You Won’t Believe These Celebrity Private Jets, Yachts, and Cars


P Diddy – The Maraya

Sean Combs is better known by his Aliases, either P Diddy or Puff Daddy, depending on how he’s feeling we suppose! His vehicle of choice is The Maraya, which is a $65 million yacht. Unlike a plane, it’s a great place to hold a party, and no one parties harder than this guy! The boat needs 10 staff members on board, and the party features include a built-in bar, a stage, a dance floor and a projector screen.

P Diddy yacht

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gulfstream III

Arnie has had his jet for more than a decade, to help with the commute from Los Angeles where he lives, to Sacramento, where he served as the Governor of California. We have to speak highly of him here, as he refused to accept his Governor’s salary, instead choosing to use money from his personal wealth to pay for all his expenses including travel. He also managed to get quite the frugal deal on this jet, by stripping what he wanted down to the bare essentials and almost halving the $60 million price tag down to $35 million.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jim Carey – Gulfstream V

It’s widely known around Hollywood that Jim Carrey is a flight enthusiast, and loves planes. In fact, he loves them so much that he has spent $59 million on buying his own! His jet seats up to 16 passengers as well as 2 crew members, and he goes up as often as he can. When he isn’t using it, he’s clawing back some of that money by renting it out to others, for the bargain price of just $8,000 per hour. He only needs about 7,500 people to take him up on that before he starts making a profit!

Jim Carrey

Tracy McGrady – Falcon 2000

Some famous folk can just buy a jet outright, or get themselves a yacht on a whim, because they have so much cash to spare on their crazy lifestyles. But that’s not the story with Tracy McGrady, NBA star. While it’s still out of the realm of any regular person’s wish list, Tracy was actually the first NBA player to own a jet, and he saw it as a savvy business opportunity to rent it out to other players and not only make the $27 million back, but perhaps make some money too.

Tracy McGrady jet

Harrison Ford – Cessna 680 Sovereign

While the Cessna might be one of Harrison Ford’s most impressive looking planes, it’s by no means his only one. In fact, he has been a pilot himself for many years, and in love with aviation for even longer. His whole collection is estimated at around $28 million, and includes a Bell 407 helicopter, a DHC-2 Beaver, a Cessna 182, an Aviat A-1B Husky, as well as a Beechcraft B36TC Bonanza and a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. Wowza!

Harrison Ford

Bill Gates – Bombardier BD-700

It shouldn’t surprise you that Bill Gates’s yacht is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. As well as error free navigation, it can move at a speed of Mach 1 and features a Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics suite. The boat comes equipped with WiFi, touchscreens, and at least a dozen other gadgets that you probably haven’t even heard of. It’s pretty snazzy, ok? Oh, and it probably cost about $40 million.

Bill Gates

Gisele and Tom Brady – Gulfstream G-550

In fairness, this family does do a LOT of travelling, from Super model Gisele Buchen’s family home in Sau Paulo, to Tom Brady’s work as one of the most popular New England Patriots in Boston and her own work in Paris. Plus, they live in LA! So maybe it seemed sensible to buy this $50 million jet to avoid the hubbub of the airport? The plane is made just for the family, so the rest of Brady’s entourage need to fly commercial. Poor things.

Tom Brady and gisele jet

Bono – Kingdom Come

Bono’s $22 million yacht is called Kingdom Come, and it is an 198 foot liner, with a crew of 17 and the ability to host 15 of his nearest and dearest. It’s gorgeously designed in European décor, and known to be his pride and joy. It includes a large deck, a spacious living area, as well as a nautical themed master bedroom and an expansive hot tub Jacuzzi. The yacht can reach a top speed of around 22 mph, so it’s great for lazy smooth cruising for Bono and his friends.

Bono yacht

Diane von Fürstenberg – Eos

This fashion designer, along with her husband Barry Diller, the movie billionaire, own this gorgeous three-mast schooner, which has space to accommodate 16 passengers, as well as the 21 crew members. As you would imagine considering its owner, it’s all about the design elements here, with exterior design completed by Bill Langanand and interior the work of Francois Catroux. We’ve heard tons about the Hollywood parties on this $100 million boat, what we wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall?

