TV Reporters Who Are Richer Than You Think


News anchors are with no shadow of a doubt some of the wealthiest celebrities in the world, especially in the United States. There are certainly many many news anchors and reporters out there, but in order to make the list of the highest paid newspeople, there is a lot of work, knowledge, and experience involved. Who doesn’t remember Megyn Kelly and her spat with back then-presidential nominee Donald Trump? She managed to make the news again when she switched from Fox News To NBC News recently, and it was just headline after headline. Due to the attention on her, many have become curious about how much her salary could be, and someone has finally answered all of our questions. Her salary was leaked to the public and we’re all still in shock. Other news’ personas were also disclosed, so we’ve listed some of the highest paid news people’s net worths, including the one and only Megyn Kelly.

Katie Couric – $15 million

Katie Couric is forever pushing at the glass ceiling and breaking stereotypes to end up being one of the highest paid TV reporters in the industry. She was the co-anchor of The Today Show for 15 years, leaving to take a position as the first female anchor at CBS evening news. After her stint there, she was offered her own talk show in 2012, and then took an incredible opportunity as Global Anchor of Yahoo News in 2014. She only just left that position and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

katie couric

Meredith Vieira – $11 million

When Meredith Vieira was a correspondent for 60 minutes, the world sat up and took notice of her extraordinary talent, but she only achieved wide acclaim when she was one of the founding panellists on The View. She got offered the role as host of popular game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, following that up with a co-anchoring spot on the Today Show. You might well still see her as a special correspondent from time to time too, for NBC.

merideth vieira

Cari Champion – $1 million

Tennis is the great love of Cari Champion’s life, and she started her career in Florida, reporting on the Williams sisters, and their incredible contribution to the sport. She was spotted by The Tennis Channel, and asked to come broadcast for them in 2009. Since then, she has moved into more broad reporting, for entertainment in general. She still specializes in sports, including working for ESPN SportsCenter as an anchor. We see her career continuing to shoot for the stars.

cari champion

Jon Stewart – $25 million

Jon Stewarts name is practically synonymous with reporting, but did you know he started his career as a stand up comedian? He was so talented that people started inviting him to do small stand up routines on TV, and his life changed forever when MTV game him his own talk show in 1993. From there, he went on to start The Daily Show, which he worked at from 1999 all the way until 2015. His annual salary at the time of leaving was an incredible $25 million.

jon stewart millionaire

Anderson Cooper – $11 million

In another life, Anderson Cooper might have been in the CIA. That’s where he interned while he was in college! After he finished, he decided to go after a career in journalism, and boy, has he made a success of it. Some people might question the way he went about his goal, forging himself a press pass to get into Myanmar to sell stories to a news agency back on home soil in the US. He is now a correspondent for 60 minutes, as well as the anchor for Anderson Cooper 360.

anderson cooper

Shepard Smith – $10 million

When Fox started in 1996, Shepard Smith was right there along with them, and he remains with them today. He had previously worked at a few news stations around Florida, but Fox was his big break so to speak. He has done multiple roles there, including hosting the Fox Report with Shepard Smith, as well as Studio B. He is now the managing editor of the Breaking News Division, which must be a pretty exciting role.

shepard smith news

Chris Cuomo – $2.5 million

If you’re a fan of Cuomo Prime Time, then this guy needs no introduction. He used to pop up on news stations like CNBC and MSNBC, talking about social issues or the latest political conversation. Fox took him on as a correspondent, and he worked hard, building his way to a career as a news anchor on Good Morning America. He left there in 2009, and is now not just hosting Cuomo Prime Time, but also the co-anchor of the CNN Morning Show.

chris cuomo

Brooke Baldwin – $1.5 million

What a charmed career Brooke Baldwin has had! She came from humble roots, a small news station way out in Virginia, but moved to Washington D.C when she was offered a job as lead reporter out there. By 2008, she had her pick of job offers, choosing to join The Rick List on CNN. When Rick lost his job, she was in the prime spot to take his place, and now hosts a show with her own name, CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin.

brooke baldwin

Scott Pelley – $5 million

CBS is the keyword here for the career of correspondent Scott Pelley, and he’s certainly worked his way up the career ladder for the company. He has been there for more than 30 years, since CBS execs spotted him working in Dallas, reporting on Guatemalan refugees. You might have seen him anchoring CBS Evening News, as well as corresponding for CBS ’60 Minutes’. It must feel a long way away from his first job in Texas!

