Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Finally Tells All: “I’ve Been Through Hell”


Hundreds of women have admitted to having intimate relationships with golf legend Tiger Woods over the past few years and so it hasn’t been the easiest time for his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren. After the scandal broke in 2009, everyone was waiting for Elin to speak. Years later, much time has passed and Tiger has moved on to another woman. Elin is finally ready to break her silence and tell her side of the story, and what really happened.

Elin in the spotlight

Elin Nordegren was thrust into the limelight the day she officially started dating Tiger Woods. Although the world loved following their relationship and their daily lives as a married couple, it was the end of their relationship that got everyone talking. News of their divorce and the events that led to their separation adorned the papers and magazines, but Elin managed to keep largely out of the limelight throughout the divorce proceedings. That is, until now. The model has finally opened up about the subject.

Elin was married to Tiger Woods, and their divorce adorned newspapers across the world

Beginning of the End

As their turbulent marriage came to an end, Tiger Woods was denounced by the world for his supposed infidelities with numerous women, his run-ins with the law, his ‘indefinite break’ from professional golf, his rehabilitation stint and his divorce from his then-wife, Swedish model, Elin Nordegren. However, the focus has always been on Tiger. What about Elin? Does Tiger’s secretive ex-wife have secrets of her own? Well, let’s find out…

Who is she?

So who is Elin Nordegren? Well, this blonde beauty was born on January 1, 1980, and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. However, she wasn’t the only Nordegren to be born that day. Just a few minutes after she graced the world with her presence, Elin’s mother and father were blessed with another child, Elin’s twin sister, Josefin. Elin and Josefin also had an older brother called Axel, but their family was left divided when Elin’s parents got divorced when she was just 2-years-old.

Elin Nordegren has a twin called Josefin and an older brother called Axel

The younger years

Although her parents’ divorce had stunted her perfect life, Elin didn’t let it affect her younger years. She was an incredibly active child, who had an intense desire and passion to learn new things. She excelled at school, and she was also a talented soccer player. However, Elin gave it all up when she decided to live with her father in Berlin in the late ‘90s. After a few years, Elin returned to Sweden, where she was spotted by a world-renowned photographer.

Elin was a hugely talented child with a love for her education and soccer

A model in the making

After she was scouted by Bingo Rimer, Elin Nordegren was the talk of the town, and she was inundated with requests to pose for major brands and companies. In 2000, Elin modeled in swimwear for the cover of a popular Swedish magazine – but she soon realized that her heart just wasn’t in it. Instead of continuing with a modeling career, Elin left that lifestyle to work part-time jobs to support her new venture: studying child psychology at college.

Elin Nordegren was scouted as a model but gave it up to study child psychology

It’s who you know

In her first year of college, Elin was seriously struggling to make ends meet – but one chance meeting on the job changed her life forever. While she was working at a store in the center of Stockholm, Elin bumped into a woman who just so happened to be looking for a nanny for her children. This woman lived in America with her husband, Jesper Parnevik, the famous golfer. Elin was intrigued, so dropped out of college, and took the job.

Elin met the wife of Jesper Parvenik, who was looking to hire a nanny

Life in the States

Although Elin knew it was a rushed decision, she was excited about the prospect of setting herself up a new life in the United States. However, she was a little apprehensive. For starters, she would be leaving behind her twin sister, brother, and parents, as well as her long-term boyfriend. Unfortunately, their long-distance relationship didn’t work – and Elin found herself single. Before too long, the Parvenik family decided to set her up with their friend, Tiger Woods.

Elin broke up with her boyfriend when she moved and was set up with Tiger Woods

Getting rejected

Elin was not against the Pervenik families requests to set her up with a new man in the States, but Elin didn’t have Tiger Woods in mind. In fact, she loved her quiet life and did not want to be thrust into the limelight by dating a professional golfer. At first, she rejected Wood’s offer to go out on a date, but she eventually agreed. Luckily, the date went well, and the couple was engaged just two years later.

