The Dating Life Of The “This Is Us” Cast Revealed


This Is Us is a drama-based show that airs on NBC. It first premiered in 2016 and follows the love, life and laughs of members of the Pearson family. It has been nominated for several awards in its short tenure on our screens and has had audiences tuning in, in their droves, to find out what happens to some of their favorite characters every week. Yet, there’s been a lot of drama onset and offset of our beloved series, when it comes to the cast’s dating lives. Dramatic turns in the cast’s love lives have been off the loop until now, and will finally be revealed to everyone!

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff, Dated

The “Scrubs” actor dated Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca in This Is Us, from 2004 to 2006. It is rumored that a great deal of her album, Wild Hope, was inspired by their break up. He was at the peak of his fame at the time and she was in the midst of her pop career. He went on to discuss their relationship, much to Moore’s horror, on the Howard Stern show. He said, with direct reference to Moore, that he didn’t want to date a super famous woman ever again.

Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel, Dated

These two made for a genetically blessed pair when they started dating in 2002. They met whilst filming the show called “Gilmore Girls” which was a funny drama show, aired back in the noughties. On it, Milo and Alexis played love interests, so it was the show’s publicist’s dream when the two started attending red carpet events together as boyfriend and girlfriend. They dated for almost four years before finally breaking it off for unknown reasons. Surprised? Wait till you see the next picture…

Chrissy Metz and Josh Stancil, Dated

Chrissy Metz plays Katie on This Is Us and until very recently, she was dating one of the crew, called Josh Stancil. They met whilst filming the show. It is rumored that Stancil has moved to another TV series to avoid awkward run-ins with his ex, though they both publicly proclaim that they are still the best of friends. She hilariously has said that she is currently only dating herself when recently appearing on The Wendy Williams Show. The couple dated for over a year.

Sterling K Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe, Married

This happy pair have been married since 2007. Prior to landing a role in This Is Us as Randall Pearson, Sterling famously played a lawyer for the prosecution in the TV series “American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson”. Bathe also guests stars in This Is Us from time to time, but the two actually met in college. They both attended Stanford and they have now been married nine years. They have two sons together. Amazed? Keep clicking for more juicy relationships…

Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause, Married

Justin Hartley plays Kevin on the hit TV series and has been playing him since it aired. He is known however for other acting gigs on shows like “Smallville” and “Revenge”. He has been married to Chrishell Stause since late October 2017. Chrishell is also an actress known for parts in “All My Children” and “The Young and The Restless”. They began dating in 2014, and two years later announced their happy engagement. It is unknown as to whether they want to start a family together.

Mandy Moore and Andy Roddick, Dated

Andy Roddick was Mandy Moore’s boyfriend from 2002 to 2004. He was at the height of his illustrious tennis career at that point, which meant that he traveled all the time. Moore asserts that it made having a relationship with him hard as he was away from January to November on the tour, playing all day every day. They have remained friends since their break up however, with Moore seen attending a fundraiser thrown by Andy in 2006. Surprising hey? Keep clicking…

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere, Dated

The petite blonde was Milo’s girlfriend for almost two years, despite their 12 year age gap. They met on the set of the cult TV show, Heroes. They began dating back in 2007. Then, he played the part of Peter Petrelli on Heroes, whilst she played the cheerleader, Claire Bennet. She was just 19 at the time. They claim they broke up because they wanted different things, which may or may not have come from the difference in their ages.

Justin Hartley and Lindsay Korman, Divorced

Justin met his then wife, Lindsay, on the set of the show “Passions”, where she co-starred. They became engaged quickly after just six months of dating. Their wedding was small and took place just a few short months after they announced their engagement. In July of the same year, they had their only daughter together. They filed for divorce in 2012 after eight years of marriage for which Korman cited irreconcilable differences. They still raise their daughter together. Keep clicking to read more…

Chrissy Metz and Martyn Eaden, Divorced

Before meeting her now ex boyfriend on the set of This Is Us, Chrissy was married to Martyn Eaden from 2008 to 2015. The marriage broke down before she found fame with the smash hit show. They had been married following a small ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. Eaden is from England and filed for divorce in 2014. It is rumored that Metz found the break up difficult and refused to sign her divorce papers, with Eaden having to persuade a judge that his petition was uncontested.

Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama, Dated

Moore’s relationship with Wilmer Valderrama was her first serious coupling. He was starring in the hit TV series, “That 70s Show” co-starring Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They were not meant to part on amicable terms with him publicly speaking out about their sex life and, more specifically, about him being the first guy Moore had slept with. Whilst he later went on to apologize for his comments, she did label them as tacky. They since seem to be on better terms.

Ron Cephas Jones and Kim Lesley, dated

Ron Cephas Jones and Kim Lesley dated for a a number of years but were never thought to marry. The pair have a daughter together, called Jasmine, who was born back in 1989. It was a couple of years after her birth that the two parted ways. She is a successful British singer who dabbled in pop, rock and jazz. He has played parts in many films and TV shows prior to This Is Us, perhaps most notably as Bobby Fish in the New Marvel Netflix show called ‘Luke Cage’.

Milo Ventimiglia and Isabella Brewster, Dated

Just after splitting up with Hayden Panettiere, Milo struck up a romance with a talent agent called Isabella Brewster. The couple dated for a short time but were seen having a romantic filled date at Disneyland in 2010. Isabella is the younger sister to the actress, Jordana Brewster. She moved on from Milo by dating the British lothario, Russell Brand, Katy Perry’s ex-husband. Milo and Isabella still speak fondly of one another saying that they are still good friends though their romantic relationship never really got off the ground.

Mandy Moore and Brian McFayden, Dated

Brian McFayden and Mandy Moore briefly dated in 2000. She was just 17 years old and he was eight years her senior. She had recently released her latest single ‘I Wanna Be With You’ and was hosting her own MTV show every day. Brian McFayden was working as a VJ for the music channel at the time. She refuted the claims saying that he was too old for her and that they were just really good friends who hung out a lot whenever they were in New York together.

Chris Sullivan and Rachel Reichard, Married

Chris Sullivan plays Toby on This Is Us. He has an on screen romance with Chrissy Metz. Off screen, Sullivan is actually happily married to Rachel Reichard who is a short film producer. They’re easy to spot on the red carpet with their fun and quirky approach to black tie dressing. He recently donned a top hat with a purple bow tie for his jaunt down the red carpet at the Emmys. His wife wore an eye catching floral dress with her hair in a huge quiff.

Alexandra Breckenridge and Casey Hooper, Married

Alexandra plays Sophie on the show. In real life she is married to guitarist, Casey Hooper with whom she has a son. They married in 2015 and welcomed their little boy a year later. She first hit our screens in the indie film “Locust Valley” which was a comedy. She later went on to star in shows like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Freaks & Geeks”. She has also been in films, in smaller roles, like “Big Fat Liar” and “Orange County”. The happy couple are now expecting their second child.

Milo Ventimiglia and Kelly Egarian, Dating

Milo has reportedly started a new relationship with a marketing coordinator called Kelly Egarian. They have been spotted together in numerous Los Angeles locations, most notably getting up close and personal at a lunch in Venice Beach. The pair were photographed holding hands and kissing and seemed very much a new, loved up couple. He recently took her as his date to the Emmys at which he was nominated for his part in This Is Us. Who knows whether this hot new couple will last…

Mandy Moore and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, Dated

These two music makers had a very brief fling in 2007. They dated for a mere two months before deciding to part ways. The DJ was sadly involved in a plane crash in 2008. Moore was said to have visited him and always had kind words to say about him. He sadly died in 2009. She posted a sweet Instagram post about him and how much she still missed him six years later. Touching hey? Read on to see what other relationships the TIU cast have been in.