scott pelley

Rachel Maddow – $7 million

At times, we all worry that we can’t trust the people giving us the news. But Rachel Maddow has slowly gained the trust of the American people, by telling it like it is on a number of hard-hitting issues, which include presidential scandals! As such, she is a rare commodity in the world of journalism, and has her own radio show and TV show too, both called The Rachel Maddow Show, and both very popular. No wonder she commands the big bucks.

rachel maddow

Bill O’Reilly – $20 million

Turns out, you can’t run from bad behavior forever, and however popular your show is, you don’t get a free pass. The O’Reilly Factor, also known as the O’Reilly Report was the highest-rated cable news show for 16 years, and Bill O’Reilly had worked with Fox since the day it started, back in 1996. After news broke of his scandalous behavior, Fox News had no choice but to fire him in disgrace, earlier this year.

bill o reilly news


Lara Spencer – $3 million

Lara Spencer is both an anchor and an author, with two books under her belt about one of her specialist topics, second hand goods! She hosts Flea-Market Flip which is shown on HGTV, as well as having a history presenting The Antique Roadshow on PBS. She’s also a regular reporter though, with The Insider, The Early Show, and Good Morning America on her resume. Her $3 salary is proof that she is one of the most valued reporters out there.

lara spencer

Amy Robach – $300 thousand

A lot of the best reporters today started out heading to Washington D.C to try to hit the big time. Here is one of the success stories, as Robach started out at WTTG and then moved to NBC News in 2003. She left in 2007 with a job offer to be anchor at Weekend Today, and she stayed on there until 2012. At that point, she went to ABC News, where she anchors for Good Morning America. It’s basically the perfect journey!

amy robach

Brian Williams – $10 million

For ten years, Brian Williams was the anchor on NBC Nightly News. However, he was involved in a huge scandal which led to his suspension and demotion. He was accused of misrepresenting events around the war in Iraq. Eventually, he moved over to MSNBC, becoming chief anchor, and hosting the nightly program The 11th Hour with Brian Williams. Looks like the scandal didn’t stick with him for too long, as his $10 million salary proves.

brian williams salary

Lester Holt – $4.5 million

The current host of NBC’s Dateline can also be found as full-time anchor on NBC Nightly News. He has also worked on Today, as well as having many positions for various CBS affiliates in the past. He got his current position after Brian Williams was suspended and then demoted for his involvement exaggerating stories about the Iraq war. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Carol Hagen, and their two sons Stefan and Cameron.

lester holt

Al Roker – $8 million

Here’s a supremely smart guy, who was already employed in Meteorology before he got his college degree. In 1983, he hit the big scene when he became a substitute on NBC News at Sunrise. He often filled in elsewhere as well, especially for anchors who weren’t available on The Today Show. Willard Scott retired in 1996, and Al Roker was promoted to a full-time position on weekday weather for the Today Show. He’s been there for more than a decade.

al roker

Erin Burnett – $3 million

Erin’s financial career started at Goldman Sachs, where she was a financial analyst. She then moved to CNN after being offered a position she couldn’t turn down, a writer and booker for Moneyline. She then moved to Bloomberg TV as Stacks Editor, before hosting CNBC’s Street Signs. She is now working at CNN, and has her own show, Erin Burnett OutFront, which she has been hosting since 2011, and is widely popular.

erin burnett

Megyn Kelly – $15 million

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly is one of the most popular talk show’s on at the weekend, and attracts a huge audience, but Megyn had a long journey to get there. She started as an intern, working for an affiliate of NBC, and then went to Washington D.C to follow her dream. She got a job with an ABC affiliate, working on small reporting tasks, as well as reporting on varied shows like Amerca’s Newsroom, The O’Reilley Factor, and Entertainment Tonight. Eventually, she got her own show.

megyn kelly has a huge salary

Wolf Blitzer – $5 million

Wolf Blitzer started out working in Tel Aviv, writing for Reuters in the 70’s. He took a job at the Jerusalem Post, and stayed there until 1990. During this time, he wrote and reported on stories which included the Jonathan Pollard saga, and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace treaty. In the nineties, he worked for CNN, first as a military affairs reporter, and then as their White House Correspondent. He is now the host of The Situation Room.

wolf blitzer

Andrea Mitchell – $750 thousand

Andrea Mitchell has worked her way up to the position she has now, hosting Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC. From her days on the student radio at UPenn, she was then a reporter at KYW radio, before making the move to Washington D.C. After 2 years at WTOP, she then moved to NBC, working as their energy correspondent. Her big break came when she was chosen as the Chief White House Correspondent.

