What tattoos look like years later

In case you didn’t know tattoos are permanent so when getting one done a person should really think it all the way through. Yeah, you could get it removed but some say that can be an even bigger pain than getting it done. People need to choose the right artist and the right tattoo so they won’t be crying with regret.

The problem is many times tattoos are done on the whim of a night out or just because someone says “go for it” and many times people don’t end up thinking it through all the way. They choose a bad artist who gets it all wrong and leaves them with a tattoo they did not ask for. And once it’s done it’s done. It’s there for good now.

These people have to live with these fails and good chances they are probably trying to hide them either with makeup or just covering themselves with clothing. From wrong spelling, creepy characters to misunderstood messages and many more these are some tattoos that turned out way wrong and has people wishing they could turn back the clock.

Never don’t give up

There’s nothing better than an inspiring tattoo it seems most tattoos are like inspiring ones. People want to make themselves feel better. After all, who wouldn’t want to adorn their body in artwork and quotes that remind them to be brave? We’re up for it. However, this is a fine example of someone who did not check their tattoo idea before the gun came out. We don’t think this is what he meant if he was an avid English speaker.

A man has had a tattoo on his bicep that says, ‘Never don’t give up’

We’re not even sure what this double negative is telling us. Should we give up? Should we never give up? One is for sure; we DON’T know the answer to those questions. This is confusing and the poor fellow must have been even more confused himself when he got up from the chair and saw the text on his skin. Don’t give up man maybe next time you will find a better tattoo artist.

Jon Bovi the legend

Nowadays, it’s become a trend for music fans to have lyrics permanently etched onto their skins, and this is the perfect way to show your allegiance to a band or artist, and your connection to their lyrics. Unfortunately, we can tell this tattoo artist wasn’t the greatest fan of Jon Bon Jovi or he was simply tricked by a devious tattoo artist, or maybe the artist got confused and had no clue what was going on.

A music fan has been incorrectly tattooed with, ‘“It’s is my life” - Jon Bovi’

For starters, they have got the name completely wrong, and don’t even get us started on the ‘it’s is’ scenario. Eugh, it’s making us cringe with spelling mistake anger. Make it go away! It sort of also looks like this guy tried to convince people that the actual artist wrote this but he is duping everyone. You can’t fool anyone with this poor excuse for a tattoo.

I’m not lovin’ it

Don’t get us wrong, we love McDonald’s as much as the next person (and they really love Maccy D’s), but this is going way too far. After being pressured by his friends to get a McDonald’s tattoo, this guy decided to get one helluva receipt permanently inked onto his foreman. An actual full receipt on his arm we are sure he won’t forget what he ate that day.

A man was pressured by his friends to get a McDonald's receipt tattooed on his arm

We really hope that McFlurry and cheeseburger were worth it because we are not lovin’ this dodgy tattoo. This is why you don’t give in to peer pressure, kids. Not for any bet in the world would we try this and you know what the artist that was ok with this should be ashamed as well. This is not a proper tattoo. This guy will be making an appointment for removal next week.

Missing one /post_page_title]

Although these tattoo fails are pretty darn embarrassing for the people who have them on their body, we can at least get a good laugh at them – especially when they’re full of irony. We’re not sure whether this was a genuine mistake or some kind of ironic joke, but we have a feeling this person might regret their tattoo choice later on in life.  What are you gonna do a person only has ten fingers no more than that.

A woman has had the letters ‘PLAN AHEA’ on each finger but ran out of space for the ‘D’

Yup, they obviously didn’t plan ahead, so they really shouldn’t take their own advice again. Like, ever. Or maybe look up what it means to actually plan something for real. He could have just used his thumbs for an extra letter but it just didn’t have the right effect as the big letters in the center of the hands. Oh well now he is stuck with this and we got a good laugh. Enjoy.

[post_page_title]Darn Millennials

Although we’re proud millennials, we also know that our kind has been widely stereotyped over the past few years. With our inability to buy our house because of our sandwich-eating habits, our love skinny-no-milk-no-soy-no-coffee lattes, our MacBook Pros and our obsession with Avocados, we do get on peoples’ nerves. But we love what we love and we have no shame in putting it on tattoos on our bodies apparently. Just look at this tat.

