Revealed: The Outrageous Demands from Your Favorite Celebs


Fame may bring with it some downsides, such as a total lack of privacy, and being followed by the paparazzi wherever you go. But, it certainly has its ups and well – not least being able to ask for anything you want! When musicians go on tour, or when actors sign up for a new movie, they naturally have a rider – a written contract setting out everything they will and won’t do, and what they need while traveling, in their dressing room or on set.

Barbra Streisand only uses peach toilet paper

When it comes to her derriere, Barbra Streisand has strict instructions. Whenever she’s traveling, Streisand insists all bathrooms she uses only have peach-colored toilet paper. Apparently, the bizarre demand is because she wants her loo roll to match her peachy complexion. Proving she’s a true diva, Streisand also insists toilets on her movie sets have rose petals in the bowl. We wonder if someone was employed to go in after her to sprinkle more flowers after she flushed!

Jennifer Lopez demands EVERYTHING in her dressing room is white

Jenny from the Block has been accused of forgetting her roots after making diva-ish demands while shooting a music video to help victims of AIDS in Africa. J-Lo was working with dozens of other music stars, but her demands stood out! While she was only on set for an hour, she demanded that she have a white room, with white tables, white drapes, white couches, white candles and, yes, you guessed it, white candles.

Cher demands an entire room for her wigs

Cher is well-known for being one of the biggest divas in music. Known for her flamboyant outfits and her love of wigs, she asks for a room especially for her hairpieces. Every concert, she has up to seven wig changes a night. Her home in Malibu is also said to have its own wig room so that she can be blonde, brunette, a redhead, short, long, or whatever she fancies, whenever she likes.

Katy Perry banned her driver from talking to her

She may have kissed a girl and liked it, but it doesn’t seem like hitmaker Katy Perry will be getting friendly with her driver. The songstress demands her driver stays behind the wheel at all times and that he doesn’t initiate a conversation with her. But, bizarrely, she also says the driver must ask if they are in any doubt. We’re not sure how they do that if they’re not allowed to speak!

Uma Thurman demands better dressing room than co-stars

Kill Bill star Uma Thurman isn’t likely to win over her fellow cast members. On set of her new movie Eloise in Paris, which actually never ended up being made because of legal disputes, she demanded that no other cast member should have a better dressing room than she did. So, it’s safe to say that her co-star Pierce Brosnan must have had to settle for second best.

Paris Hilton demanded an unlimited supply of live lobsters

When socialite Paris Hilton was filming The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg, she was on a seafood diet. She insisted that she had an unlimited supply of live lobsters. We’re not sure why she wanted them live, rather than demanding they be brought to her cooked. Maybe she just wanted to hang out with them. After all, she must have been missing a bezzie mate ever since she stopped filming The Simple Life with Nicole Richie.

Queen Latifah refuses to die in any more movies

It seems that Queen Latifah’s art is not worth dying for! After her memorable death scene in Set it Off, Queen Latifah’s characters were killed off in many more movies that she starred in. So, the savvy rapper had an anti-death clause written into her contracts that her character could not die in any more films. As, unless they come back as a ghost, your character can’t be involved in movie sequels if they’re already dead!

Jack White demands that his dressing room is banana-free

White Stripes frontman Jack White made some very odd demands when he performed at the University of Oklahoma. Not only did he insist that there were no bananas anywhere in the vicinity, but he also demanded that a particular recipe of guacamole was made for him. He later defended the rider, explaining that someone on tour had an allergy, and the guacamole blend is an in-joke from his tour manager.

Will Ferrell wants a painted rainbow – on wheels!

He’s known as one of the funniest funny men on the big screen. So, it’s no surprise Will Ferrell’s latest demand was a little bit, well, funny! For his promo tour for basketball comedy Semi-Pro, he insisted he wanted a painted rainbow. And, not just that, the rainbow had to be on wheels! He also demanded a microphone like Janet Jackson’s, some stairs on wheels and a mobility scooter. We wonder if he got everything!

Mary J Blige demands a brand-new toilet seat at hotels

Hip-hop queen Mary J Blige is a full-on germophobe. The music legend is so worried about germs that she demands new toilet seats are installed in hotel bathrooms before she will stay there. Recently though, she removed the demand for a new toilet seat in her dressing room bathroom while touring. We’re not sure why she made the U-turn (or should that be s-bend?). Maybe she’s had some hypnosis to cure her germophobia!

Samuel L Jackson demands golf breaks during filming

When you’ve starred in everything from Pulp Fiction to The Avengers, you can demand anything you want! Samuel L Jackson is so obsessed with golf that he won’t make a movie unless he can tee off whenever he wants. The superstar has a clause written into his movie contracts which gives him permission to play golf twice a week with no complaints from the director. It’s hard to say ‘no’ to someone who has played the US President!

