Todd Chrisley Finally Opens Up About His Family


Claim to Fame

Todd Chrisley made a huge name for himself in the world of Hollywood with his reality television show, Chrisley Knows Best. The show, much like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, simply documents his luxurious life, complete with lavish lifestyles, family drama, and no shortage of outrageous fights. With all this fame, however, many of Chrisley and his family’s skeletons have come out of the closet for all to see, and one of them concerning his daughter actually turned criminal…

Landing a Show

Todd Chrisly had always dreamed of becoming a television star, and saw his dream come true in 2014 when his pitch was picked up by USA Network. His reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, took a look into the daly lives of him and his well-to-do family (including his extended family, who make appearances frequently on the show). Shockingly, the very first episode reached over one million viewers, and was ultimately signed for a second season within days.


Much like with any reality show, you have to be prepared for the world to give its opinions on everything you do, and people are especially critical when it comes to children involved. Chrisley was not shy about disciplining his kids on live television in the manner he saw fit. The world watched as he threw one of their MacBooks into a pool, and when he made another one change her outfit to fit his own fashion standards. But this harsh parenting style was nothing compared to what he did with his daughter, Lindsie.

What Happened To Kyle?

While he had huge troubles with his daughter, Chrisley also had a rocky relationship with his son, Kyle. But just how bad their relationship was was revealed in season two of the show, where viewers noticed a significant drop in Kyle’s appearances in the house. When asked about this, Todd Chrisley was very adament in his stance that Kyle had “chosen a different route in life” and did not want to continue the show. But Kyle had a very different idea of what happened.

Kyle’s Side

Despite Chrisley’s defense that Kyle chose to leave the show by himself, Kyle attests to a very different version of the story. He claimed that his father actually gave him no choice and forced him off of the show. When asked about this, Chrisley claimed that he had to ask his son to leave the show because he refused to stay on his medication and was making threats to the crew.

Kyle’s Claims

Kyle has not been quiet about trying to out his father for what “really” went on during the show. In 2014, Kyle stated in an interview that the whole show was completely written and dictated by Chrisley himself, and that none of it was genuine. He even recalled times where Chrisley completely stopped the show because something was happening “off-script” and not to his liking.

Chrisley’s Defense

Once again, Chrisley did not let his on’s claims go without a rebuttal. He protested the fact that the show was manipulated in any way by himself or anyone else. He passionately claimed that the family members were allowed to completely be themselves and act naturally. He also said that the whole family has a great relationship, despite his son’s claim that the show left a bitter taste in all of his children’s mouths.

Fake Relationships

One specific claim that Kyle made against his father was that he had a completely fake, on-camera relationship with his actual granddaughter, Kyle’s daughter Chloe. In fact, some have claimed that Todd only wanted her on the show to boost its ratings, and not because he wanted to be a good grandfather. Of course, Chrisley had a rebuttal for this as well, saying that Kyle actually threatened to sue if she didn’t get any airtime.

It’s all about the money

Aside from the crazy ordeal with his daughter, another one of the biggest scandals around Todd’s life has to do with his finances. Todd told the police that he spends around $650 every single year on clothes, which seems far too low a number for the amount of clothes we see them in. And he tripped up, by not remembering that he had admitted on the early advertisements that they spent closer to $300,000 annually! So which is it, $650, or $300,000?!

money todd spends on clothes

Tax dodging

His son Kyle made things even harder for him when he told the media that his father wasn’t exactly being up front about his taxes. He said that they had a fake life in Florida which helped them avoid paying taxes in Georgia. This can’t have helped the relationship between Todd and Kyle, having your son tell the world that you’re somewhat of a criminal, involved in tax avoidance, which is really frowned upon.

todd tax dodges according to kyle

Teresa and Todd

When you hear the bare bones of the story of Todd and Teresa, it can seem like a fairytale. Met at 19, started dating soon after, and then married just three years later. But the truth underneath the romance was that on their wedding day, Teresa was pregnant. She had got pregnant while they were dating, and so Todd had felt that he should be asking her to become his wife. They were pregnant with their first daughter, Lindsie, which is where all of the trouble began.

