Is Money Killing Sports?

There has been much controversy with regards to the salary of some professional athletes when really, there should not be, because, money is not killing sports. No one argues when an actor or an actress makes millions of dollars or Doctors or Lawyers charge through the roof for their services. Receiving a wage is your right and you can work for however much your please, just pay your taxes and do not take bribes. In the past, there were instances where athletes were paid to alter the outcome of the game but like most crimes, exposure prevents a recurring event. Nothing in the world can remain a secret anymore and throwing games have significantly reduced, if not stopped.

Many people who have argued that money is killing sports, are arguing from the point of view that there are starving people in the world and there are persons who cannot access proper healthcare. However, these situations are world issues and they do not exist because of sports. One should ask the very same people what have they done to mitigate these issues instead of pointing fingers at a group of people who work hard and are compensated for their skills. There are those who use their money for the greater good and there are those who enjoy what they earn. You cannot fault either for doing what they please with their earnings.

Others have argued that sports have turned into a business. In reality, everything is business, but from their point of view, it is the famous athletethat they have issues with, but they do not see the part the media, the advertisements, the company endorsements the consumers and the employees play as well. Most businesses agree that using athletes or famous people are a way to get consumers to purchase more of their products and they do pay hefty sums for this. Advertising is very expensive but it is how radio stations and television, even newspapers and magazines, make their profit so that they can pay for staff, equipment and facilities. You must look at the entire picture before coming to conclusions, you cannot simply say that Harry should not be paid this much for a 30 second commercial without understanding the entire eco system involved.

Money is not killing sport, it is only an assumption. Sports unite people all over the world. Countries gain exposure because of sport. Upcoming athletes are encouraged and motivated to pursue sport as a career. College scholarships can be won because of sports. Paraplegics are also given hope and a sense of purpose through sports. There are so many positive impacts of sports on society that the injection of monetary awards has clouded the judgement of people. Athletes can become physically injured and grow old or weak and their careers would be halted because of this. What happens to them when this happens after giving their entire life in sports? If they are being compensated to make this activity their career, a career that has more positive impacts than there are negative impacts, then there is no reason to think that money is killing sport.