A millennial has had an open Avocado tattooed on themselves, complete with stone

This person decided to stick it to the man even more by getting an avocado (stone and all) tattooed on themselves – although it looks a little bruised, maybe not ripe enough yet. We have to admit; we bloomin’ hate it. It’s just a little too much, yeah avocados are great but there really isn’t a good reason to get them tattooed on your body forever. And you know if an avocado is bad it can be really bad.


Unless you’re ready to face the consequences, it’s a rule of thumb that you DO NOT get anyone’s names tattooed on your body. Although family members’ names aren’t too bad because they’re pretty permanent, getting your boyfriend or girlfriends name on you is risky business.

A man had ‘Megan’ tattooed on his arm before it was crossed out with ‘oops! I meant Hollie’

This man found that out the hard way when he broke up with Megan and started dating Hollie. Hopefully, they won’t break up anytime soon because he’s slowly but surely running out of space…

Getting older

Although none of us really want to get older, it’s inevitable – y’know, unless you have a time machine, which would be pretty cool. Unfortunately, the signs of old age come in different forms, and for many men, it’s balding that really pushes them over the edge.

A man has had a man mowing the lawn tattooed inside the bald patch on his head

However, there are some people that take the aging process in their stride, including this guy who thought he’d give those looking at his bald head a good laugh. We love this.

Team Drake

If you’re contemplating getting a tattoo, you may be worried about it being on show. Luckily, there are loads of places on your body that you can ink so that they can be covered up whenever you want.

A woman has shaved her eyebrows and had DRAKE tattooed on her forehead

It seems this woman didn’t get that memo, or that she didn’t want to listen to it – because she just loves Drake so gosh darn much, and she wants the whole world to know it. Although it’s disturbing, her lack of eyebrows creeps us out more.

Who is Brenda?

Okay, we have so many questions for this guy. For starters, who the heck is Brenda? Is she your girlfriend? Your wife? Your daughter? Your mom? Your enemy? Secondly, why the heck have you got her name tattooed ALL OVER your back? (Even the big ‘BRENDA’ is made up of little Brendas).

A man has hundreds of big and little ‘Brenda’ words on his back in different fonts

Thirdly, what’s with all of the different fonts? Could you not decide? Was Times New Roman not enough for you? Man, we wish we could meet this guy. And Brenda.

Alien child

Many people choose to have tattoos of a childhood memory, or of their child – and that’s totally okay. In fact, it can be pretty cute if it’s done properly. Unfortunately, this is one of the most epic tattoo fails we’ve ever seen.

A man has a tattoo of a child on his forearm, but the child has a sock for a tongue

Not only does this child have a sock for a mouth (we hope there’s some kind of relevance for this, otherwise it is just weird), but it also doesn’t look like a child. It looks more like an alien.

No Regerts

If you’ve ever seen the popular movie, Vacation, you might have laughed at the sheer hilarity of the gangster-wannabe and his ‘No Ragrets’ tattoo. Because people only do that in movies, right? Oh, how we wish that was true.

A man has had a tattoo that is misspelled to say ‘No Regerts’ instead of ‘No Regrets’

Whether this ‘No Regerts’ tattoo was the mistake of the tattoo artist or the poor planning of the victim we’re not sure, but we think they’re both to blame for this awful tattoo. This guy definitely has a regert now.

Our tears dry on their own

We’re all for getting weird and wonderful tattoos because nobody wants the same tattoo as someone else. Tattoos are all about self-expression, and images and quotes that mean something to the person in question. Although we don’t know the lady in the picture, we can’t think of any reason why ANYONE would want to have an onion tattooed under their armpit.A woman has had a picture of half an onion tattooed on her armpit

It’s fair to say that this is definitely making us cry a little bit.

