The Most Notorious Groupies of All Time


There’s nothing we love more than following the careers of our favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll bands, but there are some people who take their love for music one step further… AKA the groupies!

Bebe Buell and Steven Tyler

Bebe Buell was one of the most notorious groupies of all time, who was pretty successful on her own merit – even becoming a Playboy Bunny! Bebe Buell hooked up with some of the most prolific rockstars of the ‘70s and ‘80s, including Steven Tyler; resulting in their daughter, Liv Tyler.

Bebe Buell was a Playboy Bunny who was a groupie and lover of Steven Tyler

Bebe Buell and Todd Rundgren

However, Buell’s relationship with Steven Tyler wasn’t a simple one – well, it was a rock relationship, after all! Before the birth of her daughter, Buell was in a pretty serious relationship with the rock musician, Todd Rundgren. While the couple were still together, Buell had a brief but intimate fling with the frontman. Despite the new circumstances, Rundgren took her back, and they continued their relationship. Nowadays, Buell has tied herself down with another musician by the name of Jim Wallerstein.

Bebe Buell had a fling with Steven Tyler while she was with Todd Rundgren, and is now married

Pamela Anderson

We reckon it’s pretty unlikely you’ve never heard of Pamela Anderson! Of course, most people remember her in a red swimsuit, running up and down the beach with Hasselhoff, but Pam Anderson also had a real thing for rock stars (who doesn’t?) Her most notable relationships are her three-year marriage to Tommy Lee from the Motley Crue, her brief stint with Bret Michaels and most recently her marriage to Kid Rock. Even though she’s now a mother, she’s still a groupie at heart…

Pamela Anderson is known for her role in Baywatch but has also been married to some of the most prolific rock ‘n’ roll musicians


Pamela Anderson

Although Pamela Anderson is most known for her role in Baywatch and her pretty public relationships with some of the biggest stars in the business, she is still often remembered for various ‘home movies’ with these rock and roll legends. Yep, Anderson is constantly reminded of the intimate and explicit tapes that show her getting up close and personal with two of her previous boyfriends – if you catch our drift. She has also appeared in two rock music videos, which is pretty cool.

Pamela Anderson is still known for her intimate home videos

Anita Pallenberg and The Rolling Stones

Anita Pallenberg was one of the most renowned groupies of all time. For starters, she was one of the longest-running. In fact, Anita spent more than a decade wooing some of the most famous rockers into bed with her. As if that wasn’t enough, Anita has been linked to devastating tension between bandmates of one of the most iconic bands in history…the Rolling Stones. During the ‘80s, Anita was linked to both Brian Jones AND Keith Richards, which didn’t end too well.

Anita Pallenberg spent over a decade following bands and created tension between members of The Rolling Stones


Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards

Although Anita’s relationship with Keith was not your average Romeo and Juliet story, the pair were in love and had three wonderful children together. Because of Keith’s incredibly intense and busy schedule, he was rarely there to look after the children. Sadly, one of their children died when she was just ten weeks old, which took a toll on their relationship. While Richards took this as an opportunity to detox and become clean, Anita continued to use and the two severed ties.

Anita Pallenberg has three children with Keith Richards, but he was rarely around

Tawny Kitaen

Julie Kitaen went by the stage name, Tawny Kitaen, and didn’t set out to be a groupie. Instead, like many other women of the time, she wanted to the next big Hollywood actress. Although she managed to bag herself some pretty decent roles, her claim to fame came in the late ‘80s when she appeared in numerous music videos for the rock ‘n’ roll band, Whitesnake. She soon became one of their biggest groupies, and even married the lead singer, David Coverdale.

Tawny Kitaen wanted to be the next big Hollywood actress, but soon became a groupie for Whitesnake


Pamela Des Barres

Pamela Des Barres grew up listening to some of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll stars of her time (Elvis, The Beatles, Mick Jagger and more), and she knew she wanted to get closer to the men behind the music. Amazingly, it didn’t take Pamela Des Barres long to live her dream, and she was soon canoodling with the biggest names in the business, including Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, and Keith Moon. She even inspired The Beatles’ famous song, Penny Lane.

