Simple Weight Loss Tips You Must Know


Weight loss doesn’t have to be a mystery. Don’t fall into the myths and mistruths that can hamper your weight loss efforts. Read these tips, and you’ll be on the right track.

It Starts With How You Eat

Fruits and vegetables

By “how you eat,” we don’t mean what you eat, but literally how you eat it. Try to eat more slowly, since this gives you the chance to feel full so that you can gauge when you should stop eating. Furthermore, don’t continue to eat once you do get that full feeling.

Plate Size Matters

Different plate sizes

Something as silly as your plate size can make a big difference. Psychologically, seeing a big plate with a tiny amount of food in it doesn’t feel too good. On the other hand, you’ll feel better eating that same amount of food if your plate looks pretty full.

Don’t Miss A Meal


If you regularly skip meals, you’ll only confuse your body and make yourself more likely to give in to the inevitable cravings you’ll feel. It’s easiest to make good decisions when your stomach is never growling.

Weigh-Ins Aren’t Always Helpful

Weight scale

While weighing in every week is a good way to stay accountable and monitor your progress, more weigh-ins won’t equal faster progress. In fact, you may demotivate yourself if you see your perfectly normal, day-to-day weight fluctuations.

Other Surprising Tips

Girl with a barbell

You may not know this, but getting enough water is key to curbing your appetite. Water makes you feel more full and also keeps your body in optimal condition for exercise, which we’ll get to later.

What About Alcohol?

Man with a dumbbell and beer

This may be a bummer, but you should avoid consuming alcohol when making a serious effort to lose weight. Alcohol consists of empty calories and won’t help you curb hunger or meet your nutritional needs, but will still count against you as you try to drop weight. The same is true of soda.

Sure, you can partake on special occasions or once in a while, but if it’s more often than that, you’ll have to decide whether your good times are worth the progress you aren’t making on the scale.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Girl doing a deadlift

Exercise is important; It goes without saying. For every weight loss effort. The simple truth is that to lose weight, your calories consumed must be less than those that you burn, so burning more calories is one way that you can help stay on the right side of the ledger. Don’t just do cardio – do some weight training to burn even more calories by toning up, since muscle burns more calories than fat.