Two-Timing Tiger & His Many Mistresses


A cool-headed, multi-millionaire sportsman with an unprecedented talent on the golf course, Tiger Woods was famous before he even turned professional at the age of 20. A shy boy, he threw himself into the game, staying away from girls who, his coach advised, would distract him from his calling. His first adult relationship was with law student Joanna Jagoda and, after that, he never looked back.

Rachel Uchitel Met Tiger: 2009

When news of Tiger’s infidelity first became public knowledge, it was Rachel Uchitel’s name being dragged through the mud. Working as a VIP host in Las Vegas, Rachel’s job was to schmooze with the stars and she was desperate to fill the hole left by her boyfriend’s death in the 9/11 disaster. When Tiger bombarded her with texts, she was naïve enough to fall for it and, according to a source who claimed to know the hostess, Rachel said, “I don’t care about his wife! We’re in love”.

Rachel Uchitel Allegedly Dated Tiger: 2009-2010

It’s hard to pin down the details of Rachel’s relationship with Tiger, after she was, reportedly, offered a large sum of money to keep quiet. Nevertheless, Rachel has opened up about what she refers to as a “love addiction”, saying, “… it is a disease and disorder; it is where you feel like you have a hole in your heart and you are waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and save you”. While Tiger may have seemed to fit the part, it wasn’t to be.

Rachel Uchitel After Tiger: 2010 to Present

Like her one-time lover, Rachel hasn’t had an easy time of it over the past few years. Although she married former NFL player, Mark Hahn in 2012, the marriage didn’t last, and the couple went through a messy divorce. Rachel later appeared Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and, a year later, underwent brain surgery to treat a congenital defect that was causing pressure on her spine. She is now fully recovered and living a fulfilling life as a single mother and the owner of a children’s clothing boutique in Manhattan.

Laci Kay Somers Met Tiger: 2017

This social media personality and Playboy model was linked to Tiger just last year, although she denies ever knowing him. Laci is a popular Instagram influencer and has over nine million followers who enjoy her steamy photos. In an exclusive interview last year, Laci said, “I have never met Tiger in person, never spoken to him over the phone, and have never had any interaction with him over any devices whatsoever including social media”. While that seems clear enough, it hasn’t been sufficient to put paid to the rumors.

Laci Kay Somers Rumored to Date Tiger: 2017

Some of the gossip that flew around after Tiger’s DUI arrest last year suggested that the golfer had been partying with Laci prior to the incident. While she certainly fits the description of the type of women Tiger goes for, Laci denies having been with him that night, or any other. Laci has made it quite clear she wants nothing to do with the scandal surrounding the celebrity and says she was with family in Los Angeles for the weekend of his arrest.

Laci Kay Somers After Tiger: 2017 to Present

Nicknamed the “Instagram Goddess”, Laci has been expanding her brand by breaking into the music scene. Her single, aptly entitled, Bad, is available on Spotify for those who are interested in more than just her bikini-clad body. Clearly, Laci doesn’t need her name to be linked to someone like Tiger to gain recognition – she’s quite capable of causing a stir all on her own. Nevertheless, she’s not beyond posing scantily clad with a golf club in her hands. Keep reading for more juicy details of Tiger’s raunchy rendezvous.

Kalika Moquin Met Tiger: 2009

During his wilder days, Tiger became entrenched in the Las Vegas party scene, where he met one of his many mistresses, DJ and nightclub host, Kalika Moquin. Although this would appear to be just another in Tiger’s marathon of sexual conquests, according to some sources, the couple shared a genuine affection for one another. Tiger and Moquin spent around six months together and, according to a so-called friend of Kalika, “Kalika is a marketing manager at The Bank nightclub inside the Bellagio so they’d hook up for a drink downstairs…”

Kalika Moquin Dated Tiger: 2009

Tiger spent increasing amounts of time in Las Vegas, apparently, so he could spend more time with his mistress. According to a friend of Kalika, “Kalika was blown away. She said he has a great body and was amazing in bed. They’d have sex three or four times a night”. The same source revealed that Tiger had promised to leave his wife for Kalika. Kalika fell for the golfer and, according to a friend, “… what she had with Tiger was the real thing”.

Kalika Moquin After Tiger: 2009-Present

Now the mother of two, Kalika has proved herself to be a successful businesswoman, establishing her own DJ agency, called Blackout Artists. Launched in 2012, the agency has gone from strength to strength, providing representation for independent DJs. Unlike some of his other alleged mistresses, Kalika isn’t going to kiss and tell all, saying that her relationship with Tiger was purely professional and responding to probing questions with the response, “It’s not appropriate for me to comment one way or the other”. She’s probably benefitted from the additional recognition, though.

