Funny Third Wheel Fails


In today’s day and age, love rules all (as much as you may hate to admit it). So, instead of drowning in your loneliness, tag along and become the ultimate third wheel. Need some inspiration for what NOT to do? Check out these funny third wheel fails…

A cozy night in

When it comes to the winter months, there’s nothing better than getting cozy with your other half. You can sit in front of the fire, with a movie on the TV, a blanket snuggled in between you, and a nice hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course). Well, that’s if you have a partner. This lady is obviously not impressed with the fact that she’s all alone with no cozy blanket to share. We feel ya, girl.

A girl takes a selfie of two couples behind her, snuggling up on the couch and getting cozy

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Many people believe that being a third wheel is never fun. Sure, it is pretty depressing to watch as your best pals get it on – but it doesn’t have to always be that way. This guy has got the third-wheeling thannnnng down. He knows to stay in the background, and he’ll get free drinks and free pizza. So what that you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend? You have pizza, and pizza doesn’t break your heart, so who is the real winner?

A man sits next to a couple on a pizza date and drinks from their cup with a straw

The next level

There are two different stages of being a third wheel. There’s the first stage, where you third wheel while people are dating, and then the second stage…where you third wheel when people get married. Of course, it’s better to leave a newlywed couple alone after their vows, but if you’re really feeling the third wheel vibe, you might as well just get in on their engagement pictures. It’s your day too, y’know. It’s only fair, after all.

A man sits next to a newly engaged couple with ‘I Do’ on their shoes, and he has ‘N’T’

A helping hand

If you’re going to commit to being a third wheel for the rest of your life, you might as well make yourself useful. This guy has got the hang of this third wheel thing. Rather than sitting awkwardly beside his kissing friends, he’s lending a helping hand and making sure they don’t get rained on by holding an umbrella over them. He’s even entertaining himself on his phone. Can we hire him to be our third wheel, too?

A man sits on a bench next to his kissing friends and holds an umbrella over their heads

Salt, Pepper and Cumin

Okay, who DOESN’T love How I Met Your Mother?! Not only does this show have epic storylines and an all-star cast, but it has also given us one of the most impressive third-wheel examples in history. Yep, we’re talking about Ted Mosby and his best friends, Lily and Marshall. Of course, they are each others’ salt to their pepper, and Ted is their cumin to their spice rack. We all need a little cumin in our lives.

Ted Mosby is wearing a Cumin costume while standing next to his friends, Salt and Pepper

The third feline wheel

Many people believe that third wheels only exist in the human world, but it’s not true. Nope, animals are also plagued with the crippling anxiety of never being loved (it hurts, man) while having to watch as their fellow friends make out on the cat bed. In fact, we feel sorry for this third feline wheel who has to witness that kitty make out sesh. He looks so sad. Anyone know any free feline friends to set him up with?

A cat sits on a bed while two other cats get pretty cozy in the corner of the bed

A happy, happy day

Many men and women dream of the day their other half proposes to them, and it’s supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. It seems that this newly engaged couple couldn’t be happier to show off their ring to the rest of the world – but their third wheel isn’t too happy. Up until now, she had had to deal with dates, cozy nights in and more. However, this happy, happy day has just proven how alone she really is.

A woman stands next to her friend who has just got engaged, with a sad look on her face

Living the life

If you’re a loved-up couple who happen to have a lovable third wheel on your arm, you’ll know that it’s pretty darn difficult to get a moment on your own. No matter how hard you try, your little shadow will always follow you around on your most romantic of dates. ALWAYS. All this couple wanted was a romantic boat trip, but couldn’t relinquish the third wheel from the roof of the yacht. Well, at least they tried.

A young couple try to have a romantic getaway on a boat, but their third wheel tags along

Balloon life

If you don’t have a significant other in your life, you can often find love and affection through other things. Maybe three tubs of Ben & Jerry’s each night will put a smile on your face, maybe buying a lifesize pillow of Nicolas Cage will cheer you up, maybe re-watching Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl will make you feel lovely emotions – or maybe holding a giant pile of balloons will make you happy, as you watch your best pals get all cozy.

A young man holds a bunch of balloons while his friends kiss next to him

Third wheel table

Sometimes it’s not the person who makes the third wheel; it’s the situation. If you’re at the movies, you’re always going to have a friend who wants to share the popcorn. If you go on a romantic picnic, you’re always going to have a friend who thinks playing frisbee is a good idea (until it hits someone), and you’re always going to have a friend who wants to get in on your candlelit dinner. For that, you’ll need a third wheel table.