Pamela Des Barres always wanted to get closer to her favorite rock stars and did so soon enough

Pamela Des Barres

It’s no secret that Pamela Des Barres is now regarded as the most iconic groupie of this epic rock and roll era – and it seems she has since had an impact on popular culture. In fact, she was the inspiration behind the incredible movie, Almost Famous. Although she was incredibly famous for her rather public cahoots with some of the biggest rockstars in the business, she unleashed even more secrets in her memoir; I’m With the Band (which is worth a read).

Pamela Des Barres is known as one of the most iconic groupies of all time

Sable Starr

Sable Starr was definitely one of the most notorious groupies of all time, and was even dubbed the ‘Queen of the Groupies.’ Starr found herself rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest rockstars even before her 18th birthday, and had started hanging out with the long-haired musicians when she was just 14-years-old. It’s no secret that these musicians were completely besotted with Sable Starr, with her list of conquests including Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Robert Plant and more. Impressive.

Sable Starr was called the ‘Queen of the Groupies’ and started hanging out with rock stars when she was just 14-years-old

Sable Starr

At the start of her impressive groupie career, Sable Starr was widely regarded as one of the main members of the ‘baby-groupies.’ As you can tell by the name, the baby-groupies were the underage groupies that fawned over the rockstars and did everything they could to get close to them. During the ‘70s, Sable and her fellow baby-groupies would often be found outside the popular Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco Club in California – and in the limos of the rockstars leaving the venue.

Sable Starr was one of the main members of the ‘baby-groupies’

Carmen Electra

It seems rockstars have a real thing for Baywatch babes, as Carmen Electra was another Baywatch alum who mingled with some of the most influential rockers of our time. After a failed marriage to a basketball player, Electra dipped her toe into the world of rock ‘n’ roll and found love with various rock stars, including Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee. Electra has also tried to get ahead in the world of music and enlisted the help of Prince to record her songs.

Carmen Electra was married to a basketball player before finding love with some of the most influential rock stars

Carmen Electra

Today, Carmen Electra is known for her acting skills and her brief stint in the world of music. Although we know little about her likes and dislikes, there is one thing we know for certain – she loves a bad boy. Especially one with tattoos. In 2004, she appeared on the MTV show ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave’ which followed the run-up to her wedding to Dave Navarro. Unfortunately, they ended things just a few months after the cameras stopped rolling.

Carmen Electra appeared on the MTV show ‘Til Death Do Us Part’

Lori Maddox

Lori Maddox was often called the ultimate ‘baby groupie’ as she ventured into the realm of rock stars when she was just shy of her 14th birthday! The rumors surrounding her life as a groupie have been infamous. She reportedly lost her virginity to none other than the Starman himself, David Bowie, and embarked on a strange and possessive relationship with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. After Lori and Jimmy broke up, she found solace with Mick Jagger. As you do.

Lori Maddox hung out with rock stars when she was just 13-years-old

Lori Maddox

Like Sable Starr, Lori Maddox was a hugely prominent figure in the world of ‘baby-groupies’ – because the rock stars of the ‘70s just loved their younger women. It seems Lori got her start in the groupie business with a little help from her ol’ pal, Sable. Sable introduced Lori to some of the men who would later become her boyfriends or one-night-stands. However, Lori and Sable’s friendship was tested and broken when Lori got with Sable’s man, Jimmy Page. Awkward.

Lori Maddox was introduced into the baby-groupie scene by Sable Starr


Courtney Love

Before she became internationally recognized as Kurt Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love had had a pretty turbulent life. After living in New Zealand for most of her life, she traveled to England, before moving to the States to embark on her own music career with Babes in Toyland and Faith No More. While in the midst of her own fame, she had her own groupies – before ditching it all to become Kurt’s number one fan. And she totally rocked it.

Courtney Love moved from New Zealand to England, to the States before meeting Kurt

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull was unlike many other groupies of the day, as she was brought up in an upper-class lifestyle, and was shrouded with the finer things in life. So, it was a bit of a shock to the system when her singing career took her into the rockstar/groupie lifestyle. Nevertheless, she embraced the newfound fame and mingled with The Rolling Stones – all of them. Yep, Faithfull is notorious for not only sleeping with Mick Jagger but two of his bandmates as well.

