Surprising Fat Burning Foods


Food, like your money, should be working for you.

Taken up membership at a good gym center, good at intense and rigorous training, done lots of weight lifting? Yet you still have lot of fat lurking around your whole body. You seem to have done everything right yet weight loss is still a utopia you can’t achieve. Well, it’s safe to say your dieting life is at fault. It all boils down to a many other reasons; highalcohol intake, inadequate rest and stress. However, let’s eliminate one of the reasons and see if there is a significant change or not.

Your diet doesn’t have to bewhat you eat at a sit. It goes straight to everything you happen to gulp down your throat: beverages, candies and just anything you eat. So, before discussing what foods can help in your quest of fat burning, let’s consider some things you should stop taking. Beware of foods that drops unnecessary calories than needed. Certain foods triggers metabolism that not only create more fat but makes fat burning almost impossible.Make it a target to cut back on the consumption on canned foods, soda, chewing gum and beverages with high calories. Did you just eliminate them?  Good, a step in the right direction. Now, let’s consider five foods that can burn fat.


Do you love avocado? Well, it’s a good news for you. This fruit, though high in fat, is a good weight loss food. How? It lowers cholesterol, reduces unnecessary hunger pangs. With satisfied belly, why fuel up with junks? Avocados are not just heart friendly;they contain a high proportion of healthy fat.Being monounsaturated, you will gain the least amount of fatneeded for carotenoid absorption. When compared to pre workout supplements, avocados provide enough energy while also facilitating fat burning.

Replace your saturated fats with avocados. You can include it in salad and use in an omelet replacing the popular cheese.

Whole grains

Grains are almost the fastest and commonestmethod of getting enough carbs.

“Taking grains doesn’t look too good for people whowantto reduce fat” You might think. To an extent, the type of grain you take will do a lot to your aim. Taking processedand refined grainsmay likely provide you with irritable results. Taking whole grains (100%) helps and increase metabolism. Taking 100% grains can actas a fat buster. With the needed glucose, your body is optimized and works properly. Your body only craves for junks when it’s worn out. However, a 100% grain might be unavailable, take a look at another meal you can go for.


Oatmeal might have soundold fashioned and uninteresting. Eating whole oatmeal, youcan save yourself as much as 10% fat.Oatmeal are known for itslate digestion, donot add calories while aiding fat burn. They have insoluble fibers and carbohydrates. They might not be really food but play great roles. They provide strength, quell hunger and reduce fat content.Have a bowl of out meal with milk and you’re good to go.


With choline-a fat burning nutrient, being a constitution of egg, genes responsible for fat storage are turned off. As good source of lean protein, they are good fat burners. As water and fat soluble vitamins are present in eggs, hunger can be kept at bay for most period of a day. The energy required to metabolize eggs produce high thermic effects, hence, eggs help burn more calories.


This class of spice not only gives taste to food. They contain capsaicin and vitamin c that have to found to increase metabolism. Capsaicin, especially, has shown the ability to increase metabolic rate which leads to fat burning. Pepper doesn’t burn fat itself, but with added heat you’re less likely to eat than necessary. Pepper can be seen in its raw, cooked, dried or powdered form.


Please note foods that can burn fat is actually inexhaustible and these five are just a few we choose to discuss.