Diane Von Furstenberg

Jay Z – Bombardier Challenger 850

What are you getting your dad for father’s day this year? A tie? A nice pair of cufflinks? Beyonce went just a couple of steps further for her man, gifting him this $80 million jet on behalf of their kids, Blue Ivy, Rumy and Sir Carter. It’s almost an apartment in the sky, complete with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. They use it for flying around the world on tour, and probably for the odd family getaway too.

Jay Z

The Edge – The Cyan

If you’re a fan of music sensations U2, you won’t need telling that The Edge is also known as David Evans. Just like Bono, he has a huge passion for the open water, and one of his prized possessions is this gorgeous superyacht. It’s nearly 50 meters long, and was built in Italy. Always fond of his movies and concerts as you would imagine, The Edge has one of the best outdoor cinemas found on any other boat in the world, right there on deck.

The Edge

Oprah Winfrey – Global Express XRS

Nothing but the best for Oprah, and she custom designed her version of this VIP business jet created by Bombardier, the same company who made Jay Z’s gorgeous plane. Her version cost around $42,000,000 and seats 10 passengers. It also includes a bathroom, dining room and a quiet space for rest and relaxation. The whole interior is beautifully decorated with leather, and the jet is powered by twin Rolls-Royce BR710 engines.

Oprah Winfrey


Taylor Swift – Dassault Falcon 900

Like any woman knows, the outfit has to fit the occasion. So how could Taylor be expected to have just one private jet, when sometimes it would be totally wrong for the day?! Taylor uses this $40 million beauty for when she’s with her crew, as it seats 12 and is great for long journeys, while she has a smaller version of the Falcon for just her and 8 of her closest friends for smaller trips. Plus the smaller one was only $6 million, which is pretty much small change, if you’re the #1 selling female artist that is.

Taylor Swift

David Beckham – Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

It’s no secret that David Beckham is pretty much the most famous soccer player in existence (there’s no use denying it), and of course, a famous sportsman would not be complete without an epic set of wheels. David Beckham is the proud owner of a $407,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, has bought custom Savini Forged Wheels and has had the whole thing personalized to his own taste – oh, and Victoria’s. Her Louboutins need a ‘Posh’ place to sit, y’know.

Eric Clapton – Va Bene

Eric probably croons You look Wonderful Tonight to his gorgeous luxury yacht any chance he gets, as this really is one of the loves of his life. The yacht is pretty long, at 156 feet, and it can sleep 12 people, as well as hosting a pretty stunning deck hot tub. The rock and roll legend used to charter the boat, before realising that he loved it so much he needed to own it! Luckily, the $12,000,0000 wasn’t too steep a price for him, so he’s now the proud owner.

Eric Clapton

Tyler Perry – Gulfstream III

Tyler Perry took a $65 million private jet, and then customized it into his very own flying theatre, complete with several large screens, a stunning entertainment center, and a whole media library to choose from. The modifications must have almost doubled the price of the jet itself, so we estimate the whole purchase was around $130 million. Inside the Jet, he decorated with a unique type of glass which can be controlled electronically. We’d love to get a tour some day!

Tyler Perry

Justin Bieber – Gulfstream G4

If you have a spare $65,000,000, why not get the ultimate Belieber souvenir, the same Jet as your idol? We knew he liked the designer goods, but this goes much further than that, with space for 15 people, and complete with its own kitchen and entertainment system. The word is that Justin tried out a lot of other private jets before he settled on this one, which is one of the most expensive on the market of this kind.

Justin Beiber

Donald Trump –Boeing 757

Donald Trump is no stranger to private jets, and had his Boeing 727-23 for 20 years. But more recently, he has upgraded to a customized Boeing 757 which is worth well over the $100 million mark. It can hold an incredible 43 passengers, and has its own master bedroom and guest room, a dining room and video room too, with a cinema system integrated. It’s decorated in true Trump style, complete with the Trump logo in 23 carat gold letters.