Nothing last’s forever

Oh, man. Can we just go home now? Can we leave humanity behind? Can we go and live on the moon? We can’t deal with these epic acts of stupidity any longer. In fact, we’re not really sure what we’re more offended by. =

A man has had a quote tattooed on his forearm which reads, ‘Nothing last’s forever’

Could it be the fact that this guy has got a tattoo PERMANENTLY inked on his arm that says ‘Nothing last’s forever’? (Hint: tattoos last forever) or could it be the unwelcome apostrophe? We’re not sure. We’re done.

Human instructions

Sometimes, we just don’t really know where we stand with the human race. With so many different people across the world, we don’t know how to cope. Luckily, this guy has got the right idea and is helping out those of us who are confused.

A man has a clothes washing label tattooed onto the back of his neck

Now we know that we have to hand wash him with warm water, we know that we can’t machine dry him, and we know not to iron him. I mean, where would we be without that tattoo, ey?

Only Karl

The tattoo in this photo is of legendary producer, comedian and tv personality Karl Pilkington, known for telling it how it is, and not mincing his words. =

karl pilkington tattoo

When one of his fans gets a tattoo of his famously round head on their body, he answers flatly that in his day, people simply got posters of the celebs they liked. It’s true that this is a permanent way to say that you like someone, and kind of extreme.

Your Name Here…

Getting a womans name tattoed onto your body is a huge commitment. It’s a way to say that you’re serious, that you want to be together forever, and you’re ready to make a statement to whoever sees you that this is the lady for you. =

Your name tattoo

But what if you’re afraid of commitment, and don’t think you’ll ever settle down with just one person? This guy had a great solution, simply putting the generic “your name here” to cover everyone that might come up.

In Loving Memory of…

A tattoo can be a really beautiful way to remember someone who was important to you, and always keep them close in mind and spirit. This guy wanted to remember his grandfather, who he called granddad. He even remembered the years of this mans life, so he could include that when he got the ink done. =

rip grandad

If only he had remembered the letter N at the same time, eh? Massive ouch, what a nightmare to get fixed.

Zip me up?

Some people like to get tattoos with deep meanings… but some clearly don’t. We have absolutely no idea what this woman was thinking, but something in her thought process clearly went extremely wrong. =

Tattoos are really painful and we know some spots are more sensitive than others to the needle, a tattoo so close to her eyes must have hurt like hell. We hope she liked the end result because it is not going anywhere now!


Nothing says you love your high school squad more than a group tattoo. The choice of the body part where these four got tattooed is doubtful in itself but the actual song that they chose for the tattoos is just straight up hilarious.

We all know Call Me Maybe and most guiltily sing along but getting the lyrics permanently tattooed on your thigh is another level.


Nothing says classy like calling yourself classy. Especially if it is tattooed on your lower back in red and black ink with a diamond next to it.

These tattoos are generally referred to in a not so pleasant word which of course we know is anything but classy maybe even far far from it. But at least this girl is letting us know that in her case we shouldn’t be alarmed because it is indeed a “classy” tattoo.


Pick up line?

Boys love to compare what pick up lines they think work the best. And in turn girls love to get together to laugh at the boys pick up lines.

We have all heard a wide variety of pick up lines, some funnier and more efficient than others. Were not sure if the intention of this tattoo was to pick up girls but we can guarantee him that it probably wont work.

Judging all around

A lot to say about this tattoo. First of all, what? Seriously who in their right mind would get this tattooed on their back. Poor guy, he thinks only god is judging him but we are sure that a lot of people out there are judging him if he ever takes his shirt off and people catch a glimpse of this.

Perhaps he is trying to send a message to anyone looking at his back- don’t mess with him, he only looks to one person for judgment and that guys is upstairs.


Always loving it

There are two types of people in the world, those who love McDonalds and those who hate it. It goes without being said what type of person this man is. He even took it to the next level tattooing “Always loving it” instead of the catch phrase we all know from McDonalds “I’m loving it”

He must really love life and the fast food chain. Yeah we all love the fries but would never get the tatttoo on our backs to honor this chain. It is also very big we hope he really is loving it.

