The Truth Behind Losing 300 Pounds


Lexi and Danny Reed have become an internet sensation for both losing an incredible amount of weight each. Lexi, in particular, lost 300 pounds to bring her weight down to a healthy amount. The happy couple documented their journey through weight loss on Instagram and the results are staggering. Followers can see the hard worked for results of this pair’s diet and exercise regime. The posts show two unrecognizable people in the very beginning and now two slimmed down persons looking like the picture of health.

A Love of Food

When Lexi and Danny Reed met, they were both heavily overweight and morbidly obese. They shared a love of food so that they spent a great deal of their time dating by eating takeaways or going out for dinner. This made matters worse for their weight, but the couple soon fell happily in love with one another. They soon decided to marry and start a new life together as man and wife. Resolving that the new start would encourage them to lose weight.

Stronger Together

At just 25 years of age, Lexi weighed 485 lbs. Danny is a few years older than Lexi and weighed 280 pounds when they decided to lose weight. They felt that by starting the journey to a healthier way of living together, that they would be stronger and more capable of reaching their target weights. Whilst they both loved each other regardless of the number on the scales, they both wanted to be as healthy as possible to live a fulfilled life.

Marriage Making the Difference

The support of each other was something that they both had not had before. Whilst they had each tried to lose weight on several different prior occasions, they both saw the weight return. Now, with the love of their lives by their side, they had reason not only to lose weight, but also to keep it off for good. They wanted to start a family together and to do so meant being as healthy and as fit as possible so that they could be good parents to their children.


However, being newly married meant that they soon fell into old habits and that neither of them had shifted any weight. Come the new year of 2016 though, Danny and Lexi Reed made a new decision to shift some pounds to be achieved by leading a healthier lifestyle. They knew it would be a hard road, but that they would have to be determined in a way they hadn’t been before. They would need strong wills to bring through changes that they had not managed to in the past.

For A Dare

A good friend of theirs heard the news that the couple had decided to embark on a weight loss journey together. Determined to see the couple succeed, the friend challenged them to a dare to wager that they could avoid alcohol and unhealthy meals for just 30 days and to see the difference they felt after that month. The newlyweds game fully accepted the dare and found themselves joining a nearby gym as well. Sounds simple hey? See what happened next…


Armed with a dare, they had a kick start to their healthier lives. The main motivation they found they had this time round for losing weight, however, was each other. They wanted to be healthier for one another as well as for the well-being of their future children. The fear of not being able to be a mom was a huge impetus for Lexi. She was finding her increasing weight more and more uncomfortable too. In the mornings, she would wake up to sore joints.

Going Out In Public

Another motivational factor, was that they felt they couldn’t go out like other people did. All social activities they enjoyed, like going to the movies, to a theme park or similar, all involved sitting in a seat that simply was not wide enough for either of them to sit in comfortably. Instead, they would stay in and order take out that included a huge pizza, loads of breadsticks, a bucket of chicken wings and a bottle of soda. Click next to see the next surprising milestone for the couple…

Gymming It

Lexi found it hard at first at the gym. Her weight stopped her from being able to do any hard-hitting cardio workouts. It was initially demoralizing for her but then she altered her method a little by doing as much cardio as possible and then stopping for a break. She also found the stares of fellow gym goers hard to deal with but showed strong will by ignoring them and being determined to be the one working out the hardest in the room.

Bit by Bit

It was difficult for Lexi to swallow the fact that the journey to weight loss would be slow, and that she could only do small amounts at the gym at the time. But it was probably this realization that meant Lexi was able to maintain what she was doing as opposed to bingeing on fitness in an unsustainable way, only to stop a few weeks down the line and be no closer to her goal weight. Surprised? You haven’t seen anything yet…

Social Media Darlings

Posting her pictures on Instagram was also a huge motivational factor for both Lexi and Danny. It meant that they became huge internet stars in the two years that their weight loss journey took. The fact that between them they lost over 400 pounds was a big attention grabber – especially for Lexi who was attempting to lose over half her body weight in that time. The attention they received even meant that they appeared on “Half Their Size”, a special edition issue of People Magazine.

