The Scandalous Life and Career of Brett Favre


You’ve probably heard of Brett Favre before. If you don’t know him for being one of the best football players in history, you’ll probably recognize his name from the numerous tabloid articles about him. Nevertheless, his road to stardom has been paved with good intentions, yet full of scandals.

The beginning

Brett Favre’s iconic story begins in the small hamlet of Kiln, in Mississippi. Brett’s family owned a huge house with land for them to fish, hunt and, of course, play football.

Brett Favre's family had a big plot of land with a huge house and plenty of space to play football

Starting young

However, it wasn’t until Brett took part in the ‘Fifth Grade Jamboree’ that he held his first ever football, and played in his first ever football game. He soon realized he had a talent and skill for football after scoring three touchdowns in that initial match – and he just knew it was fate. He continued to play for his elementary school throughout his younger years but was never chosen to play as the Quarterback until much later on.

Young Brett Favre

Pushing for success

When Brett moved up to high school, he was of course chosen to play for the football team and picked to star as the lead offensive blocker. But this coach wasn’t just a member of the school faculty – he was also Brett’s father. His dad always pushed Brett for success, and many of his team members have admitted that the coach would be harsher and harder on his son, and more lenient with the other players on the team.

Brett's high school coach was also his father, who pushed him harder than any other members of the team

Growing up

It was clear from his high school years that Brett was destined to play college football, and he soon accepted an offer to study and play at the University of Southern Mississippi. However, his college career was momentarily cut short after Brett was involved in a car accident. Although he was not badly hurt, doctors had to remove 30 inches of his intestine, and he had to rest for a few weeks. Nevertheless, he was healthy again to play as quarterback soon after.

After being accepted into college, Brett was involved in a car accident which resulted in major surgery

The start of his professional career

After smashing the college football circuit, Brett was drafted in to play with the Atlanta Falcons but was never taken seriously by his coach or fellow players due to his home town of Mississippi. However, Brett always wanted to be the best he could be and began taking prescription pain medicine to enable him to carry on playing, and proving he was part of the team. Soon enough, he became addicted to the pills and started taking them habitually.

Brett started taking prescription pain medication to allow him to keep on playing with the Atlanta Falcons, but soon enough he became addicted

The Green Bay Packers

Despite his tough run at the Atlanta Falcons, Brett’s incredible talent shone through, and he was soon chosen to play for the iconic Green Bay Packers. During his nine-year stint with the Packers, Brett became well known for his ‘magical hand’ and the ability to throw the football across the field with strength and speed. He quickly began breaking Green Bay Packers and NFL records, making him one of the most desirable players in the football league.

Brett was drafted in with Green Bay Packers, where he gained a reputation for his throw and started breaking records

Pushing himself to the limit

This desirability proved detrimental to Favre, who was constantly putting 100% into his games – often rendering him injured and in pain. However, scoring touchdowns and sending his team into the playoffs was all in a day’s work for Brett, whether he was injured or not. Unfortunately, glory comes with a price, and Brett was using his pain medication more and more frequently to try and combat the pain and attempt to keep up his successful career.

Being so successful on the football field came at the price of Brett's health, and he was using his pain medication more frequently

Puppy love

Luckily, Brett had Deanna by his side. The couple had been dating since they were both 14-years-old, and it was more than puppy love. In 1989 they welcomed their first daughter, Brittany, into the world, but things weren’t all happy families. Because of his hectic work schedule, Brett and Deanna had never lived together, and they were now struggling to keep their relationship and family afloat from across the country. So Deanna decided to move to live with Brett in Wisconsin.

Brett's long term girlfriend gave birth to their daughter Brittany in 1989, after which they decided to move in together in Wisconsin

The scandal

Soon after Deanna moved in with her boyfriend, their family became embroiled in a high-profile scandal – Brett had been caught sending lewd messages to other women. The three women in question were Jenn Sterger, a New York Jets hostess, and two Jets massage therapists called Shannon O’Toole and Christina Scavo. Both O’Toole and Scavo complained about Brett’s racy behavior and messages, but the women were soon fired from their roles and were left unemployed and angry at Favre.

