Meghan Markle: Photos She Never Wanted Harry To See


A Secretly Scandalous Life

Nowadays, Meghan Markle is adorning newspaper headlines and magazine covers after her dream-like engagement to Prince Harry – but that’s not all she’s known for. Before she won the heart of the royal, Meghan was a hugely successful actress in America and had built up a name for herself in the popular TV show, Suits. Despite her success, Meghan had managed to keep her personal life under wraps. But as the life of a celebrity goes, it wasn’t long before her skeletons started emerging from the closet, and they were NOT pretty…

A troublesome family

Like many of us, Meghan hasn’t had an easy life. In fact, she had a pretty troublesome family growing up. With little money to their name, the Markle family struggled to make ends meet – and that was BEFORE all of the strained relationships with her brother and sister (more on them later). From an early age, Meghan felt herself becoming distanced from her father. This super strained relationship was one of the root causes of her outrageous behavior later in life. Unfortunately, now that she’s a royal, everyone is about to find out exactly what she’s done…

Meghan is not close to her father, who she calls ‘elusive’ and ‘not present’

A unique hairstyle

Since becoming famous, many people have questioned Meghan’s heritage and background. Well, with an African-American father and a Caucasian mother, Meghan has always been proud of her diverse background, and has always embraced both aspects of her culture – or has she? When she was younger, Meghan rocked her naturally curly locks and loved showing off her unique hairstyle. However, as she’s got older, she has consistently straightened her curly hair. We kinda liked the natural look, Meghan…

Meghan’s father is African-American, and she used to rock her naturally curly hair

Keeping it natural

Since Meghan has come into the public eye, the press has uncovered more and more photos of her as a young girl. As they compare the natural beauty to the prim and proper actress we see today, many people have questioned whether she has had plastic surgery to cover up her heritage. Many professionals believe she has lightened her skin and gone under the knife to change her looks. Meghan has denied these rumors and maintained that she is au natural, baby.

Many people have questioned whether Meghan has undergone plastic surgery

Nosy business

We all know that being in the limelight is nosy business, and people will always look up to you and want to wear what you’re wearing, eat what you’re eating and more. However, Meghan Markle fans have gone one step further and drastically changed their appearance through plastic surgery to look more like the future royal. Yep, hundreds of women in England have asked to have the ‘Markle Nose’ and have their nose just like hers. Where do we sign up?

Women in England are going under the knife to have the ‘Markle Nose’

An impressive education

Despite her family problems, Meghan is noted for having an impressive education – and of course, we expect no less for our dear Prince Harry! When she was growing up, Meghan attended the hugely prestigious all-girls private high school in Los Angeles, the Immaculate Heart High School. After she graduated, Meghan moved to the similarly impressive Northwestern University, where she studied International Studies. As if that wasn’t enough, she also interned at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires!

Meghan has an impressive high school and college education

The path to success

It’s no secret that siblings don’t get on, and Meghan and her sister Samantha Grant are no different, despite her celebrity status. Since 2008, Meghan and Samantha have continued to cut ties with each other and become even more estranged. Throughout her sister’s career, Samantha has been incredibly vocal about Meghan and her path to success and believes that she left her family and morals behind her as she rose up the social ladder. Is Harry just another pawn in her game?

Meghan’s sister, Samantha Grant, have not been close since 2008

In it for the money

It must have been hard to hear these comments from her sister, but Meghan has risen above Samantha’s criticism and has fallen on the rest of her family for support. In fact, Meghan’s family members have criticised Samantha for her negative press, stating that she is jealous of Meghan’s money and success. Her family has always known that Meghan is looking for a man who can keep her warm in the winter, and we’ve heard that England can get pretty chilly…

Meghan’s family have backed her and criticised Samantha for her negative comments

Friends forever?

However, Samatha isn’t the only one close to Meghan who has her doubts about Meghan’s sincerity. Ninaki Priddy, Meghan’s childhood friend, has revealed some intense truths about their past. When they were younger, the pair visited Buckingham Palace together and even took this awesome photo (just looks at those shades). Ninaki believes that ever since that day, Meghan has been working on a carefully concocted plan and been on a mission to end up as a royal. Wowza.

Meghan’s childhood friend believes Meghan had a carefully concocted plan to become a royal

Diana 2.0

Yet, Ninaki hadn’t finished revealing her home truths. In an interview, Meghan’s childhood friend noted that Meghan had always wanted to be a Princess and wanted to live in a palace as a royal. She believes that all along, Meghan’s plan had been to win the heart of Prince Harry to get her ‘in’ with the British monarchy. Ninaki believes that Meghan wants to be exactly like Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. After all, what’s a better way to be Diana 2.0?