At first, Elin rejected Tiger Woods’ offer to go out on a date, but she eventually agreed

Wedding of the century

However, Elin soon realized that dating the most famous golfer in history did come with its perks – as she had one of the most extravagant and expensive wedding ceremonies ever. Amazingly, it was more like a wedding week, as Elin and Tiger flew across the globe to get hitched on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados for a week-long extravaganza with their friends and family. Woods scored a whole hotel for their guests, which set him back a whopping $2 million.

Elin and Tiger Woods got married in Barbados and rented out a hotel for their family

Top End Security

The wedding was truly sensational, with Tiger Woods sparing no expense. He booked out the entire Sandy Lane Resort in the Caribbean, and flew in 500 red roses to decorate the wedding, as this flower is not found there easily. The security was so high (Woods booked every helicopter in Barbados) that no official photos of the wedding even exist, even leaked ones by paparazzi. This led to people speculating whether photos like the one below were the happy couple.

tiger and elin wedding day?

Private property

During their marriage, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were living the life of luxury. With Tiger’s impressive golfing career steaming ahead at full force, he was earning a pretty penny from his sporting talent – which meant the couple could afford some pretty impressive real estate projects. The family mainly lived in their impressive waterfront mansion, but they also had various other properties across the country and world; including California, Jackson, Sweden, and Wyoming. Well, we definitely wouldn’t say no to this house…

During their marriage, Tiger and Elin owned various properties in the US and abroad

The first scandal

Unfortunately, Elin did feel the full and brutal force of fame in 2006, when she became embroiled in her first scandal. That year, an Irish magazine uncovered some nude photographs of a blonde woman, who they claimed was Elin Nordegren. There was no proof of this claim, and Elin vehemently denied the accusations or that the photographs were of her. This first foray into the world of scandal didn’t sit well with Elin or her new husband…

In 2006, nude photographs were released in an Irish magazine, supposedly of Elin

Winning the case

Elin was 100% sure that the nude photographs were not of her, and set out on a mission to prove the Irish magazine wrong. With the help of lawyers and private detectives, the married couple was able to source the photos back to a former Playboy model. To get their names cleared, Elin and Tiger took the magazine to court, where Elin was awarded nearly $200,000 for her troubles, and the magazine was forced to publicly apologize to the former model.

Elin and Tiger Woods took the magazine to court after they found the real model

A Loving Father

With their court case behind them, Tiger and Elin focused on being a real family. In 2007, the Woods welcomed their first child into the world – a daughter by the name of Sam Alexis Woods. Look at this photo of Tiger staring lovingly at his new baby, you couldn’t imagine that there would be anything more important to him in the world. Which is exactly what made all his scandal even more shocking to us all.

Tiger and baby

Growing their family

Despite that, two years later, their family grew even bigger thanks to the birth of their son, Charlie Axel Woods. They now were on the outside at least, the perfect family. A loving mother, a famous and rich father, and one son and one daughter. Amazingly, the Woods children have inherited Tiger’s impressive golfing talent, and they are both now keen amateur golf players that play in tournaments. How cool is that?!

In 2007 and 2009, Elin and Tiger Woods welcomed their daughter and son into the world

Not so happy families

However, Elin and Tiger’s life was not all fun and games – as both of their lives would change forever the night of Thanksgiving in 2009. Just a few days before the national celebrations, Elin had read an article online that claimed her husband had cheated on her with Rachel Uchitel during a trip to New York. Naturally, Tiger refuted the claims, but Elin wasn’t convinced. So, she unlocked her husband’s cell phone and looked through the many incriminating messages…

In 2009, Elin heard reports that her husband had cheated on her

The notorious golf club

After finding enough evidence to accuse her cheating husband, Elin supposedly ran after Tiger Woods, brandishing a golf club. Before he could feel the force of her wrath, Tiger managed to flee to his car – but just a few hours before, Tiger had ingested a sleeping tablet, and he was incredibly drowsy. Because of this, Tiger crashed his car and found himself unconscious and lying next to a fire hydrant. Astoundingly, he was not seriously injured.