Lindsey Vonn Met Tiger: 2012

After his divorce from Elin, Tiger got together with yet another stunning blonde, but this time, one he felt comfortable with in the public eye. Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn, caught Tiger’s eye at a charity event in April but their relationship only deepened months later. Coming out of an unsuccessful marriage to fellow skier, Thomas Vonn, Lindsey was reluctant to admit to her relationship with Tiger. In March 2013 Lindsey finally opened up on Facebook, saying, “I guess it wasn’t a well-kept secret but yes, I am dating Tiger Woods”.

Lindsey Vonn Dated Tiger: 2012-2015

During her blossoming romance with Tiger, Lindsey suffered her own professional setbacks, after a fall at the Alpine Ski World Championships in February 2013 tore two ligaments in her knee. Fortunately, she had the perfect place to recuperate and she and Woods spent time together relaxing on his luxury yacht in Florida. Although now very much in the public eye, both parties were keen to maintain some level of privacy, with Woods making an official statement saying, “We want to continue our relationship, privately, as an ordinary couple…”.

Lindsey Vonn After Tiger: 2015 to Present

Tiger’s relationship with Lindsey is probably one of the least controversial in his life. Since their break-up, Lindsey has had only good things to say about their time together. In an interview with The New York Times, Lindsey admitted, “I loved Tiger, and I had an amazing three years with him. But it was a learning experience as well”. The pair remain close even now and Lindsey made a full recovery from her accident, securing another medal at the Winter Olympics earlier this year.

Mindy Lawton Met Tiger: 2006

Tiger Woods really seemed to hit rock-bottom when he started having an affair with diner waitress, Mindy Lawton. While working at the Perkins diner close to Tiger’s home, Mindy often served both him and his wife breakfast. According to Mindy, one day Tiger called her at work and asked her to meet him at a nearby nightclub called the Blue Martini. Although the pair left the club separately, Mindy claims they met up at his house and enjoyed the first of many sexual encounters together.

Mindy Lawton Dated Tiger: 2006-2007

According to Mindy, their relationship was exposed in 2007, but quickly covered up by Tiger’s handlers. Mindy claims she met Tiger early one morning and, despite being on her period, had sex with him in a parking lot. She reports that The National Enquirer saw the whole thing and threatened to expose Tiger, but were bribed to keep the story under wraps. Mindy was in love, but Tiger showed her little respect and rarely conceded to using a condom during their illicit rendezvous.

Mindy Lawton After Tiger: 2007 to Present

Like her former lover, things didn’t go so well for Mindy after Tiger ended the affair and, in 2009, she was also arrested for driving under the influence. Since then, Mindy has remained very much under the radar and little is known about her life today. Mindy’s sister has since said that she thought Tiger “would have paid her off and all the other girls, but I guess he thought he had them in the palm of his hand. He treated my sister like a piece of meat”.

Jamie Jungers Met Tiger: 2005

Another of Tiger’s Las Vegas ladies was Jamie Jungers, who was working as a club host at the time. According to Jamie, Tiger asked to be introduced to her and the couple were soon drinking and flirting together. Jamie says they spent that first night together, but she was certain it would be just a one-off fling so was shocked when Tiger called her the next day. As time went on, the couple started seeing more of each other, frequenting clubs and restaurants with little regard for secrecy.

Jamie Jungers Dated Tiger: 2005-2006

The former lingerie model says she “felt like I was his girlfriend, not a bit on the side” and says the couple talked daily and that he would fly her out to Chicago or California, so they could meet up. According to the former cocktail waitress, “Tiger and I had a lot in common. People found it hard to believe afterward but I genuinely just liked him as a person”. Their relationship fell apart, however, when Tiger refused to help his cash-strapped lover out of a spot of financial bother.

Jamie Jungers After Tiger: 2006 to Present

Unfortunately, once news of their affair became public, Jamie was under constant attack. Labeled as the other women and a home wrecker, she turned to alcohol to numb the pain. Her addiction soon got the better of her and her financial problems worsened. In an interview with The Sun newspaper in 2016, Jamie admitted that “To be honest, at the time I felt sorry for myself. But looking back, I feel dreadful about what happened to his wife”. Jamie is now a recovering addict after her second stint in rehab.