andrea mitchell news salary

Leslie Stahl – $1.8 million

Leslie Stahl hit the big time after covering the Watergate scandal, after which she became the White House Correspondent. Before this, she was working at CBS News, and before that, at a Boston TV station. Since she left the White House, she has been a correspondent for ’60 Minutes’ for more than 25 years. You might remember she also hosted Face the Nation, back in the 80’s!

leslie stahl

Sage Steele – $400 thousand

Sage has been pretty loyal to ESPN since she started her career. She was host of SportsCenter, and also appeared on other shows on the network, like Mike & Mike in the Morning, ESPN First Take, as well as SportsNation. She has also done some work at ABC, hosting NBA Countdown, but her bread and butter is hosting SportsCenter on the Road. No one knows sports quite like Sage Steele, and she’s on the way up!

sage steele

Tom Brokaw – $8 million

If you ever watched the NBC nightly news, then you recognize Tom Brokaw, who was the anchor and the editor for more than 20 years. He also holds the title as the only person who has hosted all of the NBC news programs, The Today Show, Meet the Press, and NBC Nightly News! He is an author as well as a news anchor, publishing books about the 20th century, and American society within it.

tom brokaw news salary

Nancy Grace – $3 million

Nancy is anything but quiet and proper, with her strong harsh tone becoming her most recognizable feature! She was a household name, hosting HLN’s Nancy Grace from the year 2005 all the way until 2016. Before then, she hosted a show on Court TV, known as Closing Arguments. You might have also seen her contribute to other shows, such as Extra, The View, and even Good Morning America. She has one of the highest salaries for a woman in the media, $3 million.

nancy grace

Barbara Walters – $12 million

Talking about high salaries for women, Barbara Walters has one of the best paid female jobs in the reporting industry, with an incredible $12 million. While she doesn’t currently report on the circuit, she is known for her time in broadcasting, from Today, The View, 20/20 and even the ABC Evening News. One of her most favoured projects was the show, Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People, which aired every December from 1993-2015.

barbara walters

David Muir – $7 million

ABC News is where David Muir made a name for himself, being given some incredible opportunities to report on the hottest topics from 2003 when he started as an anchor for World News Now. Some of the things he reported on ranged from Hurricane Katrina, to the 2012 Presidential election. It was not surprising then when ABC decided that he would replace Diane Sawyer on ABC World News, which has helped make his news broadcast the most watched in the U.S.

david muir

Tamron Hall – $1 million

The turning point in Tamron Hall’s career was definitely the exclusive interview she managed to mag with Barack Obama on announcing his candidacy in running for Presidential office. Since then, she is the price of MSNBC, with her own show, MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall, as well as Today, Today’s Take, and Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall. Tamron loves TV reporting, and is also active in campaigns and charities to help fight domestic abuse.

tamron hall

Joe Buck – $5 million

$5 million is an incredible salary whatever your job is, but to make that kind of salary chatting about sports? That’s pretty cool. Joe Buck was a reporter for the Triple-A All-Star game, before moving to Fox Sports in 1994 as a baseball announcer. He was the youngest man of all time to announce NFL games on network TV. He has also called more games than any other announcer, 18 World Series, and 17 All-Star.

joe buck

Diane Sawyer – $12 million

Diane Sawyer started out as a forecaster, but she found the whole process pretty tedious, and moved to Washington D.C during the Nixon administration to try her hand at reporting. She became the administrative assistant to the White House Press Secretary, Ron Ziegler. At one point, she came under fire with an accusation of being a political informant, but eventually this was disproven. She became a reporter for CBS in 1978, and later anchored Good Morning America as well as 20/20.

diane sawyer news

Jim Rome – $30 million

One of the highest paid reporters on our list, Jim Rome started out like most of us do, as an intern! He worked for KTMS which is in Santa Barbara, quickly moving up the ranks to traffic reporter, and then luckily achieving his own talk show, on the topic of sport. In 1997, he was approached by Fox to host The Last Word, and then Rome is Burning. CBS Sports took him in 2012, working on the show Rome, followed by Jim Rome on Showtime, for an incredible $30 million.

jim rome

Robin Roberts – $8 million

You probbly know Robin Roberts as the host of ABC’s morning news program, Good Morning America. She grew up in Mississippi and began hosting as a sports anchor for her local radio and television stations. Eventually, Roberts landed herself a position as a sports anchor for ESPN and stayed with them for 15 years. In 2005, she joined Good Morning America, and has been rocking it ever since.

