The Normal Range for Fitness Benefits to Start Showing On Your Body

One of the top reasons why many people never stick to their exercise routine is that the fitness benefits they desire for take a long time to show off. Stamina, speed, boost the strength, muscle gain and fat loss are some of the physical manifestations of training that can take weeks up to months to appear. That is lots of time for people to easily give up since they believe that convinced exercise is not meant for them. However, that is not a valid reason for not performing your exercise routine. While we can’t change when the fitness benefits will show, we can change our expectations of these fitness benefits, making them realistic and limiting the disappointment once they fail to show off in our desired timing.

Close-up of a power fitness man's hand. Strong man demonstrate his muscles and biceps. Model posing in studio on dark background.

When can you expect some fitness benefits to show off?

Some fitness benefits appear immediately as long as you have the best and right tools to easily test them. If you would try to take muscle biopsy, you would quickly see that the muscle protein synthesis or also known as the incorporation of protein into muscle fibers, the initial sign of muscular hypertrophy starts just 4 hours after you lift a heavy object. However those are not visible to our naked eye. We don’t have the ability to feel the pumping out of progenitor cells in our bone marrow.

What Fitness Benefits can you notice and expect immediately?

Neural strength

Improvements to neuromuscular efficiency usually happen within days of starting a lifting session. Beginners get stronger almost immediately by simply learning proper technique and how to fully contract the muscle fibers that they already have.


One of the fitness benefits that you can notice and expect immediately is the endogenous opioids release that is also known as beta-endorphins. According to some researches, it usually takes one hour of endurance session for the release of beta-endorphins, while the short-term anaerobic session has the ability to produce similar effects.

Fat Oxidation

Insulin sensitivity

Intense exercises such as sprinting, running and lifting has the ability to enhance your insulin sensitivity and can deplete glycogen. You can feel that, but you will find out the enhanced postprandial blood sugar and the capacity to consume extra carbohydrates without gaining additional weight on the following day.

Fat Oxidation

Different types of exercise will enhance the amount of fat you burn over the course of the day. High-intensity intervals, sprinting and performing aerobic activity before eating your breakfast all increase 24-hour fat oxidation.

Physically Fit

How can you become Physically Fit?

To become physically fit, make sure to allocate more time doing outdoor activities and take part in many other healthy activities. Swimming, bicycling, hiking, fishing and playing football with your friends or kids must also be part of your active and physically fit lifestyle. To become physically fit, you will require a lifestyle change. You will also need to follow a regular fitness routine in your life and eat healthily. Get rid of fizzy drinks, junk foods and bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking to become mentally and physically fit. By simply eliminating food substances from life regardless if it’s temporary, you will actually allow your body to cleanse and be stronger.