Holly Sampson Met Tiger: 2004

While it’s clear that Tiger has a thing for blondes, he also seems to have preferred women with more experience between the sheets. According to former adult film star, Holly Sampson, their relationship began with a lap dance during his bachelor party and culminated in a 45-minute love-making session that Holly described as “amazing”, saying, “I don’t think he stopped smiling the entire time.” Afterward, the couple returned to the party with Tiger insisting he wanted to see her again, but things didn’t turn out that way.

Holly Sampson Had A One-Night Fling With Tiger: 2004

Holly maintains that her encounter with Tiger was a one-off and that she never saw him again after that night. That doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about him, though, and she’s been happy to share the details of their most intimate moments publicly, revealing that he did wear a condom with her, which he wasn’t always into. Holly added, “I have to say he was really good… pretty amazing”. Although she admitted he would “probably die” upon hearing about her revelations, she also said she didn’t care, adding, “It was fun”.

Holly Sampson After Tiger: 2004 to Present

Holly Sampson isn’t the only name used by this former porn star, and she’s also performed under the names Nicolette Foster and Andrea Michaels. Since her fling with Tiger, she’s remained under the radar, although she did briefly return to acting in the adult industry in 2008. Now 44 years old, Holly appears to be living a quiet life. In her defense, Holly only slept with Tiger before he was married and wasn’t part of the extramarital affairs that destroyed his marriage and, very nearly, his career.

Cori Rist Met Tiger: 2006

Cori Rist maintains that she’s not like the rest of Tiger’s women although admits she hooked up with him even though she knew he was married. Cori met Tiger at a club in New York after his trainer suggested she and some friends join them for a drink. Tiger’s affection and charm soon won her over and, for a while, Cori believed she was the only one in life, outside of his “unhappy” marriage. The former model revealed that Tiger was quite childish, enjoying Fruit Loops and cartoons.

Cori Rist Dated Tiger: 2006

According to Cori, although she and Tiger remained in contact with one another for several years, they were only romantically involved for the first six months of their relationship. Cori has been open about their sexual intimacy, describing the chemistry between them as being like fireworks. Tiger also seemed committed, frequently asking Cori to accompany on overseas trips. Cori claims the relationship ended partly because she was uncomfortable with the situation and partly because Tiger couldn’t see her as much as he wanted to.

Cori Rist After Tiger: 2006 to Present

Since ending the relationship, Cori has had to defend herself against accusations that she was an escort who Tiger paid for her services. In addition, she’s been battling her way through a difficult divorce while trying to secure custody of her child. According to Cori, “I’m not like most of these girls. I’m a mum and I try and set the right example by my son”. Cori is now a stay-at-home mom who is coming to terms with her past mistakes and is eager to move on with her life.

Joslyn James Met Tiger: 2006

Like many of his other women, Tiger met Joslyn while she was working in a nightclub in Las Vegas. The former adult film star’s real name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels and she claims to have dated Tiger for three years during his marriage to Elin. Joslyn released text messages she’d received from Tiger to the press in 2010, including one saying, “I want to treat you rough. Throw you around, spank and slap you”. Tiger liked his women experienced, it seems.

Joslyn James Dated Tiger: 2006-2009

According to the texts Joslyn leaked, it seems Tiger thought his extra-marital liaisons could keep going indefinitely, saying to Joslyn, “Good thing we have a lifetime of this” and following up with another message that read, “Baby I’m not going anywhere or doing anything”. Tiger sent Joslyn a couple of angry messages prior to their break-up, furious with her over the fact that their relationship had almost been exposed. “You almost just ruined my whole life…” Tiger wrote but little did he know what fate had in store for him.

Joslyn James After Tiger: 2009 to Present

Since her relationship with Tiger ended, Joslyn has been hoping for an apology from him, but none have been forthcoming. When Tiger made a public statement shortly after his DUI arrest, Joslyn was convinced he would personally apologize to her but instead all she got was what attorney Gloria Allred described as “a staged public-relations stunt”. Allred went on to say, “My client [Joslyn James] deserves better than this”. Despite the heartache, Joslyn is still working successfully in the adult movie industry, selling private clips as well as acting.

Jaimee Grubbs Met Tiger: 2006

Jaimee was just 21 years old when she met Tiger. Having finally reached legal age, Jaimee was in Las Vegas holidaying with friends when a VIP host took her over to meet Tiger. While Jaimee was reluctant at first, saying, “I don’t want to sit with a bunch of old guys…”. Tiger took a shine to Jaimee and invited her back to his mansion, although surprisingly, didn’t make any effort to engage her in sexual activities. In fact, she says, “He was shy all along”.