Patients is a Virtue

Thinking about all the important great character traits which this woman wanted to get permanently tattooed to her skin, she thought that this was the one which summed her up the best. Unfortunately, while patients is a word, it wasn’t quite the word she was looking for.

patients tattoo

Patients = under the care of a doctor, as opposed to Patience, the virtue. Let’s hope she has enough patients to sit through all those laser treatments and get it removed.

Missing puzzle piece

Getting a tattoo with a significant other is one of the most romantic things you could do. Yep, permanently inking your skin with something sentimental is one of the best ways to show your love for each other.

A couple have puzzle pieces tattooed on their wrists, but the pieces are both corner pieces

However, it’s fair to say that some people need to put more thought into their supposedly sentimental tats, as these two corner pieces would never be able to fit together on a puzzle board. Sorry, lovebirds, your relationship is doomed.

Eensy Weensy Gosling

We have a feeling this guy was so sick of his girlfriend fawning over heartthrob Ryan Gosling, that he decided to curb her infatuation once and for all.

A tattoo on someone’s arm which is Ryan Gosling’s face on a spider body

In fact, it’s enough to put us all off of the ‘La La Land’ star. Why would you mix the most beautiful man in the world with the most horrific of creepy crawlies on the planet? This makes us so very, very sad. Make it go away now, please!

Thenks Mather

Well, where do we start with this one? While this guy might have thought being nice about his mom would get him all the girls, he might have wanted to proof read the tattoo before getting it permanently inked on his skin.

A tattoo on a young man’s arm which says “Thenks mather for my life.”

We’re just glad his thanking his mother for his life and not for his education, otherwise we’d have to assume he was being totally sarcastic. Wait… Unless he’s talking about Marshall Mathers? AKA Eminem. Nope, still doesn’t work.

The artist sure did listen

Everyone knows that getting a tattoo in Chinese symbols is just asking for trouble (just wait until you see the next tattoo fail). The owner of this tattoo thought they’d bypass all of the jokes about getting a Chinese tattoo and regrets, by simply getting the word ‘Regret’ tattooed on their arm, followed by “(in Chinese)”.

A tattoo on someone which says “Regret” with “(in Chinese)” underneath

Super smart and 10/10 for originality. The problem is, this person still has a terrible tattoo, soooo.

Lost in translation

Talking of getting a tattoo in another language…! If you are planning on getting something in another language tattooed on your body, make sure you ask someone who speaks that language what it means.

A tattoo on a woman’s back in another language, which translates to “chicken noodle soup.”

This woman has had to learn the hard way, by now having her Chinese food order permanently on her skin. Unless that’s what she was going for? Which we have our doubts about. We could do with some chicken noodle soup right now, actually.


This guy isn’t beating around the bush when it comes to his life choices. We’re not sure whether he specifically asked for this to be inked on his skin or whether his tattoo choice was just so bad that the artist decided to turn it into this instead.

A tattoo on someone’s back which says “Clearly I have made some bad decisions.”

Either way, at least he will forever be reminded that he is clearly not very good at making life decisions. Plus it’s on his back, so he never really has to see it.


Forever young

Aww, who remembers ‘The Fox and The Hound’? It was one of the most beautiful Disney stories about friendship against the odds, even if it did have that horrible scene in it (you know the one). This person clearly wanted to celebrate their love of the Disney flick, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a tattoo artist to do the job.

A tattoo which says “For ever young” and shows characters from ‘The Fox and the Hound’ badly drawn

Unless it’s been directly copied from their toddler’s drawing, there is no excuse for such awful work.

THAT dress

Who remembers when THAT dress broke the internet? Was it white and gold or blue and black? Who knows?! While some of us look back at that viral photo with fondness, this person decided to go one step further and get an actual tattoo of the dress.

A tattoo of the viral dress that is blue and black but says “White and gold?” around it

We have so many questions, but the first one has to be… WHY?! Why would you want this on your skin for the rest of your life? We literally can’t think of any reason that makes sense.