teresa and todd get married

Lindsie and Kyle

It didn’t take long before Lindsie was welcomed to the world, and Todd and Teresa had hardly had any time at all as man and wife alone. Soon after that, Kyle joined their family, on August 29th 1991. They didn’t have much money, but Todd was hoping to strike it big in the property market, investing all the cash he had into making the fixer uppers worth buying. Teresa says that it was all one big adventure for them, but it must have been tough.

lindsie and kyle as babies

An aggressive side?

It’s no wonder that all wasn’t actually perfect under the surface to begin with. With Todd feeling the pressure of trying to provide for this sudden family, and his new wife. Todd was known for being controlling, expecting that the young kids were tidy at all times, without toys left out. Teresa was also expected to look her best at all times, fully made up and with gorgeous clothes on. Was this an unrealistic expectation of Todd to have of his overworked wife and young kids? Almost certainly. And it led to something really terrible.

was todd very controlling

The end of the road

Unsurprisingly, the marriage wasn’t built to last, and as we all know, Teresa and Todd got divorced. It actually took them a few tries at separation to make it official with a divorce in 1996. But that was not before Todd got involved in an insane scandal with his own daughter, Lindsie. As the couple’s mariage was falling apart, the two began to argue about what would happen with Lindsie, and where she would go to live.

todd chrisley divorce

Custody agreement

The idea was for hem to have joint custody over Lindsie. Joint custody means just that, the two parents have equal custody over their children. But with Todd, nothing was going to be simple. Despite the agreement, Todd wanted to move to California. How could they split their time evenly with their parents if they were so many miles apart? As the kids weren’t exactly babies, they made their own minds up. Lindsie wanted to go to California, and Teresa agreed they shouldn’t be parted. Little did they know, it wouldn’t last long.

todd chrisley custody battle


As Todd and Teresa’s marriage crashed and burned, and their custody battles raged, Todd did something so terribly illegal that he could have been thrown into prison for a long time, had Teresa not been so forgiving. Todd actually kidnapped his daughter Lindsie, and took her away with him for two months, before any kind of custody agreement was reached. This ended up being the last straw in Todd and Teresa’s turbulent relationship.

Julie Hughes

In the background to this custody arrangement was a new figure in the kids lives. Todd had married Julie Hughes, only one month after the divorce had been finalized. They had known each other for quite a few years, and Julie’s past was quite checkered. She pretended to the world that she was the winner of Miss South Carolina, which turned out to be a lie, and her brother had killed himself when she was younger, right behind their family home- a trailer.

julie hughes chrisley

Chase and Savvanah

And the family was growing! Julie and Todd had two children together, Chase who was born only months after they got married, and a daughter Savannah who is just a year younger than her big brother. Chase wanted to be an athlete, working hard at sports throughout school, and Savannah was quite the young beauty, looking towards the pageant life. Here they are as young kids, looking adorable we must say!

Chase and Savannah

Building an empire

Todd was no longer struggling with fixer uppers at this point though. The growing family was a complement to a growing business, and Todd was now flourishing under a booming property market. He had invested widely, and Julie and her kids were benefitting from his savvy earlier choices. He started an asset management company called Chrisley Asset Management, which worked hard to find properties and flip them at a huge profit.