Elin ran after her husband with a golf club in her hands, but he then crashed the car

A Rocky Road

Tiger and Elin had both gone through a trauma, and we wonder whether Elin felt that she might have even gone too far. They say a woman scorned is a dangerous thing, and that’s certainly true here. Tiger could have been seriously injured, or even worse. Of course, he shouldn’t have got behind the wheel, he should have faced up to what was happening with his wife, and told her the truth. But could someone else tell the world that truth?

elin and tiger angry

Paying his way

After the notorious incident was made public, Rachel Uchitel decided to set the record straight in a press conference. However, the day before the press conference, it was mysteriously canceled. It was later discovered that Woods had paid Rachel off with a $10,000 cash sum. Sadly, Tiger Woods forget to pay off the rest of his conquests, and 19 women later came forward to claim that they had been paid to have intimate relations with the professional golf player.

Tiger Woods paid off Rachel Uchitel for her silence, but 19 other women came forward

The Other Women

These are just some of the women who Tiger was associated with, all of whom came forward to say they had been having affairs with him. Holly Sampson, Kalika Moquin, Mindy Lawton, Jamie Jungers, Cori Rist and Jaimee are the ones pictures, and then there were more than a dozen more ladies. Imagine being Elin, she must have been heartbroken as more and more women stepped forward claiming her husband was a cheat and a liar.

Tiger and women

Another Woman

Jaimee Grubbs, was Tiger’s second mistress to speak publicly. The two were seeing each other secretly for over two years. Jaimee was a Total Academy contestant as well as a cocktail waitress. She told the media she had no idea Tiger was married- this is hard for anyone to believe. When outing Tiger, she publicly leaked a voicemail from him.


And Another…

Mistress number four is another Jamie! Jamie Jungers- a lingerie model from Las Vegas. She opened up to the media and even admitted she spent his money on liposuction. Jamie says her and Tiger spent eighteen months together, secretly. Since this ordeal, Jamie has been arrested for drunk driving in California.



And Another…

Theresa Rogers, one of over 100 of Tiger’s mistresses, and apparently the only one to proudly boast of being a ‘cougar’, was the eleventh to publicize the affair. She even tried to claim Tiger was the father to her child. She reportedly had a five year relationship with Tiger, which apparently started before he married wife Elin.


Keeping on the Down Low

Understandably, Elin did not want to make a public statement about everything she was going through. She was embarrassed, shocked, and if you consider the golf club story, she was probably livid with her husband. Did she ever consider staying with him despite all of these awful accusations? Did he profess his innocence? We will never know. But we do know some of the ways which she stayed strong throughout….


Sisters for life

During these tough times, Elin found herself feeling increasingly lonely in a foreign country So, she sought advice from her twin sister. To get away from all of the drama and her cheating husband, Elin and Josefin decided to take a trip to the French Alps, to celebrate Elin’s 30th birthday. She left her husband at home and allowed him to get ready for an upcoming tournament without his family around him. Elin wasn’t going to cheer him on at the sidelines any longer.

Elin sought advice from her twin sister, and the pair went on vacation together

Sharing is caring

Elin’s twin sister was born just a few minutes after her, and the pair got on like a house on fire. Elin and Josefin shared everything when they were younger, and continued to do so as they got older. In fact, Elin and Josefin were working at the same store in Stockholm when Elin met the woman looking for a nanny. In the end, they both took the job and decided to take the plunge and move to the States together.

Elin and Josefin Nordegren shared everything and even moved to the States together

Crossing the pond

After the Nordegren twins made a name for themselves over in the States, they looked after the golfing legends children and even worked towards American Citizenship. Although Elin quickly adjusted to the American way of life and soon found herself a husband, Josefin struggled with American culture, so decided to cross the pond once more and set up shop in England. Josefin moved to London and bagged herself a brand new job in a law firm, which later proved vital.

Family business

Throughout Elin’s divorce, Josefin proved to be a vital support system for her – in both a personal and professional manner. In fact, Elin used the law firm her sister worked for to finalize her divorce and handle all of her business matters. However, Josefin wasn’t always supportive of their divorce. She actually wanted her sister to make the marriage work, but Elin was strong-willed and asked her sister to continue working the case. Josefin agreed and still works at the London law firm today.

