What To Do If Injured While Exercising

Exercise helps us to keep our body fit and healthy. It also helps in attaining a good body transformation. It is advised by fitness trainers to exercise regularly to maintain good health. However, we get hurt while performing some sort of exercises. In that scenario, it gets necessary to know what to do if you hurt yourself when you exercise? If you have the proper knowledge of these things than you can steadily recover from the injury and also preventing further damage. Read the article below to get an idea of what to do if you get hurt during exercise:

Don’t panic

First of all, take a deep breath and relax. Have a positive approach to the state. The more you think about the damage the more you will become uneasy. The damage is done and you cannot reverse it so, don’t cry over spilt milk. Every day is not the same and crying over the past is such a useless thing as you can do nothing about it. If you have a positive approach then this will make you grow stronger, wiser and a good observer.

See your doctor

Visit the doctor as soon as possible and get a proper diagnosis. To get a speedy recovery it is advised to visit a doctor. It is sometimes found a minor external injury causes greater internal damage, which can be known unless proper check up is done. The doctor can get a proper prescription for you along with estimated recovery time.

Ice treatment

If there is swollen in the injured muscle you can apply ice to it. Wrap ice cubes in a cloth and apply it over the muscles for at least 10 – 15 minutes every day. This will help you in reducing the swelling.


Take the medication properly as prescribed by your doctor. Generally, doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. Don’t take any medicine on your own, cross check your doctor.

Proper Diet

Diet is also important for a body to recover from injuries. For any fitness program to be a successful diet is very important. As you don t exercise after getting hurt your food important increases. This means if you take a proper diet then you can keep your body fit without exercise. Don’t skip any meal and eat plenty of protein and fats.


Until your injuries heal take rest and don’t exercise. You can also get physical therapy to strengthen your uninjured muscles. Engage in physical activities that don’t lay stress on the injured part of the body. However, it is advised to take complete bed rest but you can try out a little exercise to keep aside your mind.


If you get injured while exercising then you can use these tips or measures to recover from the injury. There are a number of injuries caused during exercise like fractures, sprains etc. So before taking any medication to ask your doctor.