Melanotan II Use For Bodybuilding

Everyone is jumping on board with the Melanotan trend for those with an interest in bodybuilding and having their bodies evenly tanned for shows and competitions. Melanotan is a peptide that stimulates the normal secretion of Melanin. This is a peptide that is made and is distributed in the skin. Once you are exposed to UV rays it makes your skin darker. Melanotan 1 or 2 is an artificial similar type of the peptide that is designed to give you a beautiful tan.It is a naturally created hormone that is able to regulate the pigments inside our skin. The more you have in the body will give you a more darker pigment.This is popular within the bodybuilding groups due to the ability to create darker skin. The good thing about this product that most people are not aware of if the fact it comes with other benefits as well.

This includes lean body mass an increase to libido and weight loss.

You will get a more tanned complexion which is what body builders are wanting when it comes to competitions and stage shows. If number II is added with a peptide protocol before a contest it will boost the melanin levels which will give you darker skin and muscle hardness.If you are a body builder who is competing on the stageyou will know it takes a huge amount of time and effort before you go on stage to compete. A tan is needed to help show the definition in the muscles to bring out the lines making it easier to see for the judges.

Side Effects

There are side effects, but this depends on the individual as to what affects you get if any, also how severe they are. Most common is a headache, dizziness, flushed face, nausea, soreness at the injection site and lethargy.The benefits you may see is the darker pigmentation in the skin, fat loss a nice lean body mass, and an appetite suppression.

Dosage in body building

Peptides come in a white powder and needs to be stored in a dry place.
Its important that peptides are reconstituted with sodium chloride that is meant for injections.
You need to know your skin type before using the product.
Here is a break down to the skin categories:

Type 1: this is a very light skin that never tans. For the dosage you are looking at 50-60mgs which is 5 or 6 vials

Type 2: This is a fair skin that burns but only sometimes tans. The dosage for this type is 30-40mgs which is 3-4 vials.

Type 3. This is a medium skin that often burns and will always tan. Dosage is 20mgs or just two vials.

Some users of this product have experienced serious nausea after using it. Make sure you know your dosage and take it slowly at first before rushing into the serious side of it. Take the time and see how your body reacts. Jumping in fast can lead to problems slowly introduce your body to it to help avoid serious effects and changes to the body.

When it comes to bodybuilding with those who take it very seriously and are always at a competitive level its important to get the perfect tan. Using a peptide M2 for tanning is safer than visiting the tanning beds more frequently as they are known to cause cancer.
Melanotan is still suitable even for those who don’t compete but would like to have an even semi/permanent tan for the summertime beach days which is more suitable than rubbing the boy in oil and sun-baking all day.