A fuzzy lake creature was spotted by a man – it seemed trapped so he acted fast

Phones and digital devices have taken over the world in the current days. Currently, when one is in familiar surroundings and background, it is easy to zone out and focus on the phone. The exposure to social media and other “fun” digital activities have made zombies out of most of the people, who rarely concentrate on their surroundings and would rather spend their time glued to their devices. Even when exposed to peculiar happenings, most people are unable to concentrate, and would rather concentrate on the digital world. That notwithstanding, there are some people who are still in touch with their surroundings and the environment. For the said people, spotting an object which is out of the ordinary creates a sense of curiosity in them, prompting them to take action. Most of the time, such people are likely to attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding such occurrence, due to the rare nature of foreign objects being spotted. Jim Passmore is such a man, who is not only in touch with his surroundings but knows the when things are seemingly out of place. As one incident would prove, his conscious nature coupled with a sense of nosiness was all it took to make a life-saving impact.

Sighting an unknown creature

Jim was taking his usual stroll along Haikey Creek, a park which is usually frequented by outdoor lovers. He was busy admiring the plentiful pecan trees, which have the ability to grow considerably and provide lovely canopies for shade. The trees were a very beautiful contrast to the blue waters, whose banks were quiet and peaceful. There were a number of runners jogging around, as they normally did in the mornings.

Jim was with his Yorkies, and it was while he was waiting for them to do their business that he spotted an object out of the ordinary. It was a sight that he had never seen, and his curiosity drove him to attempt to figure out what the object was.

Increased Curiosity

From a distance, Jim could see a foreign strange mass floating on the park’s water surface. The mass was evidently a sharp contrast to the typical smooth surface of the creek, and it was unlike anything Jim had ever seen before.

As he slowly approached it, he could see a very big, brown animal which could have easily passed as a log. Momentarily, Jim also thought that it was a log, but curiosity got the better of him. He edged closer to the shore, off the smooth trail and into the muddy grass. His only instinct was to satisfy his curiosity, disregarding any danger that he could put himself in as a result.

A Closer Look

As Jim got closer and closer to the “log”, he realized that there was hair all over the object. Immediately, it dawned on him that the object was an animal. He could see slight movements, which meant that it was alive. The movements were, however, slight and very feeble, and Jim thought that it was either stirring in its sleep.

The sight intrigued him, and Jim felt lucky to have glimpsed at a wild creature while in its natural habitat. The animal was seemingly floating, though the movements made it seem like it was being rattled in its dream. It was while he was still watching the animal that his dogs began to snarl.

Dogs Snarling More

Jim got closer and closer to the animal, and with each inch, his dogs snarled even more. Normally, dogs growl when they sense some level of danger and ideally, Jim should have left the place. However, he was still curious about the weird animal and did not understand why it made such feeble movements.

From his judgment, the animal looked desperate and stuck. The fact that the animal was hanging out in a wooded, muddy, and creeky bank suggested that the animal was a beaver, although Jim was not sure. His dogs were still snarling, but that did not deter Jim from his attempts to figure out what was happening and what exactly the animal was.

Discovery of a Carrier

Just then, Jim spotted something hidden under the bushes. The discovery pointed to a sinister situation and Jim edged even closer. It was then that he saw a carrier. The carrier was the kind that people normally used to transport pets to the veterinaries, and it appeared to be abandoned.

When Jim poked it, he found a large blanket, old and filthy. His worry escalated when he realized that underneath the blanket was a chain, the heavy weighted type.

Haphazard Scene around the Carrier

Jim was confused, and he tried piecing together what was going on to no avail. It was evident that a person had purposefully discarded the carriage, seeing that it had been dumped in the water banks.

More disturbing was the haphazard scene, which indicated the cruelty that the abandoned animal had undergone in the hands of the individual. It was clear that whatever had been in the carrier had not been cared for as was required.

Surfacing of a Beaver

As Jim was still attempting to understand what had happened, there was a rustling in the wood. Jim looked on, attempting to figure out what was there. Just then, another beaver crawled out of the underground and Jim took it as a sign.

The beaver was evidently not scared, as it was not fleeing from human contact. Jim was mystified and watched it as it moved more into the open, across the ground and closed down the creek’s edge. It was heading to the mystery creature.

Approaching Mystery Animal

Jim had already concluded that the mystery animal was a large beaver. The fact that the tiny beaver had rested next to it affirmed his belief, and Jim felt more at ease. He was no longer afraid of the animal and walked towards it.

His gut assured him that he would be fine, and Jim trusted it. A few feet towards the floating animal, Jim crept in an attempt to find out what was happening.

The Animal is actually a Dog

The animal was still stirring weakly, trapped under the muddy suctions of the water. Upon closer scrutiny, Jim realized that he was wrong. The animal was way too big to be a beaver. Jim was still fearless and studied the animal closely.

It was then that he came to a sad realization that the animal was actually a dog. The mud, grime, and muck had concealed a lovely collie, and Jim was determined to save it.