Marianne Faithfull was brought up in an upper-class family, but soon found herself surrounded by the men of The Rolling Stones


Marianne Faithfull

Although many were shocked with Marianne’s transition from posh totty to groupie, it didn’t come as a complete surprise to those who knew her family history. In fact, Marianne Faithfull is related to Leopold von Sacher – an aristocrat who lived during the 19th century. Leopold is famous for writing the popular erotic novel, Venus in Furs. He also coined the term ‘Masochism.’ Whether the rockstars knew this nifty little fact or not still remains unknown to this day.

Marianne Faithfull was related to Leopold von Sacher, who wrote Venus in Furs

Bobbi Brown

It’s no surprise that Bobbi Brown was a hit with some of the most famous rockers of all time, considering she was the ultimate blonde bombshell. Throughout her career and life as a groupie, Brown caught the attention of the whole world – she was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA, she was a TV personality, and she was a model. However, her most defining moment was her appearance in the music video for Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie.’ She definitely had a few fans herself.

Bobbi Brown was known for her beautiful looks, which attracted the attention of numerous rockers


Bobbi Brown

Throughout her groupie career, Bobbi Brown was not short of male attention. While on the set of the ‘Cherry Pie’ music video, she met Jani Jane; the two hit it off straight away, and they later tied the knot. Unfortunately, they divorced two years later – but Bobbi wasn’t too upset, as she soon found love in the Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee. Once again, the relationship didn’t work out, and Tommy married Pamela Anderson just four days after their split.

Bobbi Brown first married Jani Jane before marrying Tommy Lee

Erin Everly

So far, we’ve focused on major bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and the Motley Crue – but what about Guns N’ Roses?! Axl Rose is one of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll stars in history but spent the majority of his career settled down with his groupie wife, Erin Everly. The couple were absolutely besotted with each other, and Axl Rose wrote ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ for his beautiful wife. Unfortunately, they ended things a few years later.

Erin Everly was married to Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses and inspired the famous song ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd is known as one of the most beautiful groupies of all time – so it comes as no surprise to learn that she was a model. In fact, she had traveled all across the world to model for some of the biggest names and had even graced the front cover of Vogue before embarking on a groupie lifestyle. Of course, rockstars fawned over Pattie Boyd, but she didn’t want short-term flings. Instead, she first married George Harrison, and later married Eric Clapton.

Pattie Boyd was a beautiful model who caught the attention of some of the biggest names in rock

Bianca Jagger

With a name like Bianca Jagger, it doesn’t take a genius to work out who she was married to. Bianca was one of the most extravagant groupies of the ‘70s and ‘80s, and was notorious for her impressive club entries – including her infamous horse entrance! After making the rounds between some of the most talented rock stars of the time, Bianca found love with the Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. Unfortunately, the pair weren’t married for long, but Bianca is still famous today.

Bianca Jagger was married to Mick Jagger and was known for her impressive club entries


Bianca Jagger

Although she still adopts her ex-husband’s surname, Bianca Jagger is now famous in her own right. After her failed marriage to the rock star, she became a notable figure within the popular Studio 54 scene and embarked on a hugely successful acting career. Nowadays, she has moved away from the world of music and movies and spends most of her time serving on the Council of Europe as a goodwill ambassador, while her ex-husband dates a professional ballet dancer.

Bianca Jagger is now famous in her own right, after her marriage to Mick Jagger

Chris O’Dell

Chris O’Dell had always had a passion for music but stumbled into the world of rock ‘n’ roll by accident. Before her trysts with some of the biggest names in the world, O’Dell had been a lowly assistant for a record company – the record company that happened to manage The Beatles. Soon enough, O’Dell had embarked on relations with the band, including George Harrison, who wrote their song ‘O’Dell’ after her. After The Beatles, she made her way over to The Rolling Stones…

Chris O’Dell worked as an assistant for a record company before hooking up with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

Chris O’Dell

Chris O’Dell definitely had one of the most interesting experiences with rock stars – as she had both a physical and a professional relationship with the guys. Yep, after ditching The Beatles, Chris O’Dell helped out The Rolling Stones with their music, PR, and personal appearances. However, she soon got between the band as she juggled relationships with all of them at the same time. As tensions rose, she left the band and accepted a job as Bob Dylan’s tour manager.

Chris O’Dell caused tension between The Rolling Stones

Tura Satana

Tura Satana is known as one of the first-ever groupies and is hailed as being the catalyst for the groupie movement. The curvaceous Japanese beauty traveled to the United States to embark on a career as professional dancer and actress, and caught some pretty impressive eyes along the way. In fact, it’s widely reported that The King, Elvis Presley, took a keen liking to the talented actress, and spent many a night with her in his dressing room. Oo-er!

