A Few Simple Tips For Adding The TRX To Your Workout


If you’re looking to add something a little different to your workout, to change things up a bit – TRX is just what you need. TRX is a great way to keep your next training session fun and unique. It will give you an intense cardio workout, while increasing your muscle strength.

Become Familiar With The Equipment

The great thing about TRX is that the equipment can be brought along with you wherever you go. Don’t let your busy lifestyle keep you from getting a workout in. Whether you are traveling or just want to do an outdoor workout, the straps are easily adjusted so you can wrap them around a tree branch.

The best length to keep the straps will depend on your height and which exercises or positions you will be in. To adjust the straps, you easily slide them up or down after pinching the metal hardware that is attached.

A Few Simple Workouts To Get You Started

Once you get used to using the TRX, it will be much easier to choose the best workout for yourself. Here are a few straightforward workouts you could try:

Bicep Curl

1. Grab the straps with an underhand grip, while facing the base point
2. Keep your posture straight
3. Lean back as you step away from the base point
4. Making sure your elbows are lined up with your shoulders, bend your elbows
5. Keep elbows lifted as you extend your arms

Chest Press

1. Face away from the base point
2. Bend your elbows into a 90-degree angle
3. Squeezing your chest, bring your elbows into the center

Split Squat

1. Turn away from the base point
2. Place one foot onto the strap
3. Step forward into a lunging stance with your back leg still in the strap. Do not extend your front knee past your front toes

Squat And Reverse Reach

1. Facing the base point, hold onto the straps
2. Step away until your arms are extended straight up in diagonal position
3. Lower stance into a squat
4. Get out of squat while exhaling and extending one arm back
5. Extend your reach to the opposite side during squat

Pendulum Plank

1. Place both feet into the straps
2. Come into plank position
3. Stack hands under shoulders

A group of people doing suspension training at the gym.
A group of people doing suspension training at the gym.

Climbing The Mountain

1. Get into a plank position, keeping your back flat and core tight
2. Place your feet onto the straps
3. Draw one knee back toward your chest while exhaling
4. Get back into the plank position while inhaling
5. Continue rotating between these two movements

Leg Row

1. Face the base point
2. Hold onto TRX straps
3. Walk feet forward until torso reaches 45-degree angle
4. Extend one leg
5. Perform a row, with both legs and your hip lifted
6. Squeeze elbows inwards
7. Extend arms to release from position