Jaimee Grubbs Dated Tiger: 2006-2009

Jaimee and Tiger’s relationship developed further, and he visited her in San Diego on several occasions. As they saw more of each other, so Jaimee became increasingly emotionally invested in the relationship so when, in November 2009, he called asking her to remove her name from her phone because his wife was suspicious, she did as he asked. It was only later that she discovered she wasn’t the only woman in his life, at which point, Jaimee says, “I was angry. I was sad. I felt betrayed”.

Jaimee Grubbs After Tiger: 2009 to Present

Since their relationship was exposed, Jaimee has dedicated herself to trying to get her life back on track. She’s returned to her job as a cocktail waitress and recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Adam Kasower. Her looks certainly haven’t faded, although she has changed her Instagram profile from her real name to Jaime Blue Sky. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, however, and Jaimee was arrested in 2010 after driving on a suspended license. Stay tuned for more scandals and surprises.

Elin Nordegren Met Tiger: 2000

Although a modeling career was calling, Elin wasn’t really interested so, when the opportunity arose to nanny for golfer Jesper Parnevik and his wife, she jumped at the chance. When Elin and Tiger’s paths first crossed, Elin was still involved with her boyfriend in Sweden, but Tiger pursued, charmed and cajoled her until she agreed to a date. Even in 2000, when the couple met, Tiger was pursuing other interests in Las Vegas but managed to keep his sordid sexual encounters a secret from his wife to be.

Elin Nordegren Married Tiger: 2004-2010

After four years of dating, Tiger finally popped the question and the attractive couple married in a $2 million wedding in Barbados in October 2004. Their relationship seemed perfect to outsiders and, two years later, Elin gave birth to their first child. The couple’s second child, a boy, was born in 2007 but two years later, their marriage was in ruins. As news of Tiger’s affairs hit the headlines, the couple’s attempts to save their relationship failed and their divorce was finalized in August 2010.

Elin Nordegren – After Tiger – 2010 to Present

Despite their public divorce, Tiger and Elin have remained close. While Elin was understandably hurt and “embarrassed that I never suspected”, she is now moving on and the couple have managed to create a loving environment for their youngsters. In an interview with People magazine last year, Elin said, “My relationship with Tiger is centered around our children and we are doing really good… He is a great father”. Elin graduated from Rollins College, Florida with a degree in psychology and has been linked to Chris Cline, the oil tycoon.

Brooke Langton Met Tiger: 1999

Unlike most of the other women Tiger was involved with, Brooke is famous in her own right, having appeared in the movie, The Replacements in 2000 and on Melrose Place prior to that. In addition to her fling with Tiger, which is reported to have occurred in the late 1990s, Brooke also dated both George Clooney and actor David Chokachi. The attractive actress tends to keep her private life to herself and certainly hasn’t felt the need to sell her Tiger story to the press.

Brooke Langton Rumored To Date Tiger: 1999

Despite remaining schtum about Tiger Woods, it seems Brooke did pick up a few golfing tips at some point along the way. In 2016, Brooke starred in a sporting drama about the life of a PGA golfer desperate to rekindle his winning streak, called Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden: Puddy McFadden License to Golf. We can’t help but wonder if she didn’t contact her old flame for a little advice while preparing for the role. Click on to find out where Brooke is today.

Brooke Langton After Tiger: 1999 to Present

Although Brooke hasn’t been seen on television or the big screen much lately, we suspect that has more to do with her dedication to her family than being unable to get work. Although Brooke doesn’t reveal much about her private life, it is believed she’s now married and a mother, enjoying a happy family life. Brooke also made a return to the big screen earlier this year in the family comedy, Shifting Gears alongside Adam Hicks, which has received mixed reviews.

Kristin Smith Met Tiger: 2016

At the opposite end of the scale to the discreet Kalika Moquin, is the outspoken personal stylist, Kristin Smith. Kristin was linked to Tiger during one of the most difficult times in his life and is said to have signed a non-disclosure agreement at the beginning of their affair. The owner of The CLAD Life, a company that offers personal styling services, Kristin already had one relationship under her belt, having been married to Dallas Cowboys’ player, Gerald Sensabaugh, with whom he has one son.

Kristin Smith Dated Tiger: 2016-2017

Prior to the scandal that erupted when Tiger was arrested for driving under the influence, Kristin was reportedly stopped at Palm Beach Airport. According to reports, she was carrying a large sum of money, around $200,000, which she claimed was a gift from the golfer. Following his arrest in May 2017, it was reported that Kristin went on a wild shopping spree, spending around $4,000 as she splurged. The relationship ended sometime in the summer of 2017, but the repercussions aren’t over yet.

