New Evidence in Case of Missing High School Senior

Know More About Natalee

Natalee is the eldest daughter born in Clinton Mississippi. When her loving parents have decided to divorce, Natalee and her brother Mathew were then raised by their mother. Her mother again married an Alabama businessman. Natalee was a member of a dance squad, national honor society and also a participant of an extra-curricular participant in their school.


Senior Adventure and Trip

Before the start of Natalee’s new adventure, she already graduated from Mountain Brook Alabama with honors. This is the reason why her parents allowed Natalee to go out on a trip with her former schoolmates before separating schools before heading to their senior high school years.

natalee-holloway senior

Aruba Party

May 26, 2005, Natalee and her one hundred twenty-four schoolmates arrived in Aruba Island. This is a five-day vacation for all the graduates of Mountain Brook school. The group was accompanied by seven chaperones who usually meet the students every now for them to be safe.

aruba beach

Time for Party

As Natalee and her classmates settled on the island of Aruba, they prepared a party. A lot of underage drinks and wild parties were also prepared.  Apart from that, there was also a call room switching mixing the female and male students around.  Natalee also drank every day as she and her schoolmates stayed in Aruba.

natalee holloway friends

Time for a Drink Outside

Before their departure, Natalee and her friends still had the time to party. Nevertheless, she ran into a young, handsome Dutch immigrant whose name is Joran Van Der Sloot.  They hit off immediately, and they leave the party area with the Dutch man and his two Surinamese handsome friends named Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe.


Renowned Athlete

Joran Van Der Sloot is a son of a well-known art teacher and a lawyer in Arnhem Netherland.  They have just moved in Aruba in the year if 1990. He became an honor student and a star athlete when he studied in the International school in the place. Such skills have impressed Natalee that made her decide on going out with him.


Momentous Night

Natalee was seen by her schoolmate just outside the vicinity of Carlos’n Charlies in Aruba at 1:30 am on May 30, 2005. She also rides into the car with the two friends of Joran. The following day, the chaperones and the schoolmates of Natalee waited for her at the airport, but she didn’t appear. Hence, they think that she is missing.

night club

Searching Start

The authorities of Aruba started to search immediately for Natalee. They’ve checked the island as well as all surrounding places where Natalee could be found. They’ve also asked the classmates and schoolmates of her the night before she was lost.

worried parents

The Following Morning

Upon knowing that Natalee is lost, her parents flew immediately to Aruba. After finally figuring out everything, her mother determined that the last person who was with Natalee was Joran.  When Joran was asked, he told that he just dropped Natalee off at a hotel at exactly 2:00 am. Apart from that, he also told the authority that they unexpectedly fell as she exited the car.

soldiers searching

Another Suspicious Person

Joran also told the authority that he saw Natalee approaching a man wearing a black shirt while she was heading to a hotel. He immediately assumed that it was a security guard to offer some help to Natalee. June 5, police authority of Aruban detained and tracked down Abraham Jones and Nick John who were the past security of the nearby hotel where Natalee was seen.

man arrested

Deductive Reasoning

The authority in Aruban also received some reports that the two detained security guards were also known in cruising hotels in picking up ladies. One of the guards was also involved in an incident of illegality in law enforcements. But still, the men continued to offer solid alibis with the disappearance of Natalee. These men were released on the 25th of June 2005 without any charges.

jail bars

Bring Em’ in

With newer leads, the police officials made an effort to re-up the investigation into the involvement of Van der Sloot and his friends. They were all arrested due to murder and kidnapping assault of Natalee Holloway. This was most certainly a shock. They were still not in custody for a long time. The police of Aruban could not provide the required evidence in holding the men for several days. They still got back to square one.


DJ Croes

The police officials have found a 6th suspect named Steve Gregory Croes, a disc jockey. During the questioning procedure, his name was mentioned by Kalpoe and Vander Sloot brothers. Even if the police officials still suspected der Sloot, they believed it further investigating different angles is a must. The alibi of cross was airtight. They also had brought the father of der Sloot in quest of the solution to the issue.

dj croes

New Stories

The police officials decided of going back to their previous suspects. The story had just changed with the brothers of Kalpoe who turned on their friend.  The story also claimed that three men remembered Kalpoes dropped Holloway and Van der Sloot at the beach of Marriott Hotel near the huts of the fishermen.

night city

Years Pass

With conflicting stories that have existed, the police officials did not charge Joran and the brothers of Kalope. In November 2007, they were arrested with Joran van der Sloot who was incarcerated and extradited in Aruba and was charged again for this crime.

missing sign

Breaking News

The Dutch media had finally released a report on the 1st day of February 2008 emphasizing that Joran van der Sloot became involved in the disappearance. The broadcast emphasized footage excerpts from microphones and cameras in Patrick van der Eem car. It was Van der Eem who had earned the trust of Joran. They then drove around and smoked marijuana.


The Confession

According to Joran van der Sloot, he was actually with Natalee when suddenly; he started shaking violently at the beach. After her convulsions, she, later on, became unresponsive where he had no choice but to revive her. Daury, his friend, told him of going back home after Natalee’s body.


The Plot Thickens

With Joran van der Sloot’ confession, he was still not arrested before Natalee’s death. On the 29th day of March 2010, he called Beth Tweety offering her the true revelation of the body of Holloway. The deal involved giving up the location while Beth Tweety would pay for 250, 000 dollars.

blond woman


Beth informed the FBI and arranged the entire transaction. On the 10th day of May, Beth also transferred 15,000 dollars to his account in the Netherlands. Van der Sloot was then charged on the 3rd day of June in the U.S.D.C of Northern Alamaba with wire fraud and extortion.

court hammer

Van Der Sloot Caught

After he flew to Aruba with money sent by Beth, he first headed to Peru. On the 30th day of May 2010, after Holloway’s disappearance, it was Stephany Flores who is reportedly missing in Peru, Lima. She was then found in a hotel room of Van der Sloot. His indictment is twenty-eight years of imprisonment.

Convicted suspect Van Der Sloot Caught

Never Stop Looking

For almost twelve years, the parents of Natalee who once parted their ways chase for any possible pieces of evidence about the case. They hoped for the leads on the sea, air and land just to search for Natalee’s remains. They also mentioned about the safe travel practices of teens.

man holding picture

Declared Deceased

Dave Holloway already filed his petition claiming that his daughter was legally dead. The judge finally discussed it and ruled in favor of Dave. A 2nd hearing was then held on the 12th day of January 2012. Natalee was already dead while her parents had to heal themselves.


Healing Years Later

Natalee’s parents composed two books about Natalee and their experiences in Aruba. You may think of those books as an outlet for their great grief and very sad uncertainty.

natalee holloway book

Visiting a Killer

Joran van der Sloot is imprisoned in Peru for the Flores murder since 2010. Beth Holloway took a decision to face the man that she knew to be her daughter’s killer. She later said that once she had seen and spoken to him, she was able to move on with her life, find peace, joy, and happiness.

murderer in prison

Chronicle of Murder

Natalee Holloway was a victim of a crazy cold blooded murderer. Sadly, across the US there are many unsolved murder investigations. Police and other law enforcement forces do everything they can to expose crimes and the criminals behind them those people deserve to be in jail. Their work is not easy at all, but every time we are exposed to the incredible success of solving an old unsolved case we are left speechless. Such fascinating story is the Rachel Natacha Owens Case, brought here to you for the first time.