Tura Satana traveled from Japan to the United States to embark on an acting career and found herself founding the groupie scene

Tura Satana and Elvis Presley

According to sources, Tura and Elvis’s relationship was much more than just a simple fling or tryst in a dressing room. Instead, it is widely reported that Elvis Presley actually proposed to the dancer and actress! It is thought that she rejected the offer to continue her career. She moved on from The King, Satana continued to travel around the country, dancing in numerous clubs, acting in various movies, and having intimate relations with some of the biggest celebs of the time.

Tura Satana supposedly rejected Elvis Presley’s marriage proposal to carry on her career

Cleo Odzer

Cleo Odzer’s route into the groupie world was like something out of a rock ‘n’ roll movie. The young journalist managed to bag herself a music reporter job, that enabled her to get up close and personal with some of the most influential rock stars of the time. She soon took a fancy to Keith Emerson from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Cleo was able to quit her job to follow her fiance around the globe. Unfortunately, the couple split up soon after.

Cleo Odzer worked as a music reporter and got up close and personal with many musicians, including Keith Emerson

Donna D’Errico

Yep, it’s another Baywatch babe! Alongside being a firm favorite on the popular TV show, Donna D’Errico also had the title of Playboy Bunny under her belt, which meant the rockstars were queuing up to get a few moments alone with her. Although she was well sought-after, there was only really one man for Donna – Nikki Sixx from the Motley Crue. The couple were married for nearly a decade and created a beautiful family together before they divorced in 2007.

Donna D’Errico was a Baywatch babe and a Playboy Bunny and married Nikki Sixx from the Motley Crue

Donna D’Errico

Since Donna and Nikki Sixx’s divorce a decade ago, Donna has since shed some light on what it’s really like to date a rock star. It seems that while Donna was pregnant with their now 16-year-old daughter, she discovered that her husband had been unfaithful. Although she was devastated by the news, she did not receive any sympathy from the press, family or friends – who all noted that she was a groupie, and he was a rockstar. What did she expect?

Donna D’Errico confirmed that she and Nikki Sixx divorced because he was unfaithful

Brandi Brandt

Donna D’Errico wasn’t Nikki Sixx’s only conquest. A few years before meeting D’Errico, he had been taken with the brunette beauty, Brandi Brandt. Even though she was a groupie, Brandie was also a rockstar in her own right, as she was the drummer for American Girls, an actress, a model and a Playboy Bunny – she was even the star of Aerosmith’s ‘Love in an Elevator’ music video. Brandi and Nikki tied the knot in 1989 but broke things off in 1996.

Brandi Brandt was Nikki Sixx’s first wife, who was a drummer, actress, model and Playboy Bunny

Connie Hamzy

Although she was actually called Connie Hamzy, she became well-known in the groupie circle as ‘Sweet Connie’ because of her ‘nice girl’ image. Connie became a firm favorite for the most impressive rockstars of the time, including John Bonham, Alice Cooper, and Keith Moon. In fact, these bad-boy rockers were so taken with her good girl image that they often wrote about her in their songs. You’ll notice her name in the Grand Funk Railroad song, ‘We’re an All American Band.’

Connie Hamzy was known as ‘Sweet Connie’ because of her ‘good girl’ image

Connie Hamzy and Bill Clinton

Many groupies claimed to have control over certain states – and Connie Hamzy was the groupie governor of Little Rock, Arkansas. She claims to have spent numerous intimate nights with some of the biggest names in rock, but that wasn’t all. In 1991, Hamzy reported that she had been propositioned by the then-governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Since then, she has been the source of numerous scandals, and she has told her tales through many tell-all interviews and books.

Connie Hamzy was the so-called governor of Little Rock, Arkansas

Kendra Jade

Kendra Jade accidentally found herself within the groupie circle without really realizing what had happened. In her early 20s, she made her way to California to become one of the biggest burlesque performers in the business – and of course, rock stars were absolutely smitten with her looks and her talent. However, unlike many of the other groupies, Kendra found love with a sole rocker, Lukas Rossi. The two got hitched in 2007 and have been happily married since then.