There is a picture of a table with two seats on one side, and one seat on the other side

Fancy dress

What’s the point of being a third wheel if you can’t make fun of yourself at the same time? Yep, it’s always best to mask your loneliness with humor – and what better way to mock yourself than a good ol’ fashioned fancy dress party. We love the fact that the dude has the key to that girl’s heart, but what we love more than that is the literal third wheel in the background. She wins our best-dressed competition.

A couple is dressed as a key and a locket, with the third wheel dressed as a wheel

A candlelit dinner

Although we all make fun of the third wheel, they can actually come in pretty handy. If you’re all loved up and coupley (eugh), you might need a helping hand getting all romantic – and there’s no better way to do that than getting your third wheel to help you out. After all, they’re already there all the time, so why not give them an extra job or two?! Get them to hold a candle or two. Lighten the mood.

A third wheel holds a candle on a phone in front of her kissing friends

What about me?

Okay, we’re not sure if this is photoshopped or whether this is legit – but we really hope it is legit because this is downright hilarious. We have to feel sorry for this poor couple, who are just trying to have a romantic moment on their balcony in the City of Love. However, with their third wheel in tow, they’re finding it pretty difficult to get their groove on. Although we have to give them credit, they’re trying.

A couple stand on a balcony and kiss, while a third wheel sits on the man’s shoulders

Selfie time

If all of your friends and family members have significant others, it can be pretty sad to watch them cuddle up on the sofa, boast about their love on social media, and take selfies together. Sometimes, the couple might be nice and include their third wheel in the photo – but that’s if you catch them on a good day. If it’s a bad day, you’ll have to take your own selfie and post it on your own, we’re afraid.

A man takes a selfie behind a couple taking a photo of themselves

Third Wheel George

This hilarious third wheel photo of one of the sexiest men alive George Clooney shows that even when you’re rich famous and good looking, you still end up the third wheel from time to time. George photobombs a photo of his friends Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford, who have been married for nearly two decades. Cindy shared the photo in Instagram, so she obviously saw the funny side of George ruining their romantic moment.

George clooney third wheel

Don’t Tell Dad

This couple shared this engagement photo, alongside the caption “Don’t Tell Dad!” While he’s not a typical third wheel, he obviously isn’t too keen on his baby girl getting married, and getting too close to another man in her life! He stands with the shotgun waiting, while the er… happy couple, hide teasingly behind the building. Let’s hope this awkward third wheel situation clears itself up before the big day eh?

Don't Tell Dad

Best Man

Sometimes, the expression best man is a bit too serious for some brides likings. The bromance between two guys who have a special place in each others lives, it can feel true knocked out of place when he becomes a husband! This photo makes it seem like the bride and the best friend are in a laughing rivalry, but she gets the last laugh saying- I Won! Get that man some wedding cake, and a bridesmaid, stat!

best man

Kim and Kanye

A mom and a daughter share a special bond, but sometimes when a guy comes along, that bond becomes a bit more third wheel like! Looks like even celebs aren’t immune to that, as this photo of Kim and Kanye shows, while her mom and manager Kris Jenner sits there looking less than impressed! Oh dear, save some love for at home when you can get a room guys, and remember that mom comes first!

Kim and Kanye third wheel pic


Hanging out with your best friends, is there anything better than that? These girls look like they’re at a dinner party or a wedding, having jokes posting for silly photos and maybe drinking a bit too much. But one girl looks like she’s been pretty left out of this womance. While the two main women in the pic couldn’t be closer, she seems decidedly left out in the cold. Brr. Looks like she could do with another drink, or five.

best friends

Paging Doctor Third Wheel

This couple are having loads of fun at a costume party, where they’ve chosen to dress up together, in the theme of doctors and nurses! He is the Doctor, and she is the Resident Nurse, and the photo is one to frame, of them having fun in a couples outfit, declaring their couple-dom to the world. If only that intern in the background hadn’t shown up eh? And she is literally dressed as the third wheel in their medical romance!

doctor third wheel

Cookies Before Kissing

You can almost see the thought bubble above this womans head. I don’t care that these two are so loved up that they can’t even recognize I’m sitting at the same table as them. Who needs love eh? Who needs a boyfriend? I have cookies. Cookies won’t cheat on me or lie to me. Cookies are forever. These two are not being kind exactly, with such a PDA in front of another friend, but it does make for a hilarious photo!