During her divorce proceedings, Elin used the law firm Josefin worked for

A hefty sum

Although fans of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s relationship were upset to discover that their relationship had come to such a dramatic ending, many fans couldn’t help but speculate what Elin would get out of it. You have to feel a bit vindicated knowing that when a millionaire cheats on his wife, she is going to walk away with more than the usual minimum child benefit. But would Elin become a millionaire herself after bagging her divorce settlement?

Ultimately, Elin walked away from the divorce with $110 million and joint custody

A rich woman

Absolutely! Their official prenup noted that Elin would receive $20 million, but Elin wasn’t going to settle for less than her trauma deserved. There were rumors surrounding their divorce and varying numbers between $750,000 and $1 billion making the rounds on media outlets. Ultimately, Elin was awarded a whopping $110,000 million and joint custody of their son and daughter. While this is only one sixth of Tigers fortune, it amounts to 20 million for each year of their marriage, which is pretty high , even for celebrities.

Elin sportswear

A quiet court

However, the details of the divorce were kept relatively quiet. The court was closed and did not allow any media outlets or press junkets into the mix – a perfect situation for a woman who wanted to stay out of the limelight. However, we do know that this closed court was largely down to Tiger Woods and his wallet. It’s believed that he asked all of those involved to sign a gag order, and this worked…for a couple of months.

The divorce proceedings were kept quiet, and Tiger Woods placed a gag order on those involved

Taking custody

The court may have been closed to the press, but that didn’t stop people speculating about the outcome. Most people wanted to know what would happen to Elin and Tiger’s two children. Would Tiger get partial custody? Would he not get custody at all? Well, it seems that Elin did not want full custody of her children. Although Woods had hurt her, he was still the children’s’ father and had the right to see his children and look after them.

Elin did not ask for full custody of the children, as Tiger was still their father

Paying the price

Many other people began to speculate about the money surrounding their divorce. Although we now know that Elin was awarded $100,000 million, we do not know why this was awarded. The final sum was so much larger than the original pre-nup amount, which means that Tiger was either forced or advised to give her more. Many believed that this extra money was given as compensation for emotional damages, and the pain that he put her through.

Many people questioned why Elin was awarded so much money in the custody battle

She still loved him

Despite the fact that Elin had divorced her husband, and although she knew he had been unfaithful with multiple women throughout their marriage, she noted that there was still a little part of her that loved him. After all, he was the father of her children. She also apologized for her actions during the night of the notorious golf club incident and maintained that she lost control of her emotions after realizing that her husband had been lying to her.

Elin maintained that there was still a part of her that loved her cheating husband

Feeling blue

After numerous months of deceit and denial, Elin had to finally come to the conclusion that her husband had been cheating on her – but that didn’t make it any easier. In fact, Elin felt incredibly silly about the whole situation, because she had no idea it was going on behind her back. She became incredibly stressed and emotionally downtrodden and lost a huge amount of weight in the process. Although she wanted to avoid the press, she didn’t want false stories to circulate…

Elin lost weight and felt incredibly silly about the fact that her husband cheated on her

Telling her story

Many press and media outlets had started to spin the story about the Thanksgiving evening and made Elin out to be the bad guy. So, she decided to tell her own story. That evening, the couple had been having an argument, when Tiger Woods stormed out of the house. However, Elin heard a crash a few minutes later and saw that her husband had had an accident. She used the golf club to smash the windshield and get him out of the car.

Tiger Woods had left the house and crashed his car, and Elin saved him

Setting the record straight

Elin couldn’t believe that the media had managed to make her out to be the bad guy in all of this, and she hoped that telling the truth about what had happened that night would help her to retire to the shadows instead of being front page news. But many fans of her ex husband didn’t believe her, saying that she would never use golf clubs to break into the car if she wasn’t angry with Tiger, and what woman wouldn’t want to hurt her man when those kind of accusations were flying. Was Elin’s side of the story for nothing?

Elin in sunglasses

A long process

After everything that had happened, Elin was struggling to come to terms with her new life. She had to deal with the fact that her husband had been unfaithful to her for most of their marriage, and that she was now alone and raising her kids as a single parent. Elin knew it would be a long process to feel like herself again, but she wanted to help herself along by keeping a journal of her thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Elin struggled to get back to normal, so kept a journal to help her on her way

No regrets

Even though both Tiger Woods and Elin have moved on from the cheating scandal that plagued their relationship in 2009, Woods is still branded by the rumors and the gossip of those years. But does he regret his actions? Apparently not. In a 2016 interview, Woods maintained that the only thing he regretted in his life was dropping out of Stanford University. When asked about his other regrets, Woods noted that he had no other regrets in his life. Ouch.