Donald Trump

Celine Dion – Bombardier Global Express

This luxury private jet is what $42 million can buy you, if it’s worth that to you to get about the world without using the same planes as the little people! In fairness, Celine Dion travels around the world more than your average celebrity as the Canadian superstar is famous in almost every country you could think of! Her plane fits 14 passengers pretty comfortably, and comes complete with designer furniture, even in the bathrooms! She also has a private chef on board, in case she gets hungry en route.

Celine Dion jet

Larry Page and Sergey Brin – The Google Jet

In reality, this plane is a Boeing 767-200, but it’s better known as the $40 million Google Jet, owned by Google founders Larry and Sergey. This is a proper passenger jet, so it seats up to 50 people, as well as holding a lavish dining and meeting room, and 15 first class seats. Google have managed a pretty large first, landing themselves (no pun intended) 2 years of landing rights at Moffet Field, owned and operated by none other than NASA.

Google jet

Neymar – Cessna 680

One of these gorgeous Cessna 680’s will cost you around $10 million, so they’re a pretty serious purchase, especially as most financial advisors will tell you that planes aren’t too great an investment. But when Soccer star Neymar had his assets frozen while under tax investigation, he missed his baby so much that he took out a mortgage to get himself another one the same! The Cessna seats 12, and it goes without saying there is a fully stocked bar on board.

Neymar jet

Elvis Presley –Lisa Marie

The King of Rock himself had a private jet plane that he owned during his time here on Earth, and it was quite a masterpiece for its time. The Lisa Marie, named after his daughter, has a kind of retro chic we can all admire.  He nicknamed his plane the “Hound Dog One”, and even referred to it as “The Pride of Elvis Presley Airways” and his “Flying Graceland.” The plane sat 28 people, after he’d customized it how he liked.


Paris Hilton – Custom Bentley GT Continental

Let’s be honest, Paris Hilton isn’t exactly known for her modesty – and this car is a fine example of that. This $285,000 Bentley GT Continental is a firm favorite for any car enthusiast, but hers is a little different. She took her wheels to the famous West Coast Customs shop to pimp her little sportscar into a little pink sportscar. Sure, some people may vomit at the sight of it, but it suits her perfectly.

Paris Hilton had her $285,000 Bentley GT Continental pimped by the guys at West Coast Customs

Angelina Jolie – Cirrus SR22

Angelina recently got her own license as a pilot, and has her own plane, too, a Cirrus SR22 which is estimated to be worth about $650,000. The Hollywood actress has a large family, with six kids, so this five seater plane isn’t going to take them on a family holiday any time soon, but it must be great for getting from A to B. If there’s a landing strip at both ends of course. Angelina is known for her philanthropy and charity work, and this is the cheapest plane on our list, so we won’t begrudge her this expensive looking toy.

angelina jolie

Miley Cyrus –  Unknown

From Disney channel to twerking queen, Miley Cyrus has made quite a name for herself in Hollywood. The young singer and actress is worth an estimated $120 million, and so it’s understandable that she has enough dough to splurge on her very own private jet. Trying to keep out of the paparazzi’s eye, Miley doesn’t disclose very much information about her luxury private plane, although she did give a tour of it on youtube, and posted a few snapshots to her Instagram as well.

Ralph Lauren –Gulfstream G650

Ralph Lauren, the famous fashion designer, owns two planes, the Gulfstream G650 and a Hawker private plane as well. He is no stranger to the luxurious lifestyle, and so his planes reflect that. He has comfy seats, flat screens along the walls for business meetings and relaxation, areas to sleep, and even a full service kitchen.


Nick Mason – Ferrari 250 GTO

Nowadays, many celebrities opt for the newest cars with the latest technology and the biggest price tag. However, this Pink Floyd drummer wanted to go back in time with this purchase – even though there was still a big price tag. Nick Mason spent a whopping $25 million on a car he had had his eye on since he was a kid…the Ferrari 250 GTO. The car is one of the most iconic designs in history, so we’re pretty envious of this one.