Brett was caught sending inappropriate messages to three other women, who ended up fired from their jobs because of the scandal

A legal battle

Because of Brett’s status within the NFL, and the fact that the women had lost their jobs, a legal battle ensued, and Brett was taken to court. However, the trail didn’t last long, with Favre’s lawyer quickly confirming that the two sides had managed to reach an agreement. Although no details of the settlements were disclosed, Favre did have to pay an extra $50,000 fine from the NFL as he kept important information away from them during the investigation.

A legal battle arose between Brett and the three women who lost their jobs over the text messages, which ended up settled out of court for an undisclosed amount

The problem continued

Despite the fact the women and Brett had reached a settlement, the problem continued, and the story did not go away. After the agreement, Jets hostess Jenn Sterger appeared in an exclusive interview for Good Morning America, where she maintained that she had not made any money from the emotional and traumatic ordeal. She also stated that she never wanted to enter into a legal battle with Favre, all she wanted to do was to continue doing her job.

Jenn Sterger, one of the claimants, appeared in the media after the court case had settled claiming she had not made any money from the ordeal

Family troubles

Throughout the texting scandal, Brett and Deanna’s daughter, Brittany, was old enough to realize that something wasn’t right with her family. As a young girl, she knew that something had happened and that her father was in trouble. The increased media presence and the fact that their family was constantly in the limelight began to cause rifts within the family, with Brittany struggling to understand the situation. Nevertheless, Brett continued to try and be the best father he could be.

Brittany found it difficult to deal with the unwanted press attention as she didn't quite understand what was happening, being so young

The Favre reaction

As the scandal continued to adorn the newspapers and TV headlines, Favre refused to speak about what had happened – vowing to concentrate on his football career and nothing else. However, two years after the initial scandal broke, Deanna Favre broke her own silence on the matter. She stated that her own faith got her through the tough times with Brett and that these kinds of struggles would define her as a person and their relationship. She did not want to dwell.

Deanna Favre spoke to the media two years after the scandal broke, stating that her faith got her through

Onwards and upwards

A short while after the texting scandal, Brett initiated a press conference, in which he admitted that he had a problem. Favre finally admitted to himself, his family and his fans the problem he had with his pain medication, and that he vowed to voluntarily take himself away to rehab to rid himself of this addiction. After a year stint in a rehab clinic, Brett was clean. He asked Deanna to marry him, and his career went from strength to strength.

Brett finally admitted to the world that he had a prescription medication problem

A new addition

After completing a successful course of rehab, Brett had a new wife, was back playing professional football with the Green Bay Packers, and had another wonderful surprise in his life. Another daughter. Breleigh Favre was born in 1999, and the whole experience seemed to ground him even further back to normality. He was clean, he was working again, and he was spending time with his family. He had the perfect mix, and he was blissfully happy with his life.

Brett spent a year in rehab, after which he married Deanna, and the couple had another daughter, Breleigh

A doting dad

Brett loved his new lease of life and adored being a father. Every free moment away from the football field was spent with his two daughters, and he tried to be the best dad he could be to them – as well as the most fun. When they were younger, Favre would often try to embarrass his daughters through love and jest, like blasting out country music songs when he dropped them off at school just to show them up.

Brett loved being a father, spending time with them and embarrassing them like fathers do

Their beloved player

Brett Favre had proven that he was an ordinary guy with an extraordinary talent. Although he had suffered from his own demons and battled with his own problems, he took the appropriate measures to correct his life. Now he was back with the Green Bay Packers even stronger, faster and more talented than before – and the Packer fans loved it. After Brett’s triumphant return, he soon became their most beloved player and one of the best quarterbacks in history.

Brett was an even more talented football player than before, becoming one of the best loved players for the Green Bay Packers

Reaching his dream

Throughout this high point in his career, Brett was at the top of his game and finally reached his ultimate life and career goal – to reach the Super Bowl. Brett helped the Green Bay Packers reach the Super Bowl during an extra special year. That year, the Super Bowl was being held in New Orleans, just a short drive away from where he grew up. All Brett and his team had to do was beat the New Orleans Patriots.