The only thing Tiger Woods regrets is dropping out of Stanford University

They’re still friends

Although Elin has been incredibly hurt and affected by her ex-husband’s actions, she knows that she has to move on from everything for the sake of her children. She has maintained a friendly demeanor with Tiger Woods and maintains that he is the perfect father to their son and daughter. Elin feels she is being fair, but she does have one rule in place; Tiger Woods cannot introduce their children to any of his girlfriends until they are married.

Elin still maintains a friendly relationship with Woods and maintains that he is a good father

New women on the scene

Recently, Tiger has been spotted with new girlfriend Erica Herman, and have been snapped on the gold course getting cozy with her. According to Elin’s rules, she would not be allowed to spend any time with their kids, or even meet them in passing, until they were man and wife. Some people would say this is unfair, as you want someone you’re serious with to get to know your kids and make sure it’s a good family fit, while others would say it’s exactly what a loving mother does to protect her kids..

Tiger and erica

Tiger and Kristin Smith

Maybe a good middle ground would be for Tiger to keep his lady friends away from his kids until they have been together more than a year, as it was only a few months ago that he was dating Kristin Smith, the stylist. Photos of them on his boat, laughing a frolicking in the sea were made public, making them look very much in love. Yet only months later, he now is seen with Erica. Will this famous guy ever settle down and be truly faithful to one woman?

Kristin and Tiger woods

Another cheating scandal

As the world questioned Tiger Woods’ quick turnaround from Kristin Smith to Erica Herman, the reason for his first break-up became apparent. According to sources, a Tiger does not change his stripes, as Tiger Woods cheated on Kristin with Erica. Although Kristin believed that her new golfing boyfriend was being unfaithful, Tiger would always deny the cheating accusations and insult Erica behind her back. Before too long, Kristin had had enough, and he later moved on to Erica full-time.

Tiger Woods cheated on Kristin Smith with Erica Herman, before she broke up with him

Getting himself grounded

However, it’s not only Elin who is trying to change herself for the better and get herself grounded. As the media discovered more and more about the women involved in Tiger’s illicit affairs, they discovered that he had cheated on his ex-wife with more than 100 women. As the news was released, Tiger Woods decided it was best for himself and his kids to go to a rehabilitation center where he could focus on his wrongs and try to make them right.

Tiger Woods cheated on his ex-wife with more than 100 women and went to rehab

Building a fresh start

Despite the hardships, Elin was determined to move on from her struggles and build a fresh start for her and her children. So, she used the extra $100,000 million in her pocket to build a brand new house for her family. However, this wasn’t any old house. Instead, it was a mansion on the beach that she had demolished and rebuilt to her own specifications. Everything she saved from the old house was given away to charity.

Elin decided to use her newfound money to rebuild a mansion on the beach

Elin’s home

Here is Elin’s six bedroom, $12 million home, that she bought with some of her divorce settlement after she left Tiger Woods. Here is a rare pic of more than just the exterior, on a 9,000 square foot space, with access to a private beach, and a shocking eight bathrooms! It’s just 10 miles away from where Tiger lives, making joint custody really easy. But in 2012, Elin decided that it wasn’t quite right… so she made a bold decision.

elin 12 million doillar home

A new home.. kind of!

In 2012, Elin decided to take some time off from her love life drama, and focus on an extensive remodel of her $12 million mansion. In fact, she bulldozed the whole thing to the ground so she could start from scratch! I suppose if you get bored of your six bedroom home, why not just start again! She certainly has the cash to give her every whim a chance, and although she loves the location, the bricks and mortar needed a change! But she managed to turn this into an incredible act of charity.