Nick Mason wanted a classic car, so bought a Ferrari 250 GTO for $25 million

Peter Jackson – Gulfstream 3550

Peter Jackson just couldn’t handle those long haul flights from New Zealand to Los Angeles while he was working on some of his best work like The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit. Upgrading his jet to a Gulfstream 2550 meant that he wouldn’t have to stop to refuel, saving him a ton of time en route. If he needs to catch up with work while mid-air though, he has his own studio space right on his jet, as well as sleeping accommodation for 8, and seating for 19.

Peter Jackson

Nicholas Cage – Sarita

Remember how Nicholas Cage literally spent himself out of his fortune? One of the most flighty purchases he made was not one, but four yachts! Each of these babies cost him a neat $20 million, which left him in some quite serious debt. He eventually got around to selling three of them, leaving him with a much more normal celebrity keepsake of just the one yacht. (Well, you can’t pilot more than one at once now can you, greedy greedy.)

Nicholas Cage

John Travolta – Boeing 707

Did you know that John Travolta is an honorary pilot for Qantas, the Australian Airline? He has his pilot’s license, and owns seven planes himself, too. He built himself a home which makes it as easy to fly as most people enjoy backing out of their own driveway in a car, including 2 customized runways and an airport hangar for his jets. While his planes cost around $50 million, the changes to his Florida home will also have cost $12 million.

John Travolta

Birdman – Bugatti Veyron

In 2010, this businessman, rapper, co-founder of Cash Money Records and all-around legend bought one of the fastest cars in the whole world – the Bugatti Veyron. Your average Veyron will set you back around $1.5 million, but Birdman’s Veyron isn’t your usual Veyron (shocker). With a custom all-over red paint job and interior and exterior personalizations, his $2.5 million sports car is his pride of joy. Although we don’t blame him for that, we feel kinda poor just looking at this one…

Birdman owns a custom Bugatti Veyron worth $2.5 million

Steven Spielberg – Seven Seas

Steven Spielberg has both a private jet and a private yacht, and one of the most expensive in the world, at that. His yacht, the Seven Seas is estimated at $200 million, and was built in 2010. It’s named after his seven children, and can fit 14 passengers and a crew of 26. One of the coolest features is an infinity pool which has a 15 foot glass wall around it which transforms into a cinema screen. It also has a gym and a spa on board, cause y’know, why not?

Steven Speilberg

Roman Abramovich – Bandit

This baby cost Russia’s 9th richest man $300 million big ones. Roman Abramovich is most commonly known for being the owner of the Chelsea Football Club soccer team. His plane is made up of precious metals and fine wood. It can hold up to 30 people and comes complete with, a full kitchen, an office for him to work in-flight, and a master bedroom.


Bill Joel – Vendetta

Some celebs use their jets and boats for travelling from A to B, while others like to show them off for events and parties. But sometimes, you find a celebrity who just loves them! That’s what you see here with Billy Joel. He has owned more than five boats in his time, but his favourite is the comparatively cheap Vendetta, costing just $1.2 million and made for seclusion and privacy, and time to write and get away from the media. He helped design it himself, and we think it’s simply beautiful.

Billy Joel vendetta boat

Sultan of Brunei – Flying Palace

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, wasn’t exaggerating when he named his gold plated private jet. The “Flying Palace” cost the sultan a cool $100 million dollars, and then his renovations to instal gold, fine wood, and precious gems from his childhood home.


Floyd Mayweather – Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

There’s a reason why Floyd Mayweather is often called ‘Money’ – because he just luuuuurves to spend a small fortune increasing his car collection (not that we’re jealous or anything). In 2015, the boxer decided he wanted something completely unique and chose to buy a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a race car with a top speed of an incredible 254 mph. There are only three of these cars in existence, which makes them incredibly rare…and expensive. $4.8 million, in fact.

Giorgio Armani – Main

Main is a 65 metre Codecasa yacht, owned by none other than fashion powerhouse Giorgio Armani. She can sleep 14 guests, as well as holding 14 crew members. Armani designed every inch of the boat himself, and it’s one of the largest ever built in Italy. The iconic dark blue yacht was probably around $60 million and comes complete with cinema and gym on board, but for a billionaire with a net worth of around $8.5 billion, that probably seems like a bargain!