Kristen Smith After Tiger: 2017 to Present

It’s been alleged that Kristin has been battling to get herself out of the non-disclosure agreement she signed so she can come clean about her relationship with the sportsman. Kristin has indicated that their relationship ended after Tiger was, rather unsurprisingly, unfaithful to her. Kristin also claims that Tiger threatened to release embarrassing photographs of her if she fails to honor the agreement. It’s also rumored that she was offered money to sign the contract, which is maybe where the $200,000 came from… We may never find out.

Joanna Jagoda Met Tiger: 1999

Before Tiger’s private life became as hot a topic as his abilities on the golf course, and even before he met his future wife, Tiger was linked to the then law student, Joanna Jagoda. Joanna was attending the Pepperdine University School of Law at the time and epitomized the blonde bombshell appearance that Tiger clearly prefers. The couple met just as Tiger was emerging from a two-year professional slump and it seems their relationship helped him regain some stability on the course. Sadly, it wouldn’t last.

Joanna Jagoda Dated Tiger: 1999-2001

Unfortunately, just as his relationship with the intelligent young student proved beneficial for his swing, they’re relationship started to flounder a couple of years later, which meant so did his game. Amid caddie problems and other personal influences, Tiger was on rocky ground. Although Joanna had stayed out of the spotlight and was loyal and discreet about her relationship with the sporting celebrity, it’s rumored that Tiger returned her faithfulness with typically fickle behavior, cheating on her with his future wife, Elin Nordegren.

Joanna Jagoda After Tiger: 2001-Present

It seems that, from Joanna’s point of view at least, the split was an amicable one and she later told the Daily Mail newspaper, that she hoped he would be happy with Elin. According to the Mail, Joanna said, “Elin is exactly what Tiger needs to get stability in his life. She is mature for her age, humble, and has both feet on the ground”. Joanna herself has gone onto bigger and better things in her professional life and is now Executive Director, Assistant General Counsel at JP Morgan Chase.

Julie Postle Met Tiger: 2004

Julie Postle allegedly met Tiger Woods when she was only 20. She was working as a waitress at a nightclub just near Tiger Wood’s family home. The nightclub’s name was called Roxy and it was in Orlando. She not only worked as a waitress, but also as a dancer at the club, and reports say that the blonde drove Tiger Woods ‘wild’ from the moment he laid eyes on her.

Julie Postle Dated Tiger: 2004

Julie started dating Tiger after meeting at the club where she worked at, but very soon was exposed by her own former boyfriend Brian Kimbrough, 28. The former boyfriend shared interesting details of Tiger’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, including the fact that he wanted to be referred to as Mr. Brightside. This was a reference to the Killers’ song that depicts a jealous lover. The mother of one of Julie’s roommates also confirmed that Tiger was obsessed with the 20-year-old at the time.

Julie Postle After Tiger: 2004-Present

Years after being caught up in the never-ending dramas around Tiger Woods’ life, Julie moved to Texas and hired top lawyer Michale O’Quinn after the affair rumors emerged. Apparently, she also contacted her ex-boyfriend and told him that Tiger had confided in her that his marriage was a sham, and called it an ‘image and tabloid’ marriage. She is known as the latest alleged mistress of the gold player.

Erica Herman Met Tiger: 2017

Erica Herman, 33, became instantly known after being spotted with Sugar Man Tiger Woods in 2017. Herman managed Tiger Woods’ restaurant, The Woods, which is thought to be where they actually met. For a while though the pair seemed to have a strictly professional relationship until things changed when the pair was spotted cosying up in mid-2017. The first time they went public was at the Presidents Cup last autumn, during which time Herman was wearing a ‘Player Spouse’ badge which is only reserved for girlfriends and wives.



Erica Herman Dated Tiger: 2017 – Present

Just after the pair made their relationship public, they have been spending a considerate amount of time together. Despite Woods’ very busy schedule, the pair is spotted constantly by the media and has been the new sensation around Tiger Woods’ long list of women. Herman was seen several times supporting Woods on the course.


Erica Herman After Tiger: ?

Well, it seems like this relationship has no after just yet. Herman not only accompanies Tiger on various events, but she has also been introduced to the family. The 33-year-old has been spotted with Tiger’s kids various times and seems to be very comfortable as a new member of the family. Recently, social media went wild when Herman gave Tiger some love after he finished his round at the 2018 PGA Championship. Tiger made his way to his girlfriend and shared a couple of steamy kisses for the whole world to see. After this event, social media simply went wild and had no idea how to deal with it.