination is very comforting and soothes your body during cold, snowy winter days. This tea offers a lightly sweet taste that is very mild and tastes good no matter the temperature or season.

To prepare vanilla jasmine tea, first, the base tea must be chosen as prepared. Green tea is one of the more popular and is most commonly used to combine with the vanilla and jasmine flavors due to its own mild and unique taste. For both green tea and white tea, the plant leaves are steamed after being dried completely. Black tea leaves are fully fermented, while oolong tea leaves are allowed to ferment halfway before being dried. After the tea leaves are ready, they are mixed with jasmine blossoms and two types of vanilla flavoring, vanilla bean as well as vanilla extract.

The flavors and taste of the tea all differ slightly depending on what tea has been used as the base. Black vanilla jasmine tea is known to be slightly muted in the vanilla jasmine flavor due to the strength in the taste of black tea. Oolong vanilla jasmine tea is a very lovely combination of the muskiness the oolong offers and the light sweetness coming from the mixture of vanilla and jasmine. Green vanilla jasmine tea is the most popular and best-tasting combination for many since both ingredients complement each other very well. Green tea has a mildness to it that pairs extremely well with the jasmine fragrance and floral taste as well as the light, aromatic flavor of the vanilla. White vanilla jasmine is another favorite because white tea has a very slight taste that is easily covered by the vanilla jasmine flavoring and allows consumers to have a stronger taste of the vanilla and jasmine.

When purchasing vanilla jasmine tea, it is important to choose a quality tea from a good brand that can ensure you the best taste and experience. Many flavored teas are made from artificial ingredients these days and do not have the original flavor, nor the benefits tea made from natural ingredients does. Be careful to choose a completely natural vanilla jasmine to in order to get the best experience taste and flavor wise.