Ninaki Priddy believes that Meghan wants to be the new Princess Diana

In trouble with the law

We’ve already seen that Meghan has struggled with her family. Her sister is digging her out, her father isn’t present, and her childhood friend is criticising her – but that’s just the start of it. Meghan’s half-brother is also a troubled individual. In January 2017, the 50-year-old was arrested for becoming violent with his girlfriend and holding a gun to her head. In fact, it’s common knowledge that he struggles with alcohol addiction. We wonder how Meghan deals with this?

Meghan’s half-brother was arrested for holding a gun to his girlfriend's head

Deal or No Deal

We all know her name…but where did she come from? Well, Meghan Markle actually began her professional career as a struggling actress in Hollywood. After minor acting gigs, Meghan was offered a more permanent role on the popular game show, Deal or No Deal. In this role, Meghan was dubbed as the ‘briefcase girl’ and wore impressive outfit choices that showed off her figure. We have a feeling the Queen won’t be putting this picture in her latest photo album…

As a struggling actress, Meghan Markle worked on Deal or No Deal as the ‘briefcase girl’

A strict wardrobe

In fact, there’s a slim chance we’ll ever see Meghan Markle in these kind of dresses ever again. From her acting days, we’re used to seeing Meghan in skimpy, figure-hugging and flowing gowns, but those outfits are not fit for a royal. As soon as the wedding ring slides onto Meghan’s figure, she will be required to dress accordingly – which means no short dresses, skirts, or revealing outfits. Kate Middleton was also given these instructions, but she still looks fabulous!

When she gets married, Meghan will not be allowed to wear skimpy outfits

Second time down the aisle

For the first time in royal history, a member of the Windsor family will be tying the knot with a divorcee. Yep, this isn’t the first time Meghan has taken the plunge. In 2011, she walked down the aisle with the American film producer, Trevor Engelson, after seven years together. Although she wasn’t greeted with a diamond crown at the end of the aisle, the couple did get married in a lavish ceremony on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica.

Meghan has been married before and tied the knot with Trevor Engelson in 2011

A royal ceremony

It’s fair to say that Meghan’s royal wedding ceremony in May 2018 will be *slightly* different to her previous wedding. While Meghan and Trevor spent four days partying in the Caribbean with their friends and family (and a ton of alcohol), we can’t imagine ol’ Queenie getting ready for a knees-up on the beach. Instead, it will be a sophisticated and elegant affair that, we dare say, will be pretty boring compared to her extravagant wedding number one.

Meghan’s royal wedding ceremony will be very different to her previous wedding

The beginning of the end

Despite the fun and games of their wedding ceremony, Meghan and Trevor Engelson sadly ended things less than two years after they tied the knot. Within months, they had officially parted ways and settled the end of their marriage in divorce. However, Trevor was upset to discover that the woman he had loved for nine years wanted to leave him, and decided to cash in on their failed marriage and use it to his advantage.

After two years as a married couple, Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson divorced

A new show

Yuh-huh, as their marriage came to a halt, the heartbroken Trevor decided to use his devastating loss as a catalyst for a new business venture. In recent months, he has confirmed that he is working on a new TV project. His new show will follow the life of a young American woman who travels to London and falls in love with a Prince. Know that story? It seems Trevor may use this platform to reveal some lesser-known secrets about the new Princess…

Trevor Engelson is making a new TV show about a woman who falls in love with a Prince

Meghan, the cougar

Although she did not date extensively after her failed marriage, many of her fans noticed a trend in her dating history, and called her out for being a cougar! Yep, the actress has proven that she has a love for the younger man and in 2014, it was reported that Meghan was dating Rory Mcilroy. The golfing superstar is a whopping eight years younger than her, and even her new beau, Prince Harry, is three years younger than her.

In 2014, Meghan dated Rory Mcilroy, who was eight years younger than her

The first encounter

The world can’t wait to see Meghan walk down the aisle and officially become a royal, but some people can’t help but wonder how she and Harry met. Well, it seems they first set eyes on each other on a blind date! The pair were set up by Harry’s pal, Violet von Westenholz, in the summer of 2016. According to reports, the pair had no idea who they would meet on the date, but it was love at first sight. N’awww.

Meghan and Harry were set up on a blind date, and it was love at first sight

What’s in a name?

In the world of Hollywood, there are numerous celebrities who use a stage name – and Meghan (or whatever the heck she is called) is no different. In fact, her real name is Rachel Meghan Markle! For most of us, using your middle name as your first name would prove pretty difficult when you want to go on vacation, but her royal connections made sure this wasn’t a problem when Meghan took a trip with Harry this summer. Not too shabby, ey?