Jon Huertas and Nicole Bordges, Married

Jon Huertas married his long term girlfriend in 2014 in the pretty Mexican resort of Tulum. Huertas actually used to be a weapons specialist before he became an actor. He is known for his roles in HBO’s “Generation Kill” where he had landed the role of Sergeant Antonio Espera, also known as Poke. He has also had a part in the film Why Do Fools Fall in Love. Keep clicking to be amazed by what the next This Is Us actor has got up to when off set…

Caitlin Thompson and Dan Fogelman, Married

Caitlin Thompson plays Madison in This Is Us. She is Kate’s new best friend though they start the show disliking each other. In reality, Caitlin is married to the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman. They were married in 2015 before the show started. Fogelman joked on Twitter about why Kevin and Madison never hooked up on the show, though it was intimated it might happen. He said that he didn’t want his wife to sleep with Justin Hartley on TV for everyone to see!

Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke, Married

The doctor who helped the Pearson children be born, is called Dr. K and he is played by Gerald McRaney. The character stays a close confidant of the family for the series. In real life, he is married to his third wife, Delta Burke. She is an Emmy nominated actress in her own right. She earned one of her two nominations when she played Suzanne Sugabaker in the in the sitcom, Designing Women, in the early 90s. They have been husband and wife since 1989.

Mandy Moore and Billy Crawford, Dated

Famous for singing the Pokemon theme tune, Billy Crawford had a relationship with Moore in 2002. He claims they were together for about a year, while she maintains the relationship lasted only a matter of weeks. He said they parted ways due to the strict upbringing she had, which he struggled to deal with, especially as her mother was also her manager. They met whilst on tour with NSYNC, with her admitting that Billy Crawford was a really talented singer.  Read on for yet more amusing real life love dramas.

Susan Blakely and Steve Jaffe, Married

Susan Blakely plays a small part on This Is Us, as Dr. K’s wife. She appears in both seasons but is probably better known for her parts in the actions movies “Over The Top” and “The Towering Inferno”, made in the 1970s. She is married to Steve Jaffe in real life who is her second husband. He is a media consultant as well as a movie producer. His most famous work is probably John F. Kennedy, The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes.

Hannah Zeile and GMBeatz, Dating

The young actress, Hannah Zeile, has made her name known through playing the younger, teenage Kate on This Is Us. She is dating a music producer called GMBeatz, according to her Instagram account. They use the social media platform to publicize their love for one another with several photos of PDAs and similar loved up poses. They have been dating for over three years now and are still going strong. Keep clicking to see what other surprising hookups have happened to the This Is Us cast.

Sam Trammell and Missy Yager, Dating

Trammell appears on This Is Us as Ben who is the ex boyfriend of Rebecca as well as bandmate. He causes drama in her life when he wheedles his way back into her affection which stirs up a lot of friction between Rebecca and Jack. Trammell is married to Missy Yager in real life. They tied the knot in 2003. She is an actress herself and has most notably been in “Mad Men” as well as the Oscar winning film “Manchester by the Sea”. They have twin boys together.

Mandy Moore and Greg Laswell, Dated

It was after her break up with Adam Goldstein, or DJ AM, that Mandy Moore got together with Greg Laswell, the well known singer songwriter. They were seen together at the shopping mecca, The Grove, in Los Angeles. They were holding hands and seemingly very much in lust, if not more. It did not last however as she moved on to another more public relationship later that year. Surprised by her actions? See the next relationships for more shocking revelations.

Elizabeth Perkins and Julio Macat, Married

Whilst not a regular character on the show, Elizabeth Perkins plays Janet Malone, Rebecca’s critical mother, from time to time. She makes an interesting direct comparison to Rebecca’s parenting style. In real life, Perkins is married to an Argentinian cinematographer called Julio Macat. They have been husband and wife since 2000. He has worked on well known films, like all of the Home Alone franchise, Pitch Perfect, and some Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg movies like Daddy’s Home 1 and 2.