Walkens accepted

Christopher Walken is an acting legend, no doubt about that. We could totally understand why someone would want to get a tattoo of his face on themselves (kind of). However, it looks as though this tattoo parlor wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – it’s such a bad tattoo!

A really bad tattoo of Christopher Walken with a picture of his actual face next to it to show the difference

They definitely seem like the kind of place that just accepted Walkens (see what we did there?) as we can’t imagine there’s much of a waiting list with work like this.

Serious swag

Wow. Need we say any more? We cannot, for the life of us, work out why someone would walk into a tattoo parlor and ask for this to be permanently inked onto their skin. We also don’t know any reputable tattoo artist that would agree to this.

A man with a tattoo on his chest that says “Whiteboy Swag” in graffiti style font

The words, the way it looks, that fake necklace… It’s all the total opposite of swag if you ask us. We hope this guy has enough money for laser removal when he grows up.

Creepy kid

Ah man, this gives us the total creeps. If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make us run for the hills, it’s creepy kids. While the little girl in the photo may look as cute as a button, the tattoo certainly doesn’t do her any justice!

A picture of a cute girl on the left and then a badly drawn tattoo on the right, which makes her look creepy

In fact, it looks like something out of a horror movie! This is just a prime example of why you find the best portrait tattoo artist before you get a loved one inked on your skin forever.

Tiger Lily

This is another case of, “We hope your toddler drew that.” Tigers and flowers are easily some of the most popular tattoo choices out there, with loads of people adorning their bodies with different variations of the animal and flower combo.A tattoo of a tiger within a flower that is extremely badly drawn like it was done by a child

However, at least find a tattoo artist that isn’t going to ink something that looks like it has been made with crayons. Please. We hope this person managed to get a refund for this ultimate tattoo fail.

Tech appreciation

We bet whoever got this tattoo never expected Blackberry phones to become pretty much obsolete within 10 years. Seriously, who owns a Blackberry any more? Sure, we get that you might not like Apple products, but there surely has to be a better way to boycott the brand than to get this tattoo.

A tattoo of a Blackberry phone with the writing “iPhone sucks” underneath

Soon, this tattoo will be the only Blackberry left in existence. How does that make you feel, iPhone hater? Yeah, bet you feel pretty silly right now.

A misteak?

We are really trying to work out what on earth is going on in this photo. Of course, we understand that this is some kind of memorial tattoo (the RIP gives that away). However, why is it on a big slab of meat? Is it because her name is June Cleaver?

A tattoo of a slab of meat which says “RIP June Cleaver” on it

Did she like steak? Or was the tattoo artist given poetic license, so came up with this play on the meaty surname? We really don’t know what to make of this tattoo.

Chicken wings

We love winged tattoos, usually found on shoulder blades like the real thing. We have seen some truly beautiful angel and bird wings in our time, but never (like never ever) have we seen someone with chicken wings. Either this person really loves KFC or the tattoo artist got a bit confused when they were asked to tattoo wings.

A woman with two tattoos of chicken wings on her back

This tattoo has also made us seriously hungry for some chicken wings right now. Maybe that’s the aim? Maybe she works for KFC?

Beloved pooch

Lots of people decide to get their beloved pet tattooed on them, especially if that pet is no longer with us (RIP Fido). Usually, you’d have to take a photo of your cat, dog or parrot into the tattoo parlor and let them work their magic.

A picture showing a really badly drawn tattoo of a dog on someone’s body

However, by the looks of this tattoo, the photo this person brought in was taken on a potato. Or, the tattoo artist just imagined what this person’s dog might look like. Either way, it’s totally tragic.

Babby girl

This tattoo looks like someone has drawn it on in pen – and we’re kind of hoping that is the case, when you see what it says. We have a feeling this woman’s significant other thought they would treat her to a homemade tattoo, only they forgot how to spell the word ‘baby.’

A woman with a tattoo on her neck which says “Babby girl”

Is the word baby really that hard to spell? Or maybe her name is Barbara and her nickname is Babby Girl? We’re totally clutching at straws here.