Kendra Jade moved to California in her early 20s to make it big as a burlesque dancer, and soon married Lukas Rossi

Josie Stevens

Josie Stevens is a modern-day groupie who has found success outside of her relationships. Sure, she’s married to one of the biggest rockers of today, Steve Stevens, but she’s used this newfound fame to propel her career. Josie has been hugely successful as a Playboy Bunny, a model, a makeup artist, and a clothing designer. As if this wasn’t enough, Josie does all of this alongside her main job as Steven’s manager. We’re exhausted just thinking about all that.

Josie Stevens is married to Steve Stevens and is an established businesswoman and model at the same time

Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee

Many of us will probably know Heather Locklear as one of the most successful actresses of the ‘90s. She appeared on the popular TV show, Melrose Place, and had even appeared in shows such as Spin City and Dynasty. However, Heather is also a notorious groupie. In her earlier years, Heather would follow around some of the biggest rock bands of all time and hooked up with musician Tommy Lee, drummer of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, who became her husband in 1986.

Heather Locklear is a successful actress but spent most of her early years following rock bands and hooking up with rockstars

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora

Heather Locklear was married to Tommy Lee from 1986 until 1993 and soon found solace in the arms of Richie Sambora. Although their relationship ended in 2007, their marriage did produce one lasting memory in the form of their daughter, Ava. Taking after her mother in the looks department and taking after her father in the fame department, Ava Sambora is currently taking the modeling world by storm and hopes to one day become an actress. Perhaps she’ll become a groupie, too?

Heather Locklear had a daughter called Ava Sambora with her second husband, Richie Sambora

Audrey Hamilton

Audrey Hamilton had the time of her life during her younger years. She would constantly be photographed making her way onto tour buses and hanging her arms around some of the most notorious rock stars of all time. Despite her penchant for musicians, Audrey just stuck to one in the ‘70s – Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. The pair dated for a couple of years but broke things off in 1977, before she moved on to Ace Frehley from Kiss.

Audrey Hamilton was dating Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant for a few years before she moved on to Ace Frehley

The other woman

Although Audrey and Robert Plant openly dated for many years, their relationship wasn’t without criticism. In fact, Robert Plant had a wife and kids at home. However, he would ask Audrey along to every single tour they had and would engage in an open and intimate relationship together for the whole world to see. She would tend to all of his needs, both physically and emotionally. In terms of the affair, Plant maintained that he didn’t care what people thought of him.

Audrey Hamilton engaged in an affair with Robert Plant, with his wife and kids at home

Kathleen Dorritie

You might not recognize this name, but you might recognize Kathleen Dorritie’s nickname, Cherry Vanilla. Kathleen found her way into the life of a groupie after she bagged herself a job as David Bowie’s publicist. This close relationship with the rock hero made sure she was a prime contender in the groupie inner circle, and she even had a fling with John Lennon. Outside of the groupie life, Kathleen was a fan of Andy Warhol and worked on many of his projects.

Kathleen Dorritie was known as Cherry Vanilla and found her way into the groupie world as David Bowie’s publicist

Not very Vanilla

Although she was one of the only groupies on this list to have a professional job within the rock music industry, many of Kathleen’s endeavors weren’t the most professional. In fact, she quickly built up a reputation for offering explicit deals with those who would invest in their products, or just to get people listening to Bowie, Vangelis or her other clients. She became a leading figure in the world of radio promotion and was pretty darn saucy in her advertisements.

Kathleen Dorritie was known for her explicit language and her saucy advertisements on the radio

Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith was a hugely influential groupie back in the day and had her way with countless rock stars and musicians – who felt compelled to write songs about her, both good and bad. Over the course of her career, bands and musicians such as The Band and Gordon Lightfoot wrote songs that were either inspired or dedicated to Cathy Smith, after their relations together. Smith dated Lightfoot for many months until his rockstar lifestyle proved too much for Smith.

Cathy Smith made her rounds in the world of rock and roll and had numerous songs written about or for her

Cathy Smith the dealer

As well as having numerous intimate relations with some of the biggest rock stars of the time, Cathy Smith also sang with them. In the late 1970s, Smith tried to establish herself as a backup singer for Hoyt Axton. However, the rockstar lifestyle soon served as a hindrance to her musical career, and she ultimately found herself dealing narcotics to the likes of Keith Richards, Ron Wood, and Axton. She later moved to Los Angeles where she became the dealer for the stars.