Meghan’s first name is Rachel, and Meghan is her middle name

Rachel Meghan Markle

Although she is now known as Meghan, this name change has only been a recent development. When she was younger, Meghan was known by her full name, Rachel Meghan Markle. However, when she entered the world of Hollywood, she decided to change her first name from Rachel to Meghan, because it was ‘catchier, and easier to remember.’ Well, we can’t imagine anyone will forget her name once that ring goes on her finger. You don’t have to worry about that, Rachel. Oops.

Meghan Markle changed her name from Rachel because she thought it was memorable

A love for food

Let’s be honest, we all love food; but Megan took this love of all things yummy one step further when she created her own food and lifestyle blog, and she started dating a real-life chef! Meghan and Cory Vitiello dated for two years between 2014 and 2016, before they ended things. However, Cory was not quiet about their breakup and even spurred on the rumors that she had been unfaithful with none other than the Prince himself.

Meghan dated Cory Vitiello for two years before she met Prince Harry

Keeping secrets

As well as rumors of overlapping relationships, it’s also believed that Meghan has outright refused to tell Prince Harry why she and Cory really broke up. Awkward. The news also shocked her fans, as just days before, Cory and Meghan had been pairing each other on their social media channels. This led many to believe that their relationship was just for show and that the couple were together as a media stunt. Either way, Meghan has now moved onto the main course…

Many people believe the relationship between Meghan and Cory was a media stunt

A pretty private life

However, it seems Meghan is used to keeping secrets – and so is her new royal hubby-to-be. Throughout his bachelor days, Prince Harry often pleaded with media channels to leave his personal life alone (but of course, they never did). Because of this, it seems he’s learned some pretty epic techniques to keep the press at bay. According to sources, Harry and Meghan had been privately dating for a whole year before it became public. Surely he let ol’ Liz know, though?!

Harry and Meghan were supposedly dating for a year before the press found out

A repetitive gift

It’s fair to say that dating a royal comes with its perks. With limitless amounts of money, expensive jewelry is pretty prominent in Buckingham Palace. And after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! During their dating days, Prince Harry gifted Meghan with a beautiful bracelet, and she couldn’t help but gush about it. However, her happiness was short-lived, as she soon realized that Harry had previously given two previous girlfriends the exact same bracelet. Oh, Harry…

Harry gave Meghan a beautiful bracelet, which he had given to two previous girlfriends

A true role model

Although we still haven’t got over the fact that Prince Harry is no longer available to whisk us off into the sunset on a magical horse, we have to admit that Meghan is a perfect role model. The actress has always been vocal about her charity work and especially women’s rights – but she has also often tried to get involved in politics. In fact, she once wrote an open letter to Hillary Clinton. Let’s hope Meghan agrees with English politics.

Meghan has been vocal about her charity work and has also had her say on politics

A woman of all trades

Since she has been thrust into the public eye, Meghan has been pretty clear on her career path. In fact, she has changed her social media bio to ‘Actress, model, humanitarian.’ Not a lot of talent then, ey? Over the course of her career, Meghan has been a major player in the humanitarian world. She has donated money and worked for leading charities and has made sure that her voice is heard in the world.

Meghan Markle classes herself as an ‘actress, model, humanitarian’

A little legacy

However, this willingness to change the world didn’t just come out of the woodwork when she became famous. Ever since she was a child, Meghan has been interested in women’s rights and made no secret of that fact. When she was a youngster, she became so enraged when Procter & Gamble released a new commercial that noted that women ‘all across America’ were washing dishes that she wrote an angry letter to them, and they changed it for her!

When she was a child, Meghan complained about a sexist commercial, and it was changed

A new career path

Ever since the little legacy removed a sexist commercial from the world, she has been intent on changing the world – and it seems the royal news has spurred her on even more. After the news broke of her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan also made a shocking revelation that she would be quitting the world of acting and devoting her life to humanitarian work. She will focus her efforts on world hunger, poverty, women’s rights and children in need. She sounds perfect.

Meghan will quit acting after the wedding to focus on her humanitarian work

An awkward viewing

We’re not sure whether the royal family sits down on a Sunday afternoon and binge watch Netflix, but we kinda hope that they do. Although we would like to think they enjoy the likes of The Crown, we would recommend that they DON’T watch the Suits boxset, as that could be awkward. Throughout her time on the show, Meghan played the character of Rachel, and her on-screen character had a pretty intense and raunchy relationship with Mike (if you catch our drift).

In Suits, Meghan played Rachel, who had an intense and raunchy relationship with Mike

A neat hobby

Although she is mostly known for her acting talent, there was a time where Meghan was struggling to make ends meet. In between auditions at the start of her career, Meghan would earn a little bit of extra cash through her neat hobby. Yep, Meghan is actually an incredibly talented calligrapher! In fact, she wrote the wedding invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton – how cool is that?! We hope she puts her skills to the test for her own wedding invitations.