Keep to yourself

Once you have seen this tattoo (and those hands) you’ll never be able to unsee it. Sorry! This person is clearly a huge fan of Audi, the car brand, and couldn’t wait to show the rest of the world their love. Before they took this photo, they probably should have considered washing their hands and maybe clipping their nails.

Someone with very dirty hands and long nails with an Audi tattoo on all of their knuckles

Vorsprung durch Technik is Audi’s slogan and means progress through technology, but we kinda wish camera phones didn’t exist right now.


We all love a little bit of an energy boost every now and then. Some people like Red Bull, others enjoy Gatorade, and some love Mountain Dew. This guy, however, is very passionate about what energy drink in particular.

A man with a tattoo of the logo for the energy drink brand Monster on his forehead

So passionate, in fact, that he actually got their logo inked on his forehead. Perhaps he had enjoyed a little bit too much Monster before he headed to the tattoo shop and made this rash decision. His eyes ARE looking a little wild…

No turning back…literally

Why oh why do these things happen? We’re so used to spelling mistakes in these tattoo fails now that we’re not even surprised to see this one. What we’re kind of hoping is that the person who got this tattoo done was simply doing it as a joke. A small tattoo which says “No ragrets” instead of “No regrets”

Some kind of ironic joke… There simply is no other explanation for getting such a terrible tattoo inked permanently on your body. Luckily, it looks kind of small so it could always be covered up.


Nobodies perfect

We have all heard that age-old saying of “nobody’s perfect,” right? So, it makes sense to get that important phrase inked on your body if it means something truly special to you. However, you might want to make sure that your tattoo artist is a perfectionist before you have this tattooed on your chest.

A tattoo on a woman’s chest which says “Nobodies perfect” with a heart in the middle

And that means ensuring they can spell, as well. After all, ‘nobodies perfect’, but if you’ve got a tattoo license then you should at least be able to tattoo well.

Here in my haert

Ah man! What is it with this tattoo artists that just don’t know how to spell? We know, from experience, that you have to say yes to a design before it gets inked on your skin, so it’s not totally the fault of the person doing the tattoo.

A tattoo on someone’s arm which says “Here in my haert” instead of “Here in my heart”

The person getting the tattoo should also proofread it before it becomes permanent! We just feel sorry for whoever is in this person’s ‘haert.’ That’s one way to be remembered.

Super bowel

Sports fans are some of the best in the world! They really care about their sports teams, the players, and the beautiful game. Many will get their team logo or an important event tattooed on their bodies, just because they can.

A tattoo on someone’s arm which says “Super Bowel” instead of “Super Bowl”

However, if you’re going to do this then you’re going to really want to double check the spelling before it becomes a permanent fixture on your skin. Perhaps this person just has really good bowel control, however?

Nice specs

Not all of us can afford the best pair of glasses in the world, so we go for whatever we can spare the cash for. Some people, however, just really want to be able to show off the latest pair of designer specs. Take this guy, for example, who wasn’t worried about affording the latest Ray Ban glasses… Oh wait.

A man with a tattoo on his face which make it look like he is wearing Ray Ban glasses

They’re not glasses… That’s a tattoo, on his face, of glasses. Oh my goodness. We have no words.

Fancy a game of chess?

Talking of facial tattoos… We have a feeling this guy was trying to make himself as unemployable as he physically could. Or, he just really loves chess and wanted to be able to play it wherever he went. We want to know which tattoo artist out there thought this was a totally acceptable request.

A man with a whole face tattoo which are black squares, creating a chessboard effect

If you’re planning on getting your whole face tattooed, please just take a look at this photo and imagine this guy trying to get a job ANYWHERE.

Winter is coming

We’re back with the facial tattoos again (please, stop!). This guy is clearly a massive fan of the HBO series, Game of Thrones. We totally get that; we dig Jon Snow, Daenerys and the whole crew. However, there is no way in Westeros we would get a tattoo on our face to show how much we love the show.

A man with a tattoo on his forehead which says, “Winter is Coming”

What is he going to do when Game of Thrones is finished and forgotten about? Perhaps he could become a weatherman during the winter months?