Striking it Rich todd chrisley

Grayson Chrisley

But it wasn’t all uphill from here. In fact, in 2008, it was very nearly all over for the mogul Todd Chrisley. This was of course, the year when the property market took a nosedive, and people began to be cautious about buying new homes. Todd had to start taking out loans to make ends meet, which wasn’t helped by the birth of his youngest child, Grayson who had been born just two years previously, in 2006.

grayson chrisley

Kyle’s Rehab bills

Another financial strain on the family were the bills which were stacking up for Kyle’s rehab. He was only 19 the first time he had to check into a rehabilitation center, and although Todd told the world that it was costing him millions, he actually wasn’t paying those hefty bills at all. The center ended up suing the family for thousands of dollars in unpaid bills, a huge public embarrassment for both Todd and Kyle.
Kyle in Rehab


Perhaps that’s why, in 2012, the family actually filed for bankruptcy. Grayson’s birth, Kyle’s rehab, the downturn in the property market, it was just too much. They were an astonishing $49.4 million in debt, more money than even most celebrities see in their lifetime. The debt was split amongst mortgages, ($12 million) loans, ($4.4 million) and a crazy $30 million business deal which had gone horribly wrong.


Chloe Chrisley

But it wasn’t just money troubles that were hanging over Todd’s head. Family was also causing him trouble. On the 12th of November, 2012, Kyle and his girlfriend Angela had a baby girl, Chloe. The pair eventually split up in 2014, which brought its own slew of problems. Angela was reportedly taking child support from a charity which helped struggling families, but why weren’t the Chrisley’s giving Angela any money to help Chloe?

chloe chrisley

A bitter custody battle

The Chrisleys were not being allowed to see Chloe at all, which led to them heading back to court so that they could have her in their lives. But it wasn’t Todd who managed to save the day. Allegedly, it was Julie who solved the problems, allowing Chloe to become a member of their family properly, and managing the financial situation, too. Needless to say, this didn’t help the situation between Todd and Kyle, as Todd was no help at all.

todd not helpful with chloe custody

Pamela Chrisley

You might have heard about the scandal which involved Todd’s sister in law Pamela. She was married to Randy Chrisley, who is Todd’s brother. When the couple divorced, Pamela got nasty, threatening to tell the media incriminating stories about the Chrisley’s, if Todd refused to give her hundreds of thousands of dollars. But does Todd seem like the kind of guy who reacts well to being blackmailed? We don’t think you need our help on that one!
pamela chrisley

Steep consequences

Todd went public with Pamela’s threats, along with a photo of Pamela and the whole conspiracy, right on social media. He used Instagram to tell the world what she had been trying to do. Yikes! Not exactly the happy ending she was expecting. Pamela responded by telling the world that Randy had been paid by Todd to keep his secrets to himself, and that Todd was used to paying people for their silence, so it wasn’t surprising that she had tried!

todd chrisley allegedly pays people to keep quiet

Todd’s Marriage Troubles

Could it be that things are not that great between Todd and Julie either? Kyle has spoken out in the past about his dad and stepmom, saying that they are only together because Julie likes Todd’s bank account, rather than actually loving the man himself, It’s certainly different from Todd’s first marriage, where they had so little cash that it was obviously not about the money! Todd and Julie say that they are very much in love.

Todd and Julie

Musical Aspirations

If you enjoy country music, you’ve probably heard of Shane Stevens. But what has she got to do with Todd Chrisley, we hear you ask! Well, in 2016, Todd decided that the television world wasn’t enough to conquer, he also wanted to be a country music star! He went about it by recording a song with Shane Stevens, which they publicised using the show, playing it at the end of season four. It became number one before it was even released!

Country Music chrisley

According to Chrisley

Perhaps Todd hasn’t made many more leaps into furthering his music career because he’s been too busy launching his latest television venture, the TV show, According to Chrisley. This started earlier this year, and is a 30 minute show which is more like a talk show, with Todd himself as the host, (who else?!) He interviews some celebrity guests, chats to people on the street out and about, and of course, invites his family along for the ride.

New Horizons for todd chrisley

A Possible Fashionista?

But Todd isn’t afraid of being a busy guy. As well as his two television shows, his music aspirations, and his time consuming family and social life, he is also looking to move into the world of fashion! Could he be thinking about launching his own clothing line, or pairing up with another big media name to make this happen? We wonder what his kids think, as both Kyle and Lindsie are less than impressed by their father at the moment.


