Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

Trust is one of the hardest things to find in any relationship. It’s hard to build a relationship if you feel like your significant other might end up cheating. Here are some ways to know that your significant other may cheat on you.

Listen to What They Say

If your partner regularly speaks regarding “me” instead of acknowledging the two of you as a single unit with “we,” it may indicate that their approach is still centered more around their individual needs than your future as a couple.

Sure, that doesn’t mean that your significant other is having an affair, but it may show that his or her commitment to you is not at the level you’re hoping for. Similarly, pay attention to how your loved one acts when you talk to one another. An active listener who truly cares about what you have to say is unlikely to be running around and cheating on you.

No Need for Secrets

Listen, we all have things about ourselves that we’d rather not broadcast to everyone else. However, there’s a difference between silly things that you’d be embarrassed to share and hiding important information from someone who you’re supposed to be building a future with.

In general, a person who is hiding something important from you will also be able to keep other things from you. A partner who is hiding financial information from you or who is unwilling to talk about his or her past may not be cheating on you, but they’ve already proven that they are at least willing to keep secrets from you, which is a big red flag.

What About Your Friends?

How your partner acts around friends can be a huge indicator of not only how invested they are in your relationship, but also how likely they may be to cheat in the future.

Your significant other should want you to beĀ friends with their friends regularly. If you’re being kept separate from such an important part of your partner’s life as his or her relationships with friends, it’s not a good sign. Furthermore, if your significant other has a lot of friends who seem shady or negative toward you, it may be a sign that things aren’t headed in the right direction.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In a healthy relationship, both people feel as if they’re on a team. Therefore, when one person has a great thing happen to them, the other is just as excited about it. If your partner isn’t celebrating your successes and helping you reach your goals, they may have one foot out of the door already.

Furthermore, you should have goals as a couple that you’re both striving toward, especially if you’ve been together for awhile. Even something as simple as planning a fun getaway or talking about future plans can show that the two of you are both invested in your future as a couple, which is a sign that no cheating is likely to occur.

It’s the Little Things

Not every guy is going to buy flowers for no reason to surprise the one that they love, and not every girl is going to write amazing love poems or dote over every word of their significant other. Still, if your relationship is a good one, your partner should genuinely express appreciation for you in some way- emotionally, physically, verbally, or in some other way.

If you’re not being appreciated, that shows that your partner is likely not valuing your relationship. While it doesn’t mean that they are cheating, it can mean that they may be open to doing so in the future.

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Your Opinion Matters

If your partner asks you for your opinion on important decisions and seems to care what you think, he or she is not likely to be cheating. Asking for advice from someone shows that you respect them and value what they have to say, which is a very healthy thing.

This is closely related to being made a priority, which is also a good sign that your partner isn’t going to stray. If your significant other regularly makes you a top priority in his or her life, they’re not going to cheat.

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It Takes Two

Don’t forget that it’s not just about how your partner acts when you’re considering whether they may cheat. It’s also about how you act towards your loved one.

If you aren’t making sure that your partner feels appreciated and valued, he or she may miss that feeling over time. It’s often said that being with someone else can be far lonelier than being by yourself, and when you’re in a relationship where you don’t feel valued, the truth behind this saying becomes very clear. Make your partner feel valued and loved, and you’ll be doing your part to ensure that they don’t feel tempted to cheat.

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It’s Not Just Physical

People often cheat when they don’t feel the emotional connection that they used to with their significant other. Sure, they may also cheat simply because of physical lust, but most men and women are motivated to cheat when they are missing out on their emotional needs.

Therefore, one sign that trouble may be brewing is if you lack the intimacy that you used to have in your relationship. If your partner is still interested in sex, but you don’t have the physical and emotional closeness that you used to afterward, you’ll want to keep an eye on the situation or try to bridge the emotional gap between the two of you.

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Not Playing Any Games

A trustworthy partner is one who doesn’t play games with you. If your significant other does not resort to doing little things to make you jealous or suddenly seem disinterested in you for no apparent reason from time to time, you’re probably in a really good relationship!

At the same time, your partner should avoid doing things like canceling plans with you at the last minute for silly reasons. Again, you must make one another a priority if your relationship is going to blossom.

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Trust Your Feelings

Sure, sometimes it can be easy to get a bit paranoid for no real reason. Still, if you have that nagging feeling that your significant other may be up to something, you probably shouldn’t ignore it outright. Many times, the feelings you have are an expression of subconscious knowledge that your conscious mind simply isn’t ready to process.

If you feel like there’s something to your suspicions, do the smart thing and talk to a trusted friend. Don’t pick someone who has always been biased for or against your partner, but someone who is typically level-headed and can give you an accurate, unbiased opinion.

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