Natalie Morales – $1 million

Natalie Morales has recently made a big change in her life, heading over to LA to become the host of Access Hollywood, as well as Access Hollywood live. She has taken over from Billy Bush, who lost his job over the lewd conversation which was uncovered between him and President Trump. Natalie also works as a correspondent for Dateline, as well as becoming the West Coast anchor of Today. She was recently named one of the 50 most influential Latinas.

natalie morales

Chris Matthews – $5.4 million

Some journo’s head straight for the small screen, while others might start in other forms of press. Chris Matthews started out in print journalism, in fact- he was there for 15 years! He was the bureau chief at the San Francisco Examiner, as well as a columnist for the Chronicle. But in 1997, he got the opportunity to host his own talk show, airing on weeknights. It’s now hosted by MSNBC, and called Hardball with Chris Matthews. Not only that, but he is the author of six books.

chris matthews

Samantha Steele Ponder – $5 million

Samantha Steele is so much more than just the wife of Christian Ponder, star NFL player. She actually met him through her job in Sports Journalism. She is now a sports-caster for ESPN, after she took over from Erin Andrews on College GameDay. She also reports for Thursday Night College Football and hosts Sunday NFL Countdown, on ESPN. It sounds like she could probably teach her hubby a thing or two about the game!

samantha steele ponder news

Billy Bush – $3 million

Billy Bush is most famous for his dismissal in October 2016, after being fired when a recording was discovered of him having a scandalous conversation with then presidential candidate Donald Trump. Before this, he was a co-host of Today, as well as the Primary Anchor on Access Hollywood since he started in the industry. He is in the famous Bush family, which includes two U.S Presidents.

billy bush

Kaylee Hartung- $1 million

Kaylee Hartung is a CNN reporter, born in Louisiana. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Politics from Washington and Lee University. She has previously worked for ESPN and also worked as a reporter for the Longhorn Network. Previous to this, Kaylee worked at as a reporter on the daily Washington Unplugged program and featured correspondent for Unplugged Under 40. Following a summer internship with NBC, she started her career as an assistant to Bob Schieffer leading her to producer position on Face the Nation.

Matt Lauer – $60 million

Until recently, Matt Lauer was the beloved anchor of Today, a morning news show, for two decades. Lauer has also held many other news anchor and tv host positions, on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and even the Olympics. He has also conducted interviews with important people such as Vladimir Putin, Prince William, and Hilary Clinton. Lauer has just been accused of sexual misconduct, and was fired from Today.

Tomi Lahren – $200 thousand

One of the most famous conservative political commentators, Tomi Lahren started out hosting Tomi on TheBlaze. She very quickly gained a lot of media attention, from outlets as diverse as BBC News, and The New York Times. Known as “the young republican who is bigger than Trump on Facebook” she is well known now for working for Great American Alliance, a staunch Trump supporter, and a true media personality.

tomi lahren news reporter

Katy Tur – $500k

Kate Tur joined NBC’s affiliate station in New York City and rose through the ranks pretty quickly. She ended up landing a job at the NBC national headquarters and has just risen since then. She has worked as a reporter on a number of shows such as NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, Early Today and Today. She’s also the author of  “Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History”.

Dan Rather – $6m

Dan Rather is widely known across the country. He anchored his lengthy tenure on CBS Evening news for over 24 years. In fact, he was named one of the ‘Big Three’ news anchors between the 80s and early 2000s. Rather retired in 2005, but will always be a part of the big trio, next to Peter Jennings and Tim Brokaw.

Martha MacCallum – $8m

Martha MacCallum is a part of the wide Fox News team. She joined the Network in 2004 and is currently known well as an anchor of: “The First 100 Days”. The programme gained wide popularity, as it covered the switch from Obama’s administration into Trump’s. The show was so well taken by the public that it became a permanent show renamed “The Story with Martha MacCallum”.

Chuck Todd – $750K

Chuck Todd acted as Chief White House Correspondent for NBC in 2008, and also worked as the host of “The Daily Rundown”. He’s currently the 12th moderator of “Meet The Press” and is the host of “MTP Daily”. He has scored big time and became a big shot in the network. He is the Political Director of the network and also acts as the chief analyst for NBC Nightly News.

Michelle Beadle – $600k

Michelle Beadle is probably one of the most impressive sportscaster on TV. She has an impressive resume. She has worked for the San Antonio Spurs in the past, acting as a reporter for the Professional Bull Riding show. She has also hosted a show on the Travel Channel and has worked for ESPN since 2009.