Being an Overnight Celebrity

Soon the talk shows came calling and as such, the couple have been able to promote how they achieved their healthier bodies through their own weight loss journey. They emphasize the fact that they did not do it for appearance for appearances sake. That they were doing it for each other and the health of their future family. Whenever they felt like giving it all up, they both just remembered each other and their family goals to be inspired again. Keep reading for more amazing facts…

Goal Setting

One of the other key ways that Lexi and Danny kept going was by setting small goals, interim goals, and longer-term goals. This meant by trying to achieve something by the end of the day, the week and then the month. Lexi herself aspired to lose about 20 pounds each month when she started her weight loss program. When she plateaued, she found that she had to up the difficulty of the cardio and weight sessions she did at the gym.

Gym Buddies

Having each other at the gym was also a big help to the newlyweds. In fact, they worked out together almost every day in the two years it took them to shed the fat. By working out together, often in a mix of cardio and weightlifting, it made it fun and far easier to keep going. Plus, they served as a constant reminder to each other, therefore, as to why they were in the gym, sweating it out every time they went.

Danny’s Weight

As Danny had less to lose than Lexi, his achievements were sometimes overshadowed by the huge successes that his new wife Lexi was seeing. However, his own successes were big in their own right. Through healthier eating and working out, he managed to lose almost 100 pounds in two years. He often says that out of the two them, he was the far less determined. Keep clicking to see what kept him going on his path to weight loss success.

Dubious Danny

Danny was hesitant at first to the idea of losing weight as he actually found his life with Lexi, and how she and him spent their time relaxing at home, enjoyable. He admits now that he was perhaps hiding from the obvious truth that that very lifestyle was unsustainable and incredibly unhealthy. He eventually signed up to their healthy living program as he wanted to help his wife do something that she so obviously believed in and needed support to complete.

Advice Givers

The couple are now often seen as weight loss agony aunts and huge amounts of people turn to them for advice on how to lose weight and achieve healthy living goals. Lexi often advocates starting small. She had big successes through constantly setting herself small, achievable targets that kept her going through the short term, so she could achieve her long-term dreams. She says simple things like cooking at home as opposed to ordering take out can make a huge difference.

Food Glorious Food

Lexi also claims that changing their attitude to food was one of the biggest ways that the couple were able to maintain their weight loss. They made simple, tiny adjustments to their then eating habits to see results that were sustainable. For instance, they would cook their favorite foods as opposed to ordering it in. Takeaway versions of household favorites are more often than not heavily calorie laden and full of fat. Homemade versions taste just as good without the guilt. Keep clicking for some more healthy eating ideas.

A Cult Following

Her 700,000 followers on Instagram also helped Lexi to keep going when she was finding her new way of life difficult. She gained this following due to the large interest in Lexi’s story. Her account is called ‘Fatgirlfedup’ and she posted pictures of her journey and progress. The photographic evidence of her weight loss was sometimes enough in itself to keep her inspired to keep going. Either way, the account’s huge following also pepped her up when times were tough.

Parent Potential

Before Lexi and Danny lost weight, falling pregnant would have been extremely difficult. If they had been lucky enough to conceive, it would have been a high-risk pregnancy for Lexi and she would have been in danger of not surviving. This was encouragement for them both, but also the thought of being an overweight parent kept them going too. They couldn’t imagine running around after a gregarious toddler when they were both too heavy. Inspiring stuff hey? Keep reading to find out more…

Small Goals

Whilst their ultimate dream was to be a family, Lexi set her sights on small dreams too to keep her going on the long road ahead to weight loss. For instance, she had always wanted to go to the ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ which was the Universal Studios theme park. Her weight had totally precluded her from doing so in the past as she would have had to squeeze onto rides uncomfortable and find the seats too small sometimes.

Happy Go Lucky

Lexi was always a happy woman. She was confident and happy in her own skin even when she was at her biggest. The largest difference she has found since she lost the weight though was not feeling like a prisoner in her own body anymore and the fact that she can get up and do what she wants whenever she wants. She and Danny now try to partake in some form of physical exercise everyday together to enjoy one another’s company.

