Top DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Yard

Your yard will look better than ever with just a little effort if you use one of these DIY projects. These garden and yard projects are easy to do and will make your home look as great outside as it does inside!

Miniature Greenhouses

Use four rectangular windows, frames and all, to create the base for an amazing miniature greenhouse. Like the best DIY projects, this uses old materials – in this case, windows you don’t need any more.

custom greenhouse

Add a Roof to Your Greenhouse

Place a fifth window on top for your greenhouse roof. You can add a hinge on one side to create a convenient lid!

Do it yourself greenhouse

Easy Letter Plant Frames

Show your family pride with a plant frame! Use extra wood to create a shape of a letter (such as your last initial), or even a symbol.

Plant frame

Finish Your Letter Plant Frame

Next, you just have to put in your soil, plants, and water them as usual to complete your amazing new decoration!

Letter plant frame

Fun Stepping Stones

Take some rocks and put them into your preferred shape, then set them with some concrete mix and voila! Custom stepping stones!

Stepping stones

Cascading Plants

Take pots with small holes in the middle of the base and use a piece of rebar to string them together in a cascading fashion for an easy plant installation for your backyard.

Hanging plants

Wagon Wheel Flower Bed

An old wagon wheel provides a rustic, classic look to your yard and the foundation for many DIY projects. Make it even better by planting flowers in each of the spoke areas!

Wagon wheel planter

Custom Plastic Greenhouses

In one of our earlier DIY projects, we made greenhouses from old windows, but you can also use plastic bottles to make one!

plastic bottle greenhouse

Create Your Frame

First, measure your bottles to decide how large you want your greenhouse to be. Then, you can create your frame out of wood pieces.

Greenhouse frame

Making Your Walls

To create your walls from the plastic bottles, cut and glue them to the wood frame and one another before using silicon for any gaps.

Plastic bottle greenhouse

Endless Possibilities

There are endless possibilities to enjoy. All kind of roof types are available, and you’re only really limited by your imagination (and woodworking skills!).

Plastic bottle greenhouse

Transform Your Tree Stump

The best DIY projects can turn an ugly tree stump into something truly beautiful. A chisel and hammer can be used to carve out the inside of a stump for this project.

Tree stump planter

Complete the Look

Complete your tree stump planter by filling it with soil and plants or flowers of your choice!

Tree stump planter

Get Creative With Painted Pots

A little paint and some pots can lead to some amazing possibilities. This person used pots of all sizes and a few colors of paint to make Minion planters!

Painted pot Minions

Truly Seaworthy

If you have access to a wooden boat that isn’t of much use, turn it into a planter! You can even paint the boat itself to add extra charm.

Boat planter

Ladybug Golf Balls

If you have old golf balls laying around, turn them into a whimsical garden decoration with a little paint! Use black, red and some googly eyes to create cute little ladybugs!

Ladybug golf balls

New Kind of Potted Pigs

Instead of potbellied pigs, create potted pigs for your garden using a few strategically glued terra cotta pots! You’ll just need pink and black paint for the basic design.

Clay pot pig

Put Old Shutters to Use

Some old shutters can be used to create a great looking angel for your yard! Use cut planks of wood for the arms, wings, and head.

Shutter angel

Concrete Hand Pot

Fill up some old rubber gloves with concrete and place them into a cupped shape, letting them dry. Cut the gloves away, and you’ve got a custom-made concrete planter!

Concrete hand planter

Bike Full of Flowers

Bicycles with baskets are perfect for being turned into planters. Add a little paint in a color of your choice for extra style.

Bicycle planter

Keep Your Garden Organized

Add a little style and keep your garden organized at the same time with this trick. Take well-shaped rocks and paint them in cartoonish veggie designs, then paint the title of each plant in the middle.

Rock vegetables

Make Sure They Last

Hold on; you’re not done until you spray them with a clear finishing spray a few times so that the weather won’t wear off your paint job!

Painted rocks

Mushroom Clay Pots

Clay pots or terra cotta pots can be painted and placed upside down to make the base of mushrooms.

White clay pots

Complete Your Mushroom

Next, take a lid of one size larger and paint it a solid color, using the base color for the pot to make dots.

Clay pot mushrooms

Finish Your Mushroom Project

Like most painted DIY projects, you’ll want to use a clear finishing coat afterward. Adhere the lid to the pot to keep it all together.

Mushroom pots

Fun With Rocks

Small rocks and pebbles are the keys to a lot of fun DIY projects. You can arrange them into flower shapes or other shapes, as you prefer.

Pebble art

Use Your Imagination

As with most of these projects, the possibilities with rock art are nearly endless!

Outdoor rock art

Outdoor Spool Table

An old spool can be painted, weather treated and used as a clever little end table on your patio.


Plenty of Room for Plants

Turn the spool sideways, and you have the foundation of a nice planter.

Spool planter

Giddy-Up, Clay Pot Horses

As we’ve already seen, clay pots can be used to create all kinds of animals and shapes. Here, they’re assembled into fun clay pot horses.

Clay pot horse

Galvanized Bucket Planters

Galvanized buckets make for great, durable planters. Any shape will work, as long as they provide enough space for your plant.

Galvanized bucket planters

Don’t Forget to Drill

You’ll need to drill a small hole (or multiple holes, for larger buckets) to allow for soil drainage.

Bucket planter with holes

Turn a Pallet Into a Planter

Pallets are easy to find at local stores (often for free) and can be turned into lovely planters.

Pallet planter

Custom Pallet Furniture

Custom pallet furniture means that you can turn pallets into everything from chairs to tables. Check out this outdoor bar made with pallets!

Pallet bar

Rubber Tire Planters

Old tires can be turned into fantastic planters! Paint them or stack them to make them look even better.

Tire planters