Try This Foam Roller Butt Workout


You don’t have to do a hundred squats a day to build a booty you can be proud of. In fact, a foam roller can be one of the best ways to tone and firm up your butt. Read on to find out more.

The Skater Movement

foam roller girl

This deceptively challenging exercise will have you feeling the burn in no time. You can even add a little intensity by lowering and raising your standing knee a little.

Steps for Performing It

Foam roller exercise

To do this, put one foot on the roller and one off of it, shoulder width apart. Bend over like a speed skater with your hands behind your back and push your leg that’s on the roller outward to your side slowly, then bring it back with your inner thighs and butt. Repeat.

The Lying March Movement

Woman with foam roller

This is a dynamic movement that is fun, challenging, and effective. Work on your balance, back strength, and butt all at once with this foam roller movement.

How to Do It Properly

Foam roller lying march

Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the roller. Put your hands flat next to your butt and pull your core in while you lift one foot up and pull your butt up into a pelvic bridge. Hold and alternate.

Sumo Heel Lifts

Foam roller heel lift

This foam roller exercise is great because it will help you tone up not only your bottom but also your upper and inner thighs. It’s simple to perform but will help you build your balance up a bit, too.

Get the Movement Right

Stand in a wide half-squat stance with toes pointing in opposite directions and one foot on the roller. Put your hands on your hips for support and lift and lower your heel that’s not on the roller, holding the movement for a second or two. Alternate legs.

Foam Roller Bridges

Girl working out with foam roller

Foam roller bridges add a significant variation and a little extra challenge to a tried and true exercise. It will also help you build back mobility and strength while toning your tush.

Here’s How You Do It

Woman does foam roller bridge

Foam roller bridges are very simple. Start out in the same position as in the lying March movement from earlier, but this time, keep both feet on the roller and pelvic bridge upward, holding for a few seconds each time. You can also extend your legs all the way with your Achilles’ on the roller and do your bridges that way.