Incorporating Meditation into a Busy Day


So you want to meditate but you just can’t seem to fit it into your busy schedule? Fear not! There are lots of ways to incorporate meditation into your day even if you have a hundred other things going on.

Meditation doesn’t have to be for people that have all the time in the world. And meditation doesn’t necessarily have to mean sitting in a cross-legged position for hours on end. There are many ways you can sneak meditation into your daily routine and it won’t even feel like meditation! Here are our top ways for adding meditation into a daily routine.

Do things you love

This is probably the most fun way of meditating because it’s something you love doing. And this can be anything! Cooking, hiking, running, painting, playing music, the list goes on and on. But the key here is that it’s an activity. You can’t just sit in front of a TV or computer and think you’ll meditate.

By engaging in an activity and paying attention to how you feel before, during and after you are in essence meditating. When we do things we love, we tend to forget about the stresses of daily life. This is the same as concentration meditation. By focusing on the activity at hand you are giving your mind a change to relax and when you are done with your activity you may even notice how much better you feel!


Many people forget how important taking the time for oneself is. We pile on responsibilities and end up burning out because we forgot about our self. Whether it’s going to the spa, taking a bath, relaxing with a good book or even going for a nice stroll, it’s important to do things that are relaxing for out body and mind. Try to take an hour or two a day or even the weekends just to do something you know will feel good. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel after!


A lot of people spend a good chunk of time commuting to and from work, as well as being stuck in rush hour traffic. This is actually a great time to practice meditation and to de-stress before you start work and when you end it.

When on the way to work try thinking of all the things you have to do that day and setting an intention. This doesn’t have to be a work goal like, “Read all emails and fill out forms.” It can be more general than that. Try setting an intention like, “I will not let the little things stress me out,” or “I will try not to get annoyed at my coworkers.”

And when you are returning home from work think about everything you’ve accomplished that day and pat yourself on the back. We tend to think of and focus on all the things we forgot to do or failed at which only leads to more negativity and stress. But by focusing on everything you did do that day, you feel a sense of accomplishment. This means when you get home you’ll be less likely to feel stressed and angry.

Work or Chores

Many people think meditation stops when they enter the workplace or when they have to do their responsibilities like household chores. But, these times can actually be a great place to practice mindfulness.

Before you start work or a task try taking a few minutes for yourself. Visualize what needs to get down and how you would like to outcome to be. By setting an intention you’re allowing your mind to focus on a specific task at hand rather than letting go all over the place. A lot of people get stressed because they’re constantly thinking of everything they need to get done which causes them to not finish or to complete the tasks in a poor manner. But by focusing on specific tasks at a time and thinking about how you want them to be, before hand, you’re more liking to finish everything in a satisfactory manner. And even if you don’t finish all your tasks, the ones you do you’ll be proud of!