Weird Al Yankovic wanted new Hawaiian shirt for each show

It would be odd if a musician called Weird didn’t ask for something odd! Known for his love of loud shirts, American comedy musician Weird Al Yankovic asked for a brand-new Hawaiian shirt for each show he performed. His closet is now filled with hundreds of Hawaiian shirts, many of which he is unlikely to wear ever again! Rumor has it he even has a Hawaiian shirt tattoo on his chest.

Iggy Pop wanted a Bob Hope impersonator

This has to be one of the strangest tour riders ever written! Punk pioneer Iggy Pop set out a series of odd demands in a rider which ran to 18 pages. He wanted a Bob Hope impersonator on-call any time of day or night to tell jokes about Bing Crosby and golf. If that wasn’t possible, then he wanted seven dwarfs dressed exactly as they were in the animated Disney movie.

Dick Cheney demanded he would only watch Fox News

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney felt some news programs were biased and said he didn’t want to watch them. Whenever he walked into a dressing room, conference or event, he said that all of the televisions in the room should only be playing Fox News. Their slogan is “real news,” and “real, honest opinion.” But, it seems it must have been an opinion that Cheney usually agreed with!

Justin Timberlake demands his door knobs are cleaned

Former Disney star Justin Timberlake is another A-lister with a severe case of germophobia. The Can’t Stop the Feeling hitmaker is terrified of picking up anyone else’s germs on his hands. He insists that someone cleans and disinfects all of the door knobs that he will have to open every two hours. Maybe he should just employ someone to walk in front of him at all times to open every door for him.

Michael Jordan demanded $4 million a season

Michael Jordan announced one of the most shocking decisions in sporting history when he said he was quitting basketball in favor of baseball, even though he was at the top of his game. He would have taken a huge pay cut if he went down into the minor leagues. But, he had a clause written into his contract that no matter how badly he was doing, he would still be paid a whopping $4 million for the season.

Dustin Diamond bans anyone from mentioning Saved By The Bell

Actor turned amateur pornstar Dustin Diamond is best known for playing Screech on Saved By The Bell. But, it seems he isn’t proud of his past! When he performs his stand-up routine, he bans anyone from mentioning the show. In fact, like a swear box, the venue has to pay $100 for each time anyone says Screech. He hasn’t put his childhood completely behind him though as he also wants two pints of chocolate milk.

Kanye West demands shower shoes and yogurts

Yeezy does it! As you would expect from the Gold Digger hitmaker, Kanye West demands, well, pretty much everything in his dressing room rider. He wants alcohol, and lots of it, along with a barber’s chair, some lip balm which has to be the Carmex brand, Arm and Hammer toothpaste, shower shoes and a lot of yogurt. His alcohol demands include vodka, tequila, whiskey and beer. Oh, well, at least he can brush his teeth afterward!

Sir Paul McCartney wants six leafy plants

It’s no secret that Sir Paul McCartney is a huge supporter of animal rights. His late wife Linda was one of the most famous vegetarians at all time. So, he bans anything to do with the killing of animals from his dressing rooms and limos. His car can’t even have leather seats. That’s what he doesn’t want! What he does want is six full, leafy floor plants, but they can’t have trunks.

Marilyn Manson just wants Haribo gummy bears

He has one of the most outrageous images of all time. But, Marilyn Manson’s demands are far from outrageous. All the singer wants is some Haribo gummy bears mixed with Kool-Aid. He also asks for mini chocolates and low-fat milk. Oh, and air conditioning is very important too. Don’t be too disappointed though. According to rumor, he also once requested a bald-headed, toothless hooker. We’re not sure if the venue managed to find him one!

Ichiro demanded a Mercedes and $40,000 in rent money

It seems even super-talented multi-millionaire baseball player Ichiro has to think about where next month’s rent payment is coming from. In his $90 million contract when he signed with the Seattle Mariners, he demanded first-class round-trip tickets for his family to visit Japan, a translator, a personal trainer, and a Mercedes. He also asked for $40,000 to pay his rent. Surely he could afford to buy whatever house he wanted!

Lady Gaga demanded a mannequin with pink pubic hair

Lady Gaga is known as one of the most eccentric women in music. After all, this is a woman who once wore a dress made completely of meat. So it’s little surprise that her requests are a little out there. Some of her demands are actually pretty normal. She asked for fresh roses and satin drapes. But, and it’s a big one, she also demanded a mannequin complete with fluffy pink pubic hair.