Cookies over love

Feeling Husky

It’s not just humans that have to worry about being the third wheel, either! These husky dogs seem to have just the same drama as people, with two of them loved up in the background, and the third wheel watching on forlornly! And in the holiday season as well, so tough. Hopefully there’s a husky out there for everyone, and this little guy won’t be too lonely for much longer. Maybe he should join Tinder?

Husky third wheel

A Helping Hand

It’s tough when your boyfriend is so much taller than you are, and you just want a cozy make out session without hurting his back, or straining on tip toes. This couple have found a novel solution to their problem, a friend with strong shoulders! I wonder how that conversation went, “Do you mind just lifting me onto your shoulders? No no, I don’t want to see anything. Just move a bit closer to my boyfriend.. ok great thanks. Stand still.”

Height problems

Go Home, Dude

There’s third wheel, and then there’s just creepy. If you’re at a party without a date, or you’re hanging out at a movie or the mall, it makes sense to keep chilling with your coupled up friends. But once they head home and things start getting freaky, it’s time for you to make your exit. And if you must wait, wait in the living room dude! We think you missed your exit line about an hour ago. At least he’s looking the other way!

Go Home Dude

And Reese Makes Three

This photo always makes me laugh, showing Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara getting cozy, and then boom, there’s Reese photobombing the hell out of that situation. One of the most fun third wheel celebrity photos we’ve seen. To be fair, if my third wheel was Reese Witherspoon, I wouldn’t be complaining. In fact, my own other half would probably become the third wheel in that relationship pretty fast!

reese witherspoon photobomb

You’re Never Too Young

This adorable photo of these toddlers proves that you’re never too young to experience being the third wheel! As the little boy and girl on the left share an innocent kiss, their friend looks on unhappily, very much left out of this love story! Don’t worry little girl, you have plenty of time for that in your future, maybe all of you kids should go get a snack and leave falling in love for a decade or two!

old school toddlers

Just Shoot Me

We have to agree. If we were stuck at this party with a couple getting hot and heavy on either side, we would also be asking the guy with the camera to shoot us with more than just his iPhone. If you’re feeling lonely, and have head out to the latest hot party in the hopes of finding someone to keep you company, and then this is how you end your evening, we aren’t surprised you wonder whether it’s worth carrying on!

Just Shoot Me

Royal Third Wheel

One of the most famous third wheels is none other than Prince Harry himself. Constantly following after Wills and Kate since the pair got engaged, he must have felt pretty lonely at royal events. This might be the last third wheel photo you see of them though, now that he’s engaged to the gorgeous and talented Meghan Markle! From now on, they can double date to their hearts content, and he’ll never be left in the background on his lonesome.

royal third wheel

Stalker or Third Wheel?

Hmm.. we have a bad feeling about this one! Usually a third wheel is close enough to the couple that they know he’s there, and not oddly photographing them from meters away! The look on this guys face is more chilling than lonely, and the couple don’t seem to have any idea they’re being followed. Pro tip: if you have to pretend you aren’t there, then you’re less of a third wheel, and more of a stalker. Maybe make some friends dude.


What You Guys Up To?

If you’re a true third wheel, you tag along even when the outing isn’t that exciting. Sure, anyone can grab an extra ticket to a concert or come along to a ball game. But if you want to accompany your best friend and his missus to the supermarket, now you’ve achieved true third wheel status! This bestie is totally happy to be browsing the fruit and veg section with the important married couple in her life, and that shows dedication to third wheel-dom!

supermarket third wheel

There Were Three in the Bed

That single bed hardly looks big enough for two, let alone three! This couple have fallen asleep snuggling, and then this super awkward third wheel situation happened! Did the guy see his friends cuddling up in bed, and then decide he just had to join the party? At least he didn’t get in at the top with them, but we do wonder how he ended up getting their pillow! He looks super comfy, but we can’t imagine it was happy families for long when they woke up!

sleeping buddles

Canine Third Wheel

A truly romantic moment, lying on the beach, sand underneath you, getting loved up with your other half. And then… you hear, a bark? Man’s best friend isn’t happy to be sharing you, so he comes to join the party! One of the strangest third wheel situations we’ve ever seen, but it makes for a cute photo. The doggy doesn’t even look like he’s ruining the moment too much for them, they seem able to ignore him!

Third wheel doggie

Twilight Drama

One of the most famous on screen third wheel situations is Edward and Bella, and Jacob in Twilight. Edward and Bella are true soul mates, while Jacob is awkwardly in love with Bella from the side lines. But in real life, a similar dynamic seemed to crop up when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were dating. Here they are, a real life third wheel situation, which makes us cringe to look at! Take a hint, man!