Elin destroys mansion

Habitat for Humanity

Yep, before Elin had the original house by the beach demolished, she contacted the popular and worthwhile charity, Habitat for Humanity. She gave this non-profit free-reign in the house and allowed them to take anything of value to use or sell to help those in need. The charity then went on to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to build more houses, or to use in their mission to enhance the charity and the lives of those around the world.

Elin gave Habitat for Humanity the chance to take items out of the old house

The beach house

Alongside her epic beachfront mansion, Elin Nordegren was also the proud owner of another beachfront real estate gem. In 2011, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife bought a two-bedroom townhouse in Juno Beach in San Remo for a whopping $1 million. Since then, Elin has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating the property and getting it ready to resell. Well, her hard work seems to have paid off, as in October 2017, she put the property on the market for $2.2 million.

Elin bought a beach house in 2011 for $1 million and is selling it for $2.2 million

Moving on

Thankfully, Elin Nordegren’s new home has also come with a new addition. After a few months in the new house, Elin became close to her neighbor, Chris Cline. This coal mining mogul has built up an incredible business for himself and is said to be worth a whopping $1.2 billion. The pair started dating and spent a good few months together before Chris’s hectic schedule proved too much for their relationship. However, there are rumors they are now back together.

Age gap

What has got tongues wagging the most about their relationship is that Chris is a lot older than Elin is. As Chris was 53 when they started dating, he is twenty years older than Elin, making him old enough to be her dad, not her boyfriend! But even though he is the 37th richest person in the US, Elin has enough money of her own, so it’s unlikely that she deserves the gold digger status which people are giving her.

Elin and Chris age gap

Nursing a broken heart?

But Elin didn’t find herself heartbroken again after splitting up with Chris Cline. Shortly after, in 2015, Elin was seen looking gorgeous on a vacation with some female friends, sunning herself on the beach in the Hamptons, clearly enjoying her new single status. Looking at this photo, you can see why many people call Tiger Woods stupid for letting this beauty slip away, and being unfaithful to her in the first place.

Elin on beach

Back together again!

Perhaps she didn’t seem too upset because she knew the break up wouldn’t last. In 2016, she was seen enjoying the slopes at St Moritz with Cline, clearly back infatuated with one another, and giving the romance another go. Here they are bundles up in ski jackets and goggles, having fun in the cold weather. Cline has two sons and two daughters, after being married twice, while of course, Elin has a son and a daughter with Tiger.

Elin Nordegren started dating her next door neighbor, Chris Cline


Elin and Chris didn’t seem to worry about the media speculating that they were back together, canoodling and kissing for the cameras, letting the world know that they were no longer out of each others lives, after a mere six months apart. We don’t know whether they are still together, but unlike Tiger, Elin is not often spotted in public with anyone else. Believe it or not, Elin and Chris live in the same development in Palm Beach!

Elin and Chris kissing

Flying for her man

That’s not to say that Elin minds travelling if she finds the right person. She is often seen flying around the country and even further afield, such as this photo taken of her at LAX when she was rumored to be dating Jamie Dingham, who was from Sweden! While it’s obviously convenient to have your beau living on your doorstep like Chris Cline, when it comes to romance, it can be exciting to have some distance!

Elin in LA

Moving on again

Although we’re not sure what’s going on with Elin and Chris, another spanner has been thrown into the mix – as it seems Elin may have another man in her life. Earlier this year, Elin was linked the English musician, Gavin Rossdale. Gavin is famous for being the lead singer of the popular British band, Bush, but he’s also famous in America for his notorious relationship with Gwen Stefani. However, it seems there is a trend going on here, as Gavin has also cheated.

Elin has also been linked to Gavin Rossdale, who was previously married to Gwen Stefani

Road to recovery?

You have to wonder why Elin would choose another man who has so publically cheated on his girlfriend, and made a woman like Gwen Stefani so unhappy. The stories were that Gavin cheated on Gwen with their nanny, a terrible cliche, and something which Gwen could probably never forgive him for. Why would Elin want to get mixed up with another cheating man? Some people say that you lose some self-worth after you have been cheated on, and maybe Tiger stole something from Elin that no amount of money could return.

