Foods that are bad for your liver


There are certain foods that aid the liver health, while there are a few others that can cause damage to the liver. Since liver is an important organ, that helps us digest our food and also flushes the body toxins out, we need to ensure that we avoid food that can harm the liver.

Fatty foods

For the sake of your liver, it is better to avoid all fatty foods like burgers and French fries. These foods make it harder for the liver to digest the food. In time, this may result in a liver inflammation, leading to liver disorders as the liver tissues get scarred.


If you have a sweet tooth, perhaps it’s time to think again and make some dietary changes. While most people love having sweet foods, sugar is actually very harmful to the liver. This is because the sugar converted to fat may accumulate in unwanted parts of the body. Across a period of time, you may also end up having a fatty liver. This is a liver disorder that may need medical attention. Hence, it is always better to control the sugar intake.


It’s tough to believe this, but salt is also a contributor to liver disorders. While our body does need salt in a certain quantity, the excess of it can result in issues. High sodium diets can lead to a condition called fibrosis, indicating liver scarring. Choosing to go with fresh veggies, fiber rich foods like broccoli and oatmeal, and avoiding processed foods can help with this.


This is like a mantra, when it comes to liver disease. Alcoholism is to be avoided at any cause. An occasional drink may not cause much harm. But regular alcohol abuse can scar the liver beyond repair and result in many liver disorders like cirrhosis. These can become life threatening. It is recommended to limit yourself to a drink a day at the most for the sake of preserving your liver health.

Packaged snacks

Usually, packaged snacks contain salt, fat, and sugar in high quantities. Hence, it is always better to avoid these. Freshly cooked, wholesome meals are best. If not, you can stick to fruits and nuts for a healthy diet as a snack option. Avoiding those chips, and other packed snacks may work wonders for your liver.

Red meat

If you already have some liver damage, it is good to avoid red meat like beef. Damaged liver will find it hard to digest the proteins and hence this suggestion. The red meat has a high level of saturated fat as well. Limiting red meat consumption can protect your liver to a great extent. It is better to go for other lean meat, poultry foods, especially if you live meat.

Rice, white bread

It is better to avoid rice, as it can increase blood sugar levels. White bread is devoid of fiber as it made from refined flour and contains added sugar and hence this is also avoidable.