Giorgio Armani

Sergio Garcia – Hawker 850

This golfer’s life must be pretty tiring, flying from tournament to tournament around the globe. So who are we to begrudge him a little comfort and style in the form of this 8 seater jet complete with spacious leather suite for a more comfy journey? Hey, it only cost him a neat $22 million. He can also use it to fly back home to see his family in Spain, which gives him another great reason for splurging on this gorgeous Hawker.

Sergio Garcia

Paul Allen –Octopus

Even though Bill Gates is the famous face behind Microsoft, he actually co-founded the company with his friend Paul Allen. He is also the chair of Vulcan Inc., and the owner of two sports teams: the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers. With all of these titles, he has been named the 46th richest man in the world. So why not buy a huge fancy private yacht?


Roberto Cavalli – Baglietto Yacht

You wouldn’t miss this beauty if it sailed by, as Roberto’s yacht is pink purple and blue, just as fashion conscious at its owner! Designer Roberto Cavalli custom built his boat just the way he likes it, rainbow metallic on the outside, and just as unique on the inside. It can hold 8 guests and 4 crew members, and cost around $40 million. It’s recently been joined by an 88-foot motor yacht called Freedom which will be launched in early 2018.

Roberto Cavalli

Dolce & Gabana -The Regina D’Italia

Dolce & Gabana definitely do not skimp on the luxuries in life, so why would they do it for their yacht? The Regina D’Italia can host up to 12 guests and 10 crew members at a time. The huge custom made vessel also has a full service gym on board, to make sure you keep up your Hollywood figure.


Magic Johnson – Gulfstream G-III

Magic Johnson is a hero of the NBA, and reportedly, his greatest business deals are all completed right here on his jet. He calls it the N32MJ, which doesn’t take a whole lot of deciphering (It’s his name and his jersey number, for the slower readers amongst us.) This isn’t a vehicle for wild parties though, as it’s made for comfort, complete with a plush suite and space for a conference room. We bet there’s still a pretty well stocked bar though.


JK Rowling – Amphitrite Yacht

This yacht wasn’t always the property of our favorite children’s author, but it has had another celebrity owner beforehand, none other than Johnny Depp himself! Yes, it seems that Captain Jack Sparrow used to sail this 5 cabin vessel, which comes complete with water-ski, kayak, windsurf and snorkelling tools for the adventurer, and a home cinema, and video consoles for those who prefer the relaxing kind of voyage! We would estimate she spent about $28,000,000 on the purchase.

JK Rowling yacht

Flo Rida – Gold Bugatti Veyron

We always wonder how celebrities stay so rich, and now we have the answer – they never spend their own money! VH1 gave Flo Rida a birthday to remember when they gifted him a few million to buy a new car to add to his collection. However, Flo Rida is unique. Flo Rida is original. Flo Rida needed a car to suit his personality. So of course, he bought a $2.2 million gold-wrapped Bugatti Veyron. Of course.

David Geffen – Rising Sun

David Geffen is most known for cofounding the production monstrosity that is Dreamworks SKG with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg. He is also a very well known philanthropist. This yacht actually only half-belongs to Geffen, as he bought a share of it from its owner, Larry Ellison. The yacht is currently the 6th largest in the world.


Beyonce – 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce Convertible

Jay-Z and Beyonce are the ultimate power couple, and they definitely aren’t short of a few dollars. So, Beyonce’s hubby wanted to splash the cash for her 25th birthday and bought her a classic 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce Convertible (even the name is impressive). With plush leather seats, a classic paint job and a 6.2-liter engine, it’s well worth the $1 million price tag. This Rolls is a timeless work of art…just like the owner!

Jay-Z bought Beyonce a $1 million 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce Convertible for her 25th birthday

Morgan Freeman – Cessna Citation 501

Morgan Freeman has a real love for jet planes. He owns not one, but three planes: a Cessna Citation 501, a Cessna 414 twin-engine prop and an Emivest SJ30. But he didn’t stop there, he also has his pilot’s license, and can fly any of his three planes whenever he wants. Recently, his plane had to make a forced “crash” landing in Mississippi after a tire blowout he experienced. He was unharmed, but the plane, not so much.