Best Friend Selfie

Gotta love taking those selfies with your best friend, having fun and doing silly poses, and generally sharing some girl love for social media and scrap books. But maybe check to make sure nothing else is going on in the background of your selfie before you press that shutter button. In this case, her boyfriend or roommate was less than happy when this photo started going viral! Maybe close the door next time my friend!

toilet third wheel


Looks like super Mario finally found his princess, and they have turned up at a costume party together in adorable themed outfits. But wait, who’s that in the background, excited to join the party? It’s Luigi of course! Mario and Luigi are meant to be, the bromance to end all bromances, and a love that will never die. The question is, whether anyone has told his lady that! She looks like she might not know what’s coming!

mario third wheel

Being Gracious About It

One of the rules of being a third wheel, is that you either make fun of yourself about it, or you look like you realty don’t mind standing around while your friends make out and look thoroughly loved up 100% of the time. It’s not a fun job, we agree, but hey, no one likes a Debbie Downer. This woman has clearly had enough of trailing around after these two lovebirds, and the look on her face says all that needs to be said!


Seating Arrangements

If you’re gonna be that couple who totally neglects your third wheel friend, at least don’t put them literally in the middle of the two of you! This couple are sitting on a bench, and it looks like they couldn’t control themselves, beginning a hot and heavy make out session, right over their third wheel friend! She looks less than impressed, and we have to agree. A loud cough, plus a couple of elbows to the ribs seems appropriate here.

third wheel bench

Third Wheel Joey

One of televisions most-loved third wheels, Joey Tribbiani from Friends was always on his own, especially when his best friends Monica and Chandler fell in love! This photo was typical for the show, how Joey sits on his own, happy for his friends, but also very much the third wheel! By the end of the show, all of the Friends are coupled up except Joey, and he takes himself off to Los Angeles, rather than hang around as third wheel any longer!

joey and monica

The Perfect Couple

What do you do when all of your friends are happily in partnerships, and you still haven’t found the one? Well this guy had an innovative solution, start a relationship with Beer! This pic is a brilliant way to show that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor, even if he’s lost a few too many girlfriends, and we’re sure he will be the third wheel no longer once some eligible women see this funny photo. In the meantime, he has found a slightly questionable substitute for love- alcohol!

coupled up beer

Give us a hug

There’s nothing better than getting home after a long day to your loved ones. You snuggle up together, you kiss them hello, and you hold hands on the couch. Well, people in love do, anyways. This girl realizes how lonely she really is, and all she wants is a hug. However, her friends have got each other – and all she’s got next to her is a big ol’ column. Oh well, it will just have to do.

A couple kiss and hug next to a third wheel who is hugging a giant column

Harry the third wheel

Let’s be honest, we all love Harry Potter – and how could you NOT love the main man himself?! Although The Chosen One spent most of his years at Hogwarts with his two best friends, he seemed to be oblivious to the fact that he was the epitome of the third wheel. Yep, Ron loved Hermione, Hermione loved Ron, and Harry loved…well, a few people. Harry seemed pretty content with his third wheel status until it got a little bit too touchy.

Harry Potter is seen clutching onto Hermione Granger, who is hugging Ron Weasley

Eating your feelings

If you’re constantly watching your friends get it on with their boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be pretty sucky. Suddenly your dinner date is bringing along her boyfriend, your cinema pal is sharing their popcorn with someone else, and you have to eat a two-person dessert all to yourself. Of course, it’s not ideal, but it is the perfect way to eat your feelings. After all, crying into your chocolate sundae is so much better than crying all alone at home.

A third wheel is crying into her ice cream sundae while a couple feed their dessert to each other


It’s fair to say that we all love the environment. Yep, we all want the world to survive and the polar ice caps to magically mend themselves (stop being a third wheel, Harry, and mend this world!), but there are times where we’d love to use the love we have for the environment for another person. Indeed, we’re pretty sure this guy would love to be hugging another person right now – just like his best friend – but instead he’s stuck with this plank.

A man hugs and kisses a tree while his friend hugs and kisses his girlfriend

Batman and Robin

The best part of being in a relationship is that you can dress up in the most awesome couple outfits during fancy dress parties. You can dress as salt and pepper, Homer and Marge, Tom and Jerry – and even Batman and Robin. Yet, things get a little difficult when you add a third wheel into the mix. Who do they dress as? Well, this guy thought that dressing as Superman would be the perfect outfit, but Superman is soooo last year, man.

A couple dressed as Batman and Robin are joined by their third wheel, dressed as Superman