The Link between Running and Meditation


Among the best activities to stay healthy is running. There are many different running preferences, and different runners have their own. Some like running in groups or marathons, while others like going solo. It only depends on how you are comfortable with it. For those who like going solo, the connection between running and meditation is at times confusing.

In this article, we will discuss the relationship between running and meditation and how it can help you. Meditation can improve your running and running can enhance meditation. If runners combine the increased focus that comes from meditation with the repetitious nature of running, they can take advantage of the best of both worlds.

A meditation practice brings concentrated attention to the present moment. In addition to running, meditating on your mat can be the best extra practice you can do. Running can also be taken as a form of meditation. Meditation has been in place for centuries, and many different cultures have been using it as a tool to relax their minds and improve the health of their bodies.

The study shows that running and meditation together have many positive effects. A combination of running and meditation can help in creating new brain cells and help cure depression. It can also lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety. A group of Americans has revealed that they used a combination of running and meditation to cure their sadness.

The combination of running and meditation can also make you feel positive if you were feeling blue. You can remove the signs of negativity from your life by adopting a running and meditation habit. The more you run and meditate on a meditation mat, there are chances that you bring a positive change in your life.

The combination of meditation and running is also known as mental and physical training (MAP training), and its effects were revealed in the last year i.e. 2016. In the study conducted, 52 participants were tracked for eight straight weeks. These participants participated in two sessions each week of running and meditation. The study results revealed that the participants had less depressive disorders and their depressive disorders were reduced and cured to a vast extent.

If you run well and meditate later on or vice versa, you can live a relatively healthy and peaceful life. Running improves your metabolism and meditation can keep your heart rate stable. Through this combination, you can achieve a new level of positivity in your life and remove all the negative signs that are disturbing you or have been bothering you in the past.