The Tea Ceremony Around the Globe


Hot tea or cold tea? For many people, it doesn’t really matter. Tea has been one of the most popular drink around the world. Need a refreshing drink in a hot summer afternoon? A cold glass of tea can quench your thirst just like that. Feeling cold? Enjoy a cup of hot tea to keep you warm.

The Many Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the world’s favorite drink. Thanks in part to a number of studies made, that has helped uncover the multiple health benefits of tea. Some of the of the known benefits of tea include:

Tea has rich anti-oxidant properties

Tea helps lower your risks from different forms of cancer

Tea aids in promoting enhanced metabolism and healthy digestion

Tea may provide cardiovascular protection

Tea Traditions Around the Globe

People drink tea in the morning, afternoon, or evening. They are shared with the loved ones, families and friends.

For some people around the world, tea is more than just a drink. In fact, tea has become a way of life to some. Find out some of the tea ceremonies from around the globe in this article:

The British Classic Afternoon Tea

British people have an affinity for drinking tea in the afternoon. Common teas served include black tea and milk tea.

Traditionally, it started in 1865. One afternoon, the 7th Duchess of Bedford felt sad and gloomy. She then asked for tea paraphernalia along with some bread and butter delivered to her room. The duchess enjoyed the tea so much that soon enough she started inviting special guests to spend some afternoon tea with her.

The Japanese ‘Way of Tea’ Ceremony

Tea has essentially become part of the Japanese culture. Their tea ceremony is popularly referred to as matcha. It consists of serving powdered green tea shared by a group of individuals in tearooms or teahouses. This ceremony is believed to be influenced by Zen Buddhism.

The Chinese ‘Art of Tea’ Ceremony

The typical tea used in Chinese tea ceremony is the Oolong tea. They refer to this tea tradition, which was an influence of Taoism, as Gongfu Cha where the tea leaves are presented in porous clay pots and cups which are served in bamboo box.

Today, we know of China as one of the best providers of tea. It is where different types of tea are cultivated.

Russia’s Tea – As A Symbol of Friendship Tradition

In Russia, tea can be drank throughout the day. Drinking tea has become a traditional symbol for friendship. Russians share their tea with family and friends which are usually served along with cookies, crepes, sandwiches, jams and cakes.

India’s Chai Tea

Considered as India’s national tea drink, Chai tea is served in almost every households and is also being sold in almost every places in India. The Chai tea is basically a milk tea which is characterized by its distinct sweet and a bit spiced flavor.

Thailand’s Strongly-Brewed Red Tea

The roots of Thailand’s tea tradition can be traced from the civil war era. Their tea is usually derived from strongly-brewed tea with additional ingredients such as anise, a bit of spices and some red food coloring.