Cynthia Albritton

Cynthia Albritton was a fairly unusual groupie, who found her way into the inner circle of rockstars in a pretty unique way – as her work earned her the nickname, Cynthia Plaster-Caster. Yep, along with her intimate relations with the rockstars, Cynthia got up close and personal to create plaster cast models of their private parts, which were either kept by the owner or sold on to willing fans. In fact, her first customer was the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

Cynthia Albritton was known as Cynthia Plaster-Caster as she would make plaster cast models of the rock stars’ private parts

Cynthia Albritton

Incredibly, Cynthia Albritton’s odd plaster-casting ways was not a turnoff for the rock stars of the ‘60s and ‘70s. In fact, the whole process intrigued the men, who all battled for her attention. She soon developed a reputation for her strange hobby, and was later immortalized in the world of music by the popular Kiss song, ‘Plaster Caster.’ Cynthia became so popular, she was often asked to attend photo shoots – and specifically asked to bring a box filled with her collection of casts.

Cynthia Albritton was immortalized in the Kiss song about her strange hobby

Roxana Shirazi

Roxana Shirazi was originally born in Iran but fled with her family to England when she was just a youngster. As she grew up, Roxana struggled to find work so found herself working in belly dancing clubs, which gave her the chance to get even closer to some of her musical idols. Over the course of her career, she has hooked up with and followed these musicians on the road, including members of Guns N’ Roses and Black Cherry.

Roxana Shirazi worked as a belly dancer and a groupie for Black Cherry and Guns N’ Roses


Nancy Spungen

Nancy Spungen was known in the world of groupies for her short and sad career. Riddled with mental health problems and lacking any form of money, Spungen traveled from America to London when she was just 15-years-old in search of a new life. She soon found herself working as a call-girl, but managed to get herself within the inner circle of bands such as Aerosmith, The Ramones, and The New York Dolls. Unfortunately, she was stabbed to death when she was just 20-years-old.

Nancy Spungen moved to London when she was just 15-years-old, where she hung out with major rock ‘n’ roll bands


Although it’s pretty unheard of, there are a number of male groupies across the world – including Pleather. Pleather has been the subject of many controversies throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, with many people questioning his motives and his love for rock stars and rock music. Nevertheless, he has managed to follow some of the most impressive female rock stars across the globe, including the members of The Bangles and Courtney Love – making him one of the most notorious groupies of all time.

Pleather was a male groupie who had a fascination with members of The Bangles and Courtney Love during the ‘80s and ‘90s

Uschi Obermaier

When you think of a groupie, you probably don’t think of political movements – but that’s exactly what the world of rock and roll got with Uschi Obermaier. The Berlin local had a ball of a time during the rock and roll era and notoriously spent many an evening with Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, and Keith Richards. She then ditched them to join Kommune 1, a conservative student commune that protested the structure of the middle-class family in the country.

Uschi Obermaier was a groupie that later became involved with Kommune 1

Silky Gage

Silky Gage was a rather unusual groupie. Instead of having intimate relations with some of the biggest male names in the business, Silky tied herself to one particular rock and roll superstar – Lotti Golden. It’s believed that Silky and Lotti were simply best friends, rather than lovers, but there’s no denying the two were inseparable. Silky Gage is often considered Lotti’s muse, and inspired much of her life and work, including numerous songs, such as ‘Silky is Sad.’

Silky Gage was the groupie and muse of the singer and rockstar, Lotti Golden

Annette Walter-Lax

Like many of the groupies on this list, Annette Walter-Lax became particularly close to Keith Moon. It seems nobody could resist The Who’s drummer, but Annette has an even more intimate story of her time with Keith – in fact, she was with the rock star when he died. According to reports, Keith asked the groupie to make him some dinner, but she refused his request. She rudely told Keith where to go, and he died of an overdose just a short while later.

Annette Walter-Lax was close to Keith Moon and was with him when he died

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is one of the biggest female names in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. She was not only the lead singer of the popular rock band, Hole, but she was also a renowned groupie – with a real thing for music and talented musicians. Although she is well-known for her passionate and turbulent marriage to Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love had racked up some pretty impressive hook-ups before her nuptials, including Michael Stipe and Billy Corgan.

Courtney Love was famous for marrying Kurt Cobain and was a notorious groupie before their marriage