Defending his Kids

The truth is, whatever Kyle and Lindsie think of their dad, he is clearly trying to stand up for his kids when he can. One recent example is to do with his daughter Savannah. There were rumors flying around that she and her boyfriend Luke were total splitsville. Knowing this upset her, and knowing that he had a huge media following to help spread the truth, he shared a photo of the pair happily coupled up while on holiday together.

Savannah and Luke

The Savannah and Chase Show

The cynical amongst us might think that he is just trying to keep Savannah on his good side, as actually, she looks set to get her own spin off of the show! Alongside her brother Chase, they are taking steps to continue the Chrisley take over of the whole media world, and are in talks with producers about what their own show would look like, and how to make it happen! It’s all about them facing the world and becoming adults, so good luck!

Savannah and Chase spin off show chrisley

The other Mrs Chrisley

You’re probably wondering about Todd’s dear old Mom, and how she comes into all of this. What is the relationship like between Todd and his mother? Well, you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s up and down! But there are some crazy stories about Todd and his mother, including the time he defaulted on the mortgage on her home, and she was forced out when it was repossessed! His 49.4 million dollar debt catching up to him, and affecting his mother, too.

Todd and his Mom

Nanny Faye

Todd is also known for teaching his mom a lesson in the most surprising of ways. You might remember how Todd decided to punish her for driving with a suspended drivers licence. Ok, she definitely shouldn’t have been driving, but what son plays the kind of prank where you pretend your mother has been arrested by the cops? She certainly did not see the funny side when he ‘fessed up that it was all a joke, and we can see why!

Todd and Nanny Faye car

You’re Never Too Old…

But the funniest situation happened just recently between Todd and his Mom. He caught the 72 year old woman engaging in an activity that’s usually kept for teenagers, sexting! She has messages on her phone from more than one flirty partner, and Todd reads them out loud on the show, in horror at the suggestive messages to his ageing mother. “Can’t wait to lay eyes on your voluptuous body?!” he gasps, as the rest of his family laugh and jibe.

Nanny Faye

Berating his Mother

Unsurpriringly, Todd did not see the funny side, even when Julie teasingly asked him why he was upset about a potential new daddy! Todd is known for being hugely overprotective about his kids love lives, so why should he be any different when it comes to his mom? He was not going to take this lying down, and you can imagine what steps he might take to kerb this behavior with his mother once the cameras were off.

Todd overprotective

More on his Mind

Maybe Todd will be able to keep himself busy thinking about the new spin off show which will be following Savannah and Chase. He certainly seems happy about it, or maybe he’s happy with the publicity! “I’m extremely proud of Chase and Savannah as they continue their journey into adulthood,” Todd has said. “This show will follow them as they live on their own and give their parents huge headaches and potential heart attacks. The plot thickens with love.”

Savannah and Chase show

But where is Kyle?

You might be wondering, with all of this drama going on at the Chrisley household, and his siblings having their own show, where is Kyle? Despite all the drama, he has moved on and is living happily with his new wife Lexi and their dog, Milo. “I cannot wait to start a family with my wife after we’re all settled in,” Kyle said. “She’s my best friend.” We’re so glad to see that Kyle has managed to escape the stress of being Todd’s son, and start afresh.

Kyle and Lexi

A Bitter Relationship

There is only one thing which keeps Kyle looking back, and that is of course Chloe. He has said that he would like to be able to parent her with the help of Chloe, but the relationship between him and Chloe’s mother is just too volatile. Angela says that Kyle choked her and threatened her with a knife while she was pregnant with Chloe, according to the Daily Mail. While Kyle says he is in a better place, we can see why she is concerned.

Lexi singing

Savannah’s Car Wreck

And perhaps Savannah also has more important things on her mind than her new TV show. In January 2017, she was in a serious car accident, where the mat from the floor got caught behind the pedals, sending her car into the rails at the side of the road. Her injuries included a broken vertebrae and she was in a huge amount of pain for quite some time. She shared some information on Instagram, and the fans responded with kind messages.