Elin road to recovery

Tiger and Lindsey

Around the same time as Elin and Chris were dating, (the first time) Tiger had an important lady in his life, too. The rumors are that the couples actually enjoyed the odd double date! Tiger was dating Lindsey Vonn, actually managing a three year relationship with her. Unfortunately, he could not stay faithful, admitting to having a one night stand with another woman, which led to their break up. Tiger seemingly doesn’t learn.

Tiger and lindsay

Leaked photos

But maybe the break up was for the best, as the couple also attracted their fair share of drama. In fact, only earlier this year in 2017, naked photos of the both of them were leaked online, after Lindsey had her phone hacked. Tiger has vowed to sue the people who are responsible, but you have to wonder why Lindsay still had these photos on her phone, two years after they broke up. Maybe she isn’t quite over the split…

Tiger and Lindsey

An on-and-off relationship

It’s fair to say that Elin Nordegren’s relationship with Tiger Woods has come to a definitive end, but Elin has had another on-and-off relationship since she moved to America. Ever since she left Sweden, Elin had tried to finish her college education and get her degree. However, life, fame, husbands, and pressures of the press always got in the way. In 2014, Elin finally managed to complete her degree in child psychology and was officially a graduate.

Elin had struggled to complete her degree, but finally graduated in 2014

The need for speed

Despite her newfound lease of life and her new life away from her ex-husband, Elin has not been without drama or scandal. In fact, at the start of 2017, Elin was pulled over for breaking the speed limit. She was driving 60 mph in a 35mph zone, just 11 miles away from where her ex-husband had been pulled previously. Ultimately, she was asked to pay a $281 fine and take part in a driving awareness course.

Elin was pulled over for speeding in 2017 and was forced to pay a fine

A bright future

After all of the stress, scandal and secrets in her life, it seems like Elin Nordegren is finally on the path to success. She has had her downfalls but has continued to live in America with a newfound respect for life and relationships. Although she is still bitter about her ex-husband’s actions, the former model has been able to move on and remain friends with the father of her children. Perhaps she’ll even use her degree sometime in her bright future?

Elin has moved on and is looking forward to a new and bright future on her own

The most important thing

It’s fair to say that Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods have gone through their fair share of scandals, secrets, and drama. Luckily, both of them have managed to come out the other side and move on with their lives. Throughout everything, though, the pair still maintain an amicable relationship, which is built on one rule: their kids are the most important people in their lives. As long as they both remember that, they are able to remain friends with each other.

Elin and Tiger both maintain that their kids are the most important people in their lives

Remaining friends

When Tiger was asked about them being able to remain friends, he made it very clear it was all about the kids. “It becomes two simple things, OK? We have Sam and we have Charlie. And we love them so much that we are going to whatever it takes to make that work. That’s how it happened.” But we wonder whether Elin will stay close to home, as she is selling her beachfront home. The property went on the market for $2.2 million, a real bargain!

elin and her twin with kids

Out of the limelight

Elin knows that her life will never be out of the limelight. After all, she was married to one of the biggest names in golfing history and was a part of one of the most notorious divorces in history. However, she now doesn’t care what the media has to say about her. Instead, she is solely focused on moving ahead with her life and giving her kids the best life they could possibly have. She is keeping her family close to her.

Elin doesn’t care what the media have to say about her anymore; she cares about her kids

Pastevik’s regrets

Although Tiger Woods doesn’t regret his infidelity and the struggle he caused his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren – it seems the couple who introduced the two do feel regret. In fact, the famous Swedish golfer, Jesper Parnevik, and his wife have been very outspoken about their actions. They have been on Elin’s side throughout the whole ordeal, and have mentioned numerous times that they are sorry they ever introduced the Swedish beauty to the disgraced golfer. They blame themselves for the ordeal, but Elin blames her ex-husband.

Jesper Parnevik and his wife blame themselves for introducing Tiger to Elin

We’re best friends

Although the world has now moved on from the Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren debacle, there are still some aspects of their relationship that surprise us. In recent months, Tiger Woods has appeared on the Stephen Colbert’s show and was asked about his relationship with Elin and his kids. He surprised the nation when he told Colbert that he and Elin were ‘best friends.’ Although it’s a struggle for most of us to understand, it works for them.

Tiger Woods maintains that he and Elin Nordegren are best friends