Tell-tale signs that you need to hit the gym


There is a common misconception that only people that bear a little extra weight need to hit the gym and work out. Either that or those who need to build muscles only. These ideas are not entirely true. Being of average weight does not always mean that one is fit and skinny people can also be unfit. In fact, fitness is not measured by weight; some heavier people can be much more fit than their lighter counterparts.

Regardless of your weight, there are a few obvious signs that you are unfit that should prompt you to go sign up for the gym or simply take up working out. Some of these signs include:

  • You get winded and pant after walking up a small flight of stairs or just walking for a short distance. Running out of breath is an obvious sign that the body is not in the best shape it can be
  • Getting muscle aches after taking part in simple physical exercises such as, again, walking up a small flight of stairs. This is a sign that your muscles are not used to the work out as they suffer oxygen debt which leads to the accumulation of lactic acid that brings about pain when it cannot be broken down
  • Inability to lift heavy items is a sign that you are, unfortunately, unfit. This is especially if the heavy items are less than half your overall weight
  • Constant fatigue even when you haven’t done work that would warrant the same is another sign that you are not as fit as you should want to be
  • You cannot manage the ultimate test of fitness; the push-up. Not being able to lift your own weight off the ground is a huge red flag when it comes to fitness
  • Your resting heart rate is high. Your heart rate should be slower when you are in a resting position. A fast beating heart while on rest mode should be your cue to be a concern
  • You get injured when you take part in light physical activities. This can be because your muscles and joints are weak and cannot withstand any heavy exercises
  • Health concerns that mostly manifest in the form of heart diseases can also be a sign that you need to work on your fitness
  • Your heart takes a long time to slow down after vigorous exercise. It will take a fit person a shorter time for their heart rate to go back to normal than it would take an unfit person
  • You cannot maintain your balance even for a few seconds if you stand on one leg. You don’t need to have perfect balance but not being able to stand on one leg for at least a minute should be cause for concern.

There are more signs of physical unfitness that you can notice change in once you start working out. It is not enough to conclude that since your weight or BMI is in the safe bracket then you are automatically fit. Engaging in a few exercises such as walking briskly to a nearby place might just change your entire life.