Lose Weight Fast Without Spending A Dime

As a single mom of 3 teenagers, working 2 jobs and with no time to pamper myself, I wish I could lose weight as easily as I lose my car keys, sunglasses, cell phone, my temper and my mind!

Dreaming to find a way to slim down fast without emptying my wallet is as easy as spotting a Unicorn. However, I evoke a royal saying, from Lewis Carroll’s novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’, where “sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”So, today, I’m gonna share with you six (im)possible tips on how to lose weight fast and without spending money. 

  • THINK – Figure out your favourite hobbies and commit to take a regular schedule to practice them. If you like sedentary activities, like reading, pick an outdoor space and go there on foot. You can combine your hobbies with some light exercise, like stretching or yoga.

  • HYDRATE – Drink a lot of water. And when you finish the bottle, have some more! Studies show that drinking tons of water can help curb your appetite throughout the day, leading to less snacking and smaller meals. Cutting out alcohol, bottled juices and sodas can significantly reduce your weight and give you more energy.
  • EAT – Let’s not skip meals, ok? If our hectic lives do not allow us to have time for a proper meal, we should instead prepare a lunch box with fruits and veggies to take with us. At snack time, we should practice mindfulness, meaning that we must set aside our smartphone, tablet or any other gadget while eating. Slow down may be the key to a quicker and lasting fat loss.

  • CREATE – If exercise routines get on your nerves, try a compromise by which you create a simple daily walk for yourself. If you live or work on a building, take the stairs. Your cardio system improves, and you may lose weight without even noticing. If you use public transports, get off one stop early on the bus on your way to work and on your way home. Park further away from the office. This will force you to do some exercise every day.
  • CHOOSE – Challenge a friend, colleague, neighbor to be your workout partner. Google a free video on YouTube and pick a set of exercises that you can do using trivial stuff – a chair, a wall, a mat, a ball -for a resistance training. Start a running group. If you’re not a lonely wolf, maybe you’ll find it encouraging to create an exercise routine with others.

  • LOVE – Accept yourself how and where you are right now. Embrace the notion that you are on an expedition that will take you towards your goal.  The journey itself is a gift, because it will let you to take better care of you, sleep properly, de-stress and allow your mind and body to unwind.

Success is the result of a sum of small efforts. Just Do It.