Gaining a Life

Whilst the couple were happy before, they both now admit that their lives are much happier for having lost all that weight together. They can now do a multitude of things that simply were not available to them before. They can go to the theme park, they can go to the movies, they can go out together and not be stared at. They both cannot believe the difference they can see in them now and their wedding photos. Read on to see more inspiring pictures…

A Hard Path

Simply looking at the pictures, that Lexi has posted on her account, makes the journey that Lexi and Danny have been on look a lot easier than it has been. Losing weight has been hard for them at times, whilst seeming nigh on impossible at others. Now that they are both seeing the benefits of their weight loss, she likes to remind her Instagram following that this won’t happen overnight, but through hard work and dedication, anyone can do it.

A New Confidence

One of those benefits has been the new-found confidence that they both have in both themselves as well as their strength as a couple. They both admit that they would not have been able to achieve their huge weight loss without one another. Plus, with them both trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, it meant that they were better placed to succeed without the temptation of the other one at home enjoying a takeaway or other calorie laden food.

Supporting One Another

Neither of them ever doubted their love for each other, which they advocate as a key reason they had the confidence to try to lose weight in the first place. It may sound counter intuitive but knowing that someone would be there no matter what, meant that they could be more open about when they were finding it hard and when they lacked the motivation to go to the gym. Lexi has often said that Danny always made her feel beautiful, whatever her size.

Fitness Freak

Whilst the initial stages of weight loss were difficult for Lexi, given the aforementioned limitations on her ability to do cardio workouts, once she got into regularly going to the gym and seeing actual results, she was totally hooked. She has said in interviews that she actually felt a bit addicted to the gym at times, which was a huge change in mindset for her, and a reminder of how far she and Danny had come since their couch potato days. Click next to see more motivational pictures.

Losing Weight Cheaply

Lexi maintains that losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive – despite the multi-billion-dollar industry that surrounds dieting, weight loss and surgery. She advocates just eating healthily at home with home cooked meals, which is already cheaper than eating out all the time, and just getting up and started moving. Walking is brilliant exercise and free to do as well as a form of cardio that anyone can do, however, small the steps and distance at first. She just wants people literally to begin with baby steps.

Portion Sizes

One of the main things that Lexi and Danny had to change was their attitude and relationship with food. Before they started on their weight loss journey, they admit it was not unusual for them to go to a buffet at a local Chinese restaurant, where they would load each and every plate up with food and would return to the cart up to eight times. They simply started cooking more at home to stop them from visiting buffets like that all the time.

It’s Not All Numbers

Whilst Lexi has obviously lost a huge amount of weight, she is a big advocate of the saying that weight is just a number. Her Instagram feed is a direct reflection of her happy and cheerful outlook on life, with motivational sayings a common theme for her followers. She wants people to love themselves without the need for a lower number on their home scales. She believes in positivity when it comes to weight loss and that negativity is simply just demoralizing.

The Reflection in the Mirror

Lexi and Danny admit that they didn’t realize their true size until they lost so much weight that they almost don’t recognize themselves in old photos. They would look in the mirror like anyone else, but not see their weight in the same way that they definitely do now. They have certainly come a long way since the days that the scales were tipping near 500 pounds for her and 300 for him. Click next to see more inspirational weight loss facts.

YouTube Beckons

Because she garnered so much interest and gained so many avid followers on Instagram, Lexi and Danny then went on to take the leap into video by setting up their own YouTube channel. It is purely dedicated to them and their weight loss targets. It has already amassed over 30,000 subscriptions from people keen to hear and see their thoughts on living a healthier lifestyle. They show cheap and easy ways to implement weight loss ideas into your everyday life.

The Bare Bones of Dieting

One of the reason their story became so popular was their brutal honesty. They do not ever suggest that diet supplement pills and plastic surgery will help anyone lose weight. They simply state the hard graft of losing weight – which means eating well and working out more. They are blatant in their admission that losing so much fat took a lot of sweat and hard work from both of them and that there just were not any shortcuts that they could take that would help them in the long term.

Falling in Love

The pair fell in love with one another when they were at the biggest and heaviest. The fact that they therefore knew implicitly that they loved each other for what was on the inside was a massive source of comfort and motivation for them. Plus, it was a pillar of support for the couple throughout the tough times that they often encountered when attempting to lose weight. Lexi said that Danny saw what was on the inside, so she tried to match the outside through their diet program.

Their Future

Danny and Lexi know that their journey, despite now both being at a healthy weight, is not over. They know their weight loss story is a continual effort, though now it is to maintain their healthy weight and stay fit for the future. They both lost weight for each other and their future, so they want to keep it that way and not throw away everything that they have achieved so far by slipping back into old habits. Wowed? Keep reading to see more weight loss inspiration.