Meghan Markle is a talented calligrapher and wrote the invitations for Robin Thicke

Brushing up

Considering she is going to be a new royal in the British monarchy, you’d like to think that Meghan knows what she’s getting herself into. Sure, she knows where England is one the map, but when one British newspaper asked the American actress about British culture, it’s fair to say that she absolutely flopped it. Nope, she didn’t know a darned thing. We hope she’s brushed up on her knowledge when she met ol’ Queenie for the first time.
When Meghan took an English quiz, she could not answer many of the questions

Related to the Bard

Although she has little knowledge about British culture, it seems Meghan is more connected to the British Isles than first thought. Amazingly, she is distantly related to one of the most iconic British exports in history – William Shakespeare. Yep, Meghan is the fifth cousin, thirteen times removed to ol’ Billy, which is pretty darn cool. Further digging has discovered that Meghan is also distantly (very distantly) related to the former British Prime Minister, the legendary Winston Churchill.

Meghan is distantly related to William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill

The Tig

Before she met Harry and become one of the most-loved Americans in England, Meghan Markle was primarily known for her acting. However, many people forget that she also had a little side-project that was hugely popular. The brunette beauty set up her own health, lifestyle, and wellness blog which she called ‘The Tig.’ Her blog provided her fans with information on food, fashion, exercise and more, but was unfortunately taken down after three years of fun. Nevertheless, she left her fans with loving goodbye.

Alongside her acting career, Meghan also ran her own health, lifestyle and wellness blog

A fitness regime

Although The Tig is no longer up and running, Meghan is still intent on keeping up a strict fitness regime. After all, she needs to keep up with Harry and his military training! It seems Harry has got his future wife sorted, as he has hooked her up with a famous military trainer who will be putting her through her paces. However, this isn’t just for fun. The royal family requires their families to be fit and healthy for any eventuality. Yikes.

Meghan will be training with a military trainer to ensure she is fit and healthy

A quick turnaround

Although we were all ecstatic to find out that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were engaged, we were a little surprised to discover how soon they would be getting married. Many people believe this quick turnaround is because of visa restrictions. Although he may be a Prince, Harry can’t change the law for his Yankee fiancee. In fact, the pair needs to get married within six months to get Meghan her visa. We hope that’s enough time to book the Cinderella carriage…

Meghan and Harry need to get married within six months to get Meghan her visa

Room for three?

However, many media outlets have their own theories about the quick wedding turnaround. You guessed it; they think there may be another royal baby on the way! In the British monarchy, it is commonplace to have children after marriage – so if Meghan is indeed pregnant, they need to get a bloomin’ move on. Meghan and Prince Harry have both vehemently denied all rumors of pregnancy; we’ll soon find out if they put another name on the guest list…

Many media outlets believe that Meghan is pregnant, although she denies these rumors

Meghan, the Duchess

Despite the fact that she is marrying a Prince (lucky her), Meghan Markle will not be a Princess. Yep, it sucks. Instead of becoming Princess Meghan, she will instead be formally addressed as the Duchess of Sussex. This is because the British monarchy has incredibly strict rules on their titles, and who may adopt them. Because Meghan was not born into the royal family, she cannot be a Princess. Harsh. Well, that’s our dreams crushed. Thanks, Liz.

Meghan will not be Princess Meghan; she will be the Duchess of Sussex

Meghan and Pippa

In recent years, Prince Harry has had his fair share of girlfriends (although he must have missed us off the list), but the world went wild after the wedding of Prince William and Kate, as Harry was pictured getting up close and personal with Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton. Although there was no confirmation of a relationship between the two of them (which would have been weird), fans can’t help but notice how similar Meghan Markle looks to Pippa. Well, this is awkward…

People can’t help but notice how similar Meghan Markle looks to Pippa Middleton

Making the rules

It’s fair to say that Meghan Markle is a strong and independent woman – and it seems she has already taken the reigns of the wedding of the year. It seems the royal family have already tried to make decisions about Meghan and Harry’s big day, and have already had their say on the guest list. According to reports, Meghan’s family may not get an invite, but Meghan is being strong and raising her voice to the unwelcome demands. Go, Meghan!

Meghan is being strong in regards to the wedding, as the royal family are taking over

A mountain of money

A she’s a celebrity in her own right, it should come as no surprise that Meghan Markle was already sitting on a mountain of money before she met Prince Harry. In fact, her acting career earned her an incredible net worth of $4 million (yeah, that’ll do). However, as Harry has inherited $16 million from his late mother and earned even more in the army to work up a net worth of $40 million, they won’t be strapped for cash.

Meghan is already worth $4 million but is set to inherit even more after the wedding