Beyonce requires chicken legs with garlic and cayenne pepper

She’s, arguably, the biggest diva of her generation. So, what Queen Bey wants, Queen Bey gets. The Lemonade hitmaker keeps up her protein intake before concerts with demands for chicken legs flavored with garlic, salt and two types of pepper. She also has rose scented candles in her room, only Pepsi and never Coca-Cola, and a case of water which is half chilled and half at room temperature.

Dez Bryant was banned from strip clubs

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is renowned for his flamboyant play on the football field. But, unfortunately, the shenanigans didn’t end at full time. His manager was so concerned that a number of clauses were written into his contract to curb his excessive behavior. He wasn’t allowed to touch a drop of alcohol, had a midnight curfew, and was banned from strip clubs. Bryant also had to have a security team with him at all times.

Van Halen demanded all the brown M&Ms were removed

In their hay day, Van Halen were rock gods, selling out stadiums across the globe. But, their demands weren’t exactly rockstar-ish, given that they involved candy. The band insisted that they had M&Ms in their dressing room to snack on at every venue they played. But, there must, in no circumstances, be any brown ones. Rumor has it they just wanted to make sure their demands had been read.

Eddie Murphy demands a new set of underpants

Funnyman Eddie Murphy certainly doesn’t have a sense of humor about using anything older than a day! The Coming to America actor demands a new set of underwear and socks every day while he’s shooting a movie. They must have the tags still attached to prove they are brand new. At the end of the day, he simply throws everything away. Oh, well, it must save on laundry!

Lindsay Lohan ordered the crew to strip off

She’s known as one of the wildest Hollywood stars. But, even Lindsay Lohan has her shy moments. Because she felt uncomfortable filming sex scenes with everyone watching, she demanded that the 10-man crew shooting her should strip down to their underwear as well. While she has previously posed for Playboy, she still felt coy and said having everyone else in their pants helped her to relax.

Ariana Grande will only be photographed from the left

We all have certain angles we think make us look better. And, it turns out even megastars have their own insecurities. Ariana Grande clearly doesn’t realize just how beautiful she is. The singer insists that photographers take snaps of the left side of her face because she believes she looks better that way. Really, someone should tell her she looks stunning from either direction! Every selfie she takes is from the left!

Ben Affleck refused to wear a New York Yankees hat

A-lister Ben Affleck is one of the Boston Red Sox’ most famous fans. But, he took his loyalty to his team to extremes while filming the blockbuster Gone Girl. His character was meant to don a New York Yankees cap. But, he couldn’t bear wearing the team colors of his rivals, so he came to a compromise and said he would wear a New York Mets cap instead.

George Clooney demanded his very own beach hut

For years, he was one of the most covetable bachelors in Hollywood, so he could probably ask for anything he wanted, so long as he accompanied his demands with his megawatt smile! When he was filming gravity with Sandra Bullock, he insisted on his own basketball court, a beach hut right next to his trailer, a hot tub and a landscaped garden. We wonder if he had a sand pit as well!

Adele demands charity donations and lots of beer

We all know that Adele is one of the most down-to-earth stars on the planet. And, now she’s proved she also has a huge heart. The Hello hitmaker insists that anyone who gets a free ticket to one of her concerts, whether they are friends or family, donates $20 to charity. But, her rider doesn’t stop there! She also insists on beer, and lots of it, although it must be European lager, not North American beer.

Britney Spears demanded cheeseburgers

Oops I Did it Again singer Britney Spears is known for some odd behavior. After all, this is a woman who married in Las Vegas on a whim and who shaved all of her hair off. But, her rider is odd, even for someone odd. Spears asked for cheeseburgers with no buns, figs and prunes, fish and chips. Oh, and a photo of Princess Diana. As you do!

Glen Davis was offered a $500,000 bonus to lose weight

Glen “Big Baby” Davis was offered half a million dollars to, well, not be such a big baby. The Boston Celtics knew he had always had a problem with his weight and fitness levels. So, they created a clause in his contract which would have given him a $500,000 bonus if he lost a certain amount of weight. We don’t know if he succeeded because how many pounds he needed to lose was never revealed.

Gary Busey refused to have any mirrors on set

Lethal Weapon actor Gary Busey certainly isn’t the man in the mirror. The veteran star refused to have any mirrors on set while working on a movie. Not only that, but he demanded the whole set be redesigned because he said it wasn’t realistic. The set was meant to look like heaven, but Busey said he had been there and it didn’t look like that at all.

Rick Mirer will get paid until the world ends

Quarterback Rick Mirer had clauses in his contract which spanned a lifetime, quite literally. His legal team inserted a clause into his contract which meant that he got paid “up to and including the end of the world”. We think if the world was ending, money might be the last thing on our mind. Plus, when the apocalypse does come, who is going to pay him?