The Green Bay Packers reached the Super Bowl, with Brett a driving force

An improved strategy

At the beginning of his career, Brett Favre was not known for his strategic thinking. In fact, it was one of his weaknesses, and his coaches, fans, teammates, and opponents all knew it. However, Brett’s stint in rehab and his new lease of life had given him a new perspective on the game, and Brett was able to perfectly read the field to lead the Green Bay Packers to Super Bowl history, winning 35-21. He had done it.

Brett seemed to be able to read the field better than ever before, leading to the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl

A loveable player

After the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl win, Brett Favre had become the firm favorite – and not just because of his performance on the field. As Brett began taking part in more and more interviews, fans noticed that Brett was a genuine and lovable player. Interviews with teammates and coaches confirmed this, saying that Brett treated every single person the same, no matter their social status. He always showed every single person respect. He was regaining his credibility.

Brett Favre was a firm favorite among the fans, with his kind and compassionate personality shining through in interviews

A shocking turn

In 2004, Brett received some shocking news on a day that he would never forget. His father had passed away. Brett was devastated, for the man who he looked up to most, and the man who had always pushed him towards his goal was gone. The day after his father’s death, Brett was due to play in an important NFL game. He didn’t know what to do. Although he didn’t want to, he knew his father would want him to play.

Brett's father unexpectedly passed away in 2004, leaving Brett devastated

His best game ever

Despite the awful circumstances, Brett took to the field and played against the Oakland Raiders. Fans from both sides of the stadium gave Brett a standing ovation for his intense bravery, and Brett knew what he had to do. He had to play the best game he had ever played. For his father. And that is exactly what he did. The Green Bay Packers absolutely smashed the game, with Favre scoring four touchdowns during the first half of the game!

The day after his father's death, Brett played a football game and won it, earning a standing ovation from the crowd

Beginning to dwindle

After some of the best years in his life, Favre’s career started to dwindle. In 2005, the Green Bay Packers drafted in another quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. This new drafting seemed to have a negative effect on Brett, whose play seemed to get worse month after month. Although he continued on a steady path with the Packers, he was eventually let go in 2007. He then returned to the New York Jets for a year, but his play was not up to scratch.

Brett Favre seemed to lose his confidence after a new quarterback joined the club, and he was eventually let go. He returned to the New York Jets instead

His own terms

Brett left the Jets after an awful season and joined the Minnesota Vikings so he could get revenge on the Green Bay Packers. Luckily, he and the Vikings won, and Favre took them all the way to the NFC Championship final. However, Brett’s body was getting older, and he soon knew he would either be cast out or forced to retire himself. Favre wanted to end on his own terms, so retired from professional football in 2010.

Brett left the Jets, and after moving to the Minnesota Vikings and going all the way to the NFC Championship Final, he retired in 2010

His net worth

Although Brett retired from professional football in 2010, his paychecks haven’t stopped coming in – luckily for him. And his net worth might surprise you. According to recent reports, Brett Favre’s net worth comes in at a whopping $110 million. This incredible fortunate has come mostly from his contract with the New York Jets, but Brett also earns around $9 million each year from sports and product endorsements. This means he had a few dollars to spare for a decent house…

Brett's net worth comes in at $110 million, in part due to his continued sports and product endorsements

Home sweet home

After retiring from the world of sports in 2010, Brett and his family wanted to finally settle down somewhere after years of traveling around the country playing football. So where would they go? For Brett, there was only one option – home. To Brett, his home was near to the University of Southern Mississippi, as that was where he felt happiest. The family now live in Sumrall, Lamar County in this beautiful and secluded riverside mansion. Home sweet home.

After retiring in 2010, Brett and his family could finally move into a permanent home. They chose one near to his hometown in Mississippi

Another scandal

Despite the fact he was now largely out of the public eye, Brett Favre was not immune from scandal. In 2015, Brett made headlines once again after attending the annual ESPY Awards. During the ceremony, former athlete Caitlin Jenner approached the stage to collect her own sports award, while the camera panned to Brett. Instead of clapping, Favre rubbed his hands together while watching her walk on stage. This shot became viral on social media, and Brett was called out for his actions.

