Flat Stomach Diet – 7 Super Foods for Weight Loss


Nutritional powerhouse – that is what a superfood is. These foods are good for strengthening your immune system, building your muscles and bones, improving your eyesight, and will help in keeping your brain sharp.

But it doesn’t just end there.  There’s another reason for you to love these superfoods, did you know that these foods will help you stay fit and achieve your weight loss goal?

So, How Does a Certain Food Help You Lose Weight?

You might be asking how come a food can make you lose weight when they are packed with nutrients? Well, this is not a trick nor something done because of magic. Based on scientific studies, these certain types of foods are not called as superfoods for no reason. While it is true that they are packed with health-friendly nutrients, they also work best in boosting your metabolism to help you rid of your unwanted fats. Moreover, these foods will help curb your cravings for sweets and high-calorie food.

Want to know which superfoods can help you champion your quest for fitness? We have rounded up 7 of our top choices for a flat stomach diet.


Who have not heard about Popeye and his affinity for spinach? It’s time you think about adding spinach in your diet too. The dark, leafy grain spinach is packed with nutrients such as protein, iron, potassium and fiber.


Almond is an ideal pre-workout food. It is loaded with fiber which helps make you feel full and aids in digestion too. It also has an excellent protein content to build your muscles.

Dark Chocolate

Go ahead and give in to your dark chocolate cravings. This food from the god got heavenly goodness. It is high in antioxidants called flavonoids which is good for your heart. It also has fiber, magnesium and healthy fats that can increase your metabolism rate and help you burn fats.


Here’s for the goodness of your heart. Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that promotes your heart’s health. It is also an excellent source of protein which will also help keep you full minus the unhealthy fats.


It pays to know that a cup of kale only contains approximately 33 calories. What’s more? Kale is rich in nutrients including protein, fiber, iron and calcium. How’s that for a healthy serving of kale salad after your workout.

Whole Grain Oats

This breakfast staple is rich in fiber and will help keep you feel full longer. Oatmeal is a superfood that will help whittle down your cravings for unhealthy sugary foods. It also helps burn fats and boost your metabolic rate.


Not all fats are bad for you. And, that’s what avocados can prove you. Avocados are rich in essential fatty acids also known as oleic acid. Oleic acid aids in burning fats helpful for losing weight. It also helps reduce the risks for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Avocados are good for your skin, rich in fiber and contains a great amount of protein.