Nicole Kidman – Hokulani

When it comes to luxury, it’s obvious that Nicole Kidman didn’t cut any corners. Of course, she has a master stateroom and a VIP stateroom, but the yacht also has a number of twin cabins to host multiple guests for week-long parties at sea. The ship is finished in glossed cherry wood, giving it a very classy look. There is also an entertainment system integrated around the entire vessel, as well as a platform with a giant swimming pool.


Calvin Klein – Vantage

Mega famous fashion designer, Calvin Klein, isn’t just known for his underwear. He is the proud owner of the yacht called Vantage. The 4.57 meter vessel has six cabins to host guests, a full service bar, a barbecue pit, jacuzzi, and even a few relaxation pads. The yacht usually shows up at the Cannes Film Festival in France to host parties for the rich and famous.


Floyd Mayweather – Gulfstream IV

Floyd goes by the name Money, and so you won’t be surprised to hear that he enjoys flashing his cash. This is just one of his private jets, each of which cost a pretty substantial $40 million. The boxing hero has one jet for himself, and then this one is the spare, to accommodate the 14 people who travel with him around the globe. His own jet helps him move quickly between his house in Vegas, and his other home in Miami.

Floyd Mayweather

Tom Cruise – Gulfstream IV

This 19 seater plane is worth $36,000,000 and is a pretty hefty investment by anyone’s standards. But as Tom Cruise often tops the list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, earning $75,000,000 in 2012 alone, we don’t need to worry about him affording his purchase. This business jet is one of the best on the market, and must remind him of his Top Gun days, which left an excitement in him for aviation.

Tom cruise jet

Beyonce – Galactica Star

Remember Jay Z’s gorgeous private jet, a gift from his wife? Well it looks like he is just as generous with her, buying her this stunning boat after she enjoyed the rental so much. Renting the boat cost a pretty hefty $900k per week, so we can understand how $70 million felt like a… er.. bargain? It’s not just for the lovebirds though, although they do have a private balcony, they can invite 12 guests, all of whom can enjoy the swimming pool and sundeck, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Beyonce and Jay Z yacht

Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959

Jerry Seinfeld didn’t want the kind of car every actor, rapper or celeb would have. Instead, he wanted something classic, and he wanted something timeless – and that’s exactly what he got. A few years ago, he spent a whopping $700,000 on a classic Porsche 959 sports car. The car was manufactured from 1986 until 1993, primarily as a rally car and can reach 197 mph, so Seinfeld will be at Monk’s Coffee Shop in no time.

Jerry Seinfeld wanted to own a classic car, so bought a Porsche 959 rally car for $700,000

Tiger Woods – Gulfstream G550

While we don’t often see Tiger Woods splashing his cash on bars and clothes, he does like his large purchases, owning many homes and cars, and now one of the coolest private jets on the market. This bad boy cost around $53 million, and its major selling point is its stamina. It can fly over 12,000 kilometres without needing to refuel, which is great for long distance travel. We also love the bathrooms and dining rooms on board, as it can seat 18.

Tiger Woods

Michael Jordan –MJ G550

It probably won’t surprise you, but ex-Chicago Bulls super star and current Carolina Hornets owner, Michael Jordan, has a private jet that represents who he is. His G550 jet used to sport a carolina blue color, with the famous Air Jordan’s “jump man” logo on the tail. The jet recently got itself a makeover, probably to honor the newest Air Jordans print. It now looks like a replica of the new elephant print sneaker, complete with the logo.

Michael jordan

Miley Cyrus –  Unknown

From Disney channel to twerking queen, Miley Cyrus has made quite a name for herself in Hollywood. The young singer and actress is worth an estimated $120 million, and so it’s understandable that she has enough dough to splurge on her very own private jet. Trying to keep out of the paparazzi’s eye, Miley doesn’t disclose very much information about her luxury private plane, although she did give a tour of it on youtube, and posted a few snapshots to her Instagram as well.