Brett Favre was once again in the public eye when his clapping, or lack of, for Caitlyn Jenner collecting a sports award, went viral on social media

Jenn’s back

The media couldn’t get enough of Favre’s slip up, and the footage of his rubbing his hands together soon reached news stations across the world, with many dubbing him as a ‘weirdo’ and exhibiting odd behavior. But it wasn’t just the news stations that were getting in on the action. Jenn Sterger, who was previously involved in a legal case against Favre, used Twitter to voice her opinions. In the tweet, she tagged Caitlin Jenner and said, ‘Welcome to my world.’

Jenn Sterger had her say on twitter, sharing the clip of Favre clapping captioned 'Welcome to my world', tagging Caitlyn Jenner

Carrying on

However, Favre refused to let the negative press get to him, as he was too busy enjoying his retirement and spending precious moments with his daughters – and he couldn’t be prouder of them. At 18-years-old, his youngest daughter Breleigh is already making a name for herself in the world of sports and is following in her dad’s footsteps. Just like her father, Breleigh currently attends the University of Southern Mississippi and is on her way to becoming a pro volleyball player.

Brett Favre's youngest daughter is following in her father's footsteps by attending the University of Southern Mississippi and being keen on sports

Brittany Favre

Throughout her younger years, Brittany Favre quickly caught the attention of fans and tabloids alike. Born in 1989, Brittany was known as America’s sweetheart with her blonde hair, beautiful smile and bubbly personality and became a teenage icon as the daughter of Brett Favre and in her own right. She often appeared on TV shows, mostly documenting the life of her father. She also appeared on TV as herself, and as such built up a huge social media following during these years.

Brittany Favre has built up a large social media following, having been branded America's sweetheart with her blonde hair and good looks

The wrong impression

Although Brittany is famous in her own right, she is also famous for a set of photos that aren’t actually hers. Another Instagram user who has been told she is a ‘Brittany Favre look-a-like’ is often mistaken for the daughter of Brett – and you could say she wasn’t exactly shy! In a case of mistaken identity, many of the look-a-likes provocative photos have been used online to portray the football star’s daughter, much to Brett Favre’s dismay.

Brittany Favre has an online doppelganger that is often mistaken for her

Settling down

However, at 28-years-old, Brittany has now settled down with her new husband and given Brett and Deanna Favre the best gift they could ask for – a grandson. But this is just the start of Brittany’s achievements. A few years ago, Brittany completed her law degree at the Loyola University School of Law while also maintaining her life as a full-time mother and now works as a lawyer in Mississippi. Although, she still enjoys playing sports in her spare time!

Brittany now has a husband and a son, and has also completed a law degree

The Hall of Fame

In 2016, Favre was awarded one of the highest accolades in the world of sport – he was inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame. During the ceremony, Brett decided to take to the stage and give a speech. In this highly moving monologue, Brett spoke about his father, and how his whole life had been to impress the man he looked up to more than anyone else. In the end, he hoped he had done his father proud.

In 2016 Brett Favre was inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame. He made a moving speech about his father

Finding Favre

As one of the best football players in history, it’s no surprise that people are still interested in the life and career of Brett Favre. There was such a demand for Favre facts that a documentary was made about him. In July 2017, Finding Favre was released, which gives fans an insight into the early life of Brett, his personal life and his family, his professional career and offers interviews with family members, coaches, and previous football teammates.

A documentary about Brett Favre's life was released in 2017

Happily married

After retiring from the world of sport seven years ago, Brett hasn’t been so keen on dismissing it from his life completely. Nowadays, Brett and Deanna are happily married and enjoying a healthy and active life. The couple loves spending their time outside and taking part in everything from rock climbing, to running, to cycling, and the pair even compete in numerous triathlons! Despite the ups and downs, Brett has remained true to himself and his career and raised a beautiful family.

Brett and Deanna are happily married, and still enjoy sports in their spare time as well as spending time with their family