Why Your Thinking On Carbs Is All Wrong


It’s not correct to simply say that carbs are the enemy. In fact, carbohydrates have gotten a bad rap when they’re not the real enemy at all. Read on to discover how you should be looking at carbohydrates if you want to be healthier, lose weight, and reach your goals.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

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While it may be easier to focus on how many carbohydrates you’re getting, what’s better, in the long run, is to take into account the quality of the carbohydrates you’re getting in your diet. Unlike people, all carbs are not created equal. In fact, some should be avoided as much as humanly possible.

Everyone Has a Different Viewpoint

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You may look around and see many different people with differing views on carbs, but similar results. Bodybuilders look great with their low-carb diets, but so do Crossfitters who don’t completely avoid carbs. Other people are in great shape and eat plenty of carbs. What gives?

Low-Quality Carbs to Avoid


The key is to avoid low-quality carbohydrates. What are low-quality carbs? They’re the carbohydrates that include flour, sugar, and grains. These carbs are considered low quality because they’re very dense, with a carbohydrate density as high as 75%.

What’s Carbohydrate Density?

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Carb density means that a given food has more carbs per gram and can cause inflammation that may ultimately lead to overeating and of course, weight gain. That’s why carbohydrates from plant foods, which have low carb density, do not have the impact of the other carb types listed above.

How To Use This Information

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What you should take away from all of this is that it’s not necessarily some carbohydrates you’re absorbing, but the source that they come from that matters the most. Avoid processed, refined foods, and you’ll be way better off and able to lose weight while staying healthy.

Avoid Refined Sugar Whenever Possible


Added sugar will only stall your weight loss efforts and add calories to your diet without actually making you feel full. That’s why you should avoid them whenever possible.

Real Food Is Your Best Option

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When you have the choice, try to get your carbohydrates from natural foods. The carbs provided in a fresh piece of fruit will provide you with the lift you’re looking for without leading to a crash later on or the inflammation you’ll get from foods with higher carbohydrate density.