Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your TRX Equipment


TRX – or total-body resistance exercise, is a suspension based body exercise. The TRX system predominantly incorporates the use of straps with resistance-based exercises. This system will cater to your workout while increasing your strength and muscle.

You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of your workout through simple adjustments that are made to the TRX straps and shifting your body weight during your workout. The TRX system is becoming incredibly popular within the fitness circle – you can use this apparatus inside or outside of the gym.

woman trx training

The equipment is highly versatile –it is easily transported whether you are bringing it with you to the gym, or even if you are traveling. This equipment can also be used outside if you feel like having a workout outdoors. Just make sure to find a study tree to attach it to.

If you’re tired of your routine, or you just want to try something new – the TRX is a great option. It will add a degree of intensity to your workout while being simple enough to use for the beginner. Just make sure to keep a couple of things in mind if you are thinking about incorporating the TRX into your routine, to get the most out of your TRX workout and prevent avoidable injury:

Get To Know The Equipment

The TRX is incredibly easy to use once you become familiar with the equipment. But, this doesn’t mean that your first try will be a breeze. Before beginning your workout, test out the equipment. Figure out how to adjust the straps, which strap lengths work best for you, and how to set it up properly for maximum support.

Keep Adjustment Lines Aligned

Before beginning your workout, always make sure the two yellow adjustment lines are in alignment with each other. By doing so, you will prevent possible injuries as a result of misusing the TRX.

trx training

Customize The Intensity Of Your Workout

For those just starting with TRX, it is ideal to keep your feet closer to your body. Foot placement is extremely important with this equipment. By adjusting where you place your foot, the intensity of the workout will be impacted. To increase your incline, move your feet further away from the body.

Create The Ideal Workout For Yourself

The TRX is incredibly versatile. It works with you. Most resistance-based exercises can be used with the TRX system. Exercises such as the bicep curl, chest press, squats, and pushups are among the many exercises that can be part of your TRX routine.