Savannah car wreck

Making Changes

Sometimes, after experiencing something as serious as Savannah’s accident, it makes you take stock of your life, and the people in it. Are you really happy? Is this what you want from your relationships? Soon after the accident, Savannah ended things with her boyfriend, NBA star Luke Kennard. We hope that neither of them are too heartbroken over the split, and can both move on to bigger and better things.


Savannah speaks out

Savannah even spoke about the split, saying that she knew it wasn’t the right time for them ton be in a relationship. “I’ve made a decision as a young woman of faith, that with where Luke and I both are in our careers, it was best to part as friends rather than deal with the pressures of wondering if you are the only one.” This leaves Savannah single as her new show starts, so maybe the love that Todd hinted to is her finding a new man!

Savannah speaks out

Still in Debt

Rumors are always flying about how much money Todd Chrisley has, or rather, how much he doesn’t have! The Daily Mail reported earlier this year that even though he agreed to settle his bankrupcy case more than two years ago for $150,000, he still owes $70,000! If he isn’t careful, he will be back in court having the decision reversed, leaving him with his original $49 million worth of debt to deal with. Ouch.

Todd money worries

Rumors about his Sexuality

But these aren’t the only rumors that he’s dealing with nowadays. Apparently, there is strong suspicion from people close to Todd that although he has been married twice, to women, the star might actually be gay. ‘I’m flattered that people think I can get laid on both ends, he responses on the Domenick Nati Show. ‘So that doesn’t bother me.’ For those reading closely, he clearly isn’t denying the rumors.

Todd Gay

I am what I am

Despite being a staunch Christian, Todd showed himself to be an ally of LGBT people when he answered questions about whether it bothered him to be called gay. ‘In order for it to disappoint me, it would mean that I don’t agree with someone being gay… I don’t believe that’s a choice that you make.” When it comes to his own sexuality, he says “There’s no coming out. What you see is what you get. I am what I am. Other people’s opinions of me are just not my business.’

Todd gay two

Crazy times with Chase

It’s not just Kyle who has a difficult relationship with his dad. Even Chase sometimes comes under fire. Remember when the family went out on the boat together, and Todd insisted it would be ‘phone free, family time’? Little did he know that Chase had brought his phone along on the boat, and when Todd found it, he was less than happy. He turned to Chase in the water, asking him what he was playing at.

Todd and Chase

Check your messages!

When Chase immediately got fresh with him, saying “I didn’t know you brought my phone on the boat” Todd was having none of it. “You’ve got five missed text messages… so you should check them” he said calmly, before throwing Chase’s phone at him, right into the water. “You’re missing a call, I can hear it” he joked, as he blew his furious son a kiss, and taught him a lesson he won’;t forget in a hurry. No phone time means just that in the Chrisley house.

Todd and Chase 2

Grayson Knows Best

Some people might be waiting to hear about their favorite member of the Chrisley Clan, Grayson. At just 10 years old, he might be the only kid to get away with everything he does (remember the Soda saga?) and he is definitely one of the only kids I know to have 40k Twitter followers and almost 100k on Instagram. He got his first ever iPhone at the tender age of four, and is probably one of the luckiest kids on the planet, money wise anyway!


Lindsie’s cake

One of our most hilarious moments on the show has to be when Lindise had her boob job. Once she was feeling better and back home, they family celebrated, Chrisley style, already a weird reaction to someone coming home from surgery. But what better style of cake could there be from dear old dad Todd, than a cake made to look like a pair of gigantic boobs!? Lindsie looks thrilled blowing out those candles, so we suppose that’s a win!

Boob cake lindsie chrisley

Driving School

While we’re glad to see Savannah all better after her driving accident scare, she isn’t exactly the best driver on the road at the best of times. She denies that she was texting and driving at the time of the accident, and we believe her, as we’ve seen her get into plenty of scrapes even when she is giving it her full attention! Remember when she backed into that metal bollard, right in the middle of driving school? Maybe she would be better off as a passenger!

Savannah driving