Their Rewards

Other than reaching their target weights, they now both assert that one of the biggest rewards and side results of losing so much weight, has been that they are now able to enjoy activities that they could only have dreamed of before. They have been able to go canoeing, go to those theme parks they love, and returned to Panama Beach which is where Danny had proposed to Lexi. It was an incredibly emblematic trip in terms of how far they had both actually come.

Diets vs Lifestyle

Lexi now believes that one of the overriding factors to her success was not viewing the changes that she and Danny were making as a diet. That, instead, they were both trying, and living, a new lifestyle that they would maintain forevermore. Whilst difficult at first, old habits died out and their new healthier routine became the norm for them, so that they don’t feel like they are on a diet any longer. In fact, neither of them really enjoys fatty foods now nearly as much as they did.

Fun Activities

They have both since discovered a love of physical activities that they would not have been able to think possible before. They often can be seen going on a hike, going outdoors for a long walk and simply enjoying their beautiful surrounding countryside. Being able to be at one with nature more also acts as a reminder to them both about how grateful they are for the new lease of life they have been given and how much more they are able to enjoy themselves. Inspired? Keep clicking…

Tricks of Eating

By cooking at home, they cut out a huge amount of their calorie intake almost immediately. Inspired by the difference that this quick change made to them, they continued by creating healthier alternatives to some of their favorite foods. They made quick swaps and alternatives for some classic dishes like pizza to keep them on the straight and narrow when they had a craving. For pizza, they would swap the base for a tortilla wrap for instance. It was small changes like this that made a big impact.

Diet Plateaus

As anyone who has ever lost weight knows, there is a point where your current regime just means that your weight plateaus at one point. To keep losing weight, you need to change up your diet and your workout to shake it up a bit and shock your body back into the zone. This happened to both Lexi and Danny. Danny had to introduce weightlifting into his workouts to keep his diet on track. Lexi tries to attend a variety of fitness classes. Amazing stuff hey? Keep clicking….

Baby Fat

Lexi makes a concession that she was always a large child and that her parents were not the best cooks. She would often be eating mainly processed foods for her breakfast, lunch and dinner, which her mother and father found so much quicker to rustle up. It meant that on her previous attempts at losing weight, she was at a loss for what and how to make food that would satiate her appetite and taste buds whilst keeping her fuller for longer.

A Long Journey

Lexi says that she is now a regular user of her gym – something that never happened on her previous attempts at losing weight. She also says that it is not very busy, which she found a huge comfort when she was first starting out at her heaviest. It meant that she could do her own thing without feeling like she was being stared at constantly by other gym members. Her favorite machine is the Cross Ramp which she could use even when she was close to 500 pounds.

Dancing It Off

One of Lexi’s favorite classes, which she discovered on the way to her target weight, was Zumba, which she loves for its mixture of dance with fantastic music – making it a really fun form of cardiovascular exercise. It really worked for her and made going to the gym fun. In addition to this, she sometimes will also go to the gym during the week so that she is working out in some shape or form for six days out of seven.

Website Support

Another huge source of support for Lexi was when she signed up to the website, DietBet. It meant that she was holding herself accountable for her actions and implementing her new exercise regime and diet into her life properly. The site offers many different challenges and each member bids an amount of money on a challenge they are to complete – so they are essentially betting on themselves. People who lose the most weight are in the running for winning a pot of money. Good idea hey? Keep reading for more….

Changing Goals

Lexi and Danny update their weight loss goals regularly to ensure that the weight doesn’t creep back up on them again. They both use online tools now, like calorie counters to keep on track. For instance, Lexi now wants to get down to 175 pounds, even though she is still very happy with her body. She simply wants to know what such a weight not only looks like on her, but also what it feels like. She loves being as fit as she is now and wants to keep going.

The Huge Difference

Lexi and Danny every so often return to their favorite restaurant that they ate at a lot when they were at the biggest. She recalls having to squeeze into the table booth and how her belly would rest on the table when she was almost 500 pounds. She laughs now as she can get into the booth with acres of space which she loves. The same for Danny, who she says has been her biggest support throughout all of this. They could not have done it without each other.