Milana Vayntrub and Banks Boutte, Dating

Milana’s face is instantly recognizable from the AT&T commercials, but she now has This Is Us under her acting belt, having played the girlfriend of Sloane Sandburg in the show’s first season. She is not often seen out and about on the dating scene, but on her Instagram feed she has posted a couple of photos of her with her boyfriend Banks Boutte who is a video game developer. She likes to keep him and her relationship out of the limelight.

Denis O’Hare and Hugo Redwood, Married

Denis O’Hare found fame when he starred in American Horror Story. In This Is Us, he plays Jessie in the first season. He’s a man that William dated and then meets up with again, just before his death. Off screen, O’Hare is married to Hugo Redwood who is an interior designer. They have been married since 2011 and currently live in Brooklyn. They have an adorable little boy called Declan whom they have adopted. Nice story huh? Click next to see the next This Is Us real life relationship….

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, Divorced

It was in 2007 that Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams started seeing each other. They fell in love and later went on to marry in 2009. Amazingly, they managed to keep their relationship incredibly private, despite both their high profiles. They never spoke about one another in interviews. They sadly divorced six years later citing irreconcilable differences. Adams’s subsequent album is a particularly melancholy one inspired by the break up. They both maintain however that their break up was amicable and full of respect.

Peter Onorati and Jeanette Collins, Married

Peter Onorati has only appeared in three episodes of This Is Us, from the first season to the show’s second. He plays Jack’s dad, Stanley Pearson. He is currently also appearing in “S.W.A.T” airing on CBS. In real life, he has been happily married to the television producer and writer, Jeanette Collins. They wed back in 1988. She works on popular shows too and can count “Drop Dead Diva”, “Big Love” and “Will and Grace” as part of her resume. Keep clicking to read more.

Meagan West and Stephen Friedrich, Engaged

West plays the part of Heather in This Is Us who is the attractive redhead who appears in season one as Miguel’s assistant. She flirts with Jack, but he refuses her advances – much to the audience’s relief. In real life, her love life is much more successful, and she is currently engaged to be married to Stephen Friedrich, a fellow actor. They announced their engagement on her Instagram feed. Stephen has worked on shows such as “Shameless” and “S.W.A.T”.

John Rubinstein and Bonnie Burgess, Married

John Rubinstein plays Ron Schiller in three episodes of This Is Us. He’s a cantankerous director of Kevin’s play. Rubinstein has worked in film, television and on Broadway during his career. He is currently married to Bonnie Burgess, who is his third wife. They have been married since 2016 and share a child together. He has four other children. Bonnie is a skin care therapist with her own line of clinics in California called Cella Skin Care. Shocked? Keep clicking to find out even more.

Kate Burton and Michael Ritchie, Married

In This Is Us, Kate Burton is Kevin’s therapist in the second season of the hit show. She is recognizable to many for her roles in the Shonda Rhimes series “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Veep”. Michael Ritchie is her husband. He is a theater director and they have been married since 1985. They have two children together – a son and a daughter called Morgan and Charlotte. They’re a talented family as both children have decided to become actors as well, just like their mother.

Natalia Cigliuiti and Matt Passmore, Married

The stunning Natalia Cigliuiti plays the gorgeous ex wife of Toby. Her character’s name is Josie Wood and the breakdown of their relationship causes him to suffer from depression. In real life, she is married to an Australian actor called Matt Passmore. They have been married since 2016. It is both their second marriage, with Natalia having been married to a NASCAR driver called Rob Rizzo. Passmore was married for nine years previously. Click next to read more juicy titbits.

Katey Sagal and Kurt Sutter, Married

Katey Sagal is known for her work in “Married with Children” and made a guest appearance in the second episode of the show as Lanie Schultz, who is an agent. She is married to Kurt Sutter who is her fourth husband. He is a screenwriter, director producer and actor. His work on the crime drama Sons of Anarchy is probably his best known work. They have a daughter together, who is Katey’s third child.