Calling for Help

The realization that the animal in need was a dog stirred some sense of emergency within Jim, and his first instinct was to call for help. He called out to other pedestrians to help him free the dog and they all gathered around him.

Jim soon realized that it was not going to be easy to free him, as the dog went into a frenzy when people got too close and bit anyone who attempted to touch it.

Re-evaluation of Strategy

Jim had to re-evaluate the strategy, as he did not want anyone to get hurt in the rescue process. The dog was still stuck in the mud and they had to use a strategy which would least make it alarmed.

Jim knew that grabbing the pooch would make the dog more scared and angry, and he sought to evaluate which distraction strategy was the best for the situation. The fact that the dog was stuck deep in the mud meant that they had to get close to save it.

Genius Idea

Jim came up with a genius idea. The dog could not bite what it could not see, which meant that the best solution was covering its eyes. He grabbed a dark sweatshirt and carefully placed it on over the dogs head.

All light and vision for the dog were cut, and the strategy worked. Immediately, the dog calmed down and lay flat on the ground. It appeared soothed, and this gave the rescue persons an advantage.

Dog Subdued

The dog was now subdued, and the rescuers had a chance to determine how they would best save it. A setback was however experienced when the dog seemingly slipped further into the mud when an attempt was made to free it.

This increased its distress further. The rescuers were also at a major risk of slipping if they kept standing on the gloop. It was then evident that the use of a pulley system was the best approach.

Using a Makeshift Lift

The rescuers made a makeshift lift from many dog leases, many of which were given by the neighbors. The ropes were looped around the dog’s belly, and the gang heaved.

Despite the fact that the pullers comprised of many able-bodied men, it took them a while to be able to pluck the helpless dog out of the mud. The dog was stuck so deep that it was as if he had been glued to the ground.

Free at Last

After pulling and heaving for a considerable amount of time, the dog gradually slipped out of the mud and into freedom. Jim was elated. He immediately pulled back the covering from the dog’s eyes, wiping away the mud to reveal his face.

The dog still had a terrified look on its face but also seemed thankful. It was unclear how long it had been stuck on the mud, although everyone could see how troubled it was.

Handsome Doggy

As Jim wiped the mud off the dog’s face, a very handsome doggy was revealed. It was hard to believe that the owner could cast his pet away deliberately, and everyone could confirm how perfectly healthy it appeared.

Jim had always been a dog lover, and he was furious at how heartless some people could be. He could not believe that someone had it in him to abuse their pets, let alone leave them in the wild alone.

Shelter for the Dog

Jim called the police, who arrived at the scene promptly. It was a good thing that animals had rights, and the availability of advocates made it possible for the pets to be protected accordingly. In police hands, the dog was evidently safe as he would be taken into a safe shelter and given the necessary care.

The police conducted further investigations, which showcased that the dog had been locked in an animal carrier. The carrier had been dropped on the street, and the dog could not bite its way out.

Struck by a Car

As the carrier lay on the street, it had been struck by a fast-moving car, which sent it tumbling into the forest. Rolling, it finally landed on the muddy banks of a creek on the water bank, and it was even a miracle that the dog had survived unscathed from the horrendous experience.

Despite the lack of physical injuries, the dog was undoubtedly mentally wounded, characterized by its untrusting nature near the surrounding humans.

Getting the dog to a Veterinary

There was the immediate need to have the dog checked out by a veterinarian, to determine the level of his injuries. Jim wiped mud off the dog and had to determine the best way through which they could get him to the vet, without aggravating his injuries.

A wheelbarrow was found not too far away, and the dog was placed in while being covered in a blanket. Jim then called the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA), and after hearing what had happened, they automatically agreed to take him in.

Second Chance in Life

Teddy, the dog, had developed a great mistrust against human beings. OAA allowed him to be rehabilitated, and it was evident that he would have been euthanized had he been taken to a shelter. The fact that Teddy had bit one of the rescuers could have deemed him aggressive, deserving of death.

The OAA refused to give up on him, and even ruled out conditions such as rabies through tests. The organization knew that he had to lose some weight, and they put him on a diet.

Teddy Eases Up

At the OAA, one of the rescue workers instantly developed a strong attraction to Teddy and began spoiling him. Gradually, the dog began softening and all his sourness melted away. Eventually, he became a soft, gentle, and fit pet whose story gained viral attention.

People who knew his story rooted for him, and were very happy whenever he made any progress. His bubbly nature was also a wide attraction, which pointed out to the massive development that he had undergone.

Happy at Last

Teddy had luck by his side as soon as he stepped into OAA. The rescue worker continued spoiling him, and with time, a Vet tech by the name of Jessie fell in love with his sad eyes. Her attraction to the dog grew until she finally decided to adopt him and take him to his place.

Currently, Teddy has a happy life living with Jessie, and it is very interesting how the